Israeli Lobby Slips Anti-Israel Speech Bill Through U.S. House of Representatives
This bill was introduced some time ago by Rick Santorum, 'Christian' Senator from Penna. The original bill would withhold 'federal funds' from a college that allowed ANY criticism of Israel.  WHO controls the U.S. Congress?
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New ADL Scheme to Smash 1st Amendment

As you folks know, I seldom send out mass e-mails, but due to the nature of this very real "conspiracy" that is taking place here on Capitol Hill at this moment, time is of the essence here. The Israeli lobby is moving all out to crack down on academic discussion of the Middle East controversy. Believe it or not, but Ted Kennedy may be the one member of Congress who may be willing (and able) to stop it. Read carefully and act now. Get the word out about this to as many people as possible-everywhere, around the world. 
Michael Collins Piper

Israeli Lobby Slips Anti-Free Speech Bill Through House of Representatives
Bill Can Still Be Defeated in Senate if Citizens Act Now.

    The Israeli lobby has launched an all-out drive to ensure congressional passage of a bill (approved by the House and now before a Senate committee) that would set up a virtual federal tribunal to investigate and monitor criticism of Israel on American college campuses.
    Ten months ago the New York-based Jewish Week newspaper claimed that the report by American Free Press that Republican members of the Senate were planning to crack down on college and university professors who were critical of Israel was "a dangerous urban legend at best, deliberate disinformation at worst." In short, they were saying AFP lied.
    Now the truth has come out. On September 17, 2003 the House Subcommittee on Select Education unanimously approved H.R. 3077, the International Studies in Higher Education Act, which was then passed by the full House of Representatives on October 21. The chief sponsor of the legislation was Rep. Peter Hoekstra, a conservative Republican from Michigan.
    This bill is dangerous-a direct affront to the First Amendment and the product of intrigue by a small clique of individuals and organizations which combines the "elite" forces of the powerful Israeli lobby in official Washington.
    There are absolutely no grass-roots organizations supporting this measure whatsoever. Instead, leading the push for Senate approval of the House-originated bill, are the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, the American Jewish Congress, and the American Jewish Committee.
    Also lending its support is Empower America, the neo-conservative front group established by longtime pro-Israel publicist William Kristol, editor and publisher of billionaire Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard which is said to be the "intellectual" journal that governs the train of foreign policy thinking in the Bush administration. 
[Note: Jack Kemp was also a founder of Empower America. - JP]
    One other group has lent its support: the U.S. India Political Action Committee, an Indian-American group that has been working closely with the Israeli lobby now that Israel and India are geopolitically allied.  H.R. 3077 is innocuously worded and quite bureaucratic in its tone, decipherable only to those with the capacity to wade through legislative linguistics , but essentially it would set up a seven-member advisory board that would have the power to recommend cutting federal funding for colleges and universities that are viewed as harboring academic critics
of Israel.
    Two members of the board would be appointed by the Senate, two by the House, and three by the Secretary of Education, two of whom are required to be from U.S. federal security agencies. The various appointees would be selected from what the Christian Science Monitor described on March 11 as "politicians, representatives of cultural and educational organizations, and private citizens."
    In other words, it would be another federal "blue ribbon" panel akin to the Warren Commission that ostensibly investigated the JFK assassination and the now highly-suspect federal commission looking into the 9-11 terrorist attacks.
    Gilbert Merkx, vice provost for international affairs and development and director of the Centre for International Studies at Duke University has echoed the fears of many when he charged that this so-called advisory board "could easily be hijacked by those who have a political axe to
grind and become a vehicle for an inquisition."
    In fact, the primary individuals promoting this effort to control intellectual debate on the college campuses are known for having a political axe to grind: they are all prominent and outspoken supporters of Israel and harsh critics of the Arab and Muslim worlds. They are:
* Martin Kramer, a professor of Arab studies at The Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University in Israel;
* Stanley Kurtz, a contributor of ex-CIA man William F. Buckley Jr.'s bitterly anti-Arab National Review Online and a research fellow at the staunchly pro-Israel Hoover Institution; and
* Daniel Pipes, founder of the pro-Israel Middle East Institute and its affiliate, Campus Watch, an ADL-style organization that keeps tabs on college professors and students who are-or are suspected of being-critics of Israel.
    Hiding behind the banner of defending America, these three-along with the Israeli lobby affiliates promoting H.R. 3077-are claiming that they are fighting "anti-Americanism" as it is being taught on the college campuses.
Republicans in Congress have joined this chorus, preferring to allow their constituents to think that this is an "America First" measure when it is anything but that.
    Juan Cole of the History News Network responds to this extraordinary twist on reality saying that the claim of "anti-Americanism" is intellectually dishonest. "What they mean . . . if you pin them down is ambivalence about the Iraq war, or dislike of Israeli colonization of the West Bank, or recognition that the U.S. government has sometimes in the past been in bed with present enemies like al-Qaeda or Saddam. None of these positions is 'anti-American,' and any attempt by a
congressionally-appointed body to tell university professors they cannot say these things-or that if they say them they must hire someone else who will say the opposition-is a contravention of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."
    The promoters are also suggesting that this legislation would-in the words of the American Jewish Committee-"enhance intellectual freedom on campus by enabling diverse viewpoints to be heard," when, of course, the legislation would do precisely the opposite.
    Lisa Anderson of the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs says in response that "this plan . . . is not about diversity, or even about the truth." Unfortunately, she doesn't choose to tackle the Israeli lobby head on.
    Instead, she targets her ire at the Republican conservatives who are acting as the Israeli lobby's surrogates and says that this plan is "about the conviction of conservative political activists that the American university community is unsufficiently patriotic, or perhaps simply unsufficiently conservative." What she should be saying is that these Republicans who are carrying water for Israel are concerned that universities are "unsufficiently pro-Israel."
    The Republican House members who originally joined Hoekstra in co-sponsoring this dangerous legislation should be named for the record. They are:
. John A. Boehner (Ohio)
. John R. Carter (Texas)
. Tom Cole (Oklahoma)
. James Greenwood (Penn.)
. Howard (Buck) McKeon (Calif.)
. Patrick J. Tiberi (Ohio)
. Joe Wilson (South Carolina)
    However, don't try to find out how your representative voted when the bill came before the full House. Hoekstra asked for a suspension of the House rules-which was approved-and made it possible for this controversial measure to be passed with an un-recorded "voice vote" wherein there is no record of how individual House members voted, or if they even voted at all. 
    In fact, the measure passed by the House is precisely the very same type of proposed "ideological diversity" legislation that AFP first warned about, although, at the time, the measure was being kicked around for possible introduction in the Senate by two prominent Republicans, Rick Santorum (Penn.) and Sam Brownback (Kan.).
    What happened was that AFP's initial report on the legislation gained so much widespread circulation in e-mails being sent out nationwide among American college and university professors and on the Internet, even so far as the Arab world, that the resulting negative publicity forced
Santorum and Brownback to back off.
    However, Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.) picked up their torch and introduced H.R. 3077 in the House, containing precisely the language that his Senate colleagues had intended to introduce until AFP blew the whistle.
    To their credit, virtually every major American education organization-including even the teacher's union, the National Education Association-have raised their concerns about this campaign to muzzle the free speech of teachers, professors and instructors. And the American Civil Liberties Union has also protested this measure. 
    Critics say this is a new form of what has been known in the past as "McCarthyism" and no matter what you may think about the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy whose name rightly or wrongly inspired that terminology, the truth is that this legislation is "McCarthyism" by virtue of the popular
    The only chance to destroy this legislation and stop it dead in tracks is for enough gras-roots citizens to rise up and demand that H.R. 3077 be put to rest. And believe it or not, the onesenator who may be able to stop it is Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy of Massachusetts. (See accompanying


Contact Senate Members.
Urge that H.R. 3077 be shelved.

The Israeli lobby's pet project, H.R. 3077, innocuously named as The International Studies in Higher Education Act of 2003-and popularly known as "Title 6"-is now before the Senate's Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.
This committee is controlled by the Republican majority who are likely to support the bill, but the ranking minority member is powerful Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) who has been-perhaps to the surprise of many, including even AFP readers-an outspoken critic of Daniel Pipes, one of the leading proponents of H.R. 3077.
Although it is not well known, Kennedy's second wife is an Arab-American and he has become quite attune to Arab-bashing of the type that Pipes engages in. As such-despite what one may think of Kennedy's views on other issues-he is seen as a possible roadblock in the way of final approval by the Senate committee of H.R. 3077.
For this reason, AFP recommends that those who want to work for the defeat of this Israeli measure contact the offices of the following senators-all of whom are Democrats with the exception of independent James Jeffords of Vermont-and urge them to oppose H.R. 3077.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Be very precise in your language. Simply tell the senators to oppose H.R. 3077-that it is an infringement upon the First Amendment and a threat to academic freedom in America. Do not lecture the senators about the power of the Israeli lobby or give them the "facts"
that have been reported in AFP. Rest assured that the senators are well versed in the realities of the situation. Simply give them the opportunity to say publicly that they have received a flood of calls, letters and e-mails urging them to oppose H.R. 3077. The list of senators is as follows:

Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.)
TEL (202) 224-4543
FAX (202) 224-2417

Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.)
TEL (202) 224-2823
FAX (202) 224-1083

Tom Harkin (Iowa)
TEL (202) 224-3254
FAX (202) 224-9369

Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico)
TEL (202) 224-5521
FAX (202) 224-2852

Patty Murray (Washington)
TEL (202) 224-2621
FAX (202) 224-0238

John F. Reed (Rhode Island)
TEL 202) 224-4642
FAX (202) 224-4680

James M. Jeffords (Vermont)
TEL (202) 224-5141
FAX (202) 228-0776 

Introduction to Israel
By Jackie Patru
What IS this all about? First we should attempt to determine what a Jew is, or isn't. Is a Jew a person who embraces a particular religion known as Judaism? Or, is it a Semitic person who traces his/her bloodline to the ancient tribe of Judah? Or is it both? Actually, it is neither. Their Biblical territory? The WORLD.

A Jewish Defector Warns AmericaUpdated
BENJAMIN FREEDMAN SPEAKS. In 1961, at the Willard Hotel, Mr. Freedman warned of the cabal laying plans for WWIII, and the genocide being committed by Israel on the Palestinian people figured heavily then as now. This is a repost, taken verbatim from the taped version of the speech.

The Zionist State (Harbinger of WWIII)
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A microscopic look behind the scenes at the manipulations, threats, bribes and murders committed in order to secure the vote by the United Nations, mandating the 'state' of Israel as a homeland for the so-called Jews. A gruesome picture of the bloody terror in Palestine that began simultaneously with the UN mandate. This a MUST READ, even for those who believe they know the facts.

Rothschild-Israeli Connection
Baron Edmond James (Avrahim Binyamin) de Rothschild (1845-1934) is known as the "Father of the Settlement" (Avi ha-Yishuv). The Independence Day coin is dedicated to the memory of Rothschild and marks the centenary of his first projects in Israel.

The Kol Nidre
The first and most important prayer of the Talmudist (Jewish) Holiday. "All vows , obligations, oaths, and anathemas. . . from this Day of Atonement until the next. . . we do repent.. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths."

Purim: What's It All About?
G.W.Bush announced 'his' decision to sack Iraq on Purim Eve, March 17th, 2003. WHY? Why Purim Eve? It was not his plan, it was the plan of his advisors/handlers. On CNN that evening, a boxed quote told the viewers, it was "A Time Of Our Choosing." Whose choosing? Read this about Purim -- the Feast of Lots, and you will KNOW who chose the time for the massacre in Iraq. "On Purim, the Jews reaffirm their allegiance to Judaism -- and reach new spiritual heights. But then come masquerades, parodies, and serious drinking and feasting." Celebrating the death of their named 'enemies'.

Samuel Untermeyer's Speech
A transcript of Samuel Untermyer's speech made on WABC, declaring a 'holy war' by the Jews against Germany, and appealing to the masses of non-Jewish humanity to boycott German-made imports and all merchants who have German-made items in their establishments. The entire speech was published in the New York times on the morning following the broadcast (August 7th, 1933) which was mentioned by Benjamin Freedman in his talk before a group of patriots.

The ProtocolsUpdated
A chapter from the Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed
"Uncanny knowledge, therefore, again seems to have inspired the statement, made in 1905 or earlier: 'Ever since that time' (the French Revolution) 'we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another... By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness'."

Israel: The Jewel-Box of the World
ISRAEL - THE ARTIFICIAL 'NATION/STATE' IS THE WEALTHIEST 'NATION' IN THE WORLD! READ: Message To Israel: May 1971: "See how this central piece of land, that is given the preeminence over all other land by God is, 'The Jewel Box of the World'. . . They [minerals in the dead sea] are estimated to have a total market value of about $1700 billion [$1.7 trillion] which is far more than the total wealth of the United States. . . This means that the Dead Sea will be a perpetual source of wealth to the nation that controls it."

The Cost of "Occupied" Israel to the American People
By Richard Curtiss
"Put another way, the nearly $14,630 every one of 5.8 million Israelis had received from the U.S. government by October 31, 1997, cost American taxpayers $23,241 per Israeli. That's $116,205 for every Israeli family of five."

The Finest Senate Money Can Buy
By Uri Avenim, member of Israeli Knesset
"One thing, however, is quite clear: Israel is not the 51st state of the United States of America, as some would like to think; rather, the US Congress is one of the occupied areas of Israel."

Israeli Lobby Slips Anti-Israel Speech Bill Through U.S. House of Representatives
This bill was introduced some time ago by Rick Santorum, 'Christian' Senator from Penna. The original bill would withhold 'federal funds' from a college that allowed ANY criticism of Israel. WHO controls the U.S. Congress?

Oscar Levy, a Jew, Admits His People's Error
"We (Jews) have erred, my friend; we have most grievously erred. And if there was truth in our error 3,000, 2,000, nay, 100 years ago, there is now nothing but falseness and madness... a madness that will produce an even greater misery and an even wider anarchy. There has been no progress, least of all moral progress. . . And it is just our Morality, which has prohibited all real progress, and -- what is worse -- which even stands in the way of every future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours."

Disraeli's "Coningsby' - An Excerpt
(London, 1844)
"And at the moment, in spite of centuries, or tens of centuries, of degradation, the Jewish mind exercises a vast influence on the affairs of Europe. I speak not of their laws, which you still obey; of their literature, with which your minds are saturated, but of the living Hebrew intellect."

The Ship Wreckers
By George Lincoln Rockwell
"... in spite of all the fronts and cover-ups, there is one sure way of knowing who is the real boss anyplace."

Israel-Backed Firm Buys U.N. Plaza
Capital Real Estate, a New York-based company backed by Israeli shekels is now in contract to buy the glamorous green glass U.N. Plaza from the United Nations Development Corp. for approximately $161 million.

Israeli Extremists and Christian Fundamentalists - The Alliance
By Grace Halsell
"By the time my book came out those "crazies" were on the front page of every American newspaper and on every news channel. we are seeing how the Christian Zionists, motivated by religious beliefs, are working hand in glove with politically motivated, militant Jewish Zionists around the world."

A Lobby to Reckon With: Pro-Israel Christian Zionists
BBC Broadcast and transcript.
America's new Christian Zionists lobbying for Israel. "From this we see that the engine driving the U.S. and Israel into an all out world conflagration is -- along with the money from the Jewish PACs which control the U.S. Congress -- the Christian Zionists. Judeo-Christian wasn't quite 'Jewish' enough. What an oxymoron, and what a spit-in-the-face of Jesus." Jackie Patru

Israel Wants U.S. to Pressure Syria
Associated Press: In remarks published Monday, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel has "a long list of issues we are thinking of demanding of the Syrians, and it would be best done through the Americans."

Greater Israel: What Does It Really Mean?
The U.S. led war on Iraq... and eventually many other Muslim nations may be part of an Israeli plan to let others die for the goal of its expansion into Greater Israel. Extremist Zionist sympathizers in Bush's administration are the perpetrators of this scheme to have American military men and women die for Israel. See the arguments for this claim. Webmaster's note: This document is lengthy and is full of maps and other images. Please allow extra time for loading.

American Murdered by Israeli Soldier
Hoffman Wire: "Rachel Corrie, 23, is the American woman who was killed by an Israeli soldier operating a giant, D-9 armored bulldozer (paid for with your tax dollars). Congress, the president and the war-Zionist media are all silent. Imagine if she had been killed by an Iraqi!"

Rachel Corrie's E-mails Home
The Guardian - UK: "23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by a bulldozer as she tried to prevent the Israeli army destroying homes in the Gaza Strip. In a remarkable series of emails to her family, she explained why she was risking her life."

Four Eye-witnesses Describe the Murder of Rachel Corrie
"Her faced showed she was panicking and it was clear she was in danger of being overwhelmed. . . They pushed Rachel, first beneath the scoop, then beneath the blade, then continued till her body was beneath the cockpit. They waited over her for a few seconds, before reversing. They reversed with the blade pressed down, so it scraped over her body a second time. Every second I believed they would stop but they never did."

Rachael Corrie's Memorial Service Disrupted by Israeli Army The Guardian - UK: "Israeli forces fired teargas and stun grenades yesterday in an attempt to break up a memorial service for Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist killed by an army bulldozer in Gaza on Sunday."

Rachael Corrie's mom speaks up and out
. . . about the Israeli genocide on Palestinians: "Friday, approximately twenty [Israeli] military vehicles surrounded the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) media office, seized ISM computers and video equipment, pillaged files and photos, broke equipment and damaged office space. Three females in the office (one from Human Rights Watch, a Palestinian volunteer, and an American volunteer) were taken away."

Israel - The Secret Arsenal of the Jewish State
MSNBC Interactive: "Despite Israel's refusal to acknowledge its nuclear weapons status, its secret arsenal is an open secret that Israeli policy makers don't go out of their way to deny." Look at the dots on this map! 2 Air Bases, 7 Strategic Weapons Plants and 3 Missile Facilities! It appears that no nation should have WMDs except U.S., U.K and Israel.

Israeli Professor: 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals'
"We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under." [It's called The Samson Option, folks.]

What Christians Don't Know About Israel
By Grace Halsell
“We believe with absolute certitude that right now, with the White House in our hands, the Senate in our hands and The New York Times in our hands, the lives of others do not count the same way as our own.” —Israeli journalist, Arieh Shavit

Jewish Calendar for Soldiers and Sailors
Actual calendar, showing Bush family heritage.

Tell a Joke, Go to Jail
"In Hungary, the democratically-elected Parliament just last week passed a law stipulating a two-year prison term for 'someone who publicly insults a Jew'. What's more, if the insult amounts to an expression of 'hatred', the sentence goes up to three years! Fortunately, at the last moment, Hungary's President declined to sign the bill. It will be back, just like the American Federal hate-crime legislation kept coming back until it was passed recently.

Israel's Mossad
Black Ops and False Flags. Summary - MUST SEE! You WILL believe!

New Order > From the President of the United States
Jewish American Heritage Month, 2006
For our visitors who haven't read "Jewish Persecution", go to Chapters 12 and 18 if you would like to see the influence these people have had in the past -- early, early settling America, including the not-so-spontaneous American Revolution. A tough, bitter pill to swallow. -Jackie

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