Following is an excerpt from The Unified Conspiracy Theory.  

     The information is intended to supplement the references to C.I. Scofield in Charlie Samples' THE GREATEST HOAX    

     To begin to understand the hoax... the lies into which we've all been born, both of the above linked articles are strongly recommended.  

     The 'belief' was injected into our Christian minds as babes that "In the end times Jesus will return to reign on earth for a thousand years of PEACE" (after which, Satan will once again be released, which makes NO sense at all anyway).  

     To realize that this story runs on a perfectly parallel path with the Talmudic political program of World Dominion -- under the rule of MAN, who refers to himself as "the chosen"; to realize that the story is one and the same is startling to say the least.

     That parallel path is not intended to clash, conflict, or cross at some junction, but to so slowly and subtly merge together that we will simply open our eyes one day to the awareness that we are on the same path with two separate destinations in mind.  

     2,300 years ago, Plato called it 'The Third Way'.  Today, the Democrats call it 'The Third Way'; the Republicans call it 'Compassionate Conservatism'.  A merging of what has been presented as diametrically opposed concepts.  

     Jews have been awaiting their messiah for 3,000 years; while we Christians have been awaiting the return of our Messiah for 2,000... and the same small group made up the same story for all of us.  Jesus called that group Pharisees, including with the Pharisees as perpetrators of the lie... the Scribes.  Today, we call them lawyers.  

     So hundreds of millions of mind-manipulated people excitedly cry,

"Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring on the chaos, perversion, death and destruction!  It's in the book!  Bring on the vaccines that are killing our children!  Bring on the chem-trails leaving their trails of death and disease!  Bring on the New World Order under control of the International Zionist Jews who control their useful idiots at the United Nations.  It's god's plan!  Bring on the Terminator Seed, Bovine Growth Hormone, irradiated food, genetically engineered non-food!  Our messiah is coming!"  

     In truth, it is a whopper of a lie.  It is a deadly lie, and if we don't wake up to it - Jew and Christian alike - we'll all end up slaves in a world that, I believe, will be more evil than we could bear to consider... or be included in their plans for depopulation.     -- Jackie --      

Begin excerpts from The Unified Conspiracy Theory:


We now enter the phase of the Illuminati and the Great Awakening,

Cyrus Scofield and the subversion of modern Christianity


"And no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works"   ---   Rabbi Saul of Tarsus  - 1 Corinthians 11:14-15.

The key to understanding this is in the Hebrew Prophecies themselves.  It is made absolutely clear that the Jews are first to achieve dominion over the nations of the earth, and then Zion will be proclaimed over the whole.

"And the Lord will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and even upon her assemblies, a cloud of smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for upon all the glory shall be a defense."  ---   Isaiah 4:5, King James Version

A defense against what?  If this is to be the kingdom of Christ Jesus, what need for a defense, Christian?  And yet you teach that Zion is Jesus' earthly kingdom because this is what your church elders had been taught by Cyrus Scofield, editor of your Bible concordance.  He went to great efforts to convince you that Isaiah and Micah's "mountain of the Lord's house" is supposed to mean the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. That is a lie; his argument is a fraud, yet you can't see it.

Jesus' kingdom needs no pillar of fire and smoke to protect it.  The word "Zion", in Hebrew, means "Sepulchre".   Solomon's Temple was built on Mount Moriah, not on Mount Zion.   Mount Zion lies to the south of the Old City, separated by a narrow valley, and to the southwest of the Mount of Olives.  Mount Zion is also known as Golgotha – the "Hill of Skulls" – or Calvary.

Zion and Calvary are one and the same.  Jesus was crucified on Zion!  The Christian confusing of Zion with the Rebuilding of the Second Temple is a mistake, the result of bad geography and/or a metaphorically bizarre Kabbalistic joke.  

Is the Sepulchre to be the place of Redemption? [Freemasonry! ]  

Was Jesus not crucified on the same spot where Abraham had built an altar to sacrifice his son, Isaac?  What is the relationship between Jesus and Zion?  

Who taught us to use that word?  

Can you see how we have been deceived by our own Christian churches, taught to worship our doom in the Antichrist?

The text of Isaiah 2:1 clearly states "The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem."  Are you a Jew?  Will you be allowed to worship in the Third Temple when it is built?  Methinks not!

What was Cyrus Scofield trying to hide from us?

"The Tetragrammaton appears to have its origin in the phrase found in Exodus 3:14, "I am that I am".  Before this it was known as the Shem ha-meforash, the seventy-two syllabled name of God, made up of 216 letters.  

The source of the Shem ha-meforash, according to tradition, are verses 19-21 of Exodus xiv, each of the three verses containing seventy-two Hebrew letters.  The letters of verse 19 were written down in separated form and in correct order; the letters of verse 20, also in separated form, were written down in reverse order, and the letters of verse 21 were written down in correct order.  

Reading from above down, one obtains seventy-two three-letter names, all of which combine to make one.  To these three-lettered names were then added either AL or IH to form the names of the seventy-two angels of Jacob's ladder."       Charles Ponce Kabbalah  

The type of permutation described above is called Temura, and it is a common Kabbalist device. The three verses of Exodus 14:19-21 that constitute the Shem ha-meforash happen to describe how a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night appeared just prior to Moses' leading the Hapiru across the Red Sea into the desert. This is a cipher, so that wherever a "pillar of fire by night" or "cloud by day" is mentioned in the Bible, one may substitute the Shem ha-meforash to obtain the proper Kabbalistic interpretation.

The Kabbalists know that the Shem ha-meforash – the Seventy-two Syllabled Name of God, the Seventy-two Angels of Jacob's Ladder, the seventy-two Sanhedrin – are also the seventy-two proper names of daemons, who are sealed in the Key of Solomon.  This Key is used by the Practical Kabbalist to construct talismans by which he may summon, or conjure, these beings.  To the Speculative Kabbalist the names represent the seventy-two dominions, principalities, elementals, powers and paths over which he seeks mastery.

Thus, from a Kabbalistic perspective, the verse of Isaiah 4:5 is stating that after the Mountain of Zion has been constructed, the deity shall assign seventy-two daemons – an infernal Sanhedrin, if you will – to watch over Zion and protect it.

And that, my dear reader, is exactly what Cyrus Scofield called the Kingdom of Jesus! That, Christian, is what your ministers taught you is Jesus' Second Coming!  Ye worship ye know not what!

And who was Cyrus Scofield?  

As a young con-artist in Kansas after the Civil War, he met up with John J. Ingalls, an aging Jewish lawyer who had been sent to Atchison by the "Secret Six" some thirty years before to work the Abolitionist cause.  Pulling strings both in Kansas and with his compatriots back east, Ingalls assisted Scofield in gaining admission to the Bar, and procured his appointment as Federal Attorney for Kansas.  Ingalls and Scofield became partners in a railroad scam which led to Cyrus serving time for criminal forgery.

While he was in prison, Scofield began studying the philosophy of John Darby, pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement and the "any moment now" rapture doctrine.

Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters Abigail and Helen, and he took as his mistress a young girl from the St. Louis Flower Mission.  He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married.  Following his Illuminati connections to New York, he settled in at the Lotus Club, which he listed as his residence for the next twenty years.  It was here that he presented his ideas for a new Christian Bible concordance, and was taken under the wing of Samuel Untermeyer, who later became chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and chairman of the Non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League.

Untermeyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff. These were the people who financed Scofield's research trips to Oxford and arranged the publication and distribution of his concordance.

It is impossible to overstate the influence of Cyrus Scofield on twentieth-century Christian beliefs. The Scofield Bible is the standard reference work in virtually all Christian ministries and divinity schools.  It is singularly responsible for the Christian belief that the Hebrew Prophecies describe the kingdom of Jesus' Second Coming, and not the Zionist vision of a man-made New World Order.  

And it is precisely because Christians persist in this belief that they remain blind to the reality of Zion.  

Scofield served as the agent by which the Zionists paralyzed Christianity, while they prepared America for our final conquest.


The following info was excerpted from a web site as shown beneath the title.


This is a short biographical sketch revealing little known facts about the celebrated dispensationalist saint, Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, author of the Scofield Reference Bible. We are grateful to Joseph Canfield for his book, The Incredible Scofield And His Book, and to author Dave MacPherson for providing a good portion of the documentation.

Generally speaking, dispensationalists tend to cherish his teachings without any concern whatsoever for what kind of man Scofield really was. For some reason, his admirers consider it unethical or possibly even contemptible to expose embarrassing little known secrets about the man.  

Facts should not be buried because they make people feel uncomfortable.

Neither C.I. Scofield nor his work are above reproach and considering the impact he has had on Christendom, his life should be examined.  The type of person that he really was will have a major influence on the theology that he taught.

Former Dallas Theological Seminary President and student of Scofield’s theology John F. Walvoord, has written concerning the Scofield Reference Bible:

( typewritten copy of Scofield divorce decree )

Journal M, November Term, A.D. 1883, 8th day of December, 1883

Leontine Scofield Plaintiff   Vs  C. I. Scofield Defendant

     Now comes the plaintiff by her attorneys Tomlinson and Griffin and the defendant enters for appearance and files answer and makes no further appearance. And thereupon this cause came on for hearing upon the pleadings and testimony and was argued by counsel upon consideration whereof the Court does find that the defendant has been guilty of wilfull abandonment of the plaintiff for more than one year prior to the commencement of this action.

       It is therefore adjudged and decreed by the Court here that the marriage relation heretofore existing between the said parties be and the same is hereby set aside and wholly annulled and the parties wholly released from the obligations of the same.  

     It is further ordered and decreed that the custody, nurture, education and care of the said minor children Abigal Scofield and Helen Scofield, be and the same, is hereby given to the said plaintiff and the said defendant is hereby forever enjoined from interfering with or disturbing the said plaintiff in the custody, care, nurture and education of the said above named children until the further order of this Court.

Cyrus Scofield had several other incidents of a downright dishonest nature after he supposedly became saved.  The fact that in 1892 he began calling himself 'Doctor Scofield' without producing any Doctorate degree from any Seminary or University is the least of his devious activities.  Even the details he gave in his story of conversion are proven to be fabricated, including the time, place and other particularities, thereby placing doubt on the whole story .[iv]

He was a self-promoter in every sense of the word, even lying about being able to comfort and calm the entire city of Belfast, Ireland with a sermon he delivered there the Sunday after the Titanic sunk.[v]

His behind-the-scenes handlers [Untermeyer, Gompers, Baruch, Schiff, etc.] saw to it that his swindles and schemes were swept under the rug and that only a positive image of him was promoted, especially an exaggeration of his Biblical knowledge and wisdom.  Men like 33rd degree freemason George Bannerman Dealey owner of the Dallas Morning News and member of Scofield’s church contributed greatly to the cause.

But occasionally, newspapers who weren’t loyal to his cause would put out damaging information on him. Here is an excerpt from the Topeka newspaper The Daily Capital dated August 27, 1881:  


     "Cyrus I. Schofield, formerly of Kansas, late lawyer, politician and shyster generally, has come to the surface again, and promises once more to gather around himself that halo of notoriety that has made him so prominent in the past.  

     The last personal knowledge that Kansans have had of this peer among scalawags, was when about four years ago, after a series of forgeries and confidence games he left the state and a destitute family and took refuge in Canada.  

     For a time he kept undercover, nothing being heard of him until within the past two years when he turned up in St. Louis, where he had a wealthy widowed sister living who has generally come to the front and squared up Cyrus’ little follies and foibles by paying good round sums of money.  

     Within the past year, however, Cyrus committed a series of St. Louis forgeries that could not be settled so easily, and the erratic young gentleman was compelled to linger in the St. Louis jail for a period of six months.

     Among the many malicious acts that characterized his career, was one peculiarly atrocious, that has come under our personal notice.  Shortly after he left Kansas, leaving his wife and two children dependent upon the bounty of his wife’s mother, he wrote his wife that he could invest some $1,300 of her mother’s money, all she had, in a manner that would return big interest.  

     After some correspondence he forwarded them a mortgage, signed and executed by one Chas. Best, purporting to convey valuable property in St. Louis. Upon this, the money was sent to him.  Afterwards the mortgages were found to be base forgeries, no such person as Charles Best being in existence, and the property conveyed in the mortgage fictitious…”[vi]  

Scofield’s work continues to be praised and utilized today by men with questionable motives.  His closely guarded reputation remains intact and this information provided will only be useful to the truth-seekers, which represents a relatively small percentage of Christendom.  At least two scriptures are applicable at this point:  

"For there is no respecter of persons with God." -- Romans 2:11    

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." -- Matthew 7:20

Scofield abandoned his wife and children and refused to support them.  I Timothy 5:8 says “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”  When his first wife Leontine originally filed for divorce in July 1881, she listed the following reasons: “

(he had)…absented himself from his said wife and children, and had not been with them but abandoned them with the intention of not returning to them again… has been guilty of gross neglect of duty and has failed to support this plaintiff or her said children, or to contribute thereto, and has made no provision for them for food, clothing or a home, or in any manner performed his duty in the support of said family although he was able to do so.”[iii]

This edition of the Bible [Scofield Reference Bible], which has had unprecedented circulation, has popularized premillennial teachings and provided ready helps of interpretation.  It has probably done more to extend premillennialism in the last half century than any other volume.  

This accounts for the many attempts to discredit this work. The reputation of the Scofield Bible is curious because each succeeding writer apparently believes that his predecessors have not succeeded in disposing of this work once and for all.  This belief apparently is well-founded, for the Scofield Bible continues to be issued year after year in greater numbers than any of its refuters.[i]

This is the general concensus among dispensationalist leaders that because his work is around in such great quantity it must be correct, so they plug it.  These men, however, through their heavy promotion of Scofield’work, are largely responsible for the popularity of it (they exhibit circular reasoning).  

When giving the qualifications of a bishop, Paul states in 1 Timothy 3:2,4:

2) A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

4) One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;

Did Scofield meet the qualifications for a leader in the church?  His friends and colleagues have tried to hide the fact that he was married twice, had two daughters with his first wife and was divorced by her due to how he treated her and their daughters.  

Scofield began courting his future second wife Hettie van Wark before the divorce was finalized and they got married only three months after it was.[ii]  His divorce was finalized at least four years after he became ‘born again’. [end excerpts]



     Scofield was "taken under the wing of Samuel Untermeyer (Untermeyer) (Untermyer)..."  

    Read the excerpt from The Hidden Tyranny, by Benjamin H. Freedman. He explains how Untermeyer blackmailed President Woodrow Wilson for the furation of Wilson's presidency, and how Untermeyer was able to choose the next vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, which installed Justice Brandeis. ... [more]

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