Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Is Jackie Patru a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

The following e-mail communications are posted here for the readers information and to clarify our position regarding statements posted about Jackie Patru and the Council on Domestic Relations on the Watch Unto Prayer web site.

Hi, Barbara: I received the following from our web master at sweetliberty.org who rightly suggested I respond. Please read my response below the excerpt from your website. Thank you

—Jackie Patru

Jackie -

You might wish to respond to this. The following excerpt was taken from http://watch.pair.com/charter.html and is concerning you and the CDR website.


From http://watch.pair.com/charter.html:

"White recommended Jackie Patru's web site to me. http://www.sweetliberty.org

Patru's Council on Domestic Relations [CDR] exposes the Council for National Policy; many of the CNP and John Birch Society exposés posted on Patru s site were written by Barbara Aho [Watch Unto Prayer]. But at the same time, on Patru s CDR >About Us< page, she says that she is networking with Eagle Forum [Phyllis Schlafly, CNP], the John Birch Society [John Stormer, CNP], and the Christian Coalition [Pat Robertson, CNP].

Patru links directly to these national organizations from this page. Schlafly's contact for the state of Virginia is Helen Blackwell, who is the wife of CNP director Morton Blackwell [author of above endorsement of good elites ].

Patru also links to Devvy Kidd's web page which in turn links to Scaife-funded World Net Daily, Judicial Watch and Insight Magazine [a Sun Myung Moon-owned publication]. Kidd is a close associate of Herb Titus [CNP]. Devvy Kidd and Larry Becraft of Larry Klayman s Judicial Watch started the Wallace Institute. "


I understand your distrust of 'patriot' or 'conservative' organizations / individuals who speak with forked tongues The page was first written in 1994 and was last updated in '98 or '99. I haven't read it since and will see if we should edit portions — or at least be more clear in the disclaimer (pasted below) which you failed to mention in your piece.

"Note: We have evidence which convinces us that the founders or top leadership in some of the national organizations mentioned (and many not mentioned) are not aligned with true Constitutional ideals. It appears they encourage their members/subscribers to engage in activities that circumvent issues which will hit at the core of the problems facing America - a band-aid effect. We're aware that some of them know the core problems and yet they withhold valuable information from the rank and file... keep them in the dark so to speak. Our desire is to shed the light of truth on those whose agenda is hidden in the dark for we believe "the truth will set us free."

Your commentary stated that I claimed we network with Eagle Forum, JBS, etc. What the piece actually states is that we network with members of those groups. That is quite a departure from 'working with the organizations or their leaders' directly.

I'm glad this was called to my attention, and wish you had contacted me for clarification before you posted your note about the sweetliberty web site. I hope you will be as quick to either post my response or remove or edit your comments. It is true that we have networked with people in the organizations I mentioned, Barbara. What I've learned is that the majority of people involved with the organizations don't have a clue that they are being led down the cow path and over a cliff by their trusted 'leaders'. I've been there, done that myself.

In 1993 when we were alerting people and state legislators to the dangers of the proposed Con-Con resolutions in twelve states simultaneously members of the phony conservative / 'Christian' conservative groups jumped in and joined in the effort. I was still very naive and knew nothing about the controlled opposition. That was the beginning of my ongoing education.

Ron Thomas, a networker in Indiana who volunteered to make twice weekly calls to state legislatures which hadn't yet introduced a resolution but were probable candidates -- was a life-time member of the JBS. He was warned to not network with any other group (CDR), and NOT get involved in other state issues outside his own. He ignored them, traveled to New Jersey to testify against the resolution and as a result the JBS powers-that-be cancelled his membership and ejected him from the "Society". They later approached him and thought maybe they'd been a bit hasty. Offered to reinstate him and he told them to take a flying leap.

You're undoubtedly aware that at that time Ross Perot's UWSA was a fast-growing force in the political arena. I was intuitively aware that Perot was a phony and 'felt sorry' for people who were taken in by him during the '92 presidential campaign... while I was being taken in by another phony candidate by the name of Bo Gritz. After nine months of long hours and thousands of dollars campaigning for him I finally wised up and withdrew from Gritz' campaign, AFTER we got him on the ballot in Illinois. It was November '92 when many of us - former Gritz supporters - formed the CDR.

Knowing the influence wielded by UWSA we urged our networkers to join UWSA, attend meetings, take information and educate the members who were obviously as concerned about what's happening in America as the rest of us. I sent my $15 membership fee in order to receive their newsletters and monitor their activities.

We were alerted on a Friday by Ron, the JBS member from Indiana, that Illinois had a Con-Con resolution that was to be heard the upcoming Monday. I spent the entire weekend calling and faxing people, contacting every group I could find in Illinois. Was given the name of a UWSA county coordinator, contacted her and she rallied the troops.

We defeated the resolution and meantime the UWSA person was educated about Ross Perot. She couldn't figure out why "Dallas hadn't alerted them". She sincerely believed Perot was a constitutional defender. When presented with the transcripts of Perot's appearances on Larry King, Barbara Walters and Phil Donahue where he declared the need for a Constitutional Convention and bragged that "my people could get it done in their sleep"... she was infuriated.

I credit her with the demise of Perot's influence over UWSA members. She faxed the transcripts to county leaders all over the country. (The state leaders were pretty much in Perot's pocket). That was the beginning of the end of UWSA, and many of them formed their own groups to continue the effort - without Perot.

Being as naive as I was, I called Pat Robertson's headquarters and asked them to alert the Christian Coalition members of the Con-Con calls in their states. Naturally they refused -- too busy. They did, however, give me a few names of leaders in states that had pending resolutions and we were assisted in those states by members of Christian Coalition.

In 1994 members of a Chicago-based Eagle Forum group with whom we were networking withdrew from Eagle Forum and re-formed under a different name. They were 'tired of the do-nothing attitude' of the Eagle Forum agenda.

In 1995 when the CSG, NCSL and ALEC were promoting the Conference of States (another attempt at a Con-Con - this time by the 'back door') one of Phyllis Schlafly's state leaders in Nevada called me to get all the information I could send her on the COS. I was told by Doug Kelley to call her immediately and send everything. According to Doug she was furious that Schlafly wouldn't oppose the COS.

Janine rallied Eagle Forum members; her work and presentation of the material was dynamic and effective. She used the Eagle Forum political clout to get the job done, and while I regretted the fact that Schlafly would be given the credit and therefore 'credibility', the important objective at the time was to dismantle the plans for the COS.

As an aside, Schlafly did come out (herself) in the April newsletter with an excellently written piece against the COS... a day late and a dime short, as usual. The battle had pretty well been won by that time. I've noticed that about Schlafly. The article was so good I ordered extra copies thinking it could be of use and then realized I could NOT - regardless the persuasive argument against the COS - distribute Eagle Forum material without appearing to promote the organization and its leader.

My dissertation here, Barbara, is to make the point that members of these organizations - for the most part - are very caring individuals and have just been blind-sided. I can relate well to that because of my own experiences as an uninformed person wanting to 'do something' for my country. I sent thousands of dollars over several years to just about every one that mailed me their money-making letters and -- as you know -- once a person begins donating, the mailings increase as our names are circulated amongst the groups.

Regarding our link to Devvy Kidd's web site. I became acquainted with Devvy during the Gritz campaign (we've never met in person) and have held her in high esteem over the years. Your comments were well taken, regarding Devvy's associations. Kelleigh Nelson attempted to enlighten Devvy and her (Kelleigh's) warnings seem to have fallen on deaf ears. I've held it as naivete' on Devvy's part.

Since then, I myself have attempted to call her attention to Bob Schulz, one of her 'associates' and have been perplexed at the seeming lack of concern on her part. I had forgotten that we had linked to Devvy's site and - much as I regret it - can clearly see it must be removed as it certainly sends mixed messages to visitors and readers of information posted on our site, and especially in view of the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing section.

My sincere intention in the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing section, Barbara, is to shed the light of Truth on the lies and the liars who are working for the opposition - that being the agenda of a few, assisted by their minions, of securing total control of every human being on the planet along with the natural resources critical to life. World Dominion is the plan, and I'm beginning to see how most of us, via the dialectic, unwittingly serve their purpose.

Change occurs naturally in time and in the order of things spiritual. For those playing 'god' on earth, in order to orchestrate change to their specifications they must orchestrate (create and control) their own opposition. We who sincerely oppose their machinations often times play right into their hands... just as they knew we would in their uncanny knowledge of 'human nature'.

That's another subject. I'll conclude here by saying: I'm sorry that you didn't feel comfortable to bring it to my attention before you posted the piece in your web site, although I'm glad to have had your mis-interpretation of the 'About Us' section of the website called to my attention. It did give me and opportunity to emphasize the fact that we network with members of the phony conservative organizations. . . NOT the leaders.

I offer no apologies nor have any regrets for that fact, because we've been blessed to meet some wonderful people in these organizations who have in their turn informed and awakened others in the groups.

     —Jackie Patru

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