As we have read some of the excerpts from the Talmud we see that its writers - the revered Rabbis - express their loathing for all goyim (or goyim), many times and in many ways. It appears to be Christians who have earned their special attention.

We have discovered that, according to the Talmudic teachings: Goyim are not men but beasts; even the best of the Goyim should be killed; they are unclean idolaters deserving of death; and the Jews are to rule over the world served by the Goyim.

Nonreligious Jews might scoff at the suggestion that these Talmudic Halaka (laws) are in effect today. If it is the same priesthood in control today that control the reins of governments, that control the economy in every nation, that made the laws those many centuries ago, the few Jews who don't believe the Talmudic laws are in effect today count for little.

Nonreligious Jews probably have less influence in the scheme of things than Judeo or Zionist Christians -- as they have taken to calling themselves. The Jews are pawns in the game of the priesthood that has pulled the wool over the eyes of their 'lesser brethren' from the start, through the centuries 'without a break' to the present situation, where we are on the verge of their planned world conflagration.

We are told that the world population of Jews is a fraction of that of Christians, which may be true. However, Jewish population figures are questionable in that the Rabbis object to their people being counted in the census of their 'captive' nation. The fact remains that all their 'terrible power of the purse' could not bring about this world conflagration without the evangelical 'Christian' ministers inducing their insipid flocks of sheep - tens of millions combined in the various denominations - to embrace Israel with all their hearts and to justify whatever Israel does, no matter how many people are massacred in the process, believing it is the fulfillment of a divine covenant.

The Christian Zionists who believe that the millions who will suffer and die in an imminent Third World War is God's plan, and that in the 'end' Jesus will be seated on the throne in Jerusalem... those same Christians also believe that God chose the Jews to be his 'special people'; and ironically they believe that in the end, if the 'chosen ones' do not accept Jesus as the Sovereign Lord of All The World, that very same God will cast his 'chosen' into hell.

On the other hand, the Jews believe that the King will be their messiah - a bloody warlord - come to rescue them from their captivity and gather them all together in their promised land from where they will be waited upon by the goyim who are left alive only for that purpose.

The Elders refer to the long awaited messiah as their 'King Despot of the Blood of Zion', who they are preparing for the world. They give credit for the successful culmination of this event to the 'blind and savage mob' -- that they helped to make blind and savage. To repeat (as a reminder) the exact statement from Protocol No. 3:

"By want and the envy and hatred which it [hunger] engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way.

When the hour strikes for our Sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned it is these same hands which will sweep away everything that might be a hindrance thereto."

As for the goyim, the Elders continue their commentary in Protocol No. 3:

"The goyim have lost the habit of thinking unless prompted by the suggestions of our specialists . . . ".

It would be safe to include among their 'specialists' the various and seemingly countless church leaders who keep their flocks in a state of dazed religious fervor, crying out and praying for the 'end'.

Little do the Christian Zionists know that if their wish is granted and Israel becomes the seat of power in the World Government, it could mean the end of them under the Noachide Laws. Of Talmudic origin, the Noachide laws apply only to gentiles. The punishment for breaking a Noachide Law is execution by decapitation. One of the laws prohibits 'idolatry'. Under Talmudic law, all Christians are considered 'idolaters'... remember? We will address the Noachide Laws in more detail later. Our reader should take this seriously, because the ruling priesthood is dead serious.

Do you suppose the King Despot will reveal his evil? He will undoubtedly be presented as a 'savior'; he will love all people; he will express sympathy and empathy at the plight of the world's hungry and homeless masses; he will offer peace and comfort and safety, shelter from the storm; he will spread his ''loving' arms wide beckoning the suffering to come unto him. Many will. . . and the trap will be sprung.

Let us now continue with quoting from the Talmud. Here are a few more random quotes that had not been included in the last section.

Sanhedrin (57a). When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma (37b) The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

Yebamoth (98a) All gentile children are animals.

Abhodah Zarah (36b) Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Abhodah Zarah (22a-22b) Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Gittin (70a) The Rabbis taught: "On coming from a privy (outdoor toilet) a man should not have sexual intercourse till he has waited long enough to walk half a mile, because the demon of the privy is with him for that time; if he does, his children will be epileptic."

Aside from that inane drivel, their preoccupation with sex boggles the mind, particularly 'unnatural' sex, because in most cases natural connection is forbidden; whereas, so long as it is unnatural connection there is no guilt -- anything goes, including sex with animals. Better to call it like it is: mental illness, spiritual deprivation. Perversion.

That sexual perversion is being promoted today, and to our children, as natural and normal is explained in a news article from MassNews titled, "It's Official: 'Diversity' Includes Sex With Animals'. A few random paragraphs are excerpted below. According to the article, Professor Pete Singer, from Princeton University's 'Center For Human Values' is,

". . . telling the world that sex with animals is fine as long as it doesn't hurt the animal. Therefore, he cautions against sex with chickens because, he says, it always results in the death of the chicken.

Singer bases his argument on the fact that bestiality has always existed in the world, and therefore it must be normal. . . . He cited six pictures over a 2500-year period to show that this is 'normal' behavior. He cites the discredited Alfred Kinsey for the ridiculous statement that over 50% of rural boys in America had sex with animals.

MassNews was one of the first newspapers in the country to report in 1999 that the American Psychological Association had published a study indicating that pedophilia can have a positive influence on a child.

According to the study, the use of 'judgmental terms' such as 'child abuse,' 'molestation' and 'victims' must be eliminated. Instead, we should use neutral, value-free terms like 'adult-child sex.' We should not talk about the 'severity of the abuse,' but instead refer to 'the level of sexual intimacy'.

Much of this 'diversity' was predicted in 1979 by two scholars, Dr. C. Everett Koop and Dr. Francis Schaeffer, who said that adult/child sex would be normalized in the 1990s. This was inevitable, they said, because we no longer had a "Judeo-Christian base." Instead, we had moved to humanism with no fixed standards of values and morality."

'Judeo-Christian base'. There never was one. Calling oneself Judeo Christian is the same as calling oneself white-black, or black-white. Perhaps it is becoming clear that Judaism, which is really Talmudism/Pharisaism is one-hundred-eighty degrees (totally opposite) from what Christianity alleges to be. 'Judaism' is humanism, with standards of values and morality 'fixed' by the Talmudic rabbis. Christianity from the time Constantine got hold of it, defied the teachings of Christ, killing and torturing in the name of 'God'. Both religions - all religions today - were given us by the priesthood to accomplish what is being accomplished in our time.

Although most Christians pay little regard to Jesus' teachings, Jesus condemned the Pharisees as a wicked and adulterous generation. Under the Jews' scriptural law, adultery and unnatural sex are forbidden. The Talmudic Rabbis, though, in their 'gnashing at fleas' disputations found a way around those admonishments. The Pharisees were masters at 'interpreting' the law. Since adultery and homosexual acts were forbidden, they gave new definitions to the act and the actors.

Coitus between a man and a woman - outside of marriage - was considered adultery. However, they gave the word 'man' two definitions. A boy under age nine years and a day is not a man; and a goy is not a man, but a beast. Therefore, adultery is permitted with a man and a minor, with the wife of a minor, or the wife of a goy (a beast, not a man).

Adultery with an adult married Jew, forbidden in that it is not an unnatural connection, is acceptable if the male organ stays relaxed.

"connection with a married woman excludes intercourse with a relaxed membrum." (Yebamoth 55b)
". . . if one cohabited with forbidden relatives with relaxed membrum he is exonerated. . . " (Yeb. 55b)

As well as giving new definitions to the word 'man', the Rabbi's covered their other perverted bases by allowing any sexual act between man, woman child or beast, or any combination thereof, so long as it is not 'in a normal manner'. They reasoned that the prohibitions in their scriptures referred only to normal sex between a man and his wife. Anything outside of that prohibition then, was exempt, because it was outside of the law. Therefore perversion is not only condoned, it is an unspoken encouragement by the very volume and nature of the rabbinical fixation on the subject with its detailed descriptions and nuances of natural versus unnatural acts. In Sanhedrin (55a):

'. . . since sexual intercourse with a woman is a natural thing, guilt should be incurred only for a natural connection, but for nothing else. . . '

Since their scriptures placed the death penalty on anyone having unnatural relations with man or beast, the Pharisees found a way around that, too. They pronounced only a Gentile who had unnatural relations with his wife, as guilty. The senselessness of some of their reasoning abounds throughout the 'great works', as this next from Sanhedrin 58(b)

"If a heathen had an unnatural connection with his wife, he incurs guilt; for it is written, 'and he shall cleave', which excludes unnatural intercourse."

Then, we see that unnatural connection is permitted to the Jew. No violations here. No punishment. Obviously the only restrictions in that regard would depend upon the actor's imagination. Footnote three, Sanhedrin 58(b)

"Raba objected: Is there anything permitted to a Jew which is forbidden to a heathen? Unnatural connection is permitted to a Jew."

Perverted sex and bestiality were practiced in the temples in ancient times and was evidently acceptable then by the Pharisaical Priests. Dogs were trained for sexual purposes, and harlots were hired to perform the sexual act with the beasts in the temple! It is mentioned in the Old Testament in several places. The phrase, 'wages of a dog' refers to the cost of hiring the dog for the show. 'Dog priests' are mentioned in the Old Testament. The dog priests were homosexual priests who serviced their homosexual brothers.

Bestiality, although condemned if the act is committed in a 'carnal' or normal manner, is acceptable if it is performed by an unnatural connection. A footnote in Sanhedrin 55(a), in reference to bestiality states:

"If a woman allows herself to be made the subject thereof, whether naturally or not, she is guilty. But if a man commits bestiality, he is liable only for a connection in a natural manner, but not otherwise.

The footnote we just read is contradicted in the next excerpt. If the woman who had sex with a beast is permitted to marry a priest, that would suggest women who had sex with a beast were not found guilty. Yebamoth 59(b):

"a woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a priest."
"It once happened at Haitalu that while a young woman was sweeping the floor a village dog covered her from the rear (a case of unnatural intercourse) and Rabbi [Judah Hanasi] permitted her to marry a priest.

Again, in Yebamoth 59(b), we find the revered rabbis condoned the bestiality in the temple.

"Harlotry is not applicable to bestial intercourse. . . we learned that the hire of a dog and the price of a harlot are permitted."

Regarding child molestation, there seems to be little argument between the Rabbis. They agreed on the minimum and maximum ages at which it is acceptable to molest little boys and little girls. A woman having sex with a young boy, even her own son, before nine years and a day, did so with impunity. The little boys were fair game to men and women.

For instance in just one of the many Talmudic discussions of pederasty, Rabbis Rab and Samuel are deciding the rules about sex with children. Sanhedrin 54(b)

"Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. (2)"

Rab's words are followed in Footnote 2, Sanhedrin 54(b):

"i.e. Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the minimum."

This from another subdivision of the Talmud, the Kethuboth (11b).

"When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old] it is as if one puts the finger into the eye . . . "

Another footnote explains that as "tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years." The Rabbis themselves seem to believe they are immune from reaping what they sow. Hagigah (27a) states that no rabbi can ever go to hell.

Baba Mezia (59b) says that: A rabbi debates God and defeats him. God admits the rabbi won the debate.

Abhodah Zarah (17a) States that there is not a whore in the world that the Talmudic sage Rabbi Eleazar has not had sex with.

From a website out of Jerusalem, Israel, called Mechon Mamre ( in the section titled 'Torah 101', it is stated:

"Judaism is not just a set of beliefs about God, man, and the universe. Judaism is a comprehensive way of life, filled with rules and practices that affect every aspect of life: what you do when you wake up in the morning, what you can and cannot eat, what you can and cannot wear, how to groom yourself, how to conduct business, who you can marry, how to observe the holidays and Sabbaths, and perhaps most important, how to behave towards God, other people, and animals. This set of rules and practices is known as halakhah."

Mechon Mamre is a small group of Torah scholars in Israel who live by the plain and simple meaning of the RaMBaM's [Maimonides] Mishne torah and actively encourage others to do so. The Torah scholars - writers of this site - explain that Judaism is about love and kindness to their neighbors, by 'commandment' of Jehovah, through Moses. When you read the following, remember Moses Mendelsohnn's words that: "Judaism is not a religion, it is a Law, religionized." (emphasis added)

"Many people think of Judaism as the religion of cold, harsh laws, to be contrasted with Christianity, the religion of love and brotherhood. This is an unfair characterization of both Judaism and Jewish law. Laws are at the heart of Judaism, but a large part of Jewish law is about love and brotherhood, the relationship between man and his neighbors. . . . In fact, acts of love and kindness are so much a part of Jewish law that the word "mitzvah" (literally, "commandment") is commonly used to mean any good deed.

'Love and brotherhood, the relationship between man and his neighbors. . . ' Acts of love and kindness are commandments. Yes. According to Maimonides' list of 613 laws which he codified into subject matter, we see No. 26 is indeed a mandate for Jews to love ... other Jews. We've listed just a few to show the blatant racism, long-held hatred of the goyim (especially Christians), and the commands to kill, exterminate, as Jehovah commanded in the Old Testament -- 'utterly destroy everything that breaths'.

No. 26:  To love all human beings who are of the covenant (Leviticus 19,18) (CCA60)
No. 56:  Not to intermarry with Gentiles (Deuteronomy 7,3) (CCN19).

No. 58: To lend to a Gentile at interest (Deuteronomy 23,21) According to tradition, this is mandatory (affirmative). [see No. 171]

No. 156:  Not to eat the flesh of a beast that died of itself (Deuteronomy 14,21) [but may sell it to the stranger...] 

No. 171:  Not to make a loan to an Israelite on interest (Leviticus 25,37)

No. 199:  To keep the Canaanite slave forever (Leviticus 25,46) (affirmative).

No. 311:  Not to refrain from putting a false prophet to death nor to be in fear of him (Deuteronomy 18,22) (negative). [Jesus was considered a 'false prophet'.]

No. 324:  To destroy idolatry and its appurtenances (Deuteronomy 12,2-3) (affirmative).

No. 326:  Not to give up hating the enticer to idolatry (Deuteronomy 13,9) (CCN25). [Jesus was called 'the enticer to idolatry']

No. 354:  Not to settle idolaters in our land (Exodus 23,33) (negative) (CCI26).

No. 355:  To slay the inhabitants of a city that has become idolatrous and burn it (Deuteronomy 13,16-17) [all non-Jews are 'idolaters']

No. 601:  Not to keep alive any individual of the seven Canaanite nations (Deuteronomy 20,16) (negative).

No. 602:  To exterminate the seven Canaanite nations from the Land of Israel (Deuteronomy 20,17)

No. 613:  To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deuteronomy 25,19) (CCA77).

The above commandments are considered unbreakable laws. They would be guilty for loaning to a gentile without charging interest. The 'our land' mentioned ultimately includes every square inch of land on planet earth, as we shall see in the next section. The great pity of it all is that whenever and where ever the Priestly Sect has gained control over monarchies and governments, the morals and ethics of that society as a whole have degenerated. Since they control the world economy today -- in effect, the world has become their playhouse.  

The inculcation begins with the children, mostly unknown by their parents. Values taught and practiced at home are overthrown by the demonstrably effective methods of mind control, including Skinnerian-type operant conditioning (B.F.Skinner) and values clarification in the government schools. Parents have no idea of what is happening because the children are told that their parents 'just wouldn't understand' and 'we don't want to upset our parents, do we?'

Then, at home, unless the parents preview every movie or video their children watch, they are subjected to subtle and not so subtle aberrant behavior. The 'PG' rating seems to give the parents a false sense of safety, and it is doubtful many parents today even pay attention to what their children are watching. When they're away from home what they see and hear is up for grabs.

Parents of adult children and grandchildren today - as a whole - lament the fact that their adult children do not, will not listen to reason, or warnings of the dangers to their children. That is understandable, because those adult children - the parents of today - were the children of yesterday whose minds were being stolen without their parent's knowledge. Grandparents today were raised in a much more innocent era -- innocent at least in comparison to today's permissive and warped climate.

The change was sudden and shocking, beginning in the early to mid-sixties. Along came drugs, the Beatles, the widely promoted Kinsey report, flower children and free sex. We've learned that the drugs were then, and are now, brought in by the CIA and other government agencies. Consider the benefits of drug running to the world's troublemakers:

1) It provides billions of unaccounted dollars for black ops (secret operations) carried out by the global spy network created and controlled by the troublemakers themselves.

2) Drug use lowers or eliminates the moral inhibitions of users; spreads disease and death (sharing needles and illicit sex), and increases crime at all levels, from petty theft to murder by addicts who cannot afford their habit.

3) Laws are passed making the use of drugs, including marijuana, a felony punishable by imprisonment and property seizure... bank accounts, cars, homes and businesses.

4) A WAR against drugs was declared, justifying countless Constitutional violations under war-time conditions (which 'conditions' are unconstitutional in themselves).    

As for the Kinsey Report, it is almost too awful to discuss, and we must, because the Report was elevated -- and remains so -- to the realm of a bonafide scientific study in the 'discovery' of 'normal' human sexuality. It began the sexual revolution that has ascended to the levels we are experiencing today, and Kinsey's statistics are being used in Sex Education programs in the public (government) schools now.

In a letter to Hillary Clinton from educrat Marc Tucker shortly after Clintons' first election to the presidency, November 11, 1992, Tucker says that David Rockefeller was 'radiating happiness'.

"Dear Hillary:

I still cannot believe you won. But utter delight that you did pervades all the circles in which I move. I met last Wednesday in David Rockefeller's office with him, John Sculley, Dave Barram and David Haselkorn. It was a great celebration. Both John and David R. were more expansive than I have ever seen them — literally radiating happiness.

We took a very large leap forward in terms of how to advance the agenda on which you and we have all been working — a practical plan for putting all the major components of the system in place within four years, by the time Bill has to run again."

In fact, in the eighteen-page letter, Tucker said it was the opportunity to institute the,

"entire American system for human resources development, almost all of the current components of which were put in place before World War II."

Our reader should note well that it didn't begin with Bill Clinton, and certainly nothing has changed under George W. Bush, the 'born-again' Skull and Bones Christian. The scheme is evil-slick, and the schemers take their time. The advancement of their plans for our children utilizing the 'educational system' under the Clinton administration was planned, and most of the components were put in place, before World War II. The 'human resources' being developed under the direction of the International Zionists are OUR CHILDREN!!!

The Workforce Development / School to Work laws are an integral part of that plan, emanating from UNESCO. The children are not being educated, they are being trained as 'worker bees' for the corporate workforce. The connection was found in a search on the internet using "UNESCO" and "Workforce Development", as shown in the following excerpt -- just one of many examples we could have used:

"Interagency Consultative Group on Secondary Education and Youth Affairs    UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, 26-28 March 2002,

Room VI Summary of Strategy and Development of Activities

1. Briefly describe the main strategies that have been adopted by your Organization/ Agency in the field of secondary education reform and youth affairs since year 2000.

Three strategies standout: First, we have continued to advance the workforce development initiative commenced in 1997 and have seen a gradual deepening and widening of that effort with increasing implications for secondary education, whether formal or informal. Secondly, the workforce initiative has, logically also opened the way for school to work type initiatives . . . "

This plan is being implemented world wide, and state by state in the U.S. either by governors' executive orders or state legislation! In another website, progress in various countries was discussed. Our children are becoming mindless robots, under the very noses of their parents. About our children, Bertrand Russell, human philosopher and UNESCO advisor said:

"It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the state with money and equipment. . .

"When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in control of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen".

Recall the sex book published and circulated by UNESCO at a UN conference on children, promoting homosexuality and bestiality for young girls in order to avoid pregnancy. UNESCO is, for all practical purposes, the global school board from whence the indoctrination and training of our precious children originates.

Marc Tucker claimed that most of the components of the present educational system - the Human Resource Development system - were put in place before World War II. That brings to mind a conference and luncheon at the Bellevue-Stratford hotel, presented by the teacher's union of Pennsylvania shortly after the war's end, on March 1, 1947. A tri-fold pamphlet advertising the conference is titled, Education for One World.

Eight of the eleven individuals on the Committee on Arrangements were: Benjamin Anton, Sarah Derzowitz, Sophie Elfont, Nathan Moskowitz, Max Oran, Minerva Oran, Ray Rubin and Morton Sonnenfield; the Director was Dr. Ira Reid, Professor of Education, New York University. What do those names say to you?

On the pamphlet, under the heading, "What Does The Community Expect From Philadelphia Schools: Problems for Discussion", we read: (emphasis added)

"Preparing children for well-adjusted living"

"Importance of school support for program of Labor"

"Preparing Youth for needs of business and industry"

"Challenge of science in education for one world"

'Well-adjusted living' for the child would be to become a peaceful, obedient and compliant, adult slave. The schools support a program of labor, preparing our children for the needs of business and industry, while educating them for the one-world. A curious person would wonder how or why state legislators could pass laws that reduce our children and their own to 'Human Resources.

When the Pennsylvania Legislative Research Bureau (non-elected bill drafting group of lawyers) was drafting the Workforce Development System and Enhancement Act, a memo that came into our hands demonstrates how the UN mandates become law in the states. Always by deceit. The 'legal opinion' was actually giving suggested language to deceive the reader of the bill who does not question 'legal terms of art' and 'vague' allusions to the intent -- the vision - of the drafters. (emphasis added)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  

Date: February 11, 1997                               

Subject: Legal Opinion

To: Jane Pomerantz, Deputy Chief Counsel

From: Sarah C. Yerger, Assistant Counsel

"I have found no legal definition for the term 'legally constituted entity". There are several legal terms of art than can be used when referring to the RWIB's (Regional Workforce Investment Boards), such as executive agency, independent agency and instrumentality.

In order to fulfill the vision of the drafters of this legislation and prevent legal problems involving the interpretation of specific terms of art, I recommend not using any terminology and believe it is best to not "name" the RWIB's. Rather, language should be used which vaguely defines how the drafters want the RWIB's to function, i.e. RWIB's are accountable for workplace development funds and the Commonwealth is not to be held liable."

The February 11, 1997 memo continued in that vein for two pages, suggesting language, rewrites of certain sections of the bill, etc. Recall the date mentioned at the UNESCO meeting:

". . . We have continued to advance the workforce development initiative commenced in 1997

Obviously Governor Ridge wasted no time in obeying the orders of his masters. Good governors get great promotions, as we've noticed. As for the state legislators who passed the bill, of the several hundred in Pennsylvania it is a good bet that not more than five read the bill before voting for it... if that.

That is how unConstitutional 'laws' are made in every state, week in and week out, year in and year out; it is why we have all become unwitting slaves in a controlled economy... a Zionist controlled economy. Careless, thoughtless lawmakers are unimpeded by their constituents too busy and too dumbed down by the controlled media and phony conservative leaders to pay attention.

We should remember that before the UN got its final name it began as the League to Enforce Peace; that was changed to the League of Nations; and finally, during World War II, it became the United Nations. And, once again, whose bright idea was the United Nations? According to Zionist leader Nahum Sokolow, at the Carlsbad Congress on 8-24-1922:

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea. We created it after a fight of 25 years".

To repeat what has been said several times: the International Zionist's plan for World Dominion is a political program. Mandates from the United Nations are implemented by local and state politicians most of whom haven't a clue; and the engine driving the plan is religion. With their laws, the perversions of the Talmud - 'Jewish' law - is fast becoming a normal, healthy way of being for Americans and the worlds masses.

Also covered at the 1947 conference, under the heading, "What Do Teachers Expect..." the Problems for Discussion include:

"Teachers salaries and living standards"

"Administration responsibility for forceful citywide inter-cultural program"

"The Union teacher works for security and peace. Exposing the enemies of peace and of world-cooperation"

'Teachers salaries and living standards'. In some school districts teachers are allowed to purchase homes in affluent neighborhoods at greatly reduced prices. Their living standards are out-pacing the average worker-bee today, and all they have to do in return is tow the line, follow instructions, target - for 'remediation' - any child who thinks for himself, select out the exceptionally bright for special challenge classes to begin the tearing-down process in order to rebuild them into world citizens.... we could fill a page with the abominations. Just doing their job, to keep their job that destroys the minds and lives of their victim students.

In his letter to Hillary, laying out the Human Resource Development system, Marc Tucker said that:

"Our objective will require a change in the prevailing culture - the attitudes, values, norms, and accepted ways of doing things."

Teachers are to 'expose the enemies of peace and world cooperation'. Those enemies would be the children who don't conform, or parents who at least have the sense to object. Teachers make note of innocent and revealing comments made by the children, and a dossier is built throughout the school years that contains personal information not only about the child, but everyone in the family -- and the extended family. The dossier is intended to follow the child throughout his whole life, from school to work, until death. Do you recall hearing the phrase, 'cradle to grave'? They mean it.

The last group of Problems for Discussion at the Teachers Conference under the heading, "What Does Youth Expect..." are:

"Intercultural relations among students"

"The democratic teacher"

"A curriculum for World Citizenship"

That conference on Education for One world, was held in 1947... fifty-five years ago. How much progress do you think has been made in those fifty-five years? The primary goal has not changed; it has been strengthened because nearly three generations are now locked in its embrace, caught under the spell cast so long ago. That goal is creating the World Citizen, educating the children to an 'International Understanding', and perverting their morals all the while.

If you understand that, you will understand that teachers are molding their students' minds to the attitude that perversion is a 'normal healthy way of being'. Not too long ago - within the past year or so - parents in a Pennsylvania school district successfully replaced the liberal school board members with people who had not fallen for the decadent rhetoric. The schoolboard rewrote their policies that would prohibit the promotion of homosexuality and other injurious programs.

While the parents were celebrating the victory for their children, their own children went on strike, refusing to come to class, accusing the board and their parents of homophobia, intolerance, and prejudice. What shock those parents must have felt to realize their efforts were too little too late. The indoctrination had prevailed.

Recall, from the Protocols, who claim control of the education system, remembering that the Protocols were published nearly a hundred years ago: from Protocol No. 9, recently quoted:

"We have got our hands into the administration of the law, into the conduct of elections, into the press, into liberty of the person, but principally into education and training as being the corner-stones of a free existence.

We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated."

Let us return to Alfred Kinsey, Jewish father of the sexual revolution. Kinsey was a homosexual, a pedophile, and a madman. His staff consisted of like-minded non-professionals who were touted as 'experts', and his subjects polled consisted of the dregs of humanity: psychopaths, rapists, pedophiles, sexual deviants, the mentally retarded, inmates of mental institutions, and criminals of all walks of life.

Kinsey -- possibly a victim from his infancy of the same evil acts he committed -- was a sexual deviant and most of all a monstrous child molester as were those on his staff. Testimony to that fact is chapter 5 of the Report, which could only be described as torture and sexual violation of infants, toddlers and prepubescent children.

Table 34, itemizing the ages of each 'subject' -- male babies aged five months to 14 years -- used in the 'scientific study', also listed the number of infantile orgasms in a given time period, multiple orgasms, and proves beyond even a shadow of doubt that the innocent, helpless, babies were being criminally sexually abused.

To our knowledge, no charges were ever levied either against Kinsey himself or the institution. At this point, that is not surprising is it?... when we understand that the underlying motive is the destruction of an entire nation, socially, morally and spiritually. When morals and spirituality go, so goes the nation. The term 'babies' is used to define all children involved, because in the life span, prepubescent children are yet babes.

As painful as it is to type these following words, or for you - our reader - to read them, I find that unless we are hit smack in the head, in the gut, and in our heart with the gruesome details, the inhumanity of these creatures escapes our senses. It seems to be stored as just more information somewhere in a place where our emotions do not enter.

Here is an extract from chapter five of the Kinsey Report, describing what happened to those babies during the scientific investigation. As you read, consider this crime being committed on one of your children - or a child you love. Infants of 5 months, 11 months, toddlers, all the way up to 14 years. The excerpt is taken from a report by Judith Reisner:

"Extreme tension with violent convulsion: Often involving the sudden heaving and jerking of the whole body. Descriptions supplied by several subjects indicate that the legs often become rigid, with muscles knotted and toes pointed, muscles of abdomen contracted and hard, shoulders and neck stiff and often bent forward, breath held or gasping, eyes staring or tightly closed, hands grasping, mouth distorted, sometimes with tongue protruding; whole body or parts of it spasmodically twitching, sometimes synchronously with throbs or violent jerking of the penis. ... A gradual, and sometimes prolonged build-up to orgasm, which involves still more violent convulsions of the whole body; heavy breathing, groaning, sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children)"

Not one of the monster 'experts' who brought those babies to multiple orgasms has been named a criminal or a terrorist. If the facts upset our reader, consider the life-long scars carried by those baby victims. Many are possibly today's perverts. The Kinsey Report was was touted as the book of facts on normal human sexuality. Those who didn't fit in to the statistics often felt that 'something must be wrong' with them.

When we realize for how many decades the Zionist Jews have been in control of the U.S. government and all its agencies, government schools , the entertainment media - including movies, music, videos, and video games (sex and violence) - along with control of the news media, including first the press, then radio and television... we realize why our culture and values have drastically changed over three generations.

And now we have the Internet, where filth and Satanism abound, protected by the first Article of Amendment to the Constitution - freedom of speech - its great 'defender' being the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), a legal defense organization created by Jews, not to defend Constitutional protections, but to destroy our culture and society -- with the help of the courts.

Aside: About the ACLU - recently the ACLU is being touted for its defense in the "rights to privacy" against Big Brother Government. It is for no other purpose than to gain popularity and induct new members. Here is an excerpt from an essay on the ACLU by William H. McIlhany. Notice from where the ACLU gets large grants of money.

"One reason why some prominent leaders of the ACLU have been so opposed to public and private investigations of subversion must relate to what such an investigation would reveal about the Union itself.

The ACLU was formed out of earlier organizations in 1920 and its Executive Director and moving spirit until 1950 was Roger Baldwin. Before he died at age 97 in 1981, his ideology may have changed, but during the early years of his ACLU tenure there is no doubt where he stood.

In the "Harvard Class Book of 1935, spotlighting Baldwin's class of 1905 on its thirtieth anniversary, he was quoted as saying,

"I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is, of course, the goal."

He gave this advice in 1917 to an associate who was forming another group:

"Do steer away from making it look like a Socialist enterprise...We want also to look like patriots in everything we do. We want to get a good lot of flags, talk a good deal about the Constitution and what our forefathers wanted to make of this country, and to show that we are really the folks that really stand for the spirit of our institutions."

It should not be surprising to note that Baldwin was active during the 1930's in quite a few of the Communist Party's United Front organizations - he was an officer of the Garland Fund, for instance - along with other ACLU leaders including Rev. Harry Ward, Rev. John Haynes Holmes, Clarence Darrow, Scott Nearing, Robert Morss Lovett, Arthur Garfield Hayes, Archibald MacLeish, and Oswald Fraenkel.

ACLU leadership also included identified Communist Louis Budenz, Robert Dunn and Corliss Lamont. ACLU activists William Z. Foster and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn would later become leaders of the Communist Party, U.S.A.

Since that time, the ACLU's official left-leaning activism has only steadily increased. Some local affiliates of the Union have always led this crusade, such as the Southern California ACLU which had maintained on its Board identified Communist Party operative Frank Wilkinson.

While the national ACLU has not been characterized as a Communist front by any state or federal investigation since 1938, any doubt about its becoming a 'staunch defender' of individual rights was put to rest in April 1976, when the ACLU National Board formally reinstated Communist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn "posthumously" in its ranks. Despite this partisanship, the ACLU and its affiliated tax-exempt foundation continue to receive substantial yearly support from the Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Field, and other foundations."

On the InterNET, websites such as, that are exposing the lies and urging visitors to become involved in their local and state governmental processes are filtered from users' access and labeled 'militant - extremist'. Consider the terminology: InterNET on which we create WEB sites. That verbiage is not coincidental. It is part of the seamless web, in which billions will be caught. The Internet was not created for our use. It was created to further ensnare our minds, thus our souls.

This is not to lay all the blame at the feet of the perpetrators. We all make choices and within each of us is that still small 'voice', if you will, that tells us right from wrong. Mostly we don't listen. It goes without saying that most Jews have not read the Talmud, as many Christians do not read the Bible. They take as 'gospel' truth, what their religious leaders tell them, all the while embracing the ungodly tenets of Talmudism -- both Jews and Zionist Christians.

There are some who vehemently claim that a Jew could never shed the chains of his inheritance because of the genetics: 'It is in their blood'. I personally have two Jewish friends who have done just that. Given we are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies, it follows that Spirit is more powerful than genetics. It is now and always has been a matter of choice. However, if the Jew is never informed of the lies that bind, the choice would most likely not become a question. Therein lies the danger

Many Jews do not attend synagogue; however, when the Rabbi or a Jewish periodical tells them to send money for the 'cause' in Israel, they line up and ante up. When they're told to vote for a particular Jew running for office, they tow the Jewish line. That is where the dangerous control mechanism kicks in. It seems to be an instinctive, internal switch that results in the type of mentality experienced with the Zionist Jew mentioned earlier. "It makes us proud when one of our own does good".

Regardless of your acceptance or rejection of this information, we had best be clear -- all of us of all religions -- that the small group behind the scenes who are steering us, leading us, manipulating us toward their plan for World Dominion are dead serious. The Talmud is 'law' to them, because they are of the ruling sect that wrote the law.

As for the equally dangerous Christian Zionists who believe that killing and dying for world order is of divine design, their part in the successful culmination of the plan if it comes to full fruition will bring grief and regret beyond words. In a recent BBC broadcast (follow the link to our audio page, then scroll to the bottom to find the BBC broadcast), the British Washington correspondent claimed there are forty million of those Christian Zionists, adding their energy and religious zeal to the pro-Israel lobby -- cheering the slaughter on to greater and greater heights praying it will end in a world conflagration.

For Christians who claim to be Judeo-Christian, the word 'Christian' should be dropped. The term - Judeo Christian or Christian Zionist -  is truly the epitome of oxymoronic doublespeak. Christianity is simply being merged into Talmudism / Pharisaism. Christianity today IS the religion of the Jews, and Jesus' love has been spurned.


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