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Subject: Fw:  NOW!  An Historic Opportunity . . .
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 01:05:42 -0400
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PLEASE DO take the time to READ THIS and RESPOND.  ASAP!!!  
When we give, we receive.  The receiving is in the giving.  The value we place on our gift is returned tenfold.  ('Tenfold' is infinity.  There is no limit on God's blessings. They are not meted out one after another. It has all already always been ours, awaiting our acceptance.)
What could happen if we all DO respond right now? - Jackie -
----- Original Message -----
From: Carol A. Valentine
To: SkyWriter@public-action.com
Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2002 10:36 PM
Subject: NOW! An Historic Opportunity . . .

Many of you know Jim Condit, Jr., and what he has done to expose
election-sealing through computerized vote fraud.  Jim puts his money
where is mouth is.  Now he is offering us a chance to do the same.

Jim is a candidate for US Congress, and intends to broadcast radio
commercials that will give listeners the TRUTH about some of the big
issues of the day -- 9-11, the upcoming war with Iraq, and the gang
of traitors who run this country.

Jim needs money.  Let's help him out.  He tells exactly how to do
that at the end of his September 28 message (below).

Friends, there are few of us who cannot afford to send Jim $25.00.
Moms on this list -- it's easy to squeeze $25 out of the grocery
budget.  You know how to do it.  If each of the recipients of this
e-mail sent Jim $25 -- hey, he'd be on his way . . . .

Here are two messages I recently received from him (they were a
little mangled in transmission -- I've tried to patch them up -- Jim,
if you're reading this, I hope I have not messed your words up too
badly).  In the first (September 28), Jim explains his strategy; in
the second (October 6), he tells us about the results he's gotten so

BTW, Jim's e-mail address is <votefraud@fuse.net>.


September 28, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

RED ALERT: Internet family -- a Fake?

What I really mean to say is: Is the Internet patriot community a fake?

This is the most important e-wire I have ever put out, and if you are
serious about fighting the Zionist/Bush plans for World War III, then
you'd better sit down and read it carefully, and then write me
immediately. If about 1000 patriots nationwide will act together THIS
week, we can deal the only serious blow to the Warmongerers, that is
going to be dealt in this election season.

The Ruling Elite does not fear more e-mails rolling around the Internet,
or more newspapers and newsletters sent to those who are already awake.
What they fear is OUR MESSAGE breaking into open public view. You are
about to read the only way we can deal the warmongering Ruling Elite a
serious blow in PUBLIC in the next month. After November 5, 2002, there
will not be another opportunity until September, 2003, and by then it
will be too late.

I am now a legal candidate for Congress in the 2nd district of Ohio,
running against Congressman Rob Portman, one of President W. Bush's
right hand men. I am running as an independent. Anyone who wants to
verify my candidacy can call the Hamilton County Board of Elections,

Now listen up: The law allows and guarantees FEDERAL CANDIDATES, such as
candidates for Congress, the RIGHT to run Radio Ads WITHOUT CENSORSHIP
on FCC licensed radio and TV stations. (The only thing forbidden is
legally obscene material, which is fair enough.)

This is known as the reasonable access law, and it is clarified and
strengthened by the Becker vs. FCC case of 1996.  In the Becker case,
the circuit court of Washington D.C. determined that FCC licensed radio
stations MUST run candidate TV and radio ads throughout the day, with
the same access granted to all other businesses and organizations
throughout the year. That usually translates into the stations allowing
about 1 radio ad per candidate per hour during election season, which is
defined as from about September 5 until election day itself.

Furthermore, the radio stations must sell the ads to the federal
candidates at the LOWEST RATE they offer to anybody or any business at
any time during the year. This is a part of the law that has never been
corrupted, and is meant to guarantee that federal candidates can reach
the public with the issues they believe are the most important, in
keeping with the 1st amendment.

I hope you are grasping the power of what we can do here. We can reach
beyond the Internet audience in one major area of the country, with the
instructions for the alert radio listeners in that area to email their
friends around the nation.

The 13 radio ads we can run are below, but first read the rest of this

Talk Radio did not really exist before Rush Limbaugh became popular in
1989. We now see why Rush was allowed to become popular. His job, along
with Sean Hannity and others, is to usher conservative Christian America
into fighting World War III for Israel, for the New World Tyranny, to
kill the best of another generation of American men, and for the demise
of the USA. But Rushís rise has had the following excellent result.

There is now a talk radio delivery system into the minds of millions of
Americans who are listening daily, and who are seeking the truth. THERE

We can now reach a large fraction of this radio talk show listening
audience between October 15 and Nov 4, 2002 ---  for $20,000. Let me

I am in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are told that in the ninety mile radius
around Cincinnati (thatís to Indianapolis, Indiana, to Columbus, Ohio,
to Lexington, Kentucky, to Louisville, Kentucky, and almost to the
Ohio/Pennsylvania border) there are about 10 million people. This is
about one out of every 30 people in the USA. WLW is a clear channel
50,000 watt station, that easily reaches to the above areas during the
day, and reaches into 38 states at night, when most stations are ordered
to turn their power down.

The Truckiní Bozo (Dale Sommers) has been on WLW for over a decade from
midnight to 5 AM, and his show is geared to truckers all over the
country. He is the second most listened to radio show at night, next to
Art Bell. We can buy one spot an hour on the Truckiní Bozo overnight
show for $25 per spot. And that puts the radio ad on WLW going into 38
states, and also on 10 other cities, such as Buffalo, New York, and
Shreveport, Louisiana, -- where the Truckin Bozo Show is also carried on
the local stations as well.


We already used this strategy in the year 2000, month of October,
focusing on the computerized votefraud issue only. In that year we had a
little more than 50,000 hits on votefraud.org in the month of October
and November.

We also got calls from prominent news organizations, including AP wire,
NPR, and a reporter associated with the BBC in England. I was also asked
to do over 40 radio shows in that period, some of them in drive time on
50 thousand watt radio stations.

In the radio ads and radio shows in 2000, we focused heavily on the fact
that the Big TV Network exit poll competition to call winners and
loser's on election night -- was a hoax, and that the Big TV Networks
have been KNOWINGLY  conducting this hoax for 25 years.

We revealed on our radio ads that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX use the
exact same corporation, which they all jointly own, to do exit polls,
namely, Voter News Service (VNS). Far from holding a competition to call
winners and losers, the five Big TV Networks get the exact same
information, at the exact same time, from the exact same organization,
Voter News Service. We further stated that the purpose of the exit polls
was to prepare the public mind for the soon to follow easily rigged
computerized election results.

Anyway, in the week after the November, 2000 election, all five TV
networks admitted on air that they all used Voter News Service, and they
were all sorry they had relied on VNS. I believe they made this
admission, after 25 years of silence -- because many 2nd and 3rd tier
reporters in the establishment press, -- and that these sincere but
lower tier establishment reporters checked in at our website,
votefraud.org, due to the radio ads and the email chain generated by the
radio ads.

I believe the questions from these sincere 2nd and third level
mainstream reporters caused the Big TV Networks to feel they'd better
finally admit that their exit poll competition was a hoax, although
none of the TV Networks put it quite that way. (To show how unrepentant
they were, circa June 1, 2001, the Big TV Networks quietly announced
they would all continue using Voter News Service, and, of course, no one
at Voter New Service was fired.)

So we have already used this strategy successfully in the year 2000 with
the votefraud issue. BUT --- BUT ---  9-11 and World War III will be
of far more interest to the general public than computer votefraud
which is not as easily understood by the general public.

So this time, in the year 2002, I believe we can reach a few hundred
thousand to a million or more people, with key information that has
been CENSORED by the Big TV networks. Our website, this time, will open
up the entire world of the INDEPENDENT press to hundreds of thousands of
NEW people. We will NOT be"preaching to the choir."   We will be
the Big Media airwaves themselves.

When you grasp the power of this strategy, I should not be the only
candidate doing this. There should be a candidate in every Congressional
district ready to air radio ads over these major radio stations.

There are two talk radio stations that are prominent in Cincinnati,
Ohio. WLW and WKRC. Most of the radio spots during the day go for about
$100 on the WKRC, our 50 thousand watt non-clear channel station, which
claims 50,000 listeners at peak times. Most of the spots on WLW, the 50
thousand watt clear channel voice -- that blasts into a 90 mile radius
easily during the day, and into 38 states and much of Canada by night,
-- most of the spots on WLW go for about $200 each. (Remember, the
stations by law must give federal candidates the LOWEST rate they charge
anyone all year long. The regular rate on WLW, I believe, is between
$400 and $600.)

To make a long story short, we can roughly blast one radio ad per hour
over WLW and WKRC for about ten days in a row, if we, the internet
patriot community -- can raise $20,000 in the next two weeks. Now thatís
good saturation. And probably a million different people will hear more
than one of the ads in this area.

EVERY RADIO AD, as you will see when you read below, asks the listeners
to email their contacts around the nation to go to our website. On the
website, people from outside the Cincinnati area will be able to hear
the radio ads over their computer, and so on.

(Our website has to be easy to remember for people driving in cars, so
we have bought the name  "realnews247.com", to be pronounced "Real News
twenty four Seven dot com."  Rush Limbaugh uses "Rush 24/7" at his
website as in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we wouldn't want
to veer from marketing strategies which Rush Limbaugh has found

NOTE WELL: http://www.realnews247.com/ is NOT up right now, and it will not be
up till about October 15th, 2002, or whenever the radio ads start
running, so do not check for it till then, unless we alert you in
advance that itís up. Realnews247.com, will basically provide links to
other websites and articles that provide information to document the
content of the radio ads you will read below.

Now, about the Internet patriot community, is it real? Or is it

This message goes out, allegedly, to just under 1400 people who
voluntarily subscribe to the Network America e-wire service. According
to topica.com, the last email I sent out yesterday, September 27, 2002,
-- reached about 1355 people, with only 30 email addresses showing
errors, meaning "mail box full" or "no longer valid."

If, with your help, we cannot reach 100,000 people by forwarded email --
by the beginning of October, -- and if at least 1000 of those people
grasp the power of this strategy, and run for their check books to send
the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" campaign a check for at least $25,
then we can break the censorship of the Big TV Media in a BIG way.

On the other hand, I'm sorry, if there is a tepid response, if the
entire patriot internet community cannot combine to raise $20,000 in a
few week period, -- then the internet is a paper tiger of people who are
just sitting around amusing themselves. We will report the truth, ---
good, bad, or indifferent when the campaign is over, and as the program
progresses. This will happen quickly, so everyone must act now. Feel
free to print this out and distribute it to key people in your area. (I,
as the candidate, cannot use any of the money for salary. All money
donated to the Congressional campaign must go to the radio ads or other
campaign expenses.)

I have gone through a kind of hell and back to get to the point where I
am now ready and able to implement this strategy, and I am willing to
put my reputation, and maybe more, on the line, to try and throw a block
into the plan of the Big Media warmongers to embroil us all in what
could become World War III. So ---

If there are not 1000 people in the internet community who care enough
to help put the radio ads below on, then, I think, --  we deserve to go
down and become slaves of the New World Tyranny. Our children and
grandchildren don't deserve to go down, -- but if we won't fight when
such an opportunity is presented as I am here presenting, then WE
adults deserve to go down. And we'll be condemning our children and
grandchildren to go down with us.

NOW -- let me state a few ways you can help if you are in a sensitive
position and do not want your name to show up on the contributor list of
a Congressional campaign. You can write a check to Cincinnatus News
Service, which is simply an educational operation for which there is no
reporting required. While I can't use that money for the campaign, it
will help me keep our normal operations afloat through the next months,
and give us some reserves -- if we have to fight legal battles of any
kind over keeping these ads on the air.

You can also send a gift to me personally. A gift between two people can
be for up to $10,000 with no paper work or taxes involved on either
side. Then I can have the discretion to use the money as I see fit. In
this case, write "gift" in the lower left hand side of the check. This,
again, is if you want to help our educational operations rather than the
campaign, because you are in a sensitive position and do not want to
contribute to the campaign which involves your name showing up on my
Congressional campaign list, which I must turn in by law.

But I hope that most of you, and most of us aren't in sensitive
positions, will stand up and simply send in $25.00 or more to "Jim
Condit Jr. for Congress", so I can deposit the money, and go down to WLW
and WKRC and pay for the time we need to buy --- right away.

No one person can donate more than $1000 to a Congressional campaign.
But a husband, and wife, and a child, can each donate up to $1000 and so
on. Contributions to congressional campaigns are NOT tax deductible.

If you wish to contribute by Credit Card, mail in your credit card
number, your expiration date, your name, and a number we can reach you
at, as well as what is a good time to reach you. The Campaign address
is:  "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress,"  PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

Or if you would rather call first, call 513-481-1992. But that phone
will not be manned full time, so leave a message if no one answers, and
we will call you back as soon as possible.

If we get the money we need by October 5, we'll start running the ads
by October 12 or so. And then those ads will engender more funds to run
more ads.

When the website goes up, we will be able to take money through Paypal,
by credit card, or by check, but the best thing you can do is sit down
right now and send a check to "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" PO Box
11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

Trust me, all the people who have failed to do some small action
throughout the last 30 years, because they were paranoid about the
"other side" being so strong that "they" are watching everyone's every
move, have just about cost us the country.

The "other side" is NOT that strong, but they would like you to believe
they are. Even if every email, and every phone conversation can be
monitored, the "other side" does not have the manpower to review all of
these things. That has always been the major problem for every tyranny,
and would-be tyranny, not enough manpower to evaluate the information
they collect.

So, unless you are in a really sensitive position, just write a check to
the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" Campaign, so I can deposit the money,
and buy the radio spots immediately.

Thanks in advance to all who will help us reach America on big radio
with these messages, and try to stop the rush towards World War III, and
a draft of young men and women to go fight and die in an evil cause in
the mideast.

Before we get to the radio ads we want to run, and the one (spot #10
below) which we have already run 33 times on the two stations, WLW and
WKRC, let me close with this thought:

In an article forwarded to us entitled, "Bomb or Bust?" by author Jill
Nelson, an MSNBC contributor, we find these gripping and timely words:

How to break out of this mold? Itís as if we're all stuck to our seats
with Crazy Glue and being forced to watch a drama that we want no part
of. Every day there is another tired character added to this creepy
cast. Tuesday it was British Prime Minister Tony Blair with his jive
dossier full of old news about Hussein. You'd be hard-pressed to find
anyone, left, right, or center, who thinks Saddam's an OK guy, but does
that means the United States should declare war upon him and his
country? Sadly, it seems we won't be able to bring the curtain down and
escape from our seats until the bombs are dropping over Baghdad.

This is well put. But I'm not crazy-glued to my seat.  And you need not
be glued to your seat -- and helpless as the 5 Big TV Networks usher
us into an unnecessary and evil war scenario.

You can strike a direct blow against the evil Ruling Elite, by doing
your part to help us air these ads. And, I submit this is the ONLY
action that you will have a chance to do, right now, that may help
stop the rush towards war.

 From this point on, I cannot do it without you, I need to rely on your
help and strength. We still have freedoms. Letís use them. Your
influence counts. Use it.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything."
attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

==== Second message =====

October 06, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

One Week of radio ads, Almost Bought!

I know that many of you are eager to know how we are doing in getting
Radio Time bought so we can hit the Warmongering, pro-Israeli traitors
of all stripes, in public, for the first time. Here is how it goes:

As of  Saturday, October 5, 2002, Mail Day 5 since we sent out the
first email, we have $2700 in the bank in the campaign account. Thatís
means Saturday brought in $600 for the radio ads. Let me quickly tell
you what that will buy, but then provide the explanation of a few key
points after that, especially a new twist I learned this morning for
the "Man of Steele"  Edgar Steele, who is on the front lines fighting
for America, and paying a heavy price for it.

The link to the "Red Alert" email which details the overall radio ad
strategy AND contains the radio ads, is at the very end of this ewire,
along with how to donate.

Here is what, thanks to all of you, we can buy so far.

By buying PRE-EMPTIBLE spots, as opposed to non-pre-emptible  radio
spots (see explanation below) ñ we can now buy the following in
beginning around Wednesday Oct 16, 2002.

***** 2 spots each day for 5 weekdays on WLW between 10 AM and 2 PM.
This is the slot where issue talk radio happens with Mike McConnell till
noon, and Bill Cunningham (who won the Marconi award last year for local
talk radio) from noon till 2 PM. Every minute of this time is good and
listened to by about 150,000 to 200,000 people at any given time. These
spots cost about $180 each.

***** From 3 PM till 9 PM on WLW is comedy and sports, not a good
audience for serious ads.

***** From 9 PM to midnight is Scott Sloan, who is new in this slot, but
does talk issues. Each spot here costs $40, So we can now afford 2
spots per night for one week from 9 PM till midnight on WLW, which
begins at that time of night to reach far outside of the three state
area around Cincinnati, -- due to the fact that many non-clear channel
stations must turn down their power at night, but obviously less people
are listening to radio at night. However, those listening are issue

***** From Midnight till 5 AM, we can buy 4 spots per night for 5 days
on the Truckin Bozo show, aimed at Truckers throughout the USA. This is
the second most listened to show next to the Art Bell Show, and is aimed
at truckers in 38 states. These spots costs $25 each, and are also
simulcast on 10 other local stations, such as in Buffalo, New York and
Shreveport, Louisiana.

***** On the weekend of this week, we can also buy 2 ads on Saturday
night, and 2 ads on Sunday night, -- on the Bill Boshears show, which
has a listenership nationwide far beyond the cost of the ads, because
Bill has on MANY hardhitting guests that the other shows don't carry.
Cost of each ad on his show is $30 per spot.

***** We can also buy 4 spots on WLW on Saturday, 2 spots from 10 AM to
2 PM on Saturday, and 2 spots from 2 PM to 6 PM. Weekend talk shows are
run here, focused on issues, and they are never short of a lot of
callers, which shows good listenership. These spots cost $35 each.

Now, Assuming that $1700 additional comes in this week, which appears
very possible, then, starting the week containing October 16, 2002, we
can also add the following radio ads on WKRC, which hits about a 40 mile
radius around Cincinnati, is the second strongest station, and also
attracts tens of thousands of the issue oriented listeners. They claim
50,000 listeners at drive time. Now, hereís what that additional $1700
would buy:

***** 3 spots a day for 5 weekdays on Rush Limbaugh from noon till 3 PM
  for $64 each;

***** 3 spots a day for five weekday on Pat Barry who is on from 3 PM to
6 PM. Pat Barry talks issues everyday, usually weighted towards local
issues, but the audience is very interested in current events. These
radio spots cost $49 each.

***** 5 spots every night for 5 Weekdays on Art Bell from Midnight to 5
AM, for only $2 a spot. This is well worth it, for many people listen
to Bell at least periodically when he has a worthwhile subject on,
although, as you all know, he has become largely focused on goofy UFO
subjects, which basically keep worthwhile topics off the air.

***** Finally, what the campaign has already received -- PLUS $1700 I am
projecting as reasonable for this coming week, will also buy us 6 spots
per night for five weeknights from 6 PM to midnight on WKRC, which
contains Jim Kramer's real money, which talks economy and stock market,
6 PM to 7 PM; Michael Savage 7 PM to 10 PM, -- Savage is the pro-Israeli
radio militant who has consistently called for the nuking of an Arab
city, and Dr. Laura Schlesinger, from 10 PM to midnight, who at least
around 9-11 was using her position to tell Christian Moms how great it
would be to send their sons and daughters to the middle east to die for
anti-Christ Israel. These spots cost $20 a piece.

***** This is saturation coverage for a week on WLW and WKRC, both based
in Cincinnati, for the issue oriented people, all for $4400 with the
provisos below.

***** The only good shows I have left out are a) Jerry & Craig, a very
popular morning talk show from 5 AM to 9 AM weekdays on WKRC. This is a
kind of debate show with good callers and good listeners. We would need
another $775 to run 2 spots a morning for five weekdays, but I put this
near last in priority because you can't control whether the spots run at
5:10 AM (too early) or 7:30 AM (perfect drive time) or 9 AM (pretty
good). While WKRC has always been very fair in rotating our votefraud
ads, I'm trying to put radio spots where we know a lot of people are
listening -- no matter WHERE the station puts the radio spots in that
particular day part, to use the radio lingo. The morning shows leave you
open to being placed in that 5 AM to 7 AM time slot, which I fear has a
greatly reduced listenership, although the stations claim that they have
a healthy listenership even in those early hours. B) Same goes for a
second morning show, the Jim Scott Show, on WLW between 5 AM and 9 AM.
Host Jim Scott can talk longer about "not much" than anybody else I've
ever heard on radio, and he is NOT issue oriented, but more
entertainment oriented. Spots on this show are $180 each, so it would
take $1800 to run two spots per day for five weekdays. So his show is a
low priority when we have a (radio wise) very limited budget.  c)
Finally, the obnoxious, I have way more nerve that talent.

Glen Beck is on WKRC from 9 AM to noon. Spots on his show cost $60
each,  meaning it would take $900 to run three spots per day for 5
on the Beck show. Low priority, if for no other reason than that Beck is
such a loud mouth, talent-less warmongerer, that I suspect Clear Channel
is propping him up until the Iraq war gets going in order to keep real
conversation off the airwaves in dozens of cities. Now,


That gives those of you who are contributing a very detailed breakdown
of what we can now buy to air these radio ads, and how we are trying to
get the most BANG for the buck, as they say. But these provisos should
be noted:

---- My above projected schedule buys the amount of radio ads each
station will guarantee us on each program. Even if we get enough money,
they can limit us to two spots per program on WLW, as an example. Thatís
why we often picked "two spots per show" or "three spots per show"
because this is what the station has set as what they must allow each
federal candidate on each show, and their restriction is considered
reasonable by the FCC, because it is in line with what they offer
businesses throughout the year.

As you can figure, we need $1700 this week to make the "saturation buy"
on WLW and WKRC, -- but we also need another $4400 if we are going to do
the same thing between Oct 24 and Oct 30. The way we are getting away
with $9000 rather than $20,000 is that we are buying the pre-emptible --
or movable spots -- at the much lower rates, --see explanation below.
And, we are cutting out a number of shows which it would be better if we
were on.

With a fund of $2700, reasonably expected to grow to $4400 this coming
week, we have to buy PRE-EMPTIBLE time. This movable type of spot is
about 70% of the cost on WLW versus the more expensive spots that cannot
be moved to another day, i.e., non-pre-emptible spots.

On WKRC, pre-emptible or movable spots are only 50% of the cost of the
non-movable spots, -- and for Rush Limbaugh, we are buying spots at only
33% of the non-movable spots on Rush. Now, I believe, with regard to
this aspect -- the stations are not up on the law. They probably
don't realize that the only way they can move the
spots we are buying, is to move them to the same show on a different

In other words, if they don't run two spots on Rush on Thursday, they
can move those spots to another day, but they will have to run them on
Rushís show BEFORE election day.

This information was given to my by Mark Berlin at the Federal
Communications Commission. He said that this was settled two years ago
when Governor Pataki of New York kept buying the much less expensive,
pre-emptible (or movable) rate, and the radio station kept bumping his
spots. When push came to shove near election day, the FCC told the
radio station they had to air ALL Governor Pataki's spots in the same
time slot he had bought. The radio station could NOT move his spots to
another time slot, or day part. They had to run them on the SAME PROGRAM
that he had bought them on originally.

In fact, when the Ken Lowndes for Congress campaign bought votefraud
radio ads in 2000, we bought mostly pre-emptible time, but all of them
ran as bought.

Just to be safe, I will inform the radio stations of this ruling when we
buy the time. This will give them zero incentive to move our radio
spots, unless they want to be running 3 spots every hour near election
day on each of these programs.

Another concern: I would prefer to give the stations $10,000 or $20,000
on October 14th or so, BEFORE we give them any radio ads. Once the
money is accepted, it will be even harder for the stations to refuse to
run our ads because of content. As you know, it would be illegal for
them to refuse our ads because of content, since I am a legally
qualified federal candidate. While, if they would refuse to run even one
of my ads, I could file for ownership of their radio station, we are not
looking to get into that fight, and I don't think we will get into it.

However, with the stakes so high, and the messages so controversial, --
thatís why it would be better to have the full money we need to buy up
front, so that the stations would have already accepted the money and
signed a full contract with me.

All of this is a BIG REASON to keep up ìthe heatî on everybody you know.
About 45 contributors so far, 45 out of 280 million Americans, are
making the first week of radio ads, as outlined above, -- possible. What
power the individual has, but how few we are reaching, or how few have
been motivated to respond to try and go to war in public against these
moral monsters.

Thanks also to all of you who have sent money for the movement. This has
helped us start to catch up on some basic office expenses which I
neglected while preparing this campaign, -- all non campaign expenses.
Our phone 513-481-1992, is back on, as it had been down for about 2
days, as some of you found out. Now you can call us again at that number
if you wish. Leave a message as the phone is not manned all the time.

------ Next report will be tomorrow.

One more thing: Edgar J. Steele, the"Man of Steele" has revealed that
he believes the problem in getting controversial emails out to some of
you may NOT be the topica list people, or other companies which host
email lists.

He believes his emails and website are being blocked by more and more
webservers, where Zionist Jews have influence. For instance, AOL blocks
many worthwhile websites. Apparently a lot of smaller web servers are
beginning to do so also. This is why it is even more important that all
of you FORWARD our "RED ALERT" and other "radio ad" emails now with
great vigor. If I am blocked by certain web hosters because of my email
address, you may not be.

Also, lobby those you know by email and telephone. Thereís nothing like
the personal touch to alert people to the opportunity we have here to
reach the masses and try to stop WW III. People are busy. They need to
hear from you, and for you to focus their attention on helping me buy
these radio ads while there is still time. Many will be glad they found
out in time.

Everyone into the battle.

To read the entire strategy on how to reach the masses through my
Congressional Campaign with radio ads, and to read the radio ads
themselves, go to the link below and look for the "Red Alert" e-wire
near the bottom:



C'mon!  Let's give Jim a hand!

Carol A. Valentine
President, Public Action, Inc.

Opinion polls and survey questions help the psywarriors design more
efficient lie campaigns.
Don't answer opinion polls, whether they are being taken by
establishment media or so-called "alternate" news sources. Don't
answer opinion polls!  Don't help them fool you or your neighbor.
Don't answer survey questions!

911 Lies exposed at http://www.public-action.com/
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