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    God Bless All the Little Children  

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A Cry for the Children

by Darren Weeks
February 20, 2009

“Oh you blind leaders who seek to convert the world by labored disputations. Step out of the way or the world must fling you aside. Give us the young. Give us the young and we will create a new mind and a new earth in a single generation.” —Benjamin Kidd

This life is a mountainous road, and we are its travelers. Our journey is filled with bumps and potholes to be avoided. On either side of us are steep cliffs, the boundaries of which, if violated, can lead to utter destruction. Along the path, many signs are posted which warn us of potential dangers that lie ahead.

At times, we cheerfully travel without care — the blue skies and sunshine brilliantly lighting our way. We grow, we learn, we work, we fall in love, we marry, and we make babies and the cycle begins anew.

Life is a cycle. We enter the world as infants, dependent upon others. We have no knowledge, manners, or consideration of anyone but ourselves. Our concern involves only our own contentment at the moment. As we mature, the spectrum of our thoughts widens to include less of ourselves and more of others. We find our purpose is to live for those around us. We experience satisfaction and even joy in the giving of ourselves.

With age comes fragility and weakness. We begin to decrease in our abilities and increase in our dependence. Soon, others think and make decisions for us. Those for whom we’ve cared, become burdened with the task of caring for us. We become naive, vulnerable, and concerned only in the contentment of the moment. Life is, indeed, a cycle.

There are times, on our journey down life’s road, when we notice the storm clouds are beginning to form and the gales of change begin to blow, challenging the core of our souls. We tremble as, in the distance, we hear the threatening claps of thunder violating our tranquility, piercing our inner being with uncertainty.

It is in these tumultuous times, we ponder those around us. We wonder and worry about those who are most vulnerable among us. Our thoughts fall upon the elderly, our aging parents and grandparents. But most of all, we fear for the children.

Your writer is the father of two little girls. Actually, they aren’t quite so little anymore, as they’ve approached those oft-dreaded teenage years, when the transition from childhood to adulthood becomes apparent. As much as we’d like, we cannot keep them young forever. But with the maturity process, also comes an inevitable loss of innocence.

This innocence is best demonstrated in an incident I recall from a few years ago. As I was driving home through the countryside, my two daughters were in the car chattering away, as girls often do. A breeze ruffled our hair, as the perfumed country air entered the windows.

All at once, my youngest asked, “What’s that smell?”

“That’s the smell of nature,” I answered.

She pondered those words for a moment and then thoughtfully replied, “I’ve never smelled nature before.”

Without hesitation, my oldest daughter blurted out, “Get sprayed by a skunk and you’ll smell nature!”

Ah, “nature” from the perspective of a child! Without intent, children have a way of making us smile. Children enrich our lives beyond measure. Theirs is a perspective that is often untarnished by the harsh realities of a cruel world.

Yet, more and more, when I look into my daughters’ eyes, my smile often disappears as concern grips me. I see the next generation as one that will never know the meaning of true freedom. They will never know what it means to live without the constant fear of impending peril. Theirs is a generation that is being reared in a world filled with government-sponsored terror campaigns, alarm bells and whistles, high betrayal and outright treachery.

Their futures have being given away by sellout politicians to foreign interests in the name of fighting global poverty. Their ability to own, work, and live on the land has largely been ripped away from them at break-neck speed by Agenda 21 implementation, and no one seems to care. Even in the so-called “patriot” community, Agenda 21 is rarely discussed despite the fact that it is highly documentable, and every issue centers around its implementation, which is now 17 years underway.

What kind of government will our children inherit from us? What will be the legacy that we leave for them when our country is thoroughly bankrupt, has been for decades, but continues to borrow, print, and spend against the productivity and on the backs of future generations? How many generations, yet to be conceived, will be paying for the blatant and criminal looting of the American purse that is daily and contemptuously shoved in our faces?

The Bank for International Settlements is based in Basle, Switzerland and serves as the central bank for “our” very own Federal Reserve as well as other central banks around the world. Are we to believe that it is a mere coincidence that its headquarters building is built in the shape of a boot?

How does that make you feel, America, knowing their financial boot of poverty and enslavement will be crushing the tender faces of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren for centuries and, perhaps, forever? Is that not enough motivation for you to turn off your Simpsons, Entertainment Tonight, South Park, Comedy Central, your video games, your movies, your music concerts, and your sports shows, put down your beer and potato chips and at least make an effort for your country?

Will you continue to be worthless to the cause of freedom as you pursue your personal pleasures and entertainments, sitting idly by, while the America that you were able to enjoy is ripped away from those who come after you? If you don’t care about your country, will not your love for your posterity compel you to ward off your lethargy and animate yourself in the battle to preserve, protect, and restore our once-great republic? Or have the drugs of personal pacification rendered you maim, deaf, and dumb as you suck up the myriad lies and deceptions of your prostitute masters like a desert camel at a long-sought oasis? Will you continue to operate within the false dialectic that federal elections actually count for something, when the “opposing” party continues the wholesale destruction right where his predecessor abated?

Our children are being socially and intellectually conditioned to be world citizens. They are trained like animals to respond to immediate gratification, to lose their individuality and to be a part of a “community”. They are being indoctrinated with the religion of Gaia through their schools, courtesy of UNESCO and the tax-exempt foundations that write their text books.

They are bombarded with sexual pressures and imagery from the media and their peers. Their parents are too busy or too self-absorbed to provide the necessary guidance, boundaries, enforcement, and love that is required to shape their young lives. As a result, we are losing the next generation. Drugs, gangs, and pre-marital sex are filling the void where real parenting once stood.

Occultism and violence are purposefully and thoroughly embedded within today’s youth culture. They are prevalent in television, movies, video games — and now even commercial marketing campaigns!

For example, Japanese automaker Toyota rolled out a marketing campaign a couple of years ago for their Toyota Scion. Young people were the targeted demographic. A part of the marketing campaign was a web site-based video game called “Little Deviant.”

In the game, young players were introduced to a monochromatic world where environmental destruction is extremely apparent. Sound familiar? It gets worse.

The opening scene is a city slum, populated with creatures that appear to be human-sheep hybrids. The player is told that these “sheople” have “spread their grey disease” throughout the world. How many times have you heard the “sustainable development” crowd say that about you? How many times have you heard the whacko environmentalist extremists, from the UN on down, say that human beings are a cancer on earth? How many times have you read their documents detailing their own paid demographers’ projections about the rapid rise in population, the overcrowding of our cities, the overuse of resources, the need to curtail “urban sprawl?”

Bear in mind that the earth still possesses vast landscapes that are being put off limits to human habitation or use. There are hectares of land which could be lived upon, farmed, and properly managed if ordinary people would support one another when we’re targeted for removal.

What is the solution to over-crowded cities, human slums, over-use of the earth’s vast resources as defined by the psychopathic elites? We again turn our attention to the “Little Deviant” game.

Because these environment-degrading “sheople” are “boring,” the young player is urged to go door to door, in the fictional town, finding and ruthlessly slaughtering them. A deep-throated announcer urges, “turn their awful bleating into awesome bleeding.”

The “sheople” are harmless, innocent, helpless creatures who tremble at the sight of the player’s character — which can only be described as demonic-looking. As the “sheople” stand and tremble in terror, the player ruthlessly slashes them to pieces, their blood runs into the street, down a man whole and drips into a reservoir which appears elsewhere on the screen. Players are told they are to collect the blood of the “sheople” and it is used later in the game to lubricate the industrial machinery which manufactures the Toyota Scion.

What kind of a sick, demented mind would concoct such a mechanism to market an automobile? What underlying purpose could there be behind the desensitization process which is inherent in much of today’s youth culture? Are young people being conditioned to lose their sensitivity to the suffering of others? If so, then why? Could the next generation be the victims of a mass effort to program their subconscious so they won’t recoil in horror if asked to take part in heinous acts by their government? Are the ruling elite preparing our young people for the inevitable collapse of our monetary system, the famines that are being engineered for us, the crumbling social contract, and the ensuing chaos that they intend to use to usher in their new order?

There can be no doubt that children and youth have a vital role to play, not only as leaders of tomorrow, but as leaders of today. Chapter 25 of Agenda 21 outlines the importance of young people in the implementation of the Plan. It says,

“It is imperative that youth from all parts of the world participate actively in all relevant levels of decision-making processes because it affects their lives today and has implications for their futures. In addition to their intellectual contribution and their ability to mobilize support, they bring unique perspectives that need to be taken into account.”

What “unique perspectives” could children possess? They haven’t lived long enough to garner the necessary experiences and education to form sound opinions. Isn’t it interesting that the United Nations doesn’t seek input from the older, more experienced generation? Could these “unique perspectives” to which the global planners allude, be the results of their unrelenting indoctrination and conditioning of our young people?

The American people have become some of the most drugged up, dumbed down, brain-numbed, and media-manipulated people in the history of known civilization. The inability or unwillingness of the citizenry to examine what they are being told, to research and dig for documentation, and to demand answers to key questions of their public officials will be the chief factor in America’s demise.

America’s rise as a great and wealthy industrial nation has afforded us some of the highest standards of living in the world. We’ve gotten very comfortable with our central air-conditioned homes and offices, our backyard swimming pools and spas, our designer clothing, and our freezers crammed full of frozen and convenience foods. We are pacified with television, movies, video games, sports, music, and a million other meaningless diversions.

We’ve become so occupied with the pursuit of creature comforts and entertainments, that we don’t have the time to be concerned about the well-being of the system of government that made it all possible. And, as a result, we are losing it all. It is all being taken away from us by social scientists who are intent on engineering utopia on earth for themselves.

But when the final chapter is written, and the book is slammed shut which tells the story of what was once the greatest experiment in freedom humanity has ever known, our greatest loss will not be our freedom, our privacy, our jobs, our fortunes, our land, our food, our water, and the air that we breathe. The greatest loss Americans and the world will ever know, is if we allow the social engineers, architects, visioneers, and foundational think tanks — in mind, body, and soul — to take our children. If we allow that to happen, we will truly be the most bankrupt people the world has ever known.

© 2009 - Darren Weeks - All Rights Reserved 

Darren Weeks is a husband, a father, and a lover of America. A graduate of the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan, he has worked professionally with television news operations for over 16 years.

It was at his job, when flipping through satellite channels that he discovered patriot broadcasting, and his subsequent awakening ensued.

Weeks hosts Govern America every Saturday morning from 8 AM to 11 AM Eastern Time on the Republic Broadcasting Network.

E-Mail: darren@darrenweeks.net

Web site: www.governamerica.com

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