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Germany and England

by Nesta Webster

Chapter VII

A War of Hate

     Ever since the whole civilised world hailed with joy the Munich Agreement and the Pact of Peace signed between Mr. Chamberlain and Herr Hitler, the newspapers have been busily assuring us that “a reaction has taken place” in public opinion, and that the peace at which we rejoiced was not a peace at all, but only a breathing space before Armageddon.

     The truth is that if any such reaction took place it was mainly brought about by the newspapers themselves, particularly the popular and picture papers which have been doing their best to fan up a fresh panic and sabotage the agreements between the representatives of the Four Powers by perpetual sneers and insults leveled at the chosen leader of the German people.

     How far did this contribute to their fury during the recent riots? If, after they had welcomed Mr. Chamberlain with ovations and Herr Hitler had given him reason to believe that he was sincerely desirous of peace, the Jewish question was still to be made a bone of contention and the reasons for inflaming British public opinion against the Führer, it is hardly surprising that they should feel increased resentment toward the race which, as they well knew, was behind the Press campaign of vilification.

     Hence this resentment which reached its climax after the brutal murder of young vom Rath was largely worked up by the Jews and their friends in this country. So one injustice has been answered by another injustice, one hate by another hate, and a vicious circle has been created of which one cannot see the end.

     The reports of our Press on recent events in Germany have proved useful by showing us the extent to which they have previously misinformed us. For five years we have been told that, life having become unbearable for the Jews in Germany they have been driven in thousands to take refugee abroad, and that it was our duty to let them swarm into our small and overcrowded island, and even oust our own people from their jobs in order to find employment for them.

     But now we find that over half a million Jews were still living on in Germany, some in the greatest prosperity, owning a number of the finest and largest shops in the Kurfürstendamm (the Piccadilly of Berlin, as one paper explains) and many synagogues. Their martyrdom until this last crisis seems therefore to have been of a not unbearable kind.

     It is further interesting to note that in all the diatribes now appearing both in the British and American Press, great care is taken to exonerate completely the German people and to concentrate the attacks on Hitler alone, although no evidence has been produced to show that he provoked the outbreak. The object of this is evidently to avoid offending the people of Germany in case one day Nazi-ism is overthrown, the Jews re-admitted and Germany is then restored to favour by the Democracies.

     The campaign of hate against Hitler is calculated to do almost equal damage to Mr. Chamberlain. The brainless chatterers in London clubs and drawing rooms, calling themselves Conservatives, who in the same breath praise Mr. Chamberlain and abuse Herr Hitler do not perceive that they are playing the game of Mr. Chamberlain’s enemies who, in the Press under their control, proclaim triumphantly that “his peace plan is now dead.” They have certainly done their best to kill it.

     If anything more were needed to show the fearful danger the Jewish question presents it is the suggestion that the treatment of the Jews in Germany should be made the reason for destroying the peace and for launching a world war involving the sacrifice of millions of lives and untold suffering to the human race.

     Did we in the past ever dream of making war on any country – Russia, Rumania, Poland or Germany of the nineteenth century – when actual pogroms from time to time took place there? Much destruction, suffering and, above all, pecuniary loss have been endured by the German Jews in the present crisis but nothing in the nature of a pogrom, since no Jews are proved to have been killed during the riots.

     Moreover, what better evidence could be produced to show the control the Jews have acquired over the councils of the nations if only their sufferings are to evoke sympathy from the so-called Christian world? Are they alone to wear the martyr’s crown?

     The Jews themselves are not deceived by the protestations. They know it is the wealth and power they possess which leads Press, politicians and private individuals to seek their favour. They know that when no corresponding advantage is to be reaped by shedding tears over the victims of persecution, the eyes of these sympathisers remain dry and their hearts unmoved.

     Did the Democracies ever contemplate declaring war on the Bolsheviks when thousands of Christians were being tortured and 2,800,00 massacred, or on the Spanish Government which also employed inhumane tortures and murdered 450,000 people – a figure which does not include those killed in battle?

     Did the “humanitarians,” the intellectuals or the clergy other than the Roman Catholic – ever organise protests against these atrocities? Have they ever expressed even disapproval of our own treatment of the Arabs in Palestine referred to recently by Hitler in words which I know through communications received direct from British residents in Palestine to contain only too much truth.

     Was ever hypocrisy more nauseating than the sanctimonious letters now filling our Press expressing horror of Germany’s treatment of the Jews from people who never felt a pang of pity for suffering Christians or Moslems? On the contrary the most powerful influences in our country have been directed in favour of the persecutors rather than the persecuted, and the hand of Soviet Russia dripping with the blood of a million martyrs is to be grasped in friendship by Christian England in the world conflict on which our warmongers’ minds are set.

     Thus all those countries or factions abroad which have shown the greatest resistance to Bolshveism are not only to receive no sympathy, but are to be respresented to us as our enemies. If they were really so, if Germany were to launch a war of aggression against us or against France, or if any other Power were to attack us, British patriots would be found as united as in 1914, ready to fight whatever the cost might be.

     And in the present state of the world, when new combinations arise daily, it is absolutely necessary for Britain to bring her armaments up to full strength. But this is not the kind of war into which our present jingoists wish us to be drawn, it is no desire to defend their country against a foreign foe which has driven hundreds of Communists into our army, it is on the contrary at the bidding of their alien directors that they are arming for the fight for world revolution.

     The intended war will thus be a war of Bolshevism against Fascism, with Great Britain, to her eternal dishonour and eventual ruin, on the side of Bolshevism.

     Of course this will not be the reason given to the nation or even perhaps realised by the rulers at the onset, some pretext will be put forward by the secret directors of world affairs, as it was in the spring of this year with Italy, in the recent crisis with Germany; next time it may be Japan or Franco’s Spain.

    It does not matter with which of the Fascist States the quarrel is begun, the rest will come in with it and the war will indeed become world wide.*

*And the war DID become world wide - see Appendix V we added. Mind boggling!

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