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    God Bless All The Little Children  

BikeLil boy While the following article is not news to most of our visitors, we post it here for those of you who are just becoming informed, to expand your awareness of the heinous crimes being committed on our (your) precious children in the government indoctrination centers we once called schools. Since this event took place, it has been discovered that the same abuse is happening in other states in other schools TODAY. - JACKIE PATRU

State Invades Privacy of School Children

By Anita Hoge

Horrified parental fury exploded when 59 sixth-grade girls received genital exams as part of a routine school physical. Overnight, a sleepy town in eastern Pennsylvania, one hour north of Philadelphia, becomes a national hotspot.

March 19, 1996, J.T. Lambert Intermediate School in East Stroudsburg marched 59 11-year-old girls to the nurse's office, ordered them to take off their clothes, and then examined them one by one by a female pediatrician.

Katie Tucker, a mother of one of the eleven-year-old girls who were examined despite pleas of protest stated that, "They were looking for genital warts and lesions, but on sixth graders."

East Stroudsburg issued a summary report of an investigation by school officials into the parental complaints. The genital examinations were part of a planned exam of girls who had not seen by a family physician.

The school report stated that the exams were "within the parameters" of state health rules. "No improprieties occurred," the summary concluded.

The Pennsylvania State Police announced April 26 that an investigation revealed no criminal conduct Basically the investigation is closed.

Angry, frustrated parents believe their rights and their parental authority have been trampled and violated, as well as their daughter's rights. Some parents did not give their consent for the physicals.

Most parents whose children were involved cannot believe the school would assume such power other than the normal traditional screening for weight, height, vision and hearing.

Nowhere on the notification was there any disclosure for a gynecological exam for the sixth-grade girls. The health guidelines obtained by the Washington Times from the Department of Health simply states that public schools are required to "obtain a medical examination and comprehensive appraisal of the health" of children at certain grades.

The guidelines do not call for genital exams. It states that parents are to be notified and they are urged to attend.

"They were told they needed to take off their clothes and just leave their underwear on. They were standing in line, perfectly embarrassed, and they found out the doctor was doing genital exams ' Mrs. Tucker said.

'The girls were scared. They were crying and trying to run out of the door, but one of the nurses was blocking the door so they couldn't," she recalled.

"My daughter told the other nurse that 'My mother wouldn't like this, I want to call her.' And they said, 'No.' And my daughter said, 'I don't want this test done.' And the nurse said, 'Too bad," Mrs. Tucker said.

The female physician 'put the girls in a room and had them lie down an a table spread-eagled, with nothing covering them and conducted the examination for genital warts and lesions," she said.

The girls had no idea what was going on. The doctor did not talk to them. "All my daughter could do was stare at the ceiling."

Since the time of this controversy, the physician has resigned her position in the midst of a lawsuit brought by the parents. Why did this happen and can it happen in your school?

As your school becomes the village partnership, as did East Stroudsburg, the school will assume responsibilities for your child.

Once your school becomes a Medicaid provider they can bill for health services that are provided by the school. Schools are setting the stage as school-based health clinics.

The doctor could make as much as $65 per child for an EPSDT screening [Early Periodic Screening & Diagnostic Testing] that could include full unclothed physicals, immunizations, blood tests, pap tests, and family planning.

Laws covering permission vs. notification and truth-in-labeling will be the key issues in each state to understand just how much authority the school will take in assuming these responsibilities.

If little sixth-grade girls had been allowed to call home...there would not be a lawsuit in East Stroudsburg. Full disclosure that includes parental informed written consent is the real issue here.

Each state must legislate protection in their states that gives those basic protections to families and individual children. This should not happen in any school without parents full knowledge and consent.

As schools continue to acquire their partial hospitalization licenses, you will see more invasive tests and surveys being performed and administered to school age children. Realize that the more children identified in screening and diagnosing children as "at risk" the more Medicaid money will be provided to the schools to offer health services.

Perhaps this incident will be a wake-up call to parents. Don't say it can't happen here, or, our school isn't doing Outcome Based Education. Of course, preventive measures for the future doesn't help little Susie Tucker, or the other 58 little girls. The damage is done.

I guess the question remains, who has the ultimate authority over the children? In East Stroudsburg, Big Brother had his way.

Anita Hoge is offering a new video about Medicaid waivers called, "Socialized Healthcare... Through the Backdoor of Your Neighborhood School." Call direct for your "hot off the press" video linking healthcare reform to OBE education reform, featuring Pennsylvania Representative Sam Rohrer. Constitutional Attorney, Kent Masterson Brown, and Education Policy Analyst, Anita Hoge. Cost: $22 plus s/h add $3.00. Call 412-484-7373 or send responses to: 80 Highland Ave., West Alexander, PA 15376. Anita Hoge can be reached through e-mail at anita@3dresearch.com. You can also visit her website, S.O.S. Network.

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