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Council on Domestic Relations

    God Bless All The Little Children  

Government: I Want to Sell Your ChildrenBikeLil boy

And it's not only in Utah... It's in all States. This is a lot of reading and a MUST READ for understanding of the procedure and the protection of our precious children. The report by Judge Christean is credible proof for our sleeping brethren who refuse to "see". Then go to the main page and read the details of the class-action suit. Our tears shed for the children are useless, without action.

We have an Ohio newspaper article -- from around '97 -- explaining how then-Governor Voinavich opted in for the $75 million offered by the fed gov to states which would comply with requirements. In Ohio, the plan is called "Adopt Ohio", and explains that adoption papers are often times prepared before the intended victim (child) is kidnapped from his/her parents... never to be seen again. Within days of the time the article appeared Donna Shalala (sp?) was seen on network news several times stating that they intended to 'strengthen the Children Family Services and accelerate the adoption process for the children removed from their homes and parents.'

We truly ARE living under Talmudic Law today... and none of us knew it. At least, the majority of us have been unaware. May our Loving Father/Creator bless and guide us all... that His Will be done.   J.

I Want to Sell Your Children - Government

From: www.nationaloutrage.org

The State of Utah is buying federal dollars with the blood of our children

Throughout America, an average of 3,000 children a day are stolen from their homes and placed in foster care to fuel a multi-billion dollar money-making machine. Utah s system is typical, and provides a case study in both the tactics of the government and how individual citizens can defend themselves and their families. To you, your children are your life. To the thousands of caseworkers, supervisors, therapists, judges, and doctors whose salaries are paid by this machine, your children represent job security. Fresh meat. Despite what they may have told you, your case is not a weird exception. They're doing this to everyone. ....

The federal government pays the State of Utah at least $25,000 for each child the State can remove from its family and place in foster care. The more children the State can take, the more federal money its child "welfare" system can rake in. Each year, hundreds of families throughout Utah fall prey to the Gestapo tactics of the Division of Child and Family Services.

Utah's Juvenile Courts Operate in Secret!

Did you know that the following Constitutional rights are prohibited in Utah's Juvenile courts?

A detailed discussion of the problems with Utah's child welfare laws is articulated very well by the Hon. Arthur G. Christean, a retired Utah juvenile court judge in an article entitled, http://www.nationaloutrage.org/judicial.html

"The Child Welfare Reform Act of 1994: Is the Cure Worse than the Problem?"

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