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BikeLil boyIt's Official: 'Diversity' Includes Sex With Children and Sex With Animals


Massachusetts News
June 2001

People used to laugh when told that "diversity" was going to expand to include 1) sex between men and boys and 2) sex between humans and animals.

But they can't laugh anymore. No one is sure how far "diversity" will continue to go before the citizens understand.

Much of this "diversity" was predicted in 1979 by two scholars, Dr. C. Everett Koop and Dr. Francis Schaeffer, who said that adult/child sex would be normalized in the 1990s. This was inevitable, they said, because we no longer had a "Judeo-Christian base." Instead, we had moved to humanism with no fixed standards of values and morality.

Sex With Animals

The Ira W. DeCamp professor at Princeton's "Center for Human Values," Peter Singer, is telling the nation that sex with animals is fine as long as it does not hurt the animal.

He says that the only reason we have a taboo against this is because of the "Judeo-Christian tradition." If we can get rid of that nonsense, the taboo would fall, he believes.

The president of PETA agrees with Singer's beliefs about animals. She said the following about his article which appeared on nerve.com. "It's daring and honest, and it does not do what some people read into it, which is condone any violent acts involving an animal, sexual or otherwise."

When asked how an animal can consent to sex, she said, "It sounds like [your question] is an attempt to make this so narrow and so unintellectual in its focus. You know, Peter Singer is an intellectual, and he looks at all nuances of an issue, the whole concept of consent with animals is very different."

Singer bases his argument on the fact that bestiality has always existed in the world, and therefore it must be normal. (Alcohol and drugs have always existed. Does that mean we should encourage them also?) He cited six pictures over a 2500-year period to show that this is "normal" behavior. He cites the discredited Alfred Kinsey for the ridiculous statement that over 50% of rural boys in America had sex with animals.

It's interesting to note that he agrees with Dr. Koop and Dr. Schaeffer that only Judeo-Christian values stop us from embracing his vision. He blames our problems on that tradition that he says teaches, "Humans alone are made in the image of God." He writes that under this tradition, "Only human beings have an immortal soul. In Genesis, God gives humans dominion over the animals. In the Renaissance idea of the Great Chain of Being, humans are halfway between the beasts and the angels. We are spiritual beings as well as physical beings." He believes that all of those teachings are wrong.

Singer recounts that all the taboos about sex have fallen except for those with animals. He says that bestiality is fine as long as you do not hurt the animal. Therefore, he cautions against sex with chickens because, he says, it always results in the death of the chicken.

Many will still giggle and say that this does not mean that Singer's beliefs are mainstream ideas. But the professor has not been in a dark closet at Princeton for the last thirty years. They just hired him last year for this prominent position after all of his views were well known. In addition, those of us who were around in 1973, when homosexuality was removed from the "disorder" list by the American Psychiatric Association, can remember the many claims made at that time which have proven to be false.

The article by Prof. Singer, which is titled "Heavy Petting," may be found at www.nerve.com.

Man/Boy Sex Is Fine

MassNews was one of the first newspapers in the country to report in 1999 that the American Psychological Association had published a study indicating that pedophilia can have a positive influence on a child.

According to the study, the use of "judgmental terms" such as "child abuse," "molestation" and "victims" must be eliminated. Instead, we should use neutral, value-free terms like "adult-child sex." We should not talk about the "severity of the abuse," but instead refer to "the level of sexual intimacy."

As a result of our efforts and a four-page report we mailed to residents in Newton, the leaders of that city responded with a rally against "hate mail." It was in reality a "hate MassNews" rally with all of the political leaders, teachers and homosexual activists attending.

We had only an Internet site at that time, but it was apparent after the Newton "hate" rally that we would be totally silenced by all the media unless we also published a print newspaper, which we have now done for two years.

In addition, we revealed at that time that the American Psychiatric Association was getting ready to support the "normalization" of sex with children. It had very quietly changed its Diagnostic Manual so that a person no longer has a "disorder" simply because he molests children. To be diagnosed as "disordered," the psychiatrists now look to the psyche of the adult. If the adult does not feel anxious about the relationship with the child or if the adult is not impaired in his work or social relationships, then he has no "disorder."

Aside from the Newton rally, which resulted from our pamphlet about pedophilia, the following events have taken place.

It's difficult to understand why the elite in our state do not want to give any protection to young boys.

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