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Terri Schindler-Schiavo, the woman who touched off a nation-wide debate over the rights of the handicapped to live, died Thursday morning, March 31st, at the Hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida. She thirsts no more.

Her loss is one that is felt by all of America. Even though few of us actually knew her, we felt that we did. We agonized with her in her torments; we stood with her parents in their hours of despair. We expressed our incredulity at the injustices of man's pathetic legal system. We were outraged at the cowardice of the govenor.

Grieve not for Terri. Her journey home marks the end of her suffering. She is at peace now. No longer does she hunger and thirst. No longer does she languish under the control of her diabolical husband. She is healed of her affliction and is finally free at last.

In the end, it is we who are left behind that are the losers.

When Terri's heart beat it's final time, America lost something that it will never get back. We lost the right to life. We lost the innocence of believing that our government stood for protecting it.

We've now witnessed our government, in broad daylight, in plain view, torture an innocent woman to death. It is a punishment, the protection from which is afforded to the most heinous of criminals by our federal constitution.

Yet, Terri was no criminal. Her only "sin" was her poor choice in whom she would partner with in matrimony. For that error, she has paid the ultimate price.

We pray for the Schindler family. The nightmare of their fight has ended, but the anger and heartache will remain. We pray that the scars of battle will give way to the beauty of what Terri's life represented on earth. May the outpouring of love by many millions of strangers across America be an inspiration to you. May you rest in knowing that Terri is finally healed of her afflictions.

Finally, to all of the evil trolls who put Terri through her hell Michael Schiavo, George Felos, Grimy Greer, the other black-robed demons at the 11th circuit and the supremes, along with the lying talking heads on TV there is a court where justice abounds. There will be a final hearing on this case, with the ultimate Jurist. His decisions aren't subject to appeal.

May you tremble, knowing that your case is on His docket.

Darren Weeks, SL Webmaster
March 31, 2005
11:08 AM Eastern Time

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