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The Scouting Legal Defense Fund

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Here is the website to enable closely tracking the assault on the Boy Scouts - indeed on the right of all of us on right to association with those of our choice.
You might want to save this to keep informed.  Thanks, Clarence

Wednesday, January 24, 2001 8:46 PM
What a shame.  A couple of weeks ago I asked "how can we help the boy scouts?", referring to the attack against them by schools, gay-rights groups, Jewish organizations, "Christian" churches, etc. because the Boy Scouts have banned known gay men from becoming 'leaders' in the organization.  For any sane person, that is a sane and sound decision.  Protecting young and impressionable boys from the  gay 'agenda', and possible aggressive sexual abuse by many gays who appear to see all males -- regardless their age -- as open game.  (That word 'gay'... remember what it once meant?)
The shame is... I received a URL to the "Scouting Legal Defense Fund", checked it out and my heart fell.  The defense fund is headed up by Edwin Meese.  Ed Meese is a long-time member of the Council for National Policy, served on the Board of Governors, right along side of Paul Weyrich.  See Weyrich's article titled A Conservative's Lament if you have any doubts about his goals for America.
There's lots more, although it's time we all get clear that associations are important.  Not likely ANYONE could be a member of the CNP for any length of time without knowing there's an agenda, and being a part of that agenda.  And as the spotlight hits them, they run like cockroaches... so those who've been long-time members and begin to drop out... don't be fooled. 
This is an excerpt (URL below) of a report on the Inslaw-Promis software crime which got a reporter killed when he began to uncover the government's dirty tricks. Meese involved.

               The string of lawsuits and widening allegations caught the eye of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jack Brooks, D-Texas, who in 1989 launched a three-year investigation into the Inslaw affair. In the resulting report, the Committee suggested that among others, Edwin Meese, while presidential counselor and later as attorney general, and D. Lowell Jensen, a former assistant and deputy attorney general and now a US district judge in San Francisco, conspired to steal PROMIS. High government officials were involved, the report states. ... (S)everal individuals testified under oath that Inslaw's PROMIS software was stolen and distributed internationally in order to provide financial gain and to further intelligence and foreign policy objectives. 


This is a review of a book called "Fire Wall".

By the author's account, he had no axes to grind at the outset of his inquiry.   Perhaps not, but his office became vaultingly ambitious in its selection of targets after failing to put the usual CIA, National Security Council, or White House suspects, let alone Oliver North and John Poindexter, behind bars.   At various times, Walsh recounts, he and his aides went after George Bush, Edwin Meese, Donald Regan, George Shultz, and Caspar Weinberger.    The fact that he got nary a one of these men in the dock does not stop the author from repeating in detail allegations of supposed misdeeds that resulted in but a single indictment.  

Maybe this is enough.  If not, do a search on Northern Light for Edwin Meese and Iran Contra; or Edwin Meese and Heritage Foundation.  Shey Simington did an excellent piece on the Heritage Foundation, tracing the money trail to the Rockefellers.  I'd like to get that for our web site.  Getting the picture, folks?  These are the kinds of people that rub elbows at the  Council for National Policy.  They've fooled so many of us for so long, and it's time to stop.  

We're down the tubes if we keep up their rhetoric of "oh, nobody's perfect.  We just have to all work together if we're going to win this battle... "  Work WITH the enemy's minions?  I don't think so.  And no compromise.  Remember, it isn't always what they say or do, it's very often what they DON'T SAY or DO that is the lie... by omissions.

Ron Paul is sooooo wonderful.  So what if he voted for Most Favored Nation status for Communist China?  Twice?  So what?  Look at the great bills he introducing in D.C. 

Let's all spend our time begging our U.S. Reps and Senators to "sign on" to his bills.  They never go any where folks, and Paul knows they won't.  In fact, if he was doing anything the money-masters didn't want him to, he'd be out on his butt and facing some kind of charges, like they did to Congressman Wes Cooley.  Use your head.  Think.  It's easy to "look good" to the masses by introducing legislation that will never get anywhere. 

The battle is in our back yards.  Local and State government.  Better stop playing with fire or we'll all burn.  And if you don't care about yourself, look at the precious babies, our children who will have to live with what we leave them.  Here's an article that gives the details of the railroading Wes Cooley got.

I have to stop somewhere... may as well be here.  There's plenty more on our website; and if you haven't tuned in to Sweet Liberty you might want to.  Our listeners are the most informed of any group of radio listeners.  3.215 mHz - short wave only - 10-11 pm eastern time - Monday thru Thursday only.  Jim Condit will be with us for a while tonight.  Stopping computerized voting is as important as stopping a Con-Con, because if computerized voting is instituted, they'll HAVE our Constitution... and the guns... and most importantly, our babies, our children.


The Scouting Legal Defense Fund

The Scouting Legal Defense Fund was created to protect Scouting through legal action and public education. The Fund is chaired by former United States Attorney General Edwin Meese who is assisted by a distinguished National Advisory Board.

The Scouting Legal Defense Fund is a project of the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) which is dedicated to defending all of the rights in the Constitution. In this respect, it differs significantly from organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which defends only some constitutional rights and even then only as they interpret them.

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