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CDR Document Packets List

In 1992 when the CDR was founded we were already aware of the disinformation and rumors which make their way through and around the grassroots community. Therefore, part of our mission statement - and a promise we made to ourselves and our networkers - was to document as thoroughly as possible all information which came our way BEFORE we passed it on to others. We've accumulated thousands of pages of material from our own and other's research efforts.

In the past nearly eight years, we've spoken with and provided information to many elected officials around the country both directly and indirectly. We've discovered that most of our elected officials are woefully ignorant - in the dark, actually - about what is REALLY going on in our once-great Republic. In fact, most of them think America is a "DEMOCRACY". We've also discovered the reason for their ignorance.

Just as our precious and innocent children are being programmed in government schools, so too are our elected officials. The 50-some non-governmental organizations (NGO's) created by the Council of State Governments (CSG) - which was founded and funded in 1933-34 with Rockefeller money thru the Spelman Fund and the General Education Board - become more-or-less "schools" for newly appointed officials in ALL levels of government.

One example of the adjunct organizations of the CSG is the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL). Our tax dollars pay the dues and state legislators who attend their meetings are whipped into shape quickly, beginning with the "orientation" meetings for newly elected officials. If you've wondered why the push for REGIONAL GOVERNANCE has been so successful, look to the CSG for one big clue. The CSG's adjunct organizations influence Township Supervisors, Mayors, County Commissioners, State Legislators and Governors to name but a few. The schemes are beautifully packaged and presented as solutions to problems -- problems which were created by the very people who then present THEIR solutions. Sound familiar?

The NCSL is considered by many to be a "liberal" organization. Therefore, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was founded by Paul Weyrich in the early 1970's as an alternative for "conservative" State Legislators. Today ALEC boasts a membership of some 2,500 and provides the net to scoop up legislators who call themselves conservative. I've attended two ALEC meetings - the first was an orientation for the newly-elected - and can testify to the propaganda fed our state senators and representatives. ALEC's lies, though, are much more subtle. It isn't difficult to see why uninformed legislators are so easily lured into the well-laid traps set for them.

Legislators have admitted that governors and state legislative leaders have told them to ignore those of us who contact them concerning issues which endanger our freedom and liberty - in fact our very lives. They're told we are all right-wing whackos. Therefore, it appears obvious that without documentation we WILL be ignored.

Following is a list of all packets and material we have available to provide researched information for those of you who don't have the time or resources to obtain critical information. Without documentation, you'll be hard pressed to convince anybody of the diabolical plan to create a Socialist/Totalitarian World Government under which we will all be slaves in "the first realm of freedom on earth for the working man" as the Social Engineers in the Soviet Union have stated. (from Cogs in the Wheel - The Making of Soviet Man by Mikhail Heller, Knopf Publishers, ISBN 0-394-56926-1)

Note: The thought-control process being used to create the globalist mind set in elected officials at ALL levels of government; in the private sector, schools, businesses, churches, the military, government agencies, etc. is the Hegelian Dialectic. Other terms for the process today are: Delphi Technique; Group Dynamics; Total Quality Management (TQM), Religious Gifts Training, Visioning, Concensus Building, Collective Goals, Facilitated Meetings, etc. For further information go to: http://www.icehouse.net/lmstuter/page0019.htm

We have several Sweet Liberty program tapes available on this subject, including interviews with a former Zerox facilitator (change agent).

Most people who order one item or packet very quickly order other material. Unlike information contained in a book someone has written, the documents in these packets are "from the horse's mouth" and quickly quiet the doubting Thomas's.

1) Regionalism Document Packet - proving the plan for World Regionalism began decades ago and is nearly completed. America will be the last strong-hold and we've nearly lost it. Although our state, county, city, township and municipality borders still appear on our maps, they are indeed artificial. Documents date from 1930's to today; include pages of books and reports written by the "planners" themselves; doc's from the U.N., U.S. Senate hearings, Congressional Record, and U.S. Gov't printing office; newspaper articles, maps, etc. Over 200 pages - $30 donation - Value - Priceless

2) Supplements to the Regionalism Document Packet: Newspaper articles, more current documents, and nearly 100 pages of testimony by experts given before the Illinois Special Joint Committee formed in 1978 to investigate Regional Governance in Illinois. The Committee determined that Regionalism would dismantle local and state government; legislation was passed by the General Assembly to form a standing committee to STOP all further encroachment of Regionalism in Illinois and begin repealing legislation already passed. The Governor vetoed the bill; not enough votes (2/3) to override the veto. $20 donation

3) United Nations Document Packet: Proving how America is being merged into a World Socialist Government under the United Nations. Includes U.N. reports, U.N. and NATO Charters, both the UN and US version of the UN Headquarters Agreement, the U.S. version of which gives the president authority to "acquire land for the US" and then "transfer all land held by the US to the United Nations"; Congressional Records and reports, PL 87-297 the "Arms and Disarmament Act", along with the State Dept. Publication 7277 which provides for the down- sizing of our Armed Forces and the transference of our military to the UN World Peacekeeping Force - keeping only enough in America to "maintain INTERNAL ORDER" - translated. . . a National Military Internal Police Force; also news articles, maps, etc. Over 200 pages - $30 donation

4) New World Order Map: Commissioned by Carnegie International Endowment for Peace; drawn up in 1941, published in 1942; shows the WORLD broken up into about eight regions. Shows the U.S. of A containing Mexico, Canada, Central America and Greenland as ONE REGION (NAFTA?); entire continent of S. America, one region; Israel shown as "Hebrewland" several years before Israel was formed - no separate countries; etc. A full explanation comes with the map. Watch! You'll see they're doing it today! Printer Quality - $7 donation

5) State Sovereignty Packet: A first-step to take America back by breaking the shackles of the federal government control over the States via "Revenue Sharing". Includes a draft bill for introduction in your state legislature - The State Sovereignty & Federal Funds Act which will create State Law holding federal taxes in state-escrow account; passed Oklahoma House unanimously in '95 (died in Senate after Murrah Fed Bldg bombing). Introduced in California 2-97 by Senator Dick Mountjoy. From the archives in D.C., a DOJ report admitting that states cannot be commanded to enter into Fed Gov't projects, but they can be "encouraged, bribed and threatened" (bribed and threatened by withholding money taken from local & state gov); other draft resolutions, anti-U.N./NWO, anti-Goals 2000, draft bill for FIJA, etc.; Court decisions re: unConstitutional laws being "no law"; newspaper articles. Transcript of testimony by David Horton, District Attorney, 8 years in a Nevada county and Legal Council for Committee to Restore the Constitution, explaining Constitutional authority and power of state governments. NEW* Nevada's "Silver Coin Act" to return economic autonomy to state along with the State Bank Act to keep state money in state - $30 donation

6) Educating for the New World Order Packet: Proves the Federal Government education system is in fact "training" our children for the GLOBAL WORKFORCE. Includes the 18-page letter from Marc Tucker to Hillary when Clinton was elected in '92, laying out the proposal for the "Human Resource Development System" - the alleged Education program; Cindy Weatherly's research- report exposing the FACT that our children are considered "Human Capital"; Clinton's E.O. creating commission to "study all forms of capital, including "human capital" and the "depreciation of capital"; Bush / Clinton plan for "community service" borrowed from Mao Tse Tung, Hitler and USSR; exposes Michael Farris' lies to gain support for his dangerous PRRA. Farris is also counsel for Michael New's civil case; background info on NEA, reference material on Social Engineering; much more. $30 donation

7) CHEMTRAILS PACKET - What is going on across our American skies? Reports from dozens of people describing "lines in the sky"; newspapers reporting "Mystery Illnesses"; Federal "Law" permitting biochemical experimentation on populations. EPA warnings on EDB (Ethylene Dibromide); Material Safety Data Sheets on the deadly JP8 military fuel additives; colored photos of chemtrails which we've all seen so often we don't notice; depopulation plans (Global 2000)...evidence mounts (about 150 pages) Packet only $25 donation. Packet and 2-hour tape of programs with environmental consultant on Sweet Liberty explaining JP8 fuel additives - $30

8) MORRIS DEES - SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, KLANWATCH. Dees is a dangerous individual, as his SPLC and KLANWATCH spreads vicious rumors about many grassroots groups, and issues reports to our law-enforcement, from local to county to State to federal. Chiefs of Police are "updated" regularly as to which individuals and groups to "watch" claiming the groups are [delete quotes around these words anti-government, neo-NAZI, racist,] etc. According to one NY Times article on Dees, he tracks groups which "Live to Hate". Included is the court brief filed by Dees' former wife claiming Dees is a womanizer, child molester, pervert, etc., with many details; information re: the fraudulent fund-raising by Dees' SPLC, a KLANWATCH report to Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin on the CDR (us!) and several newspaper articles which show the lies from SPLC and the controlled media. We suggest that you take documents to your local law-enforcement, sheriffs, etc. so they will realize they, too, are being bamboozled by these guys. $20 donation

Note: as a point of reference: In his book, Gathering Storm - America's Militia Threat, Dees states (pg 165) "In the summer of 1995 the students at Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyer's College, held at his Wyoming ranch, chose the McVeigh case to practice how seasoned trial attorneys plan a defense. I was one of the Old Warriors, as Gerry calls the volunteer faculty." The apparent relationship between Dees and Spence; Spence's adoration for Hillary Clinton; and his ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming rubbing elbows with such notable neighbors as the Rockefellers, the president of the World Bank, etc. leaves us wondering "WHO IS JERRY SPENCE?"

9) CONFERENCE OF STATES PACKET. Contains all the info which helped convince enough state legislators the COS was indeed a back-door attempt to open a Constitutional Convention - powerful reading. $ 20 donation.

10) CON-CON PACKET - Proving that a plan exists and is promoted by Internationalists and phony conservative organizations -- i.e. Paul Weyrich's American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), National Taxpayers Union, (NTU) and others -- to dismantle our Constitution by way of lobbying for a Constitutional Convention. Pamphlet explaining the background and dangers of a Con-Con. Includes the proposed Constitution for the New States of America - funded by Ford and Rockefeller Foundation. Also includes info on the move for a Con-Con via "Term Limits".

11) TAPES: from Jackie's Satellite / F.M. radio broadcasts (now "Sweet Liberty") beginning 10-96:
$ 9 per One-hour tape - $13 per two-hour tape. A list is being compiled by subject matter - available soon. Meantime, if you're ordering I need a description of the topic, guest and/or date of broadcast. Sweet Liberty is now broadcast on Short Wave at 3.215 megahertz - Monday thru Thursday, 10 -11 pm eastern time - and also by micro-f.m. stations across America. Please tune in and tell your friends about it.

All information in all packets, and all tapes may be copied and distributed. It is critical that we all do everything within our power to educate fellow Americans and most especially, elected officials. If you have questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me. We have contacts in most states... people who are politically active.

Please pray for guidance, instruction and discernment. We need only ask and we do receive. It isn't a matter of belief. It's "knowing" that Jesus' message was truth.

In love and pursuit of Liberty....

Jackie Patru


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