The Greatest Hoax

This is a transcript of a tape made by Betty J. Mills in January, 1991.  

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AS I SEE IT -- January, 1991

The Vision and Circles of Power

by Betty J. Mills

     My name is Betty J. Mills.  It is January 1991.  The title of this tape is The Vision and Circles of Power.  This tape is undoubtedly the most difficult tape I have ever made and some of you may say it is also the most unbelievable.

    First, let me say, as I have said in my tape and booklets, when I discuss the Catholic Church, the Vatican, the Pope and the all-Catholic SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) I am not condemning Catholics and their faith.  Catholics' faith is their business.  

     I only enter when it is political and a threat to the freedom of my grandchildren and all other children - and also when it is a threat to the restoration of the sovereignty of the United States of America and its Constitutional Republic.

    Also, when I discuss the world policy makers or President George Bush and his administration and the war in the Gulf I am in no way in opposition to our service-men and service-women.  I honor and respect them.  

     However, I am not behind the policy of president George Bush and his administration.  I am not behind their policy which is the policy of the World Policymakers, whose dream was - and is - the New World Order.... and the war in the Gulf is a vitally important part of this plan.

    Here is a question as part of a scenario.  What would you believe or think?... what would you say and what would you do if ?... tomorrow your children came into the house screaming, "Mommy! Daddy! Come look at the sky!"

    You run outside and looking up at the sky you see a VISION.  THE VISION could be the Virgin Mary.  It could be Christ. It could be both or it could be some other [religious figure].

    At this time you also hear a voice telling you that you will be receiving a message and that you must carry out the instructions you are given.  Then other members of the family come out of the house and they inform you that they have seen the same VISION on television.  

  You listen to the radio and you hear the message about THE VISION and other instructions that you are to follow.  You try to call relatives and friends but you find that the phone lines are busy.  Perhaps a recording will be giving some information.  You learn from television and radio that THE VISION is being seen all over the world and the messages are being heard in the language of their country or area.


    Now... let us return to the present and reality. It will lead us to a book written by Malachi Martin considered by many as the voice for Pope John Paul II.  

   As I discuss Malachi Martin's book, it will lead us back to THE VISION.  From August the second, 1990 until the present ... January 1991 - it is less than a six-month period of time, but it certainly is a most historical time.  During this short period of time, president George Bush implemented a vital part of the U.S. State Department plan 7277. This is one of the final steps leading into the New World Order.

    President George Bush accomplished this when he placed the U.S. military into an International Military Force under the United Nations. We have nearly one-half million service men and women over in the sand, and they are functioning under United Nations' resolutions.

   President George Bush then announced the NEW WORLD ORDER. Following this came a startling book by Malachi Martin entitled Keys of This Blood. The jacket of this book tells us what the book is about. It says it is the "struggle for world dominion between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Capitalist West".

    I challenge that statement and will detail it later. Simon & Schuster, the publishers of this book, call it "explosive" - and indeed it is.  If the book had been written by just somebody, it would not have meant too much.  

    However, the author of this book is Malachi Martin who is an eminent theologian and expert on the Catholic Church.  He is a former Jesuit and a former professor at the Vatican Pontifical Biblical Institute.  He served in Rome from 1958 to 1964.... and one thing to remember is that Malachi Martin made it very clear that Pope John Paul II has offered no objection to what he, Malachi Martin, has written.

    This fact certainly makes the book, Keys of This Blood "explosive" - as it was called by its publishers.

    Following are my remarks and highlights of the book review of Simon & Schuster.  If there is any doubt as to the New World Order meaning a One World Government, I would say that Malachi Martin's book and the book review verify the statement that the New World Order and a One World Government are one and the same. The book review states that before the end of the 1990's we will see the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations.

   The Simon & Schuster book review shows that Malachi Martin's statements are startling and that he, Malachi Martin - for the first time - reveals the ongoing plans and policies of a reigning pope who is of course, at this time, Pope John Paul II. Malachi Martin exposes coveted Vatican intelligence data concerning the competition among these three major powers - as stated... the Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev, the Capitalist West and Pope John Paul II with his world-wide Roman Catholic church.

    It is with the intent to set up and maintain the New World Order which Pope John Paul II expects to be in place before the end of the 1990's.


    Malachi Martin says the battle between the pope, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Capitalist West will be a "winner-take-all" battle. He says that it:

"will end in a global government being a New Economic and Political World Order that is so vast that it will have to be presided over by a super bureaucracy superior to all individual nations".

    We must surely understand from those statements that this would mean the absolute end of any attempt of restoring the sovereignty of the United States of America and its Constitutional Republic with its freedom and independence - a freedom never before enjoyed by any country.

   Malachi Martin says that, outside of his rivals, few people see Pope John Paul II as he sees himself. He said that the Pope sees himself as a contender with the power and the determination to establish and maintain the New World Order. Malachi Martin says that Mikhail Gorbachev and the Capitalist West do not have what it takes to make them the winners. Malachi Martin says:

    "the world at large must reckon with Pope John Paul II as the servant of Heaven's Grand Design."

     I would say that sounds very "New Age". And... throughout the book Malachi Martin makes it a point to tell us that Pope John Paul II is a slave to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Also, after Pope John Paul II was shot he said he had a personal communication from heaven. After this communication from heaven, Pope John Paul II concluded that the Fatima message linked with his One World Government plans.

     I would agree with that statement. In fact, that is what I feared and wrote about five years ago. Malachi Martin says the other two contenders feel that their present moves are in the last stages on the road to a New World Order which is already in view. AND... he said that Pope John Paul II is waiting for an event that will separate human history and that the event is THE VISION. I believe he is absolutely correct in his thinking, although I do not believe that "the vision" comes from whence Malachi Martin says. -


At the time the people view THE VISION in the sky it is very possible that they will receive the third message of Fatima. For those of you who are not familiar with this third message of Fatima, I will give just a small sketch of the story. Space does not allow the telling of the story in detail. I would suggest that any who are not familiar with the story of Fatima... get the booklet and read the story. It should be available in most Catholic book stores.

   The third message of Fatima could well be one of the most important messages ever heard by the people on this earth because it can be used by the world policymakers to their advantage in implementing the New World Order. It was nearly five years ago that I became very concerned about the third message of Fatima being used by the world policy-makers. I wrote a bit on it.

    Yes... with the Pope being totally committed to the Virgin Mary (who is the lady of Fatima), with the Pope being the powerful religious partner of the world policy-makers and with the third message - being what the world policy-makers want it to be - the third message of Fatima could be absolutely overwhelming in their New World Order plan.

    I labeled the Pope as a partner of the other two that Malachi Martin calls "adversaries" of the Pope. The Capitalist West, Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union and the Pope may be one another's adversaries at times. In a sense, while they may be adverse to one another at times, they are also at times one and the same. Now I will go back to the story of the Lady of Fatima.

     Fatima is a village in the center of the country of Portugal. It was near Fatima that three children saw "an angel" and later said they saw the blessed mother - the Virgin Mary. She gave them messages. Two of the messages were published. During this period of time when she was appearing before the children it was said that thousands of people viewed the sun zig-zagging in the sky. The one child, Lucia, grew to adulthood and became a nun. Lucia scribed a third message from the Virgin Mary which was eventually given to the Pope. It was to be revealed in 1960. It has not yet been revealed.



     I believe now as I did before - that this message will be used by the world policymakers in helping to implement their New World Order and that the message will be what they want it to be. Remember, this could be a powerful tool in bringing about their New World Order plan.

    Malachi Martin tells us that a VISION will appear and at that time the Pope's authority must be accepted and that "he will control the will and minds of men". If THE VISION and the third message of Fatima are used together it will be a most powerful means for the Pope's implementation of the New World Order along with the world policymakers.

     These statements are in no way intended to desecrate or defile the Virgin Mary. Our concern in this respect has been that the world policymakers will use her to further their global plan.

      Malachi Martin says that the Pope will be on one of his trips when the VISION appears. I would advise that everyone take the third message of Fatima and the VISION - very seriously.

     I truly believe that the world policymakers will decide what the message will be... and, that they'll also contrive the VISION by using the advanced science, technology and holography which is available today.

    As I have said, this is in no way a reflection on the dedicated people who have worked diligently on the space program and in our science and technology. Also, keep in mind the irony of the fact that the Pope was supposedly in opposition to Communism.

    The Capitalist West was also supposedly in opposition to Communism. Yet, one of the key members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) - William Casey - who is totally committed to the Pope and who is also part of the Capitalist West, helped build Communist Russia into a mighty military complex.

     That is just one example of the Circles of Power being partly one-and-the-same. Also, there's the Vatican-Moscow Agreement which shows that at all times they could not have been totally adverse to Communism. The United States is of course a great power of the Capitalist West.

    If the United States Capitalist West is an adversary of the Pope why, then, did the U.S. develop an ambassadorship with the Vatican? And... why have they always filled the post with a member of the Knights of Malta (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) who is totally committed to the Pope?

     Consider the Knights of Malta (SMOM) members who are tied to the "New Right" Leadership, who in turn have numerous organizations, the membership of which is made up of people who should be opposing the New World Order.

     To every true American I say...

"There is a web being woven about us from which we can never escape unless we demand a return to our Sovereignty and Constitutional Republic."

    Consider what a power structure Malachi Martin is promulgating. He is speaking to audiences which are said to be mostly Catholic. His speeches about the Pope taking control is applauded by these audiences. It is frightening when people applaud the loss of U.S. sovereignty while we send a half-million American service men and women to possibly die to "restore" sovereignty to Kuwait... which has never been sovereign.


    Now... we will go to the scenario in the back of the book by Malachi Martin. Malachi Martin tells of the organizations which the Pope will approve when he takes control with his New World Order. One of the groups is Opus Dei - a powerful Catholic group.

   Another - Malachi Martin says - is a group which exists on a world-wide basis and has remained in total secret. Malachi Martin does not tell us the name of this group. Malachi Martin also, when discussing the Pope's plan, notes the Knights of Malta (SMOM) as playing an important and impressive role. At this point Malachi Martin calls it the "Papal Plan".

     Again, I say, remember... take this VISION seriously because this Pope would surely never allow his reputation to be placed in a position like this except that he knows this VISION is to take place. And also remember... with our science, technology, space program and advanced holography it is possible to create a VISION in the sky which every person in this world would be able to see.


     I would hope you would not believe THE VISION is of God. I myself definitely believe it will be of man. For those who might say that in the end times a VISION may well appear, please note that Malachi Martin does not associate this with the end times. He describes this VISION to appear in a time of peace prior to the end time.

    Also, two other important points to remember. Please take note... for the New World Order to be set in cement it is necessary to totally eliminate the sovereignty of the United States of America with its Constitutional Republic and block our efforts to regain the vast part which we have already lost.

     And.. as previously stated, the U.S. State Department 7277 plan must be completed with its International Military Force. Also, for the New World Order to be complete it is necessary to make sure that any part of the world with its own strong religion, strong culture, or strong economic stability is convinced of the overwhelming, invincible power of the International Military Force.

     Through the war in the Gulf I am sure the middle east and other countries have been convinced.

    That leaves the second part of 7277 to be implemented - that part being the transfer of all arms of all nations and all individuals into the U.N. International Military Force. Yes... 7277 is the plan for General and Complete Disarmament, meaning disarming all nations and transferring all arms to the International Military Force.

     Pope John Paul II sanctioned the Five-Continent Initiative. Much of its leadership was New Age. A key issue of this initiative was "general and complete disarmament". Those were the very words of the 7277 plan.

     You may ask, "Am I implying that this is an all-Catholic planned takeover?"  No. I am not. As we show in our Colonel North, William Casey, and the Knights of Malta booklet... it is more than that. The world policymakers who intend to rule this world are made up of the billionaire cartel of banking, business, industry, oil, agriculture, minerals, gems and all else. The world policymakers are made up of Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Humanists, Atheists and others.

     The world policymakers were wise enough to know they needed a religious head with great charisma. You see, there is no political power that is all powerful without the connection of religion. These world policymakers have strived for years to build their New World Order - One World Government and they have used the United Nations since its inception as a powerful international tool.

    The U.S. State Department plan 7277 was their dream for an International Military Force, and the second part of the 7277 plan is an extremely important part. We question, "When will president Bush or another implementor drop the other shoe and implement the second part?" That is the total disarmament of every nation and every individual by the means of transfer of all arms to an International Military Force.

     Former Congressman, John Ashbrook, of Ohio warned of 7277 in no uncertain terms. He warned us of the deadly internationalists with their New World Order plans. He warned us of Global Perspectives in Education, Incorporated.

    It was amazing the things that this man saw that we had to know were going to take us into the New World Order. But, we had to face Congressman Ashbrook’s untimely death. His death was viewed with suspicion by many. His voice was the kind that many members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate could not tolerate... and indeed the world policymakers could not tolerate John Ashbrook.


Who are the world policymakers?  They are the Circles of Power which Malachi Martin talks about in his book, Keys of This Blood... and far more than that. We know they include the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other powerful groups – the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Club, Club of Rome and the Order of Skull and Bones at Yale University.

    These groups are in turn interconnected with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee on Economic Development and the Trilateral Commission. The powerful Sovereign Military Order of Malta also comes into play as a very important part in all of it. Within the Knights of Malta (SMOM) there is Louis Lehrman who was formerly Jewish, Bowie Kuhn, William Buckley, Alexander Haig, J.Peter Grace... and thousands more. This network is massive and it all interconnects.

     The world policy-makers needed the right man as an implementor. What better man than President George Bush, a member of the Order of Skull and Bones? They needed a powerful religious head with great charisma to make the New World Order a powerful Order. Pope John Paul II is the powerful religious head who can make their political power - all-powerful.

     In March of 1988 I wrote a paper, The Conservative Interlock - As I See It. After years of research, and finding no one indicating otherwise, I have reached the following conclusions.

   Those listed below are part of the powerful conservative right leadership: Pope John Paul II, the Vatican, the Knights of Malta (SMOM), president Ronald Reagan and the "New Right" Leadership [Phony Conservatives; Controlled Opposition].

    The New Right leadership includes Paul Weyrich [Jesuit-trained], Phyllis Schlafly [Dame of Malta-female counterpart to SMOM], Richard Viguerie, Louis Lehrman [Zionist Jew?], Jerry Falwell [Judeo-Christian] and numerous others including powerful Protestant clergy.

     This entire conservative right leadership from Pope John Paul II down to the New Right leadership and their associates - both Catholic and Protestant - must be fully understood or... As I see it, what is remaining of our Republic, our sovereignty and our freedom in the United States of America will be lost forever - as well as any hope for the rest of the world.

     A vast amount of money is given to various people within this powerful conservative and New Right Leadership. Contributors include those in large corporations and companies. They are also aided by tax-exempt foundations. Membership dues and contributions undoubtedly make up a considerable sum. Many people were amazed to find that some of the powerful conservative and New Right Leadership are funded by the United States Government - our tax dollars [i.e., Phyllis Schlafly].


     The key element that must be understood about the Conservative Right Leadership is the fact that the Conservative Right Leadership functions as internationalists and socialists. There are many organizations which were always considered those that we should be opposing and we found the New Right Leadership functioning right along with them. Frightening? Indeed it is. Who would ever have believed it? ==Liberals and Conservatives promoting the same One World Government actions for the New World Order.

     Conservatives and New Agers working together.

     Conservatives and Reverend Moon joining together.

     The world policymakers must be stunned at how well their plans have worked. The top leadership of the internationalist socialists are part of the world policymakers. Yes, they are the billionaire cartel of business, banking, etc., plus religion... and they do heavily influence nearly every government in the world.

     Keep in mind the Revolutionary War has never really ended. We fought to be free of tyranny under a king and we insisted on living in freedom under a government of we, the people. One group of people came to America to enjoy political and religious freedom and insisted that others should enjoy the same.

     But note... there was another group that came to America. They came to impose their political and religious beliefs on everyone. They were already world policymakers made up of the internationalist socialists and other European political and religious leaders.

     The Revolutionary War was thought to be ended, but the group who wanted to impose their religious and political beliefs on us all had a foreign allegiance and they were still here. They were well embedded in America.

     Now, generations later their off-spring continue in high places, working with European leaders and are still determined to impose their political and religious beliefs on us all. They are determined to abolish sovereign America and develop their own One World Government - New World Order with a One World Religion.

     Remember... religion makes it easier to control [the masses - people] and far more powerful.

    Then, following this, we were faced with further proof that the New Right leadership were functioning in a manner to silence all out-cry to the New World Order and that they were indeed functioning as internationalists and socialists.

     It was only a few months ago that a full page ad appeared in our local paper in Indiana. This paper has a vast readership. On a full page in large, bold letters it advertised a meeting concerning the New World Order to be held here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

     Fifteen years ago, in 1976, this bold statement on the New World Order would have had hundreds of people on their feet waiting to go to the meeting and being infuriated at the idea of the pursuit of the New World Order. But, it is now fifteen years later and there was barely a sound. One organization had their spokesman come to Fort Wayne and voice their objections. A very few from here, who cared, attended.

     How could it be that many of these things, including the New World Order could be met with near silence? The answer is tragic and simple. The answer is... it is because of the New Right Leadership. Fifteen years ago individuals who were considered dedicated Americans began to join the organizations of the New Right Leadership.

     It is amazing how the New Right Leadership has been able to take people under the umbrella of their organizations and somehow convince them to absolutely oppose nothing but what they – the New Right Leadership – tell them to oppose. It is a sad day. I would never have believed this could all happen in so short amount of time... and it has happened.

    The New Right Leadership and associates has millions of members and followers. They have had millions of dollars at their disposal. Why, then, do we continuously lose? Our justice system, our educational system - our entire government is a disaster. What is the New Right Leadership all about?  I repeat my question from previous papers: "Are the New Right Leaders [alleged Christian-Conservatives] one-worlders or are they unqualified?"

     President George Bush was called all kinds of names a few years ago, but once the party accepted him the people fell silent and now today he is their king. Many religious leaders are totally behind him... not all, but many. Some of the very prominent are behind him all the way.

     President George Bush lied to the people, but it doesn't matter. Isn't that amazing? It just doesn't matter.

     Now, I wonder, how can we ever answer to the souls from those thousands and thousands of caskets from the previous terrible wars and those who will lose their lives in this one? How can we ever explain what all these caskets were about? How is it possible, as I have asked previously, that the sovereignty of Kuwait could be so important that we give away the sovereignty of our own nation by going into the International Military Force and declaring a New World Order?

     We have been given a lot of reasons for our being in Kuwait. I would like the administration to tell us what we're really there for. Remember, we are told that our State Department led Saddam to believe that we were not interested in the border dispute between Iraq and Kuwait.

THE GADHAFI FIASCO (often pronounced Kadhafi)

     I cannot forget the Gadhafi fiasco that our State Department is still keeping hidden.

     Knight of Malta (SMOM), William Wilson, was chosen by President Ronald Reagan to be the first Ambassador to the Vatican. Our efforts, along with others, in opposing this Ambassadorship was totally ignored. William Wilson, the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, made an unauthorized trip to Libya.

     He traveled to Libya and met privately with Libyan officials. Following Ambassador Wilson's visit, Gadhafi stated that an American diplomat had been sent to reduce tensions with Libya. The U.S. State Department said they were unaware of Ambassador William Wilson's trip to Libya and the State Department flatly denied Gadhafi's statement.

     To the embarrassment of the United States it was then discovered that Gadhafi was telling the truth and that the U.S. Government was not and Ambassador Wilson would not affirm or deny anything of substance about this trip.

     When this first happened columnist William Sapphire said that if this was true of Ambassador Wilson he had made a liar of the United States, a mockery of our stern pronouncements and had made the U.S. a laughing stock in the eyes of our allies. Bernard Kalb, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs resigned as a result of this disinformation in relation to Ambassador Wilson's unauthorized trip to Libya.

     There is another important factor to consider about Gadhafi and Libya. President Ronald Reagan had called Gadhafi a mad dog and had made some very strong threats. The U.S. Government had been affirmative about bombing Libya and it resulted in killing civilians and at least one of our American pilots.

     Libya was considered so undesirable that we killed their civilians without any hesitation in the face of the possibility of losing our American servicemen's lives without any hesitation.

     There was no outcry against five big oil companies filling their pockets while dealing with Gadhafi and while taking lives of civilians and our servicemen with absolutely no concern.

     Again, we find a company headed by a Knight of Malta (SMOM) involved. It is J. Peter Grace, president of W. R. Grace. Eight members of the W. R. Grace company are said to be members of the Knights of Malta (SMOM) who are beholden to the Pope.

     During this period of time, Secretary of State, George Schultz [Zionist Jew] and his wife attended mass with Pope John Paul II [World Christian Leader], and Ambassador Wilson [SMOM] and his wife stood next to them. At this time Secretary of State George Schultz acknowledged that Ambassador Wilson had met with Gadhafi's Libyan officials even though the Reagan Administration had a ban against travel by U.S. citizens to Libya and of having contact with its leaders.

     Surely Ambassador Wilson should have been fired. But... all we heard was Secretary of State George Schultz stating, "Obviously it's an embarrassment".

     Apparently even the powerful George Schultz felt he could not challenge Knight of Malta (SMOM), William Wilson. But, of course, we must remember, George Schultz is a member of the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations, the Bohemian Club and the powerful Bechtel Corporation. The CFR and the Bohemian Club has ties with the Knights of Malta (SMOM) as well as with the Order of Skull and Bones of which president George Bush is a member.

     That is just a minute example of the interlock of individual organizations and corporations with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Our booklet, Colonel North, William Casey and the Knights of Malta details this, but this is also only the tip of the iceberg. Our booklet also shows the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. As I have stated, the Circles of Power that Malachi Martin mentions are actually intertwined even though at times they may "appear" as adversaries.

     The power of the Knights of Malta (SMOM), who are beholden to the Pope, became very clear to me when I spent months trying to get a bit of information on the unauthorized actions of Knight of Malta, Ambassador Wilson. The State Department just continued to stall us as the letter in our booklet on the Knights of Malta shows.

     The Pope's Knights of Malta (SMOM) appear to have near unlimited power. They can make history as it is proven by their influencing of U.S. domestic and foreign policy and this is also stated in a Catholic paper. They can also un-make history as our Knight of Malta booklet shows.

     In the 1930's Knight of Malta, John J. Raskob was involved in a plot to seize the White House. Major-General Butler exposed it after they had approached him to take part in their take-over plan. Congressional hearings were held. I have copies of the hearings. All of General Butler's testimony was accepted as truth, but Knight of Malta (SMOM), John J. Raskob, and other top people involved were never called to testify... and they were never brought to account. Just the same old story - just as with Knight of Malta Ambassador Wilson and the Libyan-Gadhafi affair and... just as with Knight of Malta William Casey and the Iran Contra affair.

     Check your history books. Check your library. We did. And we found no record of this plot to seize the White House. This was certainly a very important historic event but it seems it went down the black hole. Sounds like George Orwell's 1984. We consider our tape and booklet entitled Colonel North, William Casey and the Knights of Malta serving as a forerunner to this paper which we call The Vision and Circles of Power.

     Going back to THE VISION we do again want to make it clear that we are in no way condemning our space program or our science, technology and holography. We just want people to stop and think about what the world policymakers may do with the accomplishments of these people in the space program and with science and technology such as we feel they will use in THE VISION.

     We of course have been aware of the New World Order plans of the world policymakers but we were also stunned at the fast moves that have been made from August 2nd of 1990 to the present time, January of 1991.

     Just a five month period and yet enough happenings for many lifetimes. We've had the war in the Gulf; the implementation of the International Military Force; president George Bush announcing the New World Order; Malachi Martin's book announcing the New World Order - One World Government with Pope John Paul II in control; then continuing on with the mind-boggling event being THE VISION.... It is absolutely unbelievable.


As I was reading Malachi Martin's book I told a friend that it was like everything we had researched and opposed was suddenly the absolute past and that we were stepping into a totally new era. How ironic that was because when I reached page 639 of Keys of this Blood, the words seemed to jump out at me... Malachi Martin was saying the very same thing. Malachi Martin told how THE VISION would be an absolute separation of the past and the immediate future. He further stated how all designs of all nations would be null and void. Think about that.

     And he said that God's design would be introduced at the time of THE VISION and that the Pope would then become THE SERVANT OF THE GRAND DESIGN and that would be when the Pope's ministry would begin. That is certainly New Age. Malachi Martin inferred that after THE VISION there would be an era of peace and he mentions throughout the book the importance of the time until the year 2000.



     I finished reading the incredible book by Malachi Martin and I then read the speech that President George Bush delivered at the 45th Session of the United Nations' General Assembly in New York City on October the first, 1990. It was amazing.

     Following are just certain statements he made during his speech. You may get a copy from your Congressman or Congresswoman: President George Bush said that the last two months of cooperation made him feel that he has never been more proud to serve in the ranks of the United Nations and that never had he been more proud that the United States is the host country for the United Nations.

     You know, some years ago – and this is my statement – there was an effort to get the United Nations out of the United States and the United States out of the United Nations. Supposedly that is what conservatives and strong Americans sought and wanted and now the United Nations is considered a great thing.

     I will go on with President Bush. He mentions "...pressing forward toward a New World Order and a long era of peace".

     One has to stop and think about who they are reading and listening to... Malachi Martin or president George Bush. President George Bush goes on to mention, "... the dream of the New International Order and the separate past from the whole new beginning".

     Again, he sounds just like Malachi Martin.

     Isn't it odd that all of this happened at the same time?... Malachi Martin's book, President George Bush's speeches?... It makes one wonder. But then... as we've said, the world policymakers have been working together for the very same thing for years.

     President George Bush then made a very disturbing statement in his speech to the United Nations when he said, "I see a world of open borders... open trade".

     He went on to say, "... a world that celebrates the common heritage that belongs to all the world's people, taking pride, not just in home-town or home-land but in humanity itself".

     More New Age. President George Bush was saying the very things that those today, who are standing behind him, had at one time vigorously opposed. Yes, fifteen years ago all of this would have been opposed by these conservatives - great pro-Americans - who are now part of the New Right and their organizations. President Bush said:

     "The world must know and understand, from this hour, from this day, from this hall we step forth with a new sense of purpose, a new sense of possibilities. We stand together prepared to swim upstream, to march up hill, to tackle the tough challenges as they come."

     And he made it clear that it wasn't as just our nation, which it should be, but he said, " nations of the world united. And so let it be said of the 20th Century, that this was a time when human kind came into its own".

     His New Age statements are certainly unbelievable.

"... when we emerged from the grit and the dust of the industrial age, to bring about a revolution of the spirit and the mind and began a journey into a new day, a new age and a new partnership of nations".
"The United Nations is now fulfilling its promise as the world's parliament of peace. I congratulate you, I support you. I wish you God's speed in the challenge ahead."


     My questions are, Mr. President, "What about our sovereignty? What about our Constitutional Republic?"

     But no, President George Bush was too busy giving all honor to the United Nations. I repeat. Think about that. That again is my statement. We would hope that enough people will become informed about THE VISION so that most would not believe it is of God or hopefully enough could be exposed so that the world policymakers would not have it appear.

     But regardless of what happens we must have our people of America become informed. I will go back to Malachi Martin and his appearance before the audiences. It is very difficult to understand how all of these people - Americans - can be clapping and be so taken with Malachi Martin and what he is saying. Not only because of the fact of giving up our sovereignty and going into a World Government, but the fact that this Pope is a New Age Pope and the majority of these people, as I understand it, are traditional Catholics.

     I've worked with many Catholics who have studied and understand and they said they cannot reach their fellow Catholics. Somehow or another they have been totally taken by all of this and... As I see it, Malachi Martin and George Bush are both leading the sheep into the deadly jaws of the wolves in sheep's clothing.


     I refer here to a booklet that I read by Erica Carle where she tells about August Comte who was a philosopher with a master plan who wanted to direct the spiritual reorganization of the civilized world. Now let us place ourselves at beginning in 1820.

     This master planner, Auguste Comte was 22 years old at that time and he had already set his goal. He wanted nothing less than to reconstruct the entire religious, moral, scientific and political structure of the world. He believed his goal to be so worthy that he dedicated his entire adult intellectual life to outlining his plan. His name was not God, it was August Comte and August Comte said that in his plans you divided people into two basic types - those who did not believe in God and those who did believe.

     Those who did not believe in God, he decided, would become immediate followers of the religion of humanity... [New Age].

     Those who did believe in God would be subjected to a long period of training and change. As generations pass, both Christian and non-Christian religions could be brought closer and closer together until eventually all believers in God would be willing to become Catholic in a Catholic church which had been taken over by Comte ideology.

     There would then be only Catholics and humanitarians and these two major religions, now almost alike, would eventually emerge into one great, world-wide, sociologically controlled religion of humanity. I would say, it has near happened.

     May God help us regain and retain our American sovereignty and our Constitutional Republic.

     How can we give such precious things away when so many of our service men and women have died to save them?  I have watched the Protestants go the same New Age road as the Catholics, but when I saw the conservative Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod being impressed with Jean Houston, a follower of Teilhard de Chardon, the Catholic humanist priest; and then hear Catholics applaud New Age Pope John Paul II, who honored Teilhard de Chardon, the humanist priest... there wasn't much left to say except.... "Welcome to the New Age - New World Order".

Betty J. Mills



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