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Interesting Questions Larry King
 Needs to Ask Michael Schiavo
on His Monday Interview
From Dee Rohe

As you might know, Larry King will have Michael Schiavo on his show this Monday night. We're hoping that Larry King is pro Terri, and not also a pawn of the Hemlock Society, and the ACLU
We need to have Larry ask these questions! Of course, Michael Schiavo is a known liar, but some people may be able to see through him.
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From A Tampa EyeWitness

I was so pleased Greta van Sustren, Fox News, did a bit on the bone scan last night. (I missed the previous night's coverage by her.) I emailed her the affadavits and hope she continues. I read somewhere that she is one of the few people who actually look at something fresh, and not just repeat what others have said. If we could get her to really look into it, it would be wonderful. I'm sure Larry King on Monday won't be as fair when he interviews Michael for a whole hour.

Here are some questions you can ask Larry King to have addressed -

* How can you say you love Terri when you fathered a child, now teenaged, before Terri's collapse and since then you are living with a woman who has a child by you and one on the way?

* You have Terri on Medicaid but you live in an expensive house with your girlfriend and have an expensive car - how is this allowed?

* Why didn't you call 911 as soon as Terri collapsed? Why didn't you do CPR?
* Why was Terri's rehab money spent on legal fees to have her starved to death?

* Why did you "remember" Terri's supposed wish "not to live that way" after the money came through but before that, swore in court you wanted to care for her all her life?

* Why do you not allow Terri to be taken outside her room? Or receive flowers and cards?

* Why are visits to her limited to a small group?

* Why have you impeded visits by her priest?

* Why have you ordered the staff to discard all religious cards, medals, etc.?

* Why is your girlfriend's mother monitoring the family's visits to Terri?

I could think of many more.  Use any you want or think up your own.  I'd really like to see some hard questioning.

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Monday, October 27
Michael Schiavo speaks out
CNN exclusive: His wife is at the center of a family battle over life support. Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael, speaks out for the first time and takes your calls. Who should decide his wife's fate? Tune in to "Larry King Live" at 9 p.m. ET for this exclusive interview.
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