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Sham Saddam Scam Part 1:

by Fintan Dunne,
Research by Kathy McMahon
16th December, 2003 Update 3pm ET

As when exposing 9/11, timing matters when uncovering war propaganda. Let the hype ease, but not until opinion settles.
Yes, initial consensus can be persuasive. But, the magic show
audience soon wonders: how did they do that? Here's how.

For months we have wanted to get our hands on the warmonger who terrorized the world with weapons of mass destruction. But, as we couldn't get George Bush, we had to make do with Saddam Hussein. A second rate toughman who used to run a now third-world country. The mass media are content: we caught us a dictator. Or did we?

Before being swept away by the hysteria, there are two key questions. These lead to a whole lot more. Then to some surprising answers.


  Double? Answer
First question: whatever happened to all those legendary doubles of Saddam. You know: the supporting cast of look-alikes who made it fruitless to try assassinate him.

The doubles reportedly had plastic surgery and practiced Saddam's mannerisms, walk, and even facial tics. So, odds were at least 5, maybe 10 to 1 you would just kill some unfortunate actor instead.

When the Americans invaded, this crew of doubles were suddenly jobless and footloose in Iraq. Ever wonder why none were reported caught?

They didn't have billions in a Swiss bank. No loyal cadre. No hoard of pocket money for greasing the palms needed to don a low profile and keep it.

So, if anyone was to be caught, the chances are 100 to 1 the first to be nabbed would be a clone. Yet, US forces scouring the country did a strangely dismal job of catching them.

How come they got so lucky that the first Saddam they gabbed happened to be the real thing? And was caught with such exquisite Karl Rove-ian timing to boot.
Bush was signing the Patriot II-style "Intelligence Authorization Act" stealthily into law, at the exact moment the Iraq drama unfolded.

What Patriot II-styled law, was that?," you ask. [Answer]

"With all that Sadddam fuss, I never heard about it."



Second question: Maj-Gen Ray Odierno, the man running the Saddam grab, seems to have had a terrific break. Even with the claimed red hot intelligence info, US forces initially failed to find Saddam in raids on two locations near ad-Dwar. But, said Odierno, troops threw up a subsequent cordon and after a local search operation unearthed the fugitive.

Hold on a moment. Their 'actionable intelligence' led to raids on two prime locations, but only when they failed to find the most wanted man in the world did they bother to throw a cordon around the area?

Pardon me for being such a poor military strategist. But wouldn't any military or police hunt aimed a specific location surely throw a cordon BEFORE going in -not after? That way if the target moves then at least they still have him boxed in? This seems obvious to you and I, but clearly we don't have what it takes to rise to the top of the US military.

You are getting the idea that I smell a rat. The rat odor is that according to a US military map, the location where 'Saddam' was found is close to a cordon point and far from the targets and the rest of the troops.

Suppose that instead of trying to find a rat in an unknown trap, you actually wanted to place a rat look-alike in a prearranged trap.

In order to make a great show of finding him shortly afterwards.

The last thing you want is a 600-strong Raider Brigade stomping all over the rat hole. So you send them on a nearby wild goose chase --the Wolverine 1 & 2 locations. Meanwhile your very special ops team slips the rat into his rat hole to be pulled out moments later. With everyone trying to look surprised when they 'find' him.

You can discount those stories about Saddam moving location every few hours. Nobody is that foolish. Any fugitive knows travel presents the highest risk.

Even Col. James Hickey, heavy-handed war criminal and Saddam bloodhound commanding the 4th Infantry's 1st Brigade, told Reuters: "If they try to move, they run the risk of running into one of our patrols."

Despite this, last week British sources leaked to Newsweek that Saddam had been dumb enough to be driving around in a battered old cab. Surprise: a cab was found at the hideout location. Clumsy leak.

Ad Dawr, by the way, was where Saddam hid in 1959, after a hit attempt on the then prime minister of Iraq. Every rock in this area would have been lifted during the last nine months.

Supposedly, Saddam somehow hid in the very area being most thoroughly searched. And remained there though the zone, since early August had been hotter than a hornet's nest. Despite the US forces, insurgents were free enough to hit helicopters at will. Yet Saddam remained, we are told.

In particular, the military presence had been thick in the nearby village and general area of Awja for the past month --setting up for this scam.


Now, let's whisk him aboard a chopper --probably the same one which brought him to ad-Dawr-- and it's off to Baghdad for the gala matinee performance of a lifetime.

There, the world's media would soon be seeing Saddam himself --in the flesh. Ooops, did I say... in the flesh? I meant... on the video.

You know what videotape is, don't you? It's stuff you rent movies on. At the video store you can rent some wonderful performances. Like, say Jurassic Park --which features incredibly realistic nonexistent creatures. You can rent these videos for a few bucks. Like a cheap actor.

Speaking of cheap actors, back to our Sunday performance.

Great hairy beards make it much easier to impersonate somebody. Heck, just ask any of the hundreds of wannabee actors playing Santa Claus for those not mature enough to realize he doesn't exist.

Beards render inconsistencies in the cheeks, jaw line, chin or neck invisible. And make face proportions hard to gauge. So, a beard grown this big, this fast, was a very important overkill.

Yet, though the hair is unkempt and rather too wispy, it was dyed so recently that the gray roots don't show. Eyebrows too.

Is this guy all gray hair? And old?

OK, some will say, but when they shaved off the beard it was Saddam underneath.

Just a moment. Another big assumption.

The video starred Mr. Santa, not the unbearded Saddam. We just have a photo. Are you assuming the photo is of the same person, and was taken just after the medical exam video? Really?

From say, the prewar CBS News interview with Saddam, you could fake a whole gallery of still photos. Of the real Saddam.

I love the high white collar. So convenient.
And the forehead cuts and similar white backgrounds, so your mind automatically links Santa and Saddam. Nice touches.

That's the thing about illusion, it's all done with misdirection. Which lead us to make false assumptions. Pure magic!

By the way, you are not assuming the medical exam video was shot just after the 'capture,' are you?

Ever been to the movies? They don't make the movie earlier that day. They make 'em in special studios, and it takes lots of time. They also make the movie publicity photos in special studios. Then they hand them out free --to the un-free press.


But, some might say... His DNA matches Saddam's.

Oh yeah? Like they would tell you if it didn't.

Maybe not, but there are people who identified him.


Yeah, a bunch of guys from the US-appointed Coalition Provisional Authority saw him. Chatted with him, even.

Oh, I didn't realize you had such high-calibre independent witnesses.

And, Tariq Aziz, his former foreign minister says they have Saddam.

He personally told you did he?

Well, no..... the US military told a reporter, and he told a told a news editor, and the news editor told a news anchor, and he told me. Anyway, they are interrogating him right now.

I see. You saw them interrogating him?

Well... no.

A reporter saw them interrogating him?

Ummm... no.... A US military intelligence guy gave a transcript of an interrogation to a reporter. And... the reporter told...

Yeah I know. And the reporter told a news editor and the news editor told a news anchor and the news anchor told you.

You can expect more juicy details from the 'interrogation' to be drip fed to the media over the next weeks and months. That's vital to the illusion of a captive Saddam, and also handy propaganda.

Already, they hint he may implicate Syria as having taken receipt of Iraq's mythical WMD's. Syria is the next Neocon target and this also lets the US off the hook for not finding the WMD's.

And they couldn't resist depicting Saddam admitting to assassinating Shiite leaders: Muhammad Sadeq al-Sadr, in 1999, and Mohamad Baqir al Hakim, this year. That's for domestic political mischief-making purposes. Despite claiming to fear a civil war between Sunni, Shiites and Kurds, the black-ops people are actually keen to foster such an outcome.

The transparent political words attributed to Saddam in 'interrogation' gild the lilly too much. The Santa operation team must be fuming that the propaganda boys have risked the credibility of the whole PsyOp just to get in a few cheap political shots.


In summary.

We have a raid with no cordon, which found a single and no doubles.

We have a military-issue video of a bearded unknown; some photos which could be faked by a talented teen with Paintshop Pro; a DNA test by army doctors; a box full of borrowed dollars to wow the impressionable; a few snapshots of an empty dictator den; fancy maps and graphics; and lots of slickly written details to flesh out the scrawny bones of a thin story.

In other words, a PsyOp. A psychological operation on world opinion. It's called information warfare, and modern armies spend billions on it.

This is the same crew who 'rescued' Jessica Lynch, 'superhero'.

Who embedded reporters so deep they aired combat promos.

The ones who already swore TWICE they had 'killed' Saddam with bombs.

Who 'accidentally' fired on the media's hotel to scare them out of town.

Who staged a 100-person 'crowd' to topple Saddam's statue.

Lies. All lies. All PsyOps.

But this time, with GW's ass on the line, they are telling the truth, eh?

This time, they really have Saddam, but didn't want to haul him in front of the world media, flanked by two burly US Marines, blinking in the torrent of flashbulbs, for the photo op of the millennium... because they didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Like an overly shy butcher, they have the carcass in the freezer, but they're simply too coy to put the beef on display, and thus end doubts on the matter. Eh?

Doubts which marred a previous psyop: the claimed 'killing' of Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay. Which many Iraqis thought was a scam.

Believe the Saddam tale, and I got another: There's this guy up the north pole who flies in the sky with reindeer and......

Finally, where then is the elusive former strongman? Resting in a lakeshore Russian dacha is far more likely than hiding in a pit in Tikrit. As per consistent claims from Iran and other sources of a secret deal brokered by Russia to allow Baghdad to fall and the leadership to escape.

The Americans, from the start of the conflict, have made determined efforts to get us thinking they were itching to kill Saddam. The war opened with just such a misdirection gambit.

In the magic business, misdirection is the father of illusion, and certainty is its mother. Acceptance of uncertainty is the path the open-minded follow to see through the mist of lies. Maya, the world of illusion, is everywhere.

And the USA, home of Hollywood, is truly the Master of Maya.

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The Saddam capture caper is a sophisticated psyop aimed at both mainstream and alternative media. But the psyop team have been too clever for their own good. Here's why. READ


by Fintan Dunne, Editor
Research by Kathy McMahon
21st December, 2003

On a night in early September 2003, the dictator was only moments from capture. The romantic duo closing in on him were U. S. military manhunter, Col. James Hickey, and Times reporter, Marie Colvin. Read and wonder what might have been. READ

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Notorious former Beatle, Saddam McCartney has been captured by U.S. forces in Iraq. Finally solving a mystery which has puzzled many since McCartney allegedly disappeared on 9th, September
1966 --with some claiming he
had died a car crash.

The term Sham Saddam Scam was coined by Thomas J. Mattingly

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