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 Terri Schiavo update: Judge Baird is OFF case
Hospice Patients Alliance ^ | 1-5-04 | Ron Panzer

Posted on 01/05/2004 1:42:20 PM PST by cpforlife.org

This is a Hospice Patients Alliance Special Update Jan 5, 2004, sent out periodically to inform the public about news affecting hospice and end-of-life care.

We have just confirmed that ALL of Judge Baird's cases, INCLUDING the suit by Michael Schiavo v Gov Bush related to the Terri's Law, challenging its constitutionality, HAVE been transferred to Judge Nelly Khouzam. This information came directly from Judge Khouzam's assistant. Judge Khouzam is known to be a "by the book" tough, but fair judge.

For a little about Judge Khouzam see:

"Diminutive judge sits tall behind the gavel" Northpinellas St Petersburg Times 12/29/2002 http://www.sptimes.com/2002/12/29/NorthPinellas/Diminutive_judge_sits.shtml

The court is NOT explaining why the judges were suddenly switched, except to say that "judges rotate from time to time." We believe it might have something to do with:


It was widely reported that Judge Baird made reckless and prejudicial comments in support of Greer and Felos and against Jeb's lawyers way before he had heard the evidence from the Governor's attorneys.

In other words, Judge Baird's comments are the likely reason local Pinellas County employees were doing "inside betting" that the local Pinellas County Judges would back each other's poor and constitutionally illegal decisions against Terri's constitutional rights and thus overrule Jeb Bush and Terri's Law. The 6th Circuit Judges are upset to have anyone tell them they are morally and legally wrong...... whether it's constitutionally illegal or not to murder Terri.

Conducting inside betting on the case is a severe violation of the code of conduct for court employees! Whether that is, or is not, the reason the judges have been switched, the very important change in judge can be extremely significant to what happens to Terri. We are hoping that Judge Khouzam will give the Gov a fair hearing in the case and allow the discovery he sought (which was denied by Baird). If Judge Khouzam allows some discovery as requested by Gov Bush, it could make all the difference!

You heard it hear first!

Ron Panzer President, Hospice Patients Alliance http://www.hospicepatients.org

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