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Hate Crimes

Section last updated Thursday, 27-Nov-2003 03:39:27 EST.

Managed Health Care
'My Five Minutes' By: Elizabeth Eugenia LaBozetta "Few lay people have the experience necessary to accurately determine that they have just signed a legal document with the language of a 'power of attorney' and have unwittingly signed their bodies over to the hospital to do with as the hospital staff deems fit."

The Body Brokers
What happens when your body or your parts are donated after you die? "Body parts are the raw materials behind a $500 million industry. Skin, bone and tendons are treated like coal, timber and oil -- despite laws against profiting from tissue."

Doctor 'Had Child's Head in a Jar'
"Hospital braced for violent protest over organ scandal." — Gaby Hinsliff and Anthony Browne, Saturday January 27, 2001, The Guardian, UK

Horror of Child Body Parts Hoard
The full horror of Alder Hey hospital, where thousands of dead children were systematically and illegally stripped of their organs by a deceitful pathologist, was finally exposed today...

'My Baby's Body Was in 36 Jars'
A weeping mother told yesterday how she found the organs of her dead baby in 36 glass jars in a dirty hospital basement...

Babies May Feel Pain of Abortion
"According to one study, aborted foetuses have been heard to cry from 21 weeks and some doctors believe that distress can be felt as early as 13 weeks."

Hate Crimes / Holocaust Against Humanity
As unbearable as it is to see, DON'T TURN AWAY. LOOK at each photo and NEVER FORGET! Then... don't just cry, DO SOMETHING!

Wichita Horror
"Hate Crime. Sending this to you because you won't see it in the controlled media. This "News" happened on December 14th, (2000) but you didn't hear a word of it from the news 'authorities' on ABC, CBS NBC, CNN or your local news outlets. Do you know why?"

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Warning: Some of the material at this web site is graphic, brutal, and shocking. Persons who do not wish to see or read such material should go no further. Regardless the shadow power behind this unspeakable evil, it could not continue without its minions from the highest governmental policymaker to the lowest on the totem pole. They're all dregs of humanity, including those in the alphabet agencies: ATF, BLM, CIA, DEA, EPA, FBI, GI...

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