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Council on Domestic Relations

    God Bless All The Little Children  

BikeLil boy From our archives: Now that I've learned how to pull files out of my old computer that crashed over a year ago, we'll be posting some "dated" material which has information relevant to today. I believe the article you are about to read, along with the intro, was transcribed in 1997.  As you read the article, remember it was published over 25 years ago, and think about how far they have come since then and how many childrens minds have been assaulted.    


The following article appeared in a New Jersey newspaper in 1974.  It's all there, folks, and don't for a moment think anything has changed… except their "SYSTEM" is more firmly in place and our children's minds and souls are in grave danger. The article blatantly reveals the plans of the educucrats - the talking heads for the Real Planners - to change the beliefs, values and attitudes of our children.

When I first read the article, in 1993 I could not believe the planners would show their cards like this.  Charlotte Iserbyt explained that it was a sort of testing-of-the-waters.  When the outrage was widly and vehemently expressed, they just pulled in their horns and continued with the insidious plan in the dark… like cockroaches do. Or vampires. 

The U.S. Senate has just introduced a bill (SB-1) which includes CHOICE, and DIRECT INSTRUCTION. A report from Charlotte will be forthcoming. [this bill was passed]

Direct Instruction is an experiment used on our children sometime in the 1960s. They've brought it out of the moth balls. Direct Instruction drills words into the brains of our children by repetition. They "learn" nothing, but the parents don't know that.  This will help you understand the blank look in a young person's eyes who is making change in a store when the machine, which tells them how much change you have coming, breaks down.  Or when they can't read a word because they haven't "learned" that word yet.  Think about it.

Choice will eventually eliminate choice. The vouchers being offered to parents who are home educating - or to private or Christian schools - will result in direct intervention by the government. The curriculum and required outcome will be controlled. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that when government pays, the government has a right to oversight on its "gifts", regardless to whomever those "gifts" may be given.

Don't let anyone fool you… and for your children's sake, don't go into denial and pretend you don't know or understand. Once you've read this article, you will KNOW exactly what they are doing to your children, because the perpetrators spilled the beans. Then, it's up to you as parents to assume the responsibility for the innocents you have brought into this nasty, nasty world. Their lives, minds and souls are in your care. Will you betray them?

Teachers who knowingly further this agenda because of a paycheck don't understand that when we do what is right, doors open on other opportunities. Where there is a will there is a way.

Very importantly, keep an eye on your State legislation. When Congress is going to enact a new "law" which is outside of their Constitutional authority, the States will be introducing the "State version" of the federal law and often times will pass it before the feds do. I was told by a legislative aide that the fed's version of the recent federal gun ban (school zones, domestic violence, etc.) was passed here in Pennsylvania in '93 in a special session but it didn't take effect until this year.

For our Father/Creator, Family and Country… and especially for our precious children


The Herald News - Passaic, New Jersey, Wednesday, March 20, 1974

By Monica Lanza - Herald-News Staff Writer


"Educational Improvement Centers (EICs) provide training to prepare teachers to become agents for social change. In Wayne, 'Project: Open Classroom,' is now in its third year. A project report says:

'The program's goal focuses on changes in student behavior. But to put this program into practice, the central step was to work with teachers.'

A publication entitled, 'Education from the Acquisition of Knowledge to Programmed Conditioned Responses,' states:

'Teachers who are seemingly impervious to change will be sought out and trained on an individual basis, and forces which block the adoption of new ideas will be identified and ways to overcome these forces will be explored.'

The report on the Wayne project notes that 'substantial mastery gains occurred during the course of the school year, suggesting that the project had not only changed teacher behavior, but continued to produce positive results in student performance...' Growing numbers of teachers are now submitting to compulsory sensitivity training sessions in order to acquire additional scholastic credits.

In utilizing the Computer Based Resource Unit (CBRU) which contains a large number of behaviorally stated objectives, teachers must designate their objectives, must have attended a CBRU training session and must be listed on the master list of the CBRU project at the area educational center.

According to the U.S. General Accounting Office, there are tens of thousands of behavioral research projects totaling millions of dollars, all financed by the federal government. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) alone is responsible for 70,000 projects in behavioral research.

Groups of concerned taxpayers throughout the country have attacked the federal and state-funded centers as tools for the disruption of a system of values, and the injection of 'approved' behavior patterns in children from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

The aims of practically all the CBRUs are glowing health, civic consciousness, morality and acceptable values. The phrase 'building wholesome attitudes towards oneself as a growing organism' appears frequently through the CBRU manual.

[Remember… organisms are "cultured" in petree dishes. The world is their petree dish, we are the organisms being cultured… or should we say multi-cultured"? jp]

The Planning-Programming-Budgeting-System (PPBS) for which the centers are agents, has been charged with using behavioral modification and sensitivity training as methods of developing certain 'critical thinking skills' in children.

Some parents see the system as an attempt by the federal government to create a mammoth, educational monopoly whose main function would be to change the values taught at home to 'approved' thinking patterns. A review of programs offered by the centers lends credibility to some of the protests.

Behavior modification was the theme of a learning center at a workshop at the northwestern New Jersey EIC recently. A teacher rattled off the three domains of behavior modifications as propounded by a Benjamin Bloom, who more than a dozen years ago, redefined the purpose of education as 'behavior modification'.

The multitude of programs available is mind-boggling. Programs filter down from entities like the Educational Resource Information Center and are presented to local school systems with a flourish. They are praised by gullible administrators and put into action by unwitting teachers.

One of the reasons for their current success is that the language used in the presentation of new programs is almost unintelligible. There are teachers who will admit to not understanding the jargon, but not publicly -- and those who do see underlying dangers say nothing for fear of losing their jobs.

A course on 'Experimental Buses', for instance, features 'multi-channel programming, individual receivers and active response opportunities (allowing audio presentations of cognitive and / or affective instructional material'. Furthermore, the programs openly admit that students and teachers are being conditioned into specific behavior patterns.

Opponents of behavior modification charge that the teachers are probably sincere, but victims of their own desires to provide their students with the best and the latest. The programs are being implemented by and large by school systems whose main concerns have been to provide the child with a well-rounded education.

The father of the myriad federally-financed programs is 'Projects to Advance Creativity in Education' (PACE). The PACE programs are described in a 334-page publication entitled 'Pacesetters in Innovation, which lists such 'Subjects' as psychotherapy, sensitivity training, behavior modification, and humanistic curriculum.

[Many Christian day care centers and schools use the PACE program, mostly unaware of the dangers. In fact, they will enthusiastically boast about it in their ignorance of the facts. jp]

According to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) Catalog of Assistance, the PACE program reached seven million children during 1971 and 1972 at a cost of $250 million. The Office of Education has more that 100 such programs, and HEW funded 70,000 behavioral research programs -- some among prison inmates which were soundly criticized and are being withdrawn from the prison system.

Others are fostered through the Food and Drug Assistance program, Health Services, Mental Health Administration, Social Rehabilitation Services and the National Institute of Mental Health.

Dr. Thomas Harall of the EIC northwest, said that funds for 'specific kinds of research and development' are channeled to 18 national laboratories attached to colleges and universities, a dozen national laboratories studying 'individually proscribed instruction', and a number of Educational Resource Instructional Centers for delivery to the EICs. (end of article)

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