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From: Pamela Hennessy [mailto:phenn@zimp.org]
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 3:44 PM

Subject: Update - Schiavo Contempt

Today in the Sixth Judicial Circuit, the Motion dealing with contempt of court allegations against Michael Schiavo were not heard. Instead, a petition from Mr. Schiavo's attorneys (Deborah Bushnell and Scott Swope) for a continuance (or rescheduling) of the contempt hearing was heard.
Mr. Schiavo's attorney asked the Judge George Greer reschedule the contempt hearing to a time that would be convenient for lead counsel, Deborah Bushnell. The attorney representing Terri Schiavo's parents, Patricia Anderson, showed evidence to Judge Greer that she had made several attempts to schedule a hearing at a time convenient to Ms. Bushnell. Additionally, Ms. Anderson provided evidence that she offered three unique hearing times and was told by Mr. Schiavo's attorneys that none were suitable. Mr. Schiavo's attorneys did not offer any alternatives or suggested scheduling times.
Judge Greer scolded Attorney Swope for asking for continuance or rescheduling without offering Ms. Anderson alternatives. After doing that, he proceeded to reschedule the contempt hearing until Friday, March 5, 2004 at 9.30 am.
Mr. Schiavo's attorneys claim he is following the directive of the 1996 court order that compels him to make changes in Terri's condition known to her family. However, it was only on February 24, 2004 that he notified the nursing staff at Park Place Assisted Living Facility in Clearwater that they may disclose any information to Terri's family. As of this writing, Terri's parents and siblings are still not receiving information regarding her physical and medical condition.
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