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TO ALL OF OUR WEBSITE VISITORS WORLD-WIDE. I am posting this as received.

It is important to note here, that even if the special session was not intended for Terri, as we were previously told it would be, we should be calling the legislators in Florida, anyway. We can turn this around on them. Let's not give up, nor get discouraged. God calls us to be faithful.

James 4:17 says, "Therefore, to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

If we are faithful, the outcome is in God's hands. If we are not willing to try, or we give up, we limit God's ability to work through us.

They're is still hope, as long as Terri draws breath.

- Darren Weeks

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From: H2H - media
To: media@highway2health.net
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 1:25 PM
Subject: The "Terri Bill" is NOT the reason for the Special Session - YOU ARE BEING FOOLED !

 The "Terri Bill" is NOT the reason for the Special Session:
We have been led to believe this was a special session called by the Governor to save Terri to introduce the Terri Bill.
Special Session Called in State Legislature

Speaker of the House, Johnnie Byrd to introduce "Terri's Bill" Clearwater, FL October 19, 2003: The Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, has called a special session of the Florida Legislature for Monday, October 20, 2003. At that time, Florida's Speaker of the House will introduce "Terri's Bill". By Florida law, two thirds majority vote are required to have a topic entered.

YOU ARE BEING FOOLED ! - This so-called special session is normal, it is a regular thing, it isn't SPECIAL FOR Terri Schindler or The Terri Bill !  Look below - it is the 5th special session, that was going to happen ANYWAY - nothing to do with Terri, but being USED to fool you to win your votes, under more MACHINATIONS.  FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAILS !

@ 1:00 PM today, live TeeVee news coverage of the special session showed Jeb Bush addressing them and NO WORD WAS MENTIONED ABOUT Terri, all he  talked about was SCRIPPS (see below). Bush is not even going to introduce the Terri Bill, it is Johnnie Byrd, so the WEIGHT of the Governor is NOT behind it anyway - and this Terri Bill will be thrown in somewhere down the line in the next 5 days as a SIDELINE and NOT a priority!  Terri will either be so severely brain and body damaged she can never recover (by then) or she will be already DEAD!

Read this and weep:

'Megafund' would land mega deals in Florida, Bush says

Governor begins 5th special session

TALLAHASSEE -- As Gov. Jeb Bush prepares to personally sell the Legislature this week on a $500 million economic development package, area lawmakers have a simple question for him: What's in it for us?

The package, which includes $310 million to lure a California research institute, would set aside $190 million in unspecified incentives to land prospective business deals "in the pipeline," Bush said.

The governor plans to testify today before a joint session of the Legislature, beginning the fifth special session this year, bringing with him Scripps Research Institute President Dr. Richard Lerner, who pledged to lend its name and expertise if Florida builds it a Palm Beach County center.   FULL INFORMATION: http://www.highway2health.net/

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