America's New War?
Or War On Americans?


The following e-mail was sent to our list on September 12th. In view of the information now coming forth, the intuitive questions / thoughts that occurred to me immediately and expressed in the e-mail seem to be confirmed.  From that mail came a few responses that more or less suggested I was 'conspiracy theorizing'.  One man said: "You are as full of shit as a Thanksgiving Turkey", whatever that means.  Our turkeys are stuffed with delicious, healthy and edible stuff.

As I was formatting this for the website I had some after-thoughts (I always do) and added them today in brackets.  

After you read the September 12th e-mail, see:  Operation 911 - NO SUICIDE PILOTS - and Wag the WTC - Part One  From there, you can click on Part Two   -  Jackie - 

From: Jackie Patru - :    

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Date: 9/12/2001  6:25 PM -

RE: STRATFOR Real-Time Analysis: The Israeli Dimension

     Get ready. Here we go for the big SPIN!

     When I tuned in CNN yesterday just after the 2nd plane hit the WTC tower; as I heard them talking about terrorists, my first thoughts expressed to Chuck and friend Jeff were: "They're going to blame this on the Arabs. Enrage the American people and justify starting a war against those 'bad' people."

     I recall that the recent UN meetings have been orchestrating an ostensible division between the nation's puppet-leaders - for and against - Israel because of the atrocities being committed daily against the Palestinian Arabs by the [Zionist] Khazarian butchers. Are they setting us up for WWIII, using Israel as their "jumping off platform"?  

     Very frightening to watch / listen to the spin on CNN. I suppose it's the same on all of them. We'll see. As I write this, it's announced that Bush spoke with Putin (Russia) and Jiang Zemin (China) about joining an international coalition against terrorism, and about 'getting approval' from the UN Security Council. [Breathing life into the fallacy of the UN's power over nations, including the U.S. of A.]

     As for blaming this on the Arabs, CNN earlier today announced they had five suspects. Arab men. Two of them brothers; one has a death sentence hanging over his head from Jordan. The men entered the U.S. from Canada to Maine, then into Boston. Lo and behold... A car in the airport parking lot was searched. A suitcase was found. In this suitcase was a copy of the Koran, and instructions (in Arabic) on "How To Fly A Commercial Airliner". They imprinted the statement in millions of minds with live video of a white car on a flatbed being taken out of a parking lot or garage. (A couple of hours ago somebody told me they now hear there are fifteen suspects.)

     NATO has pledged to the U.S. that when the U.S. discovers who the perpetrators are, NATO will put the full power of their 19 nation force behind any actions the U.S. decides to take. According to CNN, this is a 'first' in the over fifty years of NATO's history.

[That's ominous.  The  'New NATO' has brand new rules, according to Foreign Affairs (5/6-99) in an article titled, The New Interventionism:

"The new system acknowledges something else the U.N. Charter overlooks: that the major threats to stability and well-being now come from internal violence as or more often than they do from cross-border fighting -- and that to be effective, international law needs to stop the former as well as the latter...

The hope is that building a multinational coalition will filter out the worst forms of national self-interest and keep them from playing a leading role in international intervention." 

Today 10-10 the news reported that: since the U.S. AWACs are busy monitoring Bosnia and Afghanistan, NATO has five of its (foreign mercenary troops) AWACs monitoring the skies over America.  Not to worry... they don't drop bombs, they just gather intelligence .]  

     Former UN Ambassador under Clinton, Richard Holbrooke, (Henry Kissinger's protege') asserted that the terrorist action calls for international response.  

[Inter-national means 'bury the nations'. Inter: L in in terra earth: BURY;     Internationalize: to make international; esp : to place under international control -- Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 1974]

     Holbrook also engineered the phony Bosnian accord, telling the Bosnian leaders fifteen minutes before the deadline established that "you will sign this, or else". I always wondered what the 'or else' was. Kissinger announced that "it was an integrated action and calls for an integrated response". Today, Colin Powell also called for an international coalition.

     I cannot - hard as I might try - swallow the 'hijacker' angle.  FOUR of them all at one time?!  Yesterday we were told they had 'cardboard cutters' which I guess would be like an exacto knife. Today it's changed to plastic knives. I believe the door to the cockpit is closed and sealed. How would one cut through that door with an exacto or plastic knife?  Now we're getting accounts of the 'terrorists' actions via a phone call that was made from a bathroom in the plane that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

     The thought occurred and it won't go away: How do we KNOW there were hijackers?

     Could have been homing devices planted in the nose of the planes. Pilot takes off without a clue as to what is about to happen; he attempts to make flight adjustments and discovers nothing is working. Plane is on automatic flight. Calls for help. Radio doesn't work. The pilot sits unable to do anything as the plane steers it's own course toward the target. He watches helplessly as the plane crashes into the tower. Plane never exits the building. Next plane, same thing.

     THEN... the buildings are imploded. No witnesses, no black box, just ashes and rubble. If they 'find' the black boxes I guess they could input any 'conversation' they want before the public hears it.

     An eye witness, Todd Harris, (cut off by CNN by the way and they never got back to him) said, "I had a perfect view. The plane was coming in. I noticed it a second before it hit the building. It looked like it was moving slowly, and it lined itself up to hit the building perfectly."

     Not that a pilot couldn't do that, but it's doubtful an untrained pilot - one who had just read instructions on 'how to fly a commercial airliner' would have that finesse.

     We heard yesterday that the airlines announced a couple of years ago they now have electronic equipment which can be used remotely to fly a plane "in case something happens to the pilot". Have not confirmed that.

     A friend called yesterday remembering a show he had seen on Fox on The X Files about two years ago in a series called The Lone Gunman. This particular episode was about a commercial airliner that had a remote control device installed by 'terrorists'. The plane left from Boston (just like the one that crashed yesterday) and was heading straight for the World Trade Center. Pilot helpless to change the flight pattern. The show had a happier ending than yesterday's incident, because someone was able to dis-connect the device just in time to save the day.

     This is reminiscent of Oklahoma Governor Keating's brother who wrote a book a couple of years before the Murrah Federal Building was bombed. I understand the story line is so close to the genocide committed in OKC that it is spine chilling. The terrorist who bombed a federal building, in this story, was named Tom McVay... or close to that. Spelling might be off a tad (it usually is).

     Re: The Pentagon: Listening to a news broadcast on the radio. About 9:45 they reported that "a plane had crashed near the Pentagon,in the courtyard".

     A few moments later the on-the-spot reporter corrected the first account. She said: "The plane didn't crash in the courtyard. It crashed on the helipad (or heliport). I can see the wreckage from here."

     We were out of the car for about 25 minutes. [Back in the car] turned on the radio and heard: "The Pentagon has just collapsed".

     I thought another plane must have hit the target. Not so. According to CNN later in the day, on a recap of events, it said: "9:45: Plane crashes into Pentagon".

     The only explanation here seems to be that the calibration on a homing device - if that was the 'pilot' - was not exact and the plane just missed its mark. Not to worry, the Pentagon was evidently expertly wired just as the WTC towers had to have been and the building was imploded. I assume 'imploded' as they reported the roof caved in, not blown out.

     Bill Brumbaugh, another talk show host, heard the same contradictions and asked: "How in the world did that plane wreckage jump off the helipad and onto the roof of the Pentagon?"

[On Thursday, the 14th I reviewed the first five hours of taping on CNN. Eye-witness Tim Timmerman, a pilot who lives (or 'lived') on the 16th floor of an apartment in Arlington, Virginia overlooking the Pentagon says he saw it clearly. His is a corner apartment with a panoramic view. Timmerman told the CNN reporter:

"I saw a Bowing 757 coming down 395 right over the Columbian Pike. As it went by the Sheraton Hotel the pilot added power. I saw it hit right in front... it didn't appear to have crashed into the building. Most of the energy was dissipated in hitting the ground.  But I saw the nose break up. I saw the wings fly forward and everything was engulfed in flames."

CNN: Are you sure it wasn't a 767?

"No! 757, no question. American Airlines. I saw the plane disintegrate and just blow up in a big ball of fire. The building didn't look very damaged initially. But I do see now looking out my window there's quite a chunk in it. I think the blessing here might have been that the airplane did... before it hit the building... hit the ground. A lot of energy might have gone that way."

(At this point, Timmerman said he had taken photographs from his apartment window. I pray Mr. Timmerman is still among the living, as eye-witnesses do have a way of mysteriously disappearing, meeting with fatal accidents or suffering sudden deadly strokes or heart attacks.) CNN then asked if he was aware that the Pentagon is five-sided...

"Yes.  The rings are A, B, C, D and E. And it just caught the E-ring on the outside and that's why I felt it didn't look as damaged as it could be. It hit... it looked like on the helipad, which is on that side."

CNN: "Did you see any people being removed?

"No sir. I'm up and about a quarter-mile away — maybe a little closer than that — and I didn't see anything like that."

CNN: Tim Timmerman, thank you.  

A short while after this, a CNN on-the-sight reporter (but not really because the Pentagon was behind him, at a distance, with the black smoke rolling from the roof) was interviewed by another CNN reporter. I didn't take the names of those involved in this exchange, and didn't transcribe verbatim from the tape. It went like this: Q. You got a close-up look at the damage, didn't you? A. Yes, I was right next to the building. Q. And what did you see? A. I saw a big, gaping hole and I could see pieces of the plane inside. Q. Earlier, an eye-witness told us the plane didn't crash into the building. A. Well, I don't know what it looked like from where he was, but I looked right inside the hole and I know it crashed into the building.

That little exchange, of course, erased the memory banks of many viewers who may have seen the interview with Tim Timmerman, because it was never shown again.] 

     It goes without saying that whatever any of us hear in the way of contradictions and can confirm them should report it.  The pieces of this puzzle will come together just as did the hoax of the OK City bombing. We've been taping CNN continuously since 9 a.m. yesterday morning. Others are taping Fox, ABC, etc.

     May our brothers and sisters who passed over yesterday be wrapped in the love and peace of our Heavenly Father. May their loved ones left behind on this prison planet find sustenance in their faith; and may the evil perpetrators receive their just reward... as they surely will. "As we sow, that also shall we reap".  -- Jackie --

p.s. Will be reviewing the tapes. Seems I heard something about Camp David yesterday and have heard nothing since.

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