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Something came to mind the other day.  I'd like to know what you think.  We all know about the HAARP project -- all of the fires going on in the west -- could it be that they want every thing to burn because when the sh--  hits the fan every one will be going to the hills, but now there is no tree cover and everyone can be seen from the air.  If the gov. wanted to stop the fires all they had to do is make it rain. Just like to pass this on.  



Fred... You took the very thoughts out of my mind.  Thanks for the reminder.  I've been intending to connect this for some time now.  Go into www.sweetliberty.org Check out Tape 3 of the New Order of Barbarians.  Toward the end of tape 3 is the following quote from Dr. Dunegan who attended the talk given by insider Dr. Richard Day in 1969, during which Dr. Day laid out not only what they plan, but HOW they intend to bring it about.  While reformatting the transcripts for our web site I naturally re-read the whole thing.  If you haven't, you should.  Now, nearly every day something happens/is said that recalls Dr. Dunegan's recollections.  For example, read the following from Tape 3:

Dr. Lawrence Dunegan:  "Something also that was mentioned; forests could -- and if necessary would -- be leveled or burned. Now this comes out of this movement [the same creatures who are promoting]... goddess mother earth, and how we have to protect the environment... but 'if we want to get someone who's trying to get away we'll burn down the whole forest. We'll find them'. That was stated. Deforestation could be and would be brought about to make sure that nobody gets outside the control of the system."

You see, your thoughts on this fall right in line, don't they?  We must remember that this doesn't have to happen.  State legislatures still have the power to expel federal government agents and agencies; to ignore Executive Orders (both presidential and governors'), and in fact to pass legislation prohibiting the implementation of EOs within their States.  The Western States can also expel the military forces "helping" to fight those fires.  There were enough volunteers in Colorado to get the job done.  The volunteers were sent home.  This does NOT have to be.    Jackie


Fred, A few years ago, Ann gave me these tapes on the doctor's speech--it was a Planned Parenthood thing, or he was on their board, or whatever--it was pretty awful stuff, just because it was "ordinary" and he spoke so low-key, matter-of-fact--Oh, well, this is how it's going to be..la de dah....

I love your statement:  if the government wanted to stop the fires, all they had to do is make it rain.  We are in bad shape, aren't we?  Either the government could make it rain, but won't do it, or it really can't make it rain, but we are convinced it could do so.  Which one is worse?   Nobody trusts anything anymore.  Except, like Sandy says, we have only God to trust.  William Penn said it:  Those who will not be governed by God will be governed by tyrants.    Cathy

Cathy... the tapes you have are probably the tapes Dr. Dunegan made in 1988 from his notes and recollections of Dr. Richard Day, who, "yes", WAS connected with Planned Parenthood.  To my knowledge, there are no tapes of Dr. Day's actual talk because he forbade the taking of notes and/or tape recording the talk.  According to Dr. Dunegan, Day told the Pediatric Physicians at that time that they "would not remember most" of what he was going to tell them.  Dr. Dunegan wondered if the reason so many -- I guess MOST -- of his colleagues were so blaze' about it was they DIDN'T seem to remember much of what was said.  Dr. Dunegan considered the "power of suggestion" to be the cause.

And "yes", the government CAN make it rain.  Or NOT rain.  Fred and Sandy have the documentary on HAARP, titled, "Are There Holes In Heaven?", which features the trained seals who work for the HAARP project, and includes Dr Nick Begich -- who wrote Angels Don't Play This HAARP -- along with Richard Eastland who invented the HAARP technology and which is now out of his control.           Jackie.

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