When I sent this piece to our e-list I received a query/comment from Mark. I'm pasting it here, along with my response, as it would be reasonable that others may have the same thoughts.  -- Jackie -- April 15th, 2003

Jackie,  How do we know that the timing of this picture was not a significant amount of time after the event when the “masses” have all gone home? Is it the location of the armored vehicle and the position of the statue? I know the statue was dragged around the square by said “masses” just after it was toppled so maybe this is an easy question to answer.  

Just trying to play Devil’s advocate here to make sure the information you’re sending isn’t inaccurate. Mark Rexroad 

Mark, I watched a staged cheering rally allegedly by the people of Kuwait after their "liberation" in the first Gulf War. I was very naive at that time (1991) and KNEW then that the rally was staged. The cheering and clapping and whistling was much greater than the numbers of people there.  A shoddy shot gave us a view of the actual numbers in that "crowd".  Are you aware that the Pentagon (I'll say allegedly here, because today we can't believe ANYTHING we hear, read or even 'see') threatened the lives of independent reporters in Iraq?  They DO NOT want you to know the truth.  I cannot judge for you.  That must come from within you -- NOT from our 'logic', but from our intuition.  THAT is where the truth dwells.  -- Jackie 

P.S.  Did you read Jim Condit's remarks at the bottom of the page I sent?  It IS worthy of your read.  -- J

Good point Jackie. It’s good to know that there is someone “plugged-in”, as I say, like you are. Yes I did read Jim’s remarks but I find that loosely gathered information, that is, information presented without specific reference to source, is difficult to trust. I understand that today, there is so little reference to rely on but someone out there could do well to stay on top of all the stories and compile similarities and contradictions to make the picture clearer…or foggier depending upon the viewpoint.

 I love your site and what you are doing. I pray that you will be able to continue the march without confronting a march-terminating obstacle. I share the information you send me to everyone who will listen, and the list is growing so keep up the good work!  Mark

I've added Jim Condit's notes at the bottom. Worthy of your read.  -- May Creator/God guide us and  may our listening be 'hearing'.  -- Jackie -- April 15th, 2003


Just Another Staged Baghdad Rally?
by Ivan Eland
Senior Fellow and Director, Center on Peace & Liberty
Independent Institute
April 12, 2003

This wide-angle photo by Reuters of the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in central Baghdad arouses suspicions that the "spontaneous jubilation" by the Iraqi masses shown on television around the world was a "media event" orchestrated by the Pentagon.

Rather than a spontaneous mass demonstration, the photo clearly shows that only a couple hundred Iraqis participated in the largely empty and heavily guarded Fardus Square. American tanks and troops surrounded the square and one armored vehicle "helped" the Iraqis pull down the statue.

In the upper part of the photo, it appears that normal traffic into the square has been blocked by American troops. Conveniently, this square is in close proximity to the Palestine Hotel, which houses journalists covering the war. The timing of the activities is also suspicious; the wrecking of the statue occurred during the morning shows on the American television networks.

The motive for this seemingly staged event: In the wake of reports of an ambivalent Iraqi reaction to an invasion billed as one designed to "liberate" Iraq, the Bush administration badly needed television pictures showing Iraqi popular support.

Thanks to Information Clearing House for the source information and photo.

Ivan Eland is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute in Oakland, Calif., and author of the book, Putting "Defense" Back into U.S. Defense Policy: Rethinking U.S. Security in the Post-Cold War World. For further articles and studies, see the War on Terrorism.

Comments below by Jim Condit http://www.networkamerica.com/

The toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad was
a staged "Wag the Dog" media event, not a spontaneous outpouring of joy
from the people of Baghdad.

Comment: I have to admit that I fell for the Big Media production of the
fall of the Saddam statue. I thought, based on the sound effects, --
which now we can surmise were added from a crowd at an American baseball
game or the like, -- I thought based on the sound effects that thousands
-- or tens of thousands -- of people were in the town square cheering as
the statue came down.

In fact, there were at most 400 or 500 Arabs, brought to the Saddam
statue by US Marines, composed of either the Shiites who lived near
Baghdad, or leaders from other groups, flown in for the occasion -- who
had always been opposed to Saddam as they were from other ethnic groups
or religious sects.

The PEOPLE of Baghdad were NOT rushing out to join in the pulling down
of the Saddam statue. They were sitting in their homes, feeling that
their country had been occupied, and feeling quite dejected. They may
have hated Saddam's rule, but the vast majority hated MORE this Zionist
motivated American invasion and occupation. That was the reality. And
believe me, EVERY ARAB understands that this is a Zionist pushed
invasion using American armed forces. This was made clear, among other
places, on Meet the Press on Sunday April 13, 2003 by the Syrian

Even Dan Rather, who, -- despite the absurd accusations of the Rush
Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys -- , is as much a mouthpiece for US
government propaganda as any of the other major network "newsmen", --
reported the next day that the streets of Baghdad seemed like a funeral.
Think of how you would feel if our cities were occupied by Red Chinese
soldiers - even if they had just ousted Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately for W. Bush, Rumsfeld, and the Zionist Jews around them -
Reuters got a long range picture of the square as the statue was being
pulled down. This picture is available at


The long range vantage point piccture of the city square at the center
of Baghdad showed 95% of the square totally empty. It showed the town
square encircled by US tanks, with the tanks stopping normal traffic
from proceeding around the town square (Fardus Square). It showed the
Saddam statue hooked up by rope or wire to the US tank which pulled it
down; it showed a very small group of no more than 400 or 500 people
around the statue. Now for the MEDIA TRICK -

All five Big TV Networks ordered their camera men to keep their cameras
focused so that they stayed on the small crowd, thus, -- together with
the illusion of the "big crowd" sound effects, -- made it look and seem
like a crowd of tens of thousands of people overcome by the joy of being
liberated. I repeat, it fooled me - and I've seen "Wag the Dog" - the
movie that is a total Hollywood confession of how the American people
are manipulated by cleverly edited sound and video.

In other words, we have another Zionist Media deception. It was a 100%
staged event.

To repeat, the movie "Wag the Dog" shows you how cynically Hollywood and
New York manipulate America through contrived television images. ("And
all the world will follow the Beast in wonder . . .")

If exposure of this "Saddam Statue Pull Down" deception doesn't prove to
any reasonable person that the 5 Big TV networks are waging
psychological warfare on behalf of organized Zionist Jewry against
Christian America - I don't know what will.

Incidentally, for subconscious and psychological effect, the soldier
next to the statue was ordered to put up the 9-11 style American Flag
for a few minutes over the statue's face, before some type of an Iraqi
flag was tied around the statues neck. Of course, no direct or remote
link has been established connecting the 9-11 terror attacks to Iraq.

And while the W. Bush Barbarian Operation was staging the statue event,
elsewhere . . .

Item: Bush Barbarian Operation deliberately allow looters and
hoodlums to destroy thousands of ANCIENT and irreplaceable artifacts in
the Museum in Baghdad. Many of these artifacts were thousands of years
old, some dating back to the beginning of civilization. Needless to say,
the treasures which were destroyed and stolen are irreplaceable.

Comment: On Meet the Press on Sunday, April 13, 2003, the Syrian
Ambassador told Tim Russert (paraphrase): "These are not only Iraq's
treasures, these are yours and mine also. Some of these treasures date
back to the dawn of civilization."

Earlier, Russert worked up the nerve to ask Bully Rumsfeld (paraphrase):
"You know, it is being claimed that the curators of the Baghdad museum
asked the US military for help in guarding this museum, and the US
military refused. The dangerous Rumsfeld laughed it off with something
that amounted to - (characterization) "You're botherin' me, boy, --
we've got more important things to do." What Barbarians. FLASH -

This deliberate destruction of the Baghdad museum has the mark of
"Jewish Supremacy" all over it. The Jewish Supremists wish to destroy or
take possession of any relic of civilization that is not their own. IF
WE DO NOT STOP THESE MORAL DEVILS, their plan is to destroy EVERY
landmark or evidence of Christianity in the Holy Land in the next
hundred years.

No need for any more discussion. Every alert Christian should now begin
planning for the day when the Sharons, Wolfowitzes, Netanyahus, and
Schumers - will be arrested and jailed for crimes against humanity. It
is necessary to do this to protect the innocent and so that governments
once again become a terror to evil-doers.

You can see more about the wanton and barbaric destruction of the Baghdad museum at this link


War with Iraq - Again?
Introduction and Overview. Reading this first will put the other items in this section into perspective. —Jackie

Hussein Did NOT Gas the Kurds!
New York Times: "The United States Defense Intelligence Agency investigated and produced a classified report, which it circulated within the intelligence community on a need-to-know basis. That study asserted that it was Iranian gas that killed the Kurds, not Iraqi gas."

Zionist Campaign for War with Iraq
In Revisionist Perspective by Paul Grubach
"Why should the U.S. go to war to serve Israeli-Zionist interests? Why should mostly non-Jewish White, Black, and Hispanic Americans — who make up the vast majority of the U.S. armed forces — have to risk their lives for the Jewish state of Israel?"

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon - "dial-a-hurt"
HPMs are man-made lightning bolts crammed into cruise missiles. The Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland has been studying how to deliver varying but predictable electrical pulses to inflict increasing levels of harm: to deny, degrade, damage or destroy, to use the Pentagon's parlance. HPM engineers call it "dial-a-hurt."

The Mother of All Wars - SHOCK and AWE
"Ullman is ready to use every kind of weapon to create shock and awe. He once said it might be a good idea to use electromagnetic waves that attack peoples' neurological systems, "to control the will and perception of adversaries, by applying a regime of shock and awe. It is about effecting behavior."

Pentagon Eyes Mass Graves (for U.S. Soldiers)
Denver Post: "The bodies of U.S. soldiers killed by chemical or biological weapons in Iraq or future wars may be bulldozed into mass graves and burned to save the lives of surviving troops, under an option being considered by the Pentagon."

View from Baghdad
This following article is the reality that 99% of the world sees about the Iraq situation and the U.S. role. This war is not over oil. It's about ownership and control of Earth's resources. . . this proven technology could provide an ABUNDANCE of cheap, clean energy worldwide, virtually overnight, if it was not ruthlessly suppressed with inventors bankrupted if not murdered.

War - No Matter What!
Dr Richard Perle stunned MPs by insisting a "clean bill of health" from UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix would not halt America's war machine. Evidence from ONE witness on Saddam Hussein's weapons programme will be enough to trigger a fresh military onslaught, he told an all-party meeting on global security.

Saddam's Bodyguard Warns of Secret Weapons
A source close to Mr. Sharon said, "Sharon intends to shatter the growing anti-war movement. He plans to call all those European leaders who are wavering . . ." Is this the ONE witness Richard Perle needed to trigger a fresh military onslaught?

Seeds of Destruction
What keeps Bush from planting evidence of WMD in Iraq?
Think about it. Bush is willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to forward his agenda to destroy Iraq. To his disappointment, inspectors have found NOTHING thus far except some crated-up, 20 year-old warheads. Hardly evidence of an active program for WMD.

U.S. Demands Iraq Show Cooperation by This Weekend
What can we make of this convoluted and contradictory piece?
The headline says 'this weekend' (2-15/16). In the body of the article we read: "Mr. Bush did not mention Friday as a turning point. Ms. Rice said he had set no deadline for action by the Security Council." Much of what we read in the controlled media is designed to 'shape public opinion' and generate fear and anxiety. Stay close with God in peace and love. —Jackie

U.S. Documents show embrace of Saddam Hussein in early 1980's
From the National Security Archive
"The declassified documents posted today include the briefing materials and diplomatic reporting on two Rumsfeld trips to Baghdad, reports on Iraqi chemical weapons use concurrent with the Reagan administration's decision to support Iraq. . . "

Book: Saddam Hussein
Click here to download Adobe Acrobat ReaderBook about Saddam Hussein, which tells a side of the story that you will not get from the major media.
Note: This link requires Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Turkish Parliament Refuses to Accept G.I.'s in Blow to Bush
ANKARA, Turkey, March 1 - The Turkish Parliament today dealt a major setback to the Bush administration's plans for a northern front against Iraq, narrowly rejecting a measure that would have allowed thousands of American combat troops to use the country as a base for an attack.

Bush and 2 Allies Seem Set for War to Depose Hussein
N.Y.Times - 3-17-03
BUSH: "Saddam Hussein can leave the country if he's interested in peace. You see, the decision is his to make, and it's been his to make all along on whether or not there's the use of military."

Bush Planned Iraq Regime Change Before Becoming President
Sunday Herald, United Kingdom, September 15, 2002
"A secret blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001...'This is a blueprint for US world domination -- a new world order of their making. These are the thought processes of fantasist Americans who want to control the world. I am appalled that a British Labour Prime Minister should have got into bed with a crew which has this moral standing.'"

Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and Resources for a New Century
Click here to download Adobe Acrobat ReaderWritten in September 2000, before George W. Bush was President, and prior to September 11th, this document is the report the Sunday Herald (U.K.) called, "A blueprint for US global domination." Among other things, the report establishes missions for U.S. military forces to:

  • "defend the American homeland

  • "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous theatre wars

  • "perform the 'constabulary' duties associated with shaping the security environment in critical regions

  • "transform U.S. forces to exploit the 'revolution in military affairs'"

U.S. Awards Deals for Post-War Iraq
"A USAid spokeswoman said that the companies were chosen because of their proven ability, and that it was a policy to use US companies for projects funded by the American taxpayer." U.S. soldiers will bomb the Iraqis to hell, then the "American taxpayer" will pay, and pay, and pay to rebuild what they destroyed. Except, you can't rebuild or re-animate dead babies and men and women, not even one, nor the half-million Iraqis expected to be murdered. Oh, yes. . . the sanitized war-term for murder now is "collateral damage."

Just Another Staged Baghdad Rally?
They told us that the Iraqis were dancing in the streets, celebrating at the thought of being "liberated." Could it be they lied to us again?

Sham Saddam Scam
An analysis of the allegation that Saddam Hussein was captured.

Saddam Was NOT Captured
"The Pentagon spin machine is trying to dupe us all by telling us that this photo was taken in December. It shows two American soldiers lifting the lid off that elaborate 'spider hole', where they claim they have found Saddam Hussein."

Who Writes Letter(s) to Editors for Soldiers?
Many Soldiers, Same Letter
Newspapers around U.S. get identical missives from Iraq. ". . . appear to be part of a campaign to present a positive picture of the U.S. occupation."

Army to Recall Former Military Members
CNN News 6.29.04
"The Army is preparing to notify about 5,600 retired and discharged soldiers who are not members of the National Guard or Reserve that they will be involuntarily recalled to active duty for possible service in Iraq or Afghanistan. . . "

Pick Your Price: Your Blood or Your Soul
By John Kaminski
Demonic demagogues like Joseph Farah, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh all have recently recommended killing large numbers of innocent Iraqis "to teach them a lesson." . . . it's not cool to mess with Uncle Sam and mutilate his hired killers, the highly paid mercenaries he hired to assassinate Iraqi intellectuals. . . "

Thousands of US troops evacuated from Iraq for unexplained medical reasons
September 2003
"At no point in the last six months have the American people been told that for every soldier who has been killed in Iraq, at least another 15 have fallen so ill that they had to be flown back to the United States."

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