The Rewilding Project

“Mountain lions hold more heritage to this land than any other predator in North America.”

Spirit of the Rockies: The Mountain Lions of Jackson Hole

      I suppose if I hadn't had a cougar across the road screaming like a banshee for nearly 15 minutes (a female calling to a male for mating purposes), a few nights later in a tree in my front yard (November, '03) and then in my back yard this past snow-laden spring, coming within 30 feet of the house, this section on REWILDING would not have been created; and I see that it is impossible to discuss the Rewilding Project without linking it to its source (U.N.) and the bigger picture. (link coming soon)

     Please do read about the bigger picture for a deeper understanding and confirmation consisting of quotes from UN reports -- among other sources. Without that, some of the assertions made here could easily be tossed aside by an individual who has bought in to the media mind control and who may have attended some of the local 'community' meetings where the tried and true method of 'consensus building' has skewed understanding of the true nature of the plan.     

     The Rewilding Project is brought to us from the United Nations. A relevant tentacle of Agenda 21, the Rewilding Project is designed to restore a major portion of the planet to its 'original' state before man came along and messed it all up; however, it could not be happening if it were not being implemented by state and local legislation. State legislation creates the agencies that mirror federal agencies which were created to implement the schemes emanating from the UN; those Federal agencies would include Forestry and Fish and Wildlife.

     As far as we can gather, the agency most responsible for the importation of carnivores into our states (and back yards) is the state Game Commission. Here in Pennsylvania, in the face of hundreds of reported sightings, the Game Commission flatly denies its existence, saying "there is no scientific evidence that cougars have 'returned' to Pennsylvania". The mind-controlled game wardens, without embarrassment or shame either out-right lie, or are hired for their low IQ, so they're easily duped.

     Pathetically, these people have families, friends and other loved ones who may one day soon become a meal for these non-existent predators, and haven't a clue that they are pawns in a deadly game emanating from the United Nations.

     While researching the Rewilding Project, the Pennsylvania Wildlands Recovery Project (PWRP) came up in an article. The planners make no bones about their plans, however they adamantly deny the carnivores are re-introduced into areas where it is claimed they haven't lived for the past hundred years. So, we're to believe the gray wolves and the mountain lions got together in a meeting and decided to head back to Pennsylvania. . . and your state too.

     At the PWRP website it was explained that the ultimate goal is to establish multi-state/multi-national Wildland Corridors beginning with the State Parks except they'll no longer be called 'State Parks'; they'll be called State Wildlands. Each State Park will connect by wooded corridors to other state and national parks. The wildlands will prohibit any human habitat and their corridors will severely limit human habitation. Any private property in the way will be 'taken' by eminent domain, although the term used is "willing sellers".

     That's another subject. Suffice to say that when they want your property you WILL sell and at a price they set. Otherwise, they'll remove you forcefully. Private land is being taken all over America by local, state and federal governments under 'eminent domain'. Allegedly there must be a public need for invoking eminent domain; however, amazingly and brazenly the confiscated property is often turned over to private developers for their commercial use for huge profits. In the case of Wildlands and their Corridors, it will be dedicated exclusively to plants, insects, bees, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and animals. Carnivores figure heavily in their plan.

     Mountain Lions aka Cougar, Puma, Black Panther, etc. are said to be at the top of the food chain, and if they continue to attack and eat humans at the now-burgeoning statistical rate, it has been written that humans will be added to their list of prey.

     This section will undoubtedly be burgeoning, too.

-- Jackie --

The Rewilding Project

Introduction to This Section
By Jackie Patru
"The Rewilding Project is brought to us from the United Nations. A relevant tentacle of Agenda 21, the Rewilding Project is designed to restore a major portion of the planet to its 'original' state before man came along and messed it all up."

Mission of the Wildlands Project
"We are ambitious: we live for the day when ... humans dwell with respect, harmony, and affection for the land; when we come to live no longer as conquerors but as respectful citizens in the land community ... Wilderness means extensive roadless areas—vast, self-regulated landscapes—free of mechanized human use and the sounds and constructions of modern civilization..."

For Wildlife with Wanderlust, Their Own Highway
New York Times | December 2, 2004
"A corridor of the wild through the high country of North America - Yellowstone to Yukon - has long been a dream of environmentalists and biologists like Mr. Neudecker, who say that grizzly bears, elk, wolves and other four-legged commuters need help in looking for mates or new habitats. The great national parks of the West, they say, are becoming genetically isolated islands, cut off by development, urbanization and their ever-present iconic symbol, the barbed-wire fence."

Room to Roam: Big, Wild, Connected
"Step by step, piece by piece, the Wildlands Project is coming to fruition. The Project, foundational to the U.N.Biodiversity Treaty which was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, calls for approximately 50 percent of the United States to be set aside as "wildlands", where no human can enter."

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