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Note:  We've presented the Prologue/Forward and Epilogue of The Union Jack for your introduction to the book we found on line.  If you haven't read the Prologue yet, we urge you to do so... ONLY, that is, if you are interested in putting together more pieces of a thousands of years old political program being assembled 'peace by pieces'.  A political program which alleged goal is world peace, brought to us by religious lies, wars, death and destruction... in the name of Jesus who taught that our Father/ Creator is love. The original on line link is no longer working. You can purchase from A-albionic Research, listed in our Resources section under recommended reading.

The Union Jack

by Helen Peters



     The Watchtower Society, better known as Jehovah's Witnesses, is a massive international movement and an important crypto- Jewish cult in the spread of the kingdom message. In their issue of AWAKE on October 8, 1971, page 23 under title The Barrier of Nationalism Removed, we read this statement:

"God's kingdom will forever remove the barrier of nationalism; people of all races will live in peace under one government." End of quote.

     This is the purpose of all kingdom cults to remove the barrier of nationalism by teaching a false religion which promotes World Government. Is this not Communism?

     Fear hysteria is used constantly to drive humanity to a state of mind which causes them to desire the relief which is promised by the kingdom cults in their kingdom message. In the same Jehovah's Witnesses publication named above they play up the propaganda of crime, sickness, poverty, pollution, drug abuse, overpopulation and famine. All this is the big lie to bring us to expect a state of collapse at any time.

     This fear hysteria neutralizes us with a feeling of hopelessness. When one is under the influence of this propaganda, he stops doing anything constructive. No one ever does anything constructive while fearing an imminent crisis whether real or imagined. In this state of mind one would not plant a rose for fear he would never see it bloom. Our country is a haven for artificially induced public hysterias. A crisis is created out of thin air such as pollution or overpopulation and people are herded like cattle this way and that, always against their best interest. A case in point is Ralph Nader's consumerism which he builds on created myths and which has caused a higher cost of living for the consumer without any added benefits.

    A new publication by a British Israel Identity group called CHRISTIAN VANGUARD is off on Jew-bait as one would expect. In their issue #12 they attack the books THE UNION JACK and SPIRITUAL COMMUNISM. On page six they made this revealing statement, quote: "To wreck both conservative and Identity movements they had to find a tie to link them together. That tie was in the almost universal belief, by ALMOST ALL PROTESTANT ORGANIZATIONS, that Christ will return to earth to rule physically for 1,000 years."

     "Although there was no other point of similarity between 'conservatives' and the Identity movement, they found this one 'link.'" End of quote.

     This one "link" is all important because it not only ties in the conservative and Identity Movements, it links them with the Jew's religion which the Identity people promote as the Kingdom Message. The Identity people are bastard offspring of Judaism because their belief in the earthly kingdom is Judaism.

    The John Birch Society has been a thorn in the flesh of many would-be patriots. The purpose of the John Birch Society is to soak up any effective opposition and neutralize it or turn it toward a false conservatism. Robert Welch and his Society has never attacked the Kingdom Message propaganda. In fact they promote British Israel under the cover of Fundamental Christianity. Welch laid to rest any questions on British Israel to his members in his booklet THE NEUTRALIZERS.

     We say that he who does not want the whole truth does not deserve any truth. With this in mind let us take a close look at Welch's double talk in his phony expose` of British Israel. He simply attacks it by one name and promotes it under another.

    THE NEUTRALIZERS is a booklet distributed by the John Birch Society. Its purpose, according to its author, is to "minimize the effect of the whole splintering (efforts to destroy the John Birch Society) operation." According to Robert Welch none of his members are supposed to believe any bad stories about himself or his society unless they first check with headquarters in Belmont, Massachusetts. This, most of them dutifully do.

     If through guile, one wishes to twist men's minds, it is necessary to be compassionate, sincere, religious and, in this case, patriotic. These qualities of character cause an unfaltering admiration, stupefying followers and "neutralizing" opponents. The way for a villain to disguise his crime is to implicate it to others, blaming them for that which he is guilty.

     THE NEUTRALIZERS is a case in point. If we suppose that Mr. Welch has a valid attack upon advocates of "Anti-Semitism," "Religious Neutralism," "Academic Neutralism," "Political Neutralism," and "Tangentitis," we have a right to examine him and his Society with regard to the same topics. (We have not checked with Belmont but we will go ahead.) As Mr. Welch so powerfully stated, on page 39 of THE NEUTRALIZERS, "Consistency is seldom a virtue of the bigot." End quote. With this we agree and with this in mind we turn the spotlight upon Mr. Welch and his "Anti-Communist John Birch Society."

     In the first section of THE NEUTRALIZERS on "Anti-Semitism" the term anti-Semitism is used twelve times. This of course injects the revolutionary tactic of racism because of the commonly false definition put upon the word "Semitic." With all the knowledge that Sir Robert possesses he cannot prove that there is a Semitic Race, let alone that the Jews are Semites. His genealogical proof of a Semitic Race today is as impossible as is any British Israelite's racial identity. Racial lineage dating back to any of the tribes of Israel was forever destroyed when the genealogical tablets were destroyed with the Jewish Temple in 70 A.D. The error of "Jewish Semitism" is as erroneous as the error of "Arab Semitism." But of course the idea of race helps promote conflict and revolution.

    Then with the gall of a brass monkey he equates religion with race in order to confuse the two. On page 8 he suggests that "Jews" are sometimes "Jews" and sometimes not -- "but those who had formerly been Jews and many who had not been Jews." End quote.

    So Welch says on page 18 that the Communists do the "opposite of the appearance that they create so diligently." Is he not here following the same pattern of using racism (semitism) to promote revolution?

     Then like all good Masons do, he equates all religions to one big happy family. On page 20 he states that Communism must go "so that Jews and Christians alike, and Mohammedans and Buddhists, can again have a decent world to live in." End of quote. Now be not deceived that his plan graciously allows Christianity a fourth part with the heathens. His definition of Christianity is British Israel and is not based on the Deity of Jesus Christ at all.

     Then he passes us the great revelation on page 19 that Alger Hiss was not a "Jew." But he was a Rhodes Scholar (which Welch omitted to say) and his great part in the formation of the United Nations and consequent objectives was in the service of Her Majesty's World Government British Israel Enterprise.

    In his Religious NeutraIism he gets in the real punch line. On page 22 he states, "One of the most common roads to neutralism is made possible by the deeply religious nature of most earnest anti-Communists." End of quote. This is true only in a double sense which Welch does not divulge. The "anticommunists" are neutralized in favor of British Israel Communism with their "fundamentalist" religion. Is Welch not a so-called "fundamentalist" and oddly enough was not John Birch? "Fundamental Christianity" is only a cover term for British Israel. It is a world political system with a political messiah. Is this not Communism?

     Here is the greatest double talk one could imagine. On page 29 Welch states in speaking of the naming of Eisenhower's Camp David, "It would serve to strengthen the hopes and thus the spread of British-Israel, and at the same time to ally himself more closely with the top-Communists far behind the scenes, whose agents were carefully building British-Israel into a vague but mighty force to offset and neutralize what could otherwise be the extremely powerful anti-Communist drive of fundamentalist Protestantism." End of quote.

     If a black snake has a forked tongue, he ain't got nothing on Mr. Welch. When some fools know that "fundamentalist Protestantism" IS British Israelism and that British Israelism is Communism, and that therefore Mr. Welch's anti-Communists are promoting Communism and at the same time are neutralized against the real Communism, which is British Israel Fundamentalism. Anyone swallowing this line is getting an antidote worse than the disease.

     Work both ends against the middle and get the perfect crime. Work Communism against Communism and get a perfect fusion. Mr. Welch has deceived some of his greatest admirers and supporters but he well knows he is promoting British Israelism with so called "Fundamental Christianity" or "Fundamental Protestantism." The only thing fundamental about his religion is that it is fundamentally British Israel and is doing all to promote a false world kingdom of Christ.

     Mr. Welch and all the Right Wing Communists say the bad guys are in the Kremlin. They are bad all right because they are controlled by the same British Israel that controls Mr. Welch. The only thing is, their left wing Communism is going to give way to Mr. Welch's "Christian Communism."

     If Mr. Welch didn't "neutralize" the anti-Communists away from HIS Communism with this double reverse NEUTRALIZERS, it isn't because he didn't load it with all the deception at his command.

     He goes on to make a few British Israel crackpots like Howard Rand and Wesley Swift the goat, always giving "good fundamentalist Christians" (page 31) as the patriotic Christian opposition. He continues to fight one fraud with another. In this he is consistent.

     Then on pages 35 and 36 he turns the British Israel on in grand "fundamentalist" style. In quoting from whom he calls a Major Coordinator of his John Birch Society, he says on page 36, "When Communism is destroyed (and it is only a question of when) it will happen only as a result of Divine Will." Here it is -- British Israelism in its purest form. The question of Divine Will intervening to destroy Communism or any ism is a Pharisaic deception that has controlled the minds of men for two thousand years and here it is dressed up in our time as anti-Communist Fundamental Christianity.

     Divine Will is concerned with the regeneration of men's individual souls. The fallacy of pitting right wing Communists versus left wing Communists and appropriating the outcome to Divine Will is the confusion of British Israel and not of God, Who said "My kingdom is not of this world." If Mr. Welch and all the Right Wing Communists bring off their world kingdom as a reaction to Russian Communism, it will have nothing to do with "Divine Will" -- only under the pretense of "Divine Will." The "masters of deceit" of all time have always built deception out of the fusion of two evils, but always being careful to implicate one of the evils to good.

     Therefore Robert Welch completely deceives and confuses the dupes of his unAmerican John Birch Society. He leads off against British Israel and turns on his reverse with "Fundamentalist Protestantism" which is British Israel under another name. His brand of "Fundamentalism" calls for the same natural messiah and World Government kingdom that British Israel does.

     How is it that so many well intentioned people are misled by such traitors as Robert Welch? He simply condemns Communism by one name and promotes it under another and the equation is never worked out by dedicated followers. The rule of his game is to deceive by changing terms. He attacks one error and counterattacks with another. He attacks Russian Communism with British Israel Communism which he cleverly calls Fundamentalist Christianity. Then he invokes "Divine Will" in behalf of British Israel Communism.

     It is easy to see why Welch does not expose Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry and Rhodes Scholars. It is easy to see why he pretends anti-Russian Communism and fails to tell his dupes that it is ships from the British Empire who unload war materials in the North Vietnam ports to kill American troops. It is easy to see why he attacks Earl Warren as the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court but did not attack him as a 33rd degree Mason under the Grand Lodge of England (an alien power).

     It is easy to see why he and his dupes promoted 32nd degree Mason George Wallace and 33rd degree Mason Curtis Lemay as conservative candidates for the United States Presidency and Vice Presidency. It is easy to see why he promotes British Israelism with John Stormer's book NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON and his DEATH OF A NATION. They too condemn one Communism and promote another in the name of Christianity. It is easy to see how Robert Welch is a British Communist with the best intention to "neutralize" the American people long enough to be deceived into a right wing Christian Communism.

     Robert Welch well knows that only his British Israel "insiders" and a few true Americans know that British Israelism is being promoted under the guise of "Fundamental Christianity." If there were such a thing as anti-Semitism nothing could be more "anti-Semitic" than Mr. Welch's Fundamental Christianity which deceives so-called Jews and professing Christians alike, teaching them that the "hope of the world" is a national system of salvation which is to be established via Divine intervention. If Communism has a religion, this is it.

     In Academic Neutralism Welch recommends and practices "writing letters, circulating petitions, and organizing ad hoc committees." (page 47). Now if we go to the doctor with appendicitis and he treats us for a sore mouth we would presently expire with ruptured appendix. This is the case of Welch's "academic neutralism" of which he is accusing others. He keeps his dupes so busy with "tangentitis" that they are led completely away from the objective of anti-Communism. Impeaching Earl Warren because of his leftist decisions and direction of the court is entirely different from opposing him as a 33rd degree Mason who represents a super world government centered in the British Empire. It is not enough to oppose. To oppose on spurious issues is to lead to wrong results. This Welch knows too. Welch is schooled in academic neutralism and it is his whole task.

     If Mr. Welch is an opponent of the "neutralizers" victory is theirs for never have well intentioned people been more motivated with myths and false issues. Neutralism away from British Israelism is his grand design. So the Communism "far behind the scenes" to which Mr. Welch alludes are those Communists he represents under the pseudonym of Fundamental Christianity.

     The following article is very revealing in that it shows how far back the plot to take America with the Kingdom Message has been organized.

     It is certain that Senator Joseph McCarthy did much research on the Communist conspiracy. He came too close when he discovered British Israel and its Kingdom Message propaganda. The following quotes are from an article with the title: GEORGE WASHINGTON'S SURRENDER: "And many of the people of the land became Jews." Esther 9:17. "The confession of General Cornwallis to General Washington at Yorktown has been well hidden by historians. History books and text books have taught for years that when Cornwallis surrendered his army to General Washington that American independence came, and we lived happily ever after until the tribulations of the twentieth century."

     "Jonathan Williams recorded in his LEGIONS OF SATAN, 1781, that Cornwallis revealed to Washington that "a holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown." Cornwallis went on to explain what would seem to be a self contradiction: "Your churches will be used to teach the Jew's religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry." And indeed George Washington himself was a Mason, and he gave back through a false religion what he had won with his army.
     "Cornwallis well knew that his military defeat was only the beginning of world catastrophe that would be universal and that unrest would continue until mind control could be accomplished through a false religion. What he predicted has come to pass. A brief sketch of American religious history and we have seen Masonry infused into every church in America With their veiled Phallic religion.
     "Darby and the Plymouth Brethren brought a Jewish Christianity to America. Masons Rutherford and Russell started Jehovah Witnesses' Judaism which is now worldwide with their message of the divine kingdom. Mason Joseph Smith started Mormon Judaism with its Jewish teaching of millennialism.
     "At the turn of the twentieth century there appeared the Scofield Bible with a Jewish interpretation of the prophecies. With wide use of this "helpful" aid all the American churches have silently become synagogues. We now have Baptist Jews, Methodist Jews, Church of God Jews, apostate Catholic Jews, and many Protestant Jews throughout America. We are aliens in our own country because of false religion. All are praying for divine deliverance into that "Divine Government" which Cornwallis knew to be the British Empire.
     "A false religion has been used to deceive us into allegiance to our enemies of Yorktown and Bunker Hill. No! Not a gun has been fired but the invisible and malignant process of conquering America with the Jew's religion has gone on unabated. The Union Jack has been planted in our hearts with religious deception. All has happened "legally," "constitutionally," "freely" and completely within our most sacred trust -- our churches. Religious deception is painless innoculation against truth. It cannot be removed from the conscience with surgery, yet it is the motivator of our actions and directly controls our lives. Once man gives over to false religion, he is no longer rational because he originates no thought. His life is controlled by whomever controls his religion.
     "The veil of false religion is the sword of Damocles and its power to control humanity defies even the imagination of tyrants who use it."

     "This is not to say that George Washington was a traitor willingly, or knowingly. He was beguiled into a Satanic religious order that insidiously controls men's minds. So have American statesmen and military leaders down through the years given aid and allegiance to the enemies of the United States because they did not have knowledge of the invisible subterfuge that stalks this land. My eyes were opened the day my colleague from Ohio handed me Wagner's FREEMASONRY AN INTERPRETATION. If every American would read it, they would no longer ask why and how it has happened."

     Given by Senator Joseph McCarthy, six months before his mouth was closed forever. End of quote from GEORGE WASHINGTON'S SURRENDER.

     We have a final note for optimism. We sincerely believe that America can and will survive if her people are willing to come face to face with the propagandists who are trying to beguile us into World Government with a misuse of Bible prophecy. It is time to touch the untouchables and shake their ivory towers of constitutionally protected religion and lay open for all to see what is being done to us in the name of Christ.

     Nor do we believe the so-called "experts" of gloom and negative prophets of pollution, overpopulation, disease, famine, death and defeat who may have frightened you into believing that you, your family and your country are on a one way trip to doomsday. All this is part of fear hysteria propaganda. Pollution may be a problem in some congested areas but such propaganda of Ralph Nader and anti-pollution devices has increased the cost of automobiles to all Americans.

     Overpopulation is a favorite of the propaganda ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong. This is trite and it is the big lie. If America had the same population percentage wise as England we would have over three billion people. We are hardly crowded yet.

     Disease today is nothing by comparison to only thirty years ago when people died of polio, diptheria, malaria, pneumonia and you name it.----The idea of famine is as unthinkable and ridiculous as it can be with today's mechanized farming. Fewer farmers can produce more than at any time in history. In fact there is so much surplus that farm programs have been socialized to hold prices up. If America and the world ever faces famine it will be no fault of nature or the farmer but the conspiratorial efforts of evil men who try to enact perverted prophecies.

     We believe America is great because her people are great and that we will survive because we want the truth that shall make us free.

     The truth is that Communism and premillennialism are more than equal to Masonry - they are the offspring of Masonry, conceived and designed by Masonry to do for Masonry what Masonry could not do in its own name. Premillennialism is used to debauch the churches into the synagogues of Satan. This is the best kept secret of the ages, but it is basic to understanding revolution and power.

     This by no means discounts numerous other "isms" such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, and many others. These are only subgroups of Masonry and once we understand the Gospel of Christ as well as the religion of Masonry we can identify instantly any "ism" as only a variation of Masonry. To say the least we should never be deceived by any Messianic millennial cult. Premillennialism is a conspiracy against Christ, whenever it rears its Masonic bead.

     It is not strange to a Christian in regard to Masonry, Communism, Premillennialism and Judaism that he cannot partake of one without accepting all, and likewise he cannot condemn one without condemning all. He who is a part of any of the four groups is a part of all of them. Did not Christ say be that he that is not with me is against me?  -- end --


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