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Constitutional Convention & Conference of States

June 6, 1995

Governor Michael Leavitt
State of Utah
Office of the Governor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

Governor Leavitt:

Since we have had no response from our first invitation to you to participate in an open debate on the Conference of States, and since our first letter was not mailed by certified mail, we are considering the possibility that you have not received the original mailing. Therefore, this request is being sent "certified return receipt requested" so we may be sure you are aware of the invitation.

You have repeatedly assured state legislators and the public that the COS cannot become, nor is there intention on your part to convert the COS into a Constitutional Convention. At the recent ALEC meeting in Virginia you made the statement that you must "sell this to 7500 state legislators". Your statements and your demeanor appeared to be sincere. Assuming that is the case we urge you to accept the invitation to debate this issue publicly. We all agree in conversation that we want to reassert state sovereignty under the Constitution (specifically the 10th Amendment) and restore Constitutional government to America. Our concern is the resolution for participation sending "empowered" delegates to the COS.

Let's get all the cards -- face up -- on the table, Governor, and perhaps we'll discover we are all in agreement. LaVar Webb has called grass roots opposition "extreme right wing whackos". We aren't. We don't hate our government. We love our country and hate what is happening. Can we assume you feel the same?

We look forward to your response.

Very truly yours,

Jackie Patru,
National co-Director, CDR

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