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Posted as received from J. Patru
- Webmaster, March 2, 2004


( Be sure to see Senator King's remarks (right side box) regarding the legislation. He is the Florida Senate President!  Didn't want this legislation introduced because the present 'law' is his "legacy"!!! - Jackie )

The Bill to Protect Incapacitated People.
On March 2, 2004, Florida's Senate will be in session again. During that session, Senate Bill 692 could be presented. This bill, if passed into law, would protect Florida's vulnerable citizens from dehydration and starvation deaths in the event the individual did not give prior consent through an advanced directive.

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation has learned that (as of February 17, 2004), this bill was not yet on the agenda for the Senate session.

We urge you to contact Florida's Senate President, Jim King, and insist that he let this bill be brought to the floor - for the benefit of every Floridian. Senator King has already stated his reluctance to allow SB692 to be heard. Please let him know how you feel by emailing him here.

Additionally, you can contact the head of the Judiciary Committe, Alex Villalobos here to ask for his support.

For more information on Senate Bill 692, click here.

Senate Bill 692 is being sponsored by Stephen Wise. You can learn more about Mr. Wise by visiting his web page here.

Complete House and Senate Email list here.
Senator Jim King
District Office:
Suite 108
9485 Regency Square Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 727-3600
SunCom 841-3600
Fax (904) 727-3603
Fax SunCom 841-3603
Senator J. Alex Villalobos
District Office:
Suite 202-A
2350 Coral Way
Miami, FL
(305) 222-4160
SunCom 479-4160

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