Is This Nature, or HAARP Weather Control?
E-Mail conversation on the WHYs and HOWs of the destruction by fire.

Nearly 20 Acres Closed Because of Fires

Where's the Fire?
Update as of August 24, 2000, on the myriad of fires, devastating our forest lands.

US to Resume 'Prescribed Fires'
"...a practice that Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt suspended earlier this year after one such fire roared out of control and caused extensive damage in Los Alamos, N.M."

North Fork Fire: A Viewpoint
By John Kegg
"Our community has been entirely crippled by ESA, EPA and timber reduction, our sawmill is closed forever and many of our working inhabitants have had to relocate. The town is desolate, the downtown area home for druggies and drunks, rundown and deserted in many ways. What I saw go up in smoke, flame and ashes was pride..."

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