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Constitutional Convention & Conference of States

The following article was written by Dan Druck in 1995 when an e-mail friend asked him what he believed we can do to stem the tide of erosion of States’ Rights and the continuous assault against the Constitution. It has been reformatted for insertion in this section, because the facts and suggested strategy are the same today.... except the facts are worse than we knew at that time and we weren’t aware of the real major players behind the scenes, and how many individuals and groups "opposing global governance" are in actuality opposition created by the real major players. See the Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing section. Jackie


From: Dan Druck

First let me say that I hope everyone sees the critical need to head off both Con-Con attempts (the state-by-state Con-Con resolution effort and the COS). As far as strategies are concerned, we should first make a quick analysis of the playing field.


M E T H O D S   O F  C O N T R O L

In stark contrast to the iron grip that the enemies of our Constitutional system have on our federal government, their control of our state governments is far less effective. From our experience it would appear that the opposition depends on – in combination – several factors and methods of control.

KEY STATE LEADERS  -  It seems that most (if not all) governors, senate presidents and house speakers are puppets of the establishment. Within the status quo of "politics" they assert as much control as they can which, left unchecked, can accomplish even very extreme goals. Since most of the rank ‘n file state legislators are sadly ignorant of the opposition's goals, they are happy to oblige these "requests".

PROPAGANDA  -  The above is made even easier with the slick propaganda that is fed to the blind. A good example of this was the overview of NAFTA (written by the authors of NAFTA) that was circulated to state legislators. Without reason to question the contents, they saw no reason to object. Efforts to pass anti-NAFTA resolutions – like the one we got passed through the Illinois House – were diffused with this strategy.

POLITICALLY CORRECT / CONSTITUTIONALLY INCORRECT GROUPS & ORGANIZATIONS  -  Reality is what people perceive it to be. Most state legislators swallow the grand illusion of reality as pertrayed by organizations including but not limited to:

* the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

* Advisory Comission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR)

* National Municipal League (which promoted the Declaration of INTERdependence)

* National Taxpayers Union (NTU)

* National Tax Limitation Committee  (NTLC)

* Republican National Committee (RNC) - proponents of a Con-Con

* Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS) chaired by Sen. Nancy Kassebaum R- Kansas

These organizations distribute tons of propaganda and are accepted as a major part of the institution of government. As I mentioned in my previous message, their meetings and conventions bring state legislators together for indoctrination and "continuing education". The platforms and positions of these organizations are not usually questioned by the attendees if they haven't been alerted to the deceptions. Additionally, these organizations (especially the ACIR and CSG) are responsible for much of the unconstitutional legislation proposed in the states. State political leaders then push the bogus bills through as mentioned above.

FEAR / PRESSURE FROM THE TOP  -  For those state legislators who are awake to what's going on and start to take action, the opposition uses subtle - and not so subtle - hints of threats ranging from "strong suggestions" from the party bosses in DC to promises of cutting off federal funds. To a guy who last year was a car saleman and this year is a state representative, this can be pretty unnerving.

SUMMATION  -  Most if not all of the above strategies greatly depend on ignorance, complacency and laziness of the constituents of the state legislators, and therefore of the state legislators themselves. Things can plod along quite nicely for them if the boat is not rocked. The opposition knows that their control over state legislatures is weak and have/are taking steps to change this. This is evidenced by the ongoing efforts to further regionalize the country from the ten federal regions to the multi- and sub-state regions. If left unchecked, these regions will eventually (perhaps sooner than we might think) replace state governments. If you are interested in the history of Regionalism, we have information including numerous regional maps from various establishment sources which we can make available to all requests. I believe Frank Brady has just distributed a text version of some of our regionalism material.

O U R  A S S E T S

Our strategies must take into account not only the opposition's strengths and weaknesses but our own strengths and those factors that affect the best use of our limited time and financial resources.

ACCESSIBILITY  -  Unlike U.S. Senators and Reps who are almost totally isolated from their constituents, state legislators are, in a lot of cases, our neighbors. We can far more easily get a phone call through to them (not their aids) or even get a meeting with them.

GENERAL ATTITUDES You don't usually get to Washington without demonstrating that you are willing to be part of the "good ol' boys club". As Sen. Exon stated in the GATT hearings, before being appointed to any committee, you are "drilled by the Tri-Lateral Commission and the 'foreign relations people'". You don't get on the ballot unless you have the blessings from the party (both) and you don't get the blessings unless you've demonstrated your contempt for the Constitutional system.

The attitudes of the state legislators are not so closely screened by the party as they are at the federal level. Many state legislators may be patriots just waiting to be educated and motivated.

ELECTION IMPACT  -  Compared to federal elections, the grass-roots have far more power to elect and unelect state legislators. Media is also less of an obstacle at this level and can even become an asset for us.


S O L U T I O N S  A N D  S T R A T E G I E S

Although this might seem elementary and even simplistic, the solution consists of a well organized grass roots taking into account all of the above and pushing their state legislators to do the right thing - oppose any con-con activity and promote the 10th Amendment Resolution and the State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Funds Act as authored by Sen. Charles Duke of Colorado. By demonstrating a comparison of the two to your state legislators, you can use them to disprove and prove the other respectively. Some other factors to consider:

ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE!!! -- Don't duplicate efforts - organize your state's group in teams. Start with a Communications Team that will set up fax networks, phone trees, etc. Another team to get started right away is a watchdog team. This team will keep an eye on which bills are being presented (even far beyond a Con-Con or COS) in your state legislature, find out who your friends and enemies are in your state legislature, etc. [Be watchful for infiltrators / provocateurs who could railroad your efforts. And be especially careful not to become involved in groups already established by the opposition - j.]

EDUCATING YOUR STATE LEGISLATOR  --  First and foremost, don't just assume that your state legislator is in league with the opposition. He/she may be an honest person who just doesn't know what's going on. If possible, have your Watchdog Team check out his voting record before your first contact. This should make for some pretty good recon.

As with any re-education process, we shouldn't expect to make patriot converts out of them at the first contact. We must also remember the enormous scope of the information we are trying to impart upon them. A manic 10 minute presentation of "New World Order - 101" will most likely create the impression that you are a "radical" or "conspiracy nut". Know how much time you have with your Rep before the meeting so you can prepare accordingly. Sell him on one "piece of meat" that he can sink his teeth into and the rest will come with time. Stick to well documented evidence, especially in your first few contacts. I could go on in this area but I don't want to stray from the general topic.

ELECTIONS  -  Since just a few people can dramatically affect the outcome of state elections, we need to let our state legislators know that we are serious. We should voice our intent to rabidly support the "good guys" and oppose the "bad guys". This might well affect your accessibility to your state legislator.

VISIBILITY  -  Take advantage of potential access to local media - newspapers, radio talk shows, etc. The more visible we become the more recruits we will obtain and the more our state legislators will take us seriously. High visibility can create the image of a much larger force than actually exists. Remember, you have to compete with the opposition for respect and, in some cases, fear.

EXPOSE THE BOGUS GROUPS  -  Educate your state legislator about who the groups mentioned above are and what their objectives are all about. We can help put this info into your hands.

NATIONAL UNITY  -  To detract from the fear factor that the opposition uses to intimidate well meaning state legislators, the band-wagon that has been started with the 10th Amendment / State Sovereignty Movement should be expounded upon. After all, there is a sense of safety in numbers. We should try to coordinate our efforts so we can initiate our offensive moves in unison. As opposed to one state taking a stand, we should try to get initiatives such as the State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Fund Act (proposed in Colorado and Oklahoma) simultaneously introduced and passed in as many states as possible. [The ACT was also proposed by Senator Mountjoy in California. He couldn’t get it out of the Communist-stacked Committee - j.]



It is impossible to properly address "THE" solution in only a few paragraphs. I hope I didn't insult anyone's intelligence with this simple outline. However don't expect to find any "magic bullet" strategies or solutions. It all boils down to the fact that, after decades of letting the fox guard the hen house, the primary components of "THE" solution are cool heads, a lot of hard work and unyielding determination to turn the tide.

As one who has witnessed the dramatic increase in our numbers in just the past few years, I can say that we should be optimistic that success is attainable. As I speak, we have several states prepared to rescind their COS resolutions. Our network of patriotic state legislators is growing rapidly. This is a direct result of the informed grass roots taking action in general accordance with what I've outlined above.

Please don't take my optimism as a signal to be complacent. Our Constitution and therefore our Nation as we know it hangs precariously by a thread. [today we would call that a hanging chad - j.] We do not have any time to waste and must make all efforts to stop the disastrous course we are heading. If you find yourself being an "armchair participant" in this battle, consider your children. Are we to leave a legacy of servitude and bondage to them? What do we have; what could we ever possibly attain that would be worth that? In that light, freedom as set forth in our Constitution is a bargain at what ever cost.

In pursuit of liberty,

Dan Druck, National Co-Director

Council on Domestic Relations

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