America's New War?
Or War On Americans?

The following partial transcript of a CNN interview with an eye-witness to the alleged Pentagon hit by a hijacked commercial airliner on 9-11 has been buried within an item titled Get Ready For The Spin.  It occurs to me that the interview must stand alone, in that few people are aware of the fact that there was no 'direct hit' on the Pentagon, based on a radio news report within minutes, and a live eye-witness report on CNN within a couple of hours.

The interview with Tim Timmerman in quotes was transcribed directly from the video tape of CNN's on-going reporting (spin) of events. Be clear that the "news" you get from all of the Zionist controlled media may be 'new'... and it isn't truth.  It's just new spin.  

-- Jackie -- 2-11-01


Re: The Pentagon: Listening to a news broadcast on the radio.  About 9:45 a.m. they reported that "a plane had crashed near the Pentagon,in the courtyard".

     A few moments later the on-the-spot reporter corrected the first account. She said: "The plane didn't crash in the courtyard. It crashed on the helipad (or heliport). I can see the wreckage from here."

     We were out of the car for about 25 minutes. Back in the car we turned on the radio and heard: "The Pentagon has just collapsed".

     I thought another plane must have hit the target. Not so. According to CNN later in the day, on a recap of events, it said: "9:45: Plane crashes into Pentagon".

     The only explanation here seems to be that the calibration on a homing device, or a remote controller - if that was the 'pilot' - was not exact and the plane just missed its mark. Not to worry, the Pentagon was evidently expertly wired just as the WTC towers had to have been and the building was imploded. I assume 'imploded' as they reported the roof caved in, not blown out.

     Bill Brumbaugh, another talk show host, heard the same contradictions and asked: "How in the world did that plane wreckage jump off the helipad and onto the roof of the Pentagon?"

[On Thursday, the 14th I reviewed the first five hours of taping on CNN. Eye-witness Tim Timmerman, a pilot who lives (or 'lived') on the 16th floor of an apartment in Arlington, Virginia overlooking the Pentagon says he saw it clearly. His is a corner apartment with a panoramic view. Timmerman told the CNN reporter:

"I saw a Bowing 757 coming down 395 right over the Columbian Pike. As it went by the Sheraton Hotel the pilot added power. I saw it hit right in front... it didn't appear to have crashed into the building. Most of the energy was dissipated in hitting the ground.  But I saw the nose break up. I saw the wings fly forward and everything was engulfed in flames."

CNN: Are you sure it wasn't a 767?

"No! 757, no question. American Airlines. I saw the plane disintegrate and just blow up in a big ball of fire. The building didn't look very damaged initially. But I do see now looking out my window there's quite a chunk in it. I think the blessing here might have been that the airplane did... before it hit the building... hit the ground. A lot of energy might have gone that way."

(At this point, Timmerman said he had taken photographs from his apartment window. I pray Mr. Timmerman is still among the living, as eye-witnesses do have a way of mysteriously disappearing, meeting with fatal accidents or suffering sudden deadly strokes or heart attacks.) CNN then asked if he was aware that the Pentagon is five-sided...

"Yes.  The rings are A, B, C, D and E. And it just caught the E-ring on the outside and that's why I felt it didn't look as damaged as it could be. It hit... it looked like on the helipad, which is on that side."

CNN: "Did you see any people being removed?

"No sir. I'm up and about a quarter-mile - maybe a little closer than that - and I didn't see anything like that."

CNN: Tim Timmerman, thank you.  

A short while after this, a CNN on-the-sight reporter (but not really because the Pentagon was behind him, at a distance, with the black smoke rolling from the roof) was interviewed by another CNN reporter. I didn't take the names of those involved in this exchange, and didn't transcribe verbatim from the tape. It went like this:

Q. You got a close-up look at the damage, didn't you?

A. Yes, I was right next to the building.

Q. And what did you see?

A. I saw a big, gaping hole and I could see pieces of the plane inside.

Q. Earlier, an eye-witness told us the plane didn't crash into the building.

A. Well, I don't know what it looked like from where he was, but I looked right inside the hole and I know it crashed into the building.

That little exchange, of course, erased the memory banks of many viewers who may have seen the interview with Tim Timmerman, because it was never shown again.]

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