The final account on this revelation of Talmudic Law which cannot be ignored is that of the Noahide (or 'Noachide') Laws. Even though the Noahide Laws proceed solely from the Talmud -- not the Old Testament -- they do not pertain to the Jews. They are laws constructed by the Pharisees and made part of their 'holy book', intended to be the foundation of world law for all Gentiles. Gentiles will become Hasidic Gentiles (grafted into, yet not part of, the tribe) or, it is promised, they -- together with their women and children -- will be exterminated 

Being solely a product of the Pharisees -- a figment of their warped imaginations -- one could easily dismiss the Noahide Laws as nonessential, unimportant, and especially not worthy of our concern. To do that, though, would be as ignorant (and dangerous) as my remark about the former Israeli Supreme Court Justice, Menachem Elon, and his quotation from Maimonides' pronouncement that:

"Every town and country must follow all the customs, give effect to the decrees, and carry out the enactments of the Talmudic Sages. . . ".

When I quipped "who cares?", little did I know that the U.S. Supreme Court is receiving briefs based solely on the Talmud!!! . . . and that law colleges today are establishing Talmudic Law departments for aspiring young Jew -- as well as non-Jew -- lawyers.

If that doesn't shatter your mind, you aren't getting it!  The U.S. Supreme Court was established under the Constitution for the United States of America, and was ostensibly established solely to hear matters of Constitutionality on the laws promulgated by state and federal legislation!

The ostensible purpose of the Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court is questionable and worthy of mention here, since we are discovering how far-reaching the long arm of the law has become, incorporating Talmudic tenets into the very lowest to the highest courts in this land. . . stretching around the globe to complete its serpentine stranglehold over our very lives.

In fact, the question has been answered, according to Ralph Boryszewski's research - with full documentation in his book, The Constitution That Never Was.  The Judicial section of the Constitution was not completed by the 'founders', leaving the establishment and rules of the courts totally up to the then-sitting U.S. Congress, most of them lawyers. In Article III, Section 1, the Constitution states that:

The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.

The Constitution was drafted in 1787 behind closed doors with windows nailed shut against any who might wish to hear the historical debates. From May to October -- the hottest months of the year in sultry Philadelphia -- the fifty-five delegates sweated it out in an unventilated room about 40' x 40'. Secrecy was the method by which they framed the Constitution and the American people.

James Madison was the front man in bringing the Con-Con about. When the delegates arrived from their various states they were given instructions to only amend the Articles of Confederation. Madison had the main draft of the intended new constitution ready and awaiting its opportunity to be presented. After some arguing and heated debate, the delegates agreed to form a committee-of-the-whole.

Therein a motion was offered, seconded, and passed. Washington (the cannot-tell-a-lie guy) rapped the gavel and announced that "the Articles of Confederation are hereby dissolved" (or words to that effect).

The question now is: Who was working behind the scenes with Madison to draft the treasonous constitution? It is clear that without the first Ten Articles of Amendment added to that "constitution" we would have been squashed sooner rather than later.

The attempted fraud was foiled with the addition of those Articles of Amendment; usurpation of power at the federal level could NEVER have occurred without the acquiescence of state legislatures, and the damage could be undone today if those state lawmakers (for God's sake!) knew, understood and actually cared about what they and their predecessors have done. Ralph Boryszewski explains how the betrayal was pulled off, pp 138-139:

"When many of the people in the ratifying conventions balked because of the great potential powers of the federal judiciary and because the document did not contain a Bill of Rights, George Washington and other leaders told the people to first approve the constitution and then to submit proposed amendments to the First Congress.
"The First congress accepted Bill of Rights proposals because there was such a persistent organized clamor for them, but they ignored all of the many changes to the Judicial Article proposed by the people from the various ratifying conventions. There was a sinister reason for this -- the Senate was operating behind locked doors just as the Constitutional Convention had previously operated in secrecy.
"Almost two years later on April 7, 1789 Oliver Ellsworth, William Paterson, Caleb Strong, William Few, William Maclay, Paine Wingate and Richard Henry Lee were appointed to a Senate committee to bring in a bill for organizing the judiciary of the United States.

"Of the seven members, the first four were lawyers who had served in the so-called Constitutional Convention. Those four lawyers along with Paine Wingate, an ardent Federalist, dominated the Committee. The bill passed by the Committee and submitted to the Senate and House consisted of thirty-five Sections containing about 8,500 words, which nearly doubled the 4,543 words contained in the Constitution. This wasn't really a bill that could be signed into law; it was really an amendment to the Constitution, which created the Supreme and inferior courts.

"The Act also created the office of Attorney General as well as a U.S. Attorney in each judicial district. The creation of the last two offices was for the purpose of establishing adversarial proceedings in the federal courts. Such proceedings were incapable of being implemented under the existing Constitution because when it was ratified in 1788, the Constitution only provided hearing Courts incapable of conducting adversarial proceedings.

"Why should the American people have to submit to adversarial proceedings under which they would be forced to hire lawyers for their own defense? The adversarial system was terribly abused in the colonies under english rule. . .

"Nineteen Congressmen and Senators, who had previously been members of the Constitutional Convention were serving in the First Congress. Under the leadership of Ellsworth in the Senate and Madison in the House, those former members had agreed many of the constitutional changes made in their plan to create the federal courts would never be approved by the people or the states.

As a diversionary tactic, the Bill of Rights were introduced at about the same time. The Bill of Rights quickly consumed the interest of the people. This gave President Washington the opportunity to quietly sign the First Judiciary Act into law. That Act in reality was a multitude of amendments to the Constitution, as you will be shown." 

The First Judiciary Act of 1789 could be said, then, to have become part and parcel to the Constitution -- like an unconstitutional amendment - for that act did indeed establish the court system to their satisfaction and for their own nefarious purposes. Today the court system does not bring "justice", and as we can plainly see, the myriad laws, rules, regulations, statutes, and the infamous "case-law" is modeled after the Talmud.

We might ask before we leave off here, just why America was founded in the first place, and by whom? It has been asserted that America was founded to bring in the New World Order; when the plan is far enough along, Americans will be brought to their knees and America will be destroyed.

"Destroyed" doesn't necessarily mean the land itself will be devastated, because it appears this beautiful land is being readied as a playground for the elite. They are simply, slowly and surely, destroying the very fabric of our nation -- morals, integrity, honor, love, compassion, along with the economy -- while killing off the young, healthy, white males and females through their neverendingwar on terror.

If this continues, within a generation only the old, infirm and mind-controlled youth will be alive. They will then send the old and infirm 'elsewhere', saving the mind-controlled youth to serve the 'masters'. As a matter of fact -- regarding the mind-controlled youth -- that has been decided and explicitly stated in Protocol No. 15:

"We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order.

"But when we are in power we shall remove every kind of disturbing subject from the course of education and shall make out of the youth obedient children of authority, loving him who rules as the support and hope of peace and quiet."  

Their 'playground' is being prepared by way of environmental and ecological regulations; the Wildlands Project:

Rewilding America - re-introducing wild animals, poisonous snakes, etc. into areas heretofore abandoned by those species. In rural Pennsylvania the Game Commission has introduced mountain lions and timber wolves, denying their culpability whenever questioned, allegedly even lying to our state rep, Matt Baker, who claims he's asked and they've denied;

Rural Cleansing - removing people from the rural areas into the cities by destroying the farmers under insidious and unconstitutional 'trade agreements' (NAFTA/GATT/WTO);

Creation of Watersheds - a back-door approach to regionalization;

Habitat areas - where man may not tread, and so forth.

That is not to say Weapons of Mass Destruction -- including nuclear detonations -- would be out of the question if enough Americans awakened and became actively involved to a point where it appeared the plan was going to falter.

As we know though, the best laid plans of mice and men very often go astray.


Because with God/Creator, ALL things are possible.

Before we delve into the Noachide Laws, it seems imperative here to take a look into the past, at the early history of the Jews in America, (as told by the Jews themselves) and the beginnings of their power and influence in commerce, education, religion, the press and government, possibly even how and why the Articles of Confederations were discarded in favor of the Constitution.

It is fitting that we should do this, since that past has brought us to our present dilemma. You will read an excerpt of a speech by Woodrow Wilson who claimed that in the 'essence and spirit of our Constitution, the influence of the Hebrew Commonwealth was paramount' because it was "in itself a divine precedent for a pure democracy".

We'll turn to a book titled America and Palestine, published in 1944 by the American Zionist Emergency Council, Prepared and Edited by Reuben Finkh.  In the introduction the author tells of a previous project he undertook for the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA): that of obtaining "written expressions of opinion of the Members of Congress" relating to the Zionist movement. The results were published in 1919 by the the ZOA under the title, The American War Congress and Zionism.

Finkh says that 1919 publication had the effect of "strengthening the influence and of enlarging the scope of Zionism in the U.S.".

In America and Palestine, Finkh boasts that the book reprints written opinions and speeches made by 77 of 96 Senators (86%) and 318 of 435 Representatives (75%) including "the 6 Senators and 10 Representatives whose statements are not included but who are members of the pro-Zionist American Palestine Committee [Jews]", all offering support and encouragement of the Zionist movement [that is, ejecting Palestinians from their homes and the land that was their home for thirteen centuries so the Asiatic Turko-Mongolian Khazars -- who call themselves Jews and 'Semites' -- could move in, lock, stock and (gun) barrel]. Finkh said:

"As a Jew and a Zionist I felt a warming sensation of joy and encouragement as I was scrutinizing and studying these sincere expressions of interest and sympathy by so many non-Jewish Americans."

He claims in Chapter 1 that:

"The list of the distinguished Presidents of the United States who showed an interest in the cause of Jewish National Restoration goes back to John Adams, the second President of this Republic."

Finkh states further that:

"Moreover, sympathy for Zionism in America is not confined to official spheres. With relatively few exceptions, the public press of the country, its pulpit, its educational institutions, its industrial and labor leadership, have generously upheld the rights of the jews to their ancient Homeland."

Notice the labor 'leadership' is mentioned, NOT the laborers themselves. The source of labor unions is traceable right back to the Jews again, i.e. from Jewish Contributions To Civilization, the Jewish Publication Society of America 5706 - 1945, - An Estimate by Joseph Jacobs , we read on page 306 that:

"Socialism was originated by Jews: and today Jews play a leading role in the spread and interpretation. And under the leadership of a Jew, trades unionism has been brought to its highest point of efficiency."

That was written more than 55 years ago. Today we see an even higher 'point of efficiency' by labor leaders, many of them merely minions of their masters. . . useful idiots. America has never before been referred to as "homeland", I cannot but wonder: whose is this homeland the Department of Homeland Security is "securing", and for what nefarious purpose? Continuing with Finkh's statements (be sure to read between the lines):

"When one reflects on the reasons underlying the consistent American manifestation of friendship to the Jewish people's aspirations, one is inevitably led to the conclusion that this attitude cannot be a passing whim dictated by motives of a transitory nature. It may justly be said to constitute a well-defined national policy, the roots of which are discernible in the early history of the settlements in the New World.
"By some curious dispensation of fate the Jews from the beginning have been peculiarly connected with America."

The use of the word 'fate' here is surely an intentional misnomer. The plan for World Dominion has been meticulously plotted throughout the centuries, and it appears that behind the scenes the New World (America) was a carefully planned melting pot of races and cultures to create the vehicle which would bring in the New Age / New World Order / under their "King Despot of the Blood of Zion" (also referred to as the "Pope of the world".)

America had to be a melting pot in order to provide a place for the Jews to hide among the 'minorities'. It was said that in Europe the people of the Nordic race were so distinct from 'foreigners' who entered their countries that there was literally no place for the tribal descendants of the Khazars to hide. As we've said, the 'hate crime' bills being passed today, ostensibly to protect minorities, are in fact slated to put a stop once and for all to any discussion whatsoever of the "Jewish Question".

U.S. Senator, Rick Santorum, (so-called 'Christian-Conservative'; Penn.) was sponsoring a proposed bill this year that would withhold 'government funding' from colleges that spoke negatively -- or even allowed negative comments -- about Israel!!! They become more and more arrogant as their plan gains momentum with the help of stupid, deaf, blind, and unwitting supporters -- the Jewish lesser brethren, Judeo-Christians / Christian Zionists, and elected officials who are bribed, threatened and blackmailed into acquiescence.

Considering the influx into America directly after the successfully orchestrated 'Civil War', of millions of Eastern European Khazarian 'Jews' and the fact that Jews are not counted in the census, we have no idea today what their actual numbers are.  (There is no category either in race or religion for "Jew" on the census questionnaire.)

Further confounding the issue is their propensity to change their names to hide behind a 'gentile' mask until the time is right to come out of the closet. Several of them 'outed' during the Clinton era, including Hillary Rodham Clinton while running for U.S. Senator of New York, who discovered with shock that she was of Jewish heritage. That was around the time that Madeline Albright and General Wesley Clark discovered they were Jews. Clark is currently in the running for Democratic candidate for president, and is from a five-generation line of rabbis.

Maybe, though, the revelations of their heritage were lies. Last evening (the same day the above paragraph was written) while reading The World Conquerers by Louis Marschalko, we found this:

"In the Roman Empire, especially in Rome, the power and influence of this nationalist tribal minority reached quite formidable dimensions. Cicero, the great Roman statesman, during the proceedings of a court action made his address to the court in such a subdued voice that he could only be heard by the judges. He explained the wisdom of acting in such a fashion by stating that Jewish solidarity constituted a force formidable enough to ruin anybody giving evidence against them.
"Throughout diaspora and from early times, the Jews possessed organisations akin to those we now know as masonic. They initiated certain influential Gentiles who were prepared to declare themselves to be half-Jewish and through whom they were able to establish their influence in the highest places in public life."

Returning to America and Israel, R. Finkh explains that the English Puritans who established themselves in the New World were intellectuals "whose luggage consisted of a system ardently Hebraic". They loved the Old Testament; America became "New Canaan" and many of the towns and cities were given Hebrew names such as Salem, Selah, Zion, Jericho, etc.  Many of the Hebrew-loving intellectuals were "distinguished Hebrew scholars", such as Governor Bradford of the Plymouth Colony.

Finkh mentions that "the first book of importance printed in English in America" was "issued in 1640 by the Cambridge Press and consists of an original metrical translation of the Psalms made directly from the Hebrew text by Puritans in the wilderness of New England." He continues:

"When Harvard College was founded in 1636, Hebrew was one of the compulsory subjects and no scholar could be admitted for a degree unless he was able to translate the hebrew original of the Bible into Latin.
"The first graduating class at Harvard, in 1642, offered three theses on Hebrew subjects.

"Yale college, organized in 1701, took as the insignia on its shield the Hebrew words [here the characters were reproduced, translated 'Urim V'thummim'] which still adorn its portals."

A footnote states that the Hebrew characters are "Symbols of the Sacred Oracle which were part of the equipment of the Israelite Chief Priest".  

The Israelite Chief Priest was a Pharisee of which Jesus said: "Ye are of your father the Devil, a liar and a murderer". It appears the early Colonists were already steeped in Talmudism. The question is: why did they called themselves "Christians".

"Jewish Biblical teachings had thus, to a large extent, shaped the development of the self-governing institutions, the introduction of religious freedom, and the evolution of the legal codes of the thirteen original Colonies. Its full force came to the fore in those decisive years of intellectual advancement in America which preceded the War of Independence."

Excerpting from an address by Woodrow Wilson on May 7, 1911, titled "The Bible and Progress", Finkh quotes Wilson:

"Recalling the previous experiences of the colonists in applying the Mosaic Code to the order of their internal lives, it is not to be wondered at that the various passages in the Bible. . . held up before the pioneer Americans the Hebrew Commonwealth as a model government.
"In the spirit and essence of our constitution, the influence of the Hebrew Commonwealth was paramount in that it was not only the highest authority for the principle, 'that rebellion to Tyrants is obedience to God', but also because it was in itself a divine precedent for a pure democracy. . ."

As an aside, for the purpose of using an example of how they gain control: Wilson was entirely controlled by the Talmudic Zionists, beginning with Samuel Untermeyer, who blackmailed Wilson into allowing him (Untermeyer) to choose the next Supreme Court judge when a seat was vacated.

Briefly: it is said that while President of Princeton University, Wilson had an affair with the wife of a colleague. After a divorce from that husband she had remarried and it seems her son-in-law was in need of money. She threatened to sue Wilson for 'breach-of-promise' and apparently had many letters from him during the time of their affair. Untermeyer was instrumental -- both by virtue of his political influence and large donations -- in getting Wilson elected. Wouldn't you know, Untermeyer became 'legal counsel' to Wilson's former paramour.

After helping him get elected to the presidency, Untermeyer approached Wilson with the woman's demands -- $40,000 or she would expose their secret and make the letters public. Wilson didn't have $40,000. Untermeyer 'generously' offered to pay the bribe in return for the right to choose the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice, that being Louis Brandeis -- a Jew. Incidentally, Untermeyer assured Wilson that he would keep the letters so the woman could pose no further threat. Of course, that gave untold powers to the holder of the letters, further empowering the Talmudic influence in government and into the Supreme Court.

We can use our imagination here, go behind the scenes and follow the probable chain of events. Wilson was 'selected' as a presidential candidate because he was a vain and greedy man with a secret past. It was said he was like molding clay in the hands of those who stroked his ego and lavished him with luxurious perks, and to top it off -- they held a hammer over his head by way of the damning 'love letters'. I can take this a step further and imagine Untermeyer going so far as approaching the woman and offering the plan. It would be an unlikely coincidence that she would have gone looking for that particular lawyer, and it's certain Wilson's activities, both past and current, were scrutinized by his benefactors before they decided upon him to fill the office of president.

The plan to choose politicians who have 'skeletons in their closets' is explained in Protocol No. 8:

"For a time, until there will no longer be any risk in entrusting responsible posts in our States to our brother-Jews, we shall put them in the hands of persons whose past and reputation are such that between them and the people lies an abyss, persons who, in case of disobedience to our instructions, must face criminal charges or disappear -- this in order to make them defend our interests to their last gasp."

Wilson's last gasp was an admission of his guilt. It has been written that on his death bed his lamentation was:

"I have unwittingly destroyed my country."

Returning again to America and Palestine:  Finkh quotes Lyman Abbot, author of Life and Literature of the Ancient Hebrews, 1901:

"It is not necessary here to consider whether those scholars are correct who trace the excellencies of the Roman law back through the Greeks to the Hebrew people.

"It is certain that Alfred the Great found in the Hebrew writings the principles which he made the foundations of the English constitution: that those principles were inculcated and impressed by the Reformers on their followers, with an insistence which made the Reformation a political as well as an ecclesiastical emancipation; and that from the same fountain source the Puritans drew the political ideals. . . which they transplanted across the sea to incorporate in the Constitution of the American Republic.

"If we did but know it, every legislative hall, every court house, every public school room, every Christian church, to say nothing of less visible and tangible manifestations of our national life and temper, are monuments of our indebtedness to this ancient people."

". . . manifestations of our national life", ". . . monuments of our indebtedness to this ancient people" -- the Talmudic Zionist Jews who admit to being atheists. The thought had occurred to me several years ago that the "Reformers" were possibly controlled opposition. It has been written in several books that Calvin's real name was Cohen. Here are a few more excerpts by Finkh that brings the picture into clearer focus regarding the Jewish influence on commerce in the colonies, along with its influence on religion, education, laws and courts:

"The physical connection of the Jews with America began very early. In the case of South and Central America it antedated the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, although it is nevertheless a matter of record that by the middle of the 17th century Jews were known to have established themselves in the various Colonies of the North. Gradually they made their way to all of the original thirteen Colonies, their leading settlement having been established in Newport, Rhode Island.
"The newly arrived Jews lent labor, skill and enterprise toward the physical and economic upbuilding of the new settlements in America.

Excerpts from C. E. Russell's Hyam Solomon, 1924 as quoted by Finkh state that:

"There can be no doubts now that the Jews were an incalculable asset to the young colonists. . . What was imperatively demanded in those venturing settlements was quick and widening communications. The Jews came with exact knowledge of commerce and the skill and experience to prosecute it.

Pioneer settlers, intent upon clearing forests and struggling with savages, lacked such equipment. In every seaboard town, it was the Jewish element that, with capital and enterprise, with wisdom and daring, forwarded business."

Reuben Finkh further states that the Jews':

". . . were chiefly engaged in inter-colonial and English trade. Some of the Jewish traders of Newport and Philadelphia were among the largest ship owners in America".  

A reasonable question at this point is, again: For whom and for what purpose was America settled by predominately white Europeans?  

It is interesting to notice that the real pioneers who performed the back-breaking labor in settling this American "Homeland" were predominately white Europeans, while the Jews influenced religion, government, laws, education, the press and established themselves in commerce. We can imagine they lived comfortably and in luxury, while the settlers (many of them were paid to leave their homes in Europe) risked their lives sailing across the ocean to an unsettled land to face daily hardships not to mention the ultimate price: physical death.  

Today -- now -- we find ourselves facing the perils of totalitarian oppression as a result of the past two-hundred years of slowly, insidiously-advancing Talmudic law and our related subject at hand: that of the Noahide Laws and how they intend to be forced -- and enforced under threat of decapitation -- upon the Gentile population in America. We have already seen how we've come under control of the Talmudic laws through that U.S. Supreme Court and the laws being promulgated by federal, state and local elected officials.

Be assured that those laws emanate directly from the United Nations, the cloned child of the League of Nations, a.k.a. League to Enforce (their brand of) Peace, which -- as you will recall -- is "a Jewish idea", as Nahum Sokolow stated at the Carlsbad Congress on 8-24-1922.  

Although the power in the U.N. appears to be the U.S. Government, be assured the power is emanating from the criminal government of Israel along with their henchmen who sit in high places in the U.S. The Israeli (Talmudic Zionist Jew) power/control factor of the U.N. has become more obvious and closer to 'home' as we see from the headline of an article in the New York Post, 1-9-02, that reads: "Israeli-backed Firm Buys UN Plaza". More on Israel later. 

Returning to the point that the Talmud has taken precedence over the Constitution: When the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes the Talmudic Law as basis for a legal brief the Talmud has been given precedence OVER the Constitution!!!

THAT is why amoral and demoralizing and destructive pornographic literature, websites, movies and television programs -- not to mention sex 'education' in government schools that teaches our babies homosexuality is normal and healthy, and sex with animals is okay if the animal is clean and you don't hurt the animal -- all are becoming 'legally acceptable' in today's America. Where ever the Talmudists have gained control, the morals of the nation were destroyed before the final destruction occurred.

The Talmud is taking precedence over the Constitution, and as you've seen, the Talmud is a nasty, nasty piece of work.

(For our readers who have internet access, many of the Talmudic quotes in the preceding sections can be verified on the internet at Carol Valentine has scanned several tractates (books) from the 1960's non-copyrighted, version of the Soncino Talmud onto the pages. That version is universally accepted and authorized by the Pharisees/Rabbis today.)

When Germany was governed under the Weimar Republic Jews were in control of the government, the courts, the press, education, entertainment, and the economy. My, doesn't that sound familiar? Just as they gained control early on in America.

They devastated the economy, creating the worst depression the country had ever known (just like they're doing today in America and the whole world). Under their control, German society had reached the depths of moral degradation and deprivation. As an example, we'll quote from a chapter in Nesta Webster's Germany and England (1938). You'll think you're reading about America today.

[We have not abandoned the Noahide Laws. This fore and background is being given in hopes our reader will ingest the facts to be presented as though they were the main course of the 'last supper'.]

And before you gasp with shock that Adolf Hitler is not being vilified as has been done for the past sixty years until present, recall the lies that have been uncovered thus far in your reading; lay aside the inculcated belief that "Hitler was the devil incarnate" as I believed all of my life, for we've barely passed out of first grade on our journey out of the lies into which we were born.

Nesta Webster was a respected historian whose books most of us knew nothing about because they are not (and to my knowledge, never were) available in the Zionist-controlled book stores.]

The following excerpts are from Germany and England, Chapter V, titled "Hitler";

     "Before the War [WWI] they [Jews] had again and again expressed all their passionate loyalty to Germany as the one country on which all their hopes were set.
     "For although despised and hated, they were able to make money in a country where, as Hitler says, "gold was a god" to a larger extent than in any other except perhaps the United States.
     "They were also allowed to occupy positions in the learned and professional classes out of all proportion to those held by Germans. Though largely barred by society, they were encouraged by the Hohenzollerns, who had always believed in making use of them, from Frederick the Great with his münzenjude to Wilhelm II with his Rathenau at the end of a private telephone wire.
     "It was thus that during the War so many of the Jews in this country [England] hoped for the final victory of Germany and provided some of her most useful spies and informers. . .
     "But in the main, it was Russia that the Jews -- including those in England -- regarded as their principal enemy, and it was out of hatred for Russia that they sided with Germany against the Allies.
     "After Russia had been brought low and a hideous revenge taken on her by the predominantly Jewish Bolsheviks, and the Kaiser had been got rid of, the Jews started Bolshevising Germany, and having got her almost completely under their control they remained pro-German until the rise of Hitler.
     "It was then that the whole Jewish power was turned against Germany.
     "The Jews had not minded a certain amount of persecution, which after all mainly affected the humbler classes of their race, as long as they were given power in the State. But this is precisely what Hitler took from them, hence largely the cry of persecution.

     "Hitler himself had been slow to adopt an attitude of anti-Semitism.

     "As he relates in Mein Kampf, he was at first revolted by the hostility shown towards the Jews which he encountered in Austria and attributed to their religion:
“As I thought they were persecuted on that account, my aversion to remarks in their disfavour almost grew into abhorrence. . .

"I considered that tone, especially that adopted by the anti-Semitic Press of Vienna, unworthy of cultural traditions of a great nation.”

    "But by degrees he came to the conclusion that “the Jewish religion” was really a misnomer:

“Through his own original being the Jew cannot possess any form of idealism, and therewith belief in the Hereafter is completely foreign to him. One cannot however imagine a religion according to the Aryan conceptions in which the conviction of life after death in some form is lacking.”

     "This statement entirely accords with those made to me by two Jews, quite independently of each other, who assured me with deep regret that the Jews of Western Europe rarely believe in God or the immortality of the soul; their outlook is entirely material.

     "For this reason it is not surprising that -- Karl Marx having declared that 'religion is the opium of the people' -- Jews should, as Hitler further observed, have become the chief propagandists of Marxism: 'that world pestilence'.

     "He saw them, too, as the oppressors of the working-classes and at the same time the agitators who stir them to revolt. He realised 'their glibness' and 'their artfulness in lying' on which Martin Luther in his treatise “Von den Juden and ihren Lügen” (Concerning the Jews and their Lies) had expressed himself with far greater violence some four hundred years earlier.

     "Above all, Hitler saw the fear they are able to inspire in order to drive all rivals or opponents off the field:
“Anyone with intelligence enough to resist the Jewish lure is broken by intimidation, however determined and intelligent he may be.”
     Mein Kampf is really an amazing book when one considers that it was written by a young soldier with little education, most of whose life had been spent in the direst poverty or in the trenches. Hitler writes in no spirit of Jew-baiting but as a bacteriologist calmly examining through his microscope the action of certain noxious bacilli on the human body.
     "He observes the influence exercised by the Jews in the world of art; he sees them as:
“the inspired creators of those hideous inventions for the cinema and the theatre,” of: “those unclean products of artistic life as given to the people.”
“It was pestilence, spiritual pestilence, worse than the Black Death, with which the nation was being inoculated”

"– especially the youth of Germany.

“Anyone who has not lost the capacity for entering into the souls of the young will realize that it must lead to their grave injury.” . . .  

     "In his strictures on pre-Nazi Germany, Hitler is undeniably justified; it was a matter of common knowledge just before and after the War that Berlin became a center of iniquity, its night life worse in some respects than that of Paris; vice of an unspeakable kind was flaunted with impunity, nude midnight orgies took place in the West End of the city – a cult that may in fact be said to have originated in Germany; the Jugendbewegung, chaotic and uncontrolled, encouraged license among the young; filthy and blasphemous books poured forth from the German Press.

     "Whether Hitler is right in attributing all this to the Jews we cannot tell; there are depraved elements of every nation which need no inciting to vice.

     "The fact remains, however, that since Hitler started to purge town life in Germany, pornographic books and pictures have disappeared from the shops, the Youth movements have become clean and healthy, the cult of nudity has been suppressed. And all this has coincided with the expulsion or voluntary departure of a number of Jews from Germany – not of Jews in the mass, since thousands still live there in peace, but without the power to influence the public mind which they formerly enjoyed.

     "Once-Christian England, in welcoming Jewish refugees indiscriminately to her shores, shows surprisingly little concern for the effect some of them may have on the minds and morals of her people, especially on the youth of the country.
     "We cannot help, moreover, noting, since this influx began, the change that has come over our Press; a once decent popular paper has boomed the nudity movement; another, which a few years ago could have been safely placed in the hands of a child, publishes matter exalting immorality and sneering at virtue; cartoons by artists not of British race, vulgar and not in the least funny, designed to create bad blood between classes and nations, are published with impunity.
     "Meanwhile the view of those to whom all these things are hateful, of those who crave to see their country restored to its former greatness as a beacon shedding the light of truth and justice on the world, are denied a hearing.
     "If this is the 'liberty of the Press' enjoyed under 'democracy', I should prefer the censorship of the Dictators.  

Mrs. Webster's final statement there gives one cause to pause. . . and ponder the thought. When this type of contradictory information about Germany under National Socialism first came into the light, it was very confusing to say the least. However, the information has been confirmed by many suppressed authors and expanded upon in personal conversations I have had with people who lived in Germany under Adolf Hitler's rule. He was not the Devil incarnate; on the contrary, his love for Germany and her people was made manifest time and again.

The nagging piece of that puzzle that wouldn't resolve itself was the fact that: "Hitler was a dictator!"

Perhaps the resolution in my mind is merely a justification as to "why" a national leader -- hated by the world for decades and whom I have come to respect over the past several years by reading dozens of suppressed books -- became a dictator, rather than merely a 'president'.

When Adolf Hitler was running for office there were over a hundred political parties in Germany; all of them (according to Hans Schmidt, in his book End Times, End Games) were Communist/Bolshevik front groups. It just happens that the majority of the Russian Communist/Bolsheviks were Jews, so admitted in their own literature and Jewish Encyclopedias.

Agents provocateur from the fledgling Soviet Union infiltrated Germany during the first World War and sabotaged the war effort, going so far as inciting strikes in the munitions plants -- during a war! When we see the power and control they assumed in the Weimar Republic, and the devastation they created, it would seem impossible that a 'president' could keep them out of government offices. A dictator could -- and did -- do just that. He also ejected them from other positions of power and influence. And he ejected the money-lenders from their places of control over the German economy.

It is a matter of history (certainly not history that's taught in schools and universities) that during those years, before Germany was forced into the planned second World War, the nation and the people thrived under National Socialism, in all aspects of their lives.

In her book Mrs. Webster stated that (in 1938) the German government was openly anti-Semitic, and Germany was thriving. At the same time, she said, England was being secretly ruled and destroyed from within by the powerful cabal that had grabbed hold the reins of the British government, the press, education, etc.

[The word itself "anti-Semitism" is a misnomer and should be remembered whenever we read or hear it. The word was brought into usage by the creatures themselves as a powerful tool whenever there was an exerted effort against their power, influence and manipulation. As Douglas Reed writes:

"During the 19th Century (as Dr. Kastein again records), the term 'antisemitism; was born. As 'persecution' could no longer be said to exist some new word had to be found, capable of intimidating Gentiles and terrifying Jews, the second purpose being more important that the first, and 'antisemitism was invented.
"'Abracadabra' might have served as well, for the term 'antisemitism' is patently absurd in relation to people who are demonstrably not Semites and whose Law commands the extirpation of Semites (the Arab peoples of Palestine). Any expression of sympathy with the Semitic Arabs, expelled from their native land by the Zionist intruders in 1948, in time came to be attacked as "antisemitism.
"Presumably the authors of this term desired to keep such words as Jew, Jewish and anti-Jewish out of the public controversy and counted on intimidating the mass-mind by the introduction of an obscurantist word.

"What the dominant sect meant by 'antisemitism' was in fact a combination of lese majesty (offences against the dignity of the sovereign power) and heresy (opposition to the paramount religious doctrine); and by the middle of the present century the mass-mind had to a great extent submitted to this idea. . .

"The word 'antisemitism' was coined at the time when 'men of Jewish race' as Disraeli and Bakunin pointed out, took over the direction of the world-revolution, and the main object of its invention was by intimidation to deter public discussion of that remarkable development; the events of the present century have abundantly proved that, as this book will show.

"In the recent time, a Jewish authority, Mr. Bernard Lazare, offered a definition of 'antisemitism' in a book which bore the word as its title. This definition had nothing whatever to do with the prophet Shem and his tribe, with Semitic blood or speech or stock, or with anything Semitic whatsoever; Mr. lazare related 'antisemitism' entirely to an adverse opinion of the Jewish role in revolution. He wrote:

"This is what must separate the impartial historian from antisemitism. The antisemite says: 'The Jew is the preparer, the machinator, the chief engineer of revolutions'; the impartial historian confines himself to studying the part which the Jew -- considering his spirit, his character, the nature of his philosophy, and his religion -- may have taken in revolutionary processes and movements".
"What Mr. Lazare clearly meant was that nothing more than 'a part' in revolutionary processes might be attributed to Jews, and that a man who said that 'The Jew is the preparer, the machinator, the chief engineer of revolutions' committed les majesty and heresy.
"However, it is substantially what Disraeli said. . . :
"that mighty revolution. . . is developing entirely under the auspices of the Jews",
"the influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle",
"men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them" (i.e., the secret societies).

Before we return to the Noahide Laws, let us see one more confirmation of the devastation wreaked by these bothersome and meddlesome creatures when they gain control in a country. The sorrow and shame of it is that the 'lesser brethren' Jews along with Judeo-Christians have been instrumental in the destructive process due to the intense religious indoctrination of both Christianity and Talmudism upon the minds and souls of the hapless believers. Talmudism and Christianity are opposite ends of the poles, and are now -- in the minds of the masses -- inextricably entwined.

In his book, The Nameless War (1952), Captain A.H.M. Ramsay, a WWI veteran, former member of His Majesty's Scottish Guard and a member of the British Parliament gave a history of just some of the revolutions promulgated by them (they all were). Captain Ramsay was arrested and thrown into the Brixton Prison (without charges or a hearing) during a session of the Parliament, of which he was a member at the time. Why? Because he was attempting to expose the machinations of those meddlesome Jews who were fomenting the unnecessary war, a war that no one wanted, least of all Adolf Hitler. 

We'll excerpt from a chapter on the French Revolution in which he mentions the wickedness, debauchery and amoral atmosphere created in France which led the people to a blood lust and killing frenzy -- just as Nesta Webster related was occurring in Germany before Hitler became Chancellor, and just as is happening today in America.

From: The Nameless War, Chapter Two, "The French Revolution":

     By 1789 there were more than two thousand Lodges in France affiliated to the Grand Orient, the direct tool of international revolution; and their adepts numbered over 100,000.

     Thus we get Jewish Illuminism under Moses Mendelssohn and Masonic Illuminism under Weishaupt established as the inner controls of a strong secret organization covering the whole of France.

     Under the Illuminati worked Grand Orient Freemasonry, and under that again the Blue, or National, Masonry had operated until it was converted over-night into Grand Orient Masonry by Phillipe d'Orleans in 1773. Little did Egalite (d'Orleans) suspect the satanic powers that he was invoking, when he took that action, and satanic they certainly were. The name Lucifer means "Light Bearer"; and Illuminati those who were lit by that light.

     By the time the Estates General met at Versailles on 5th May, 1789, the paralysis of the executive authority by the secret organizations was complete.

     Paralysis by control of public opinion and publicity was well advanced by then also.

     This was the manner of its accomplishment.

     By 1780 d'Orleans' entire income of 800,000 livres, thanks to his reckless gambling and extravagance, was mortgaged to the moneylenders.

     In 1781, in return for accommodation, he signed papers handing over his palace, estates, and house (the Palais Royal) to his creditors, with powers to form there a centre of politics, printing, pamphleteering, gambling, lectures, brothels, wine-shops, theatres, art galleries, athletics, and any other uses, which subsequently took the form of every variety of public debauchery.

     In fact, Egalite's financial masters used his name and property to install a colossal organism for publicity and corruption, which appealed to every lowest instinct in human nature; and deluged the enormous crowds so gathered with the filthy, defamatory and revolutionary output of its printing presses and debating clubs.

As Scudder writes in A Prince of the Blood:

"It gave the police more to do than all the other parts of the city."

     It is interesting to note that the general manager installed by the creditors at the Palais royal was one de Laclos, a political adventurer of alien origin, author of Liaisons Dangereuses, and other pornographic works, who was said "to study the politics of love because of his love for politics."

     This steady stream of corruption and destructive propaganda was linked with a series of systematic personal attacks of the vilest and most unscrupulous nature upon any public characters whom the Jacobins thought likely to stand in their way. This process was known as "L'infamie." [end excerpt]   

The importance of our understanding the seriousness of the Noahide Laws will be made clear in the next two chapters. When we see that their aims to rule the world under Talmudic Law are already bearing fruit, via the U.S. Supreme Court and the Uniform Commercial Code; when we begin to comprehend the destructive, soul-damning nature of those who would rule over us, we had better sit up and take notice.

The Noahide Laws are part of the Talmud, and remember, the Talmud is the work of the Pharisaical Priesthood, according to which, only the non-Jews (goyim/gentiles) are to be subject under the Noahide Laws, as well as subjected to the punishment imposed for any transgressions under those laws.

We will now get to the meat of the questions at hand: what are the Noahide Laws; who will oversee their implementation; how would they affect the lives of all non-Jews on this planet? According to Louis Marschalko, in The World Conquerers the Noahide Laws spell death for all non-Jews who refuse to submit.  (emphasis is ours):

"Maimonides also admits that Christianity made the world familiar with the Old Testament, i.e. with Torah, but adds that its interpretation was erroneous and that the errors will be evident at the arrival of Jewry's political Messiah who, as leader of Jewry's armed power, will subjugate the non-Jewish nations of the world and will exterminate, together with their women and children, all those who refuse to accept the laws of Noah. (Jewry and Christianity, by Canon Lipot Huber, p. 141)


Note: Both The Nameless War and Germany and England are on line at in the section titled: How Wars Are Made - Behind The Scenes.



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