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I just heard on CNN Live that Greer has re-ordered the tube to be removed. A statement by Senator (or Rep) Waxman said: "the subpoenas are a flagrant abuse of power, NOT enforceable". He also said that it is a "violation of the separation of powers between the Executive/Legislative/Judicial branches of government".

This is the same thing they did in Florida in the Bush/Gore thing. They showed very clearly that the courts are THE POWER in this country. Never mind that Judge Greer's orders have violated the already-law on the books in Florida. This is maddening!!! Another game they're playing to keep us all breathless as the COURTS decide Terri's fate. I still say the people in Florida should form a human wall - go get her!!!! To hell with the baracades and the law enforcement there.

The CNN D.C. reporter, Joe Johns, was saying that the Congress had to go to the hospice where Terri is, because "that's where all the machines are", insinuating that she's being kept alive by a bunch of machines. CNN is asking for people to e-mail them to answer "who should decide Terri's fate". I don't know their e-mail address. They say they'll be reading as many of them as possible. Hope lots of informed people get on that. Swamp the bastards with the TRUTH!

And. . . I wonder what's going on behind the scenes on a political level that keeps everyone's eyes on Terri right now. I was shocked to see the bought-and-paid-for Congress intervening on her behalf. They do nothing other than what their money-masters tell them to do. Something's up here, and we'd better be alert.


I have to leave for a few hours. Regret I can't be here to help you report as the news comes in. I'll be standing in for Darren Weeks tonight on WFAR (Internet) at 10pm EST. You can listen live at www.sweetliberty.org website.

I also heard the Schindler's will be on Larry King Live tonight at 9pm EST. - J

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