My Perspective
by Jackie Patru

Should U.S. Soldiers become
mercenaries for a Global Corporation?

     I would like to direct your reading attention to a special edition of September, 1995 CDR newsletter. The article has been re-titled, "In Defense of World Order... U.S. Soldiers Will Have to Kill and Die."  While the article itself was written four years ago, the information contained therein is changeless.  The original intent was a two page report to bring awareness of and support for Michael New when he refused to don the UN blue while serving in the U.S. Military.

     After weeks of intensive research there emerged an undeniable awareness of a depraved scheme laid long ago and being played out to its near completion.   Fifty-five years ago the United Nations Organization was given birth to stop the warring in the world.   Since that time well over 200 military conflicts have occurred under U.N. supervision; however, since international law does not define "peacekeeping" as war it is possible today that millions of people truly believe that War is Peace.   In the minds of the perpetrators the end definitely justifies the means.   Their catch-22 is this:  We are the pawns in their game and without our willing acquiescence the game is up.

     The report will hopefully tie odds and ends of information together for the reader to gain a more coherent understanding of the scope - the depth and breadth - of the measures being taken by a few to exert veiled control over hundreds of millions in America and ultimately billions of people in the world.  As we reformatted the article for this website, some alterations and additions were made, adding information we've received since 1995.

     Michael New's courage served as an example for all of us whether we be military "property" or civilian.  We were told by Daniel (Michael New's father) in late '95 that Michael had no problem serving anywhere so long as he was wearing U.S. military uniform.   In fact, "he served proudly in the Gulf War".   We've often wondered if Michael New was used in order to focus the attention of American patriots on the uniform issue, rather than the larger picture.  We've noticed over these past four years the "out front" person is Daniel -- the father -- not Michael New. Why?  After all, it was Michael who put his butt on the line for a conviction we believe to have been sincere.

     The naked truth is, although American military personnel serving under foreign command of NATO forces wear the U.S. military uniform, they are - in reality - mercenaries for a Global Corporation; for the U.N. is just that... a Global Corporation.   In fact the United Nations is a Global Corporate Bureaucracy, staffed by appointed - not elected - egomaniacs who thrive on power.

NATO was formed under the auspices of the United Nations' Charter, as were all of the Regional military arrangements -- ALL of them.   Consider the insanity:  NATO was created to stop the encroachment of Communism in western Europe.  So, the Soviet Union, a UN member nation, then formed the Warsaw pact - under the same UN auspices - with the other Communist eastern European nations, also UN members, to defend themselves against NATO.

     We've all seen the results of the New NATO in Kosovo.   In the May-June, 1999 issue of Foreign Affairs, an article titled, "The New Interventionism", by Michael F. Glennon left little room for speculation.  The article begins...

"As the twentieth century fades away, so too does the international consensus [there's that damned word again] on when to get involved in another state's affairs. The United States and NATO -- with little discussion and less fanfare -- have effectively abandoned the old U.N. Charter rules that strictly limit international intervention in local conflicts."

Another bodacious statement is,

"Having analyzed the many problems in the current regime and NATO's new willingness to circumvent it, discussion often grinds to a halt. This is understandable, since those who cherish the rule of law are loath to counsel law-breaking in any form, no matter how dysfunctional the status quo has become. It is far easier to paper over problems in the current system than to admit that it no longer works."

     The gist of the rhetoric seems to be that when the framers drew up the now 55-year old UN Charter, they didn't realize that conflict within a nation is as big a threat to "world peace" as is conflict across borders.  Do bear in mind the definition of PEACE, according to V.I. Lenin and the global elite, is the "absence of resistence to world socialism".  NATO was created to become the military arm of the world government.  Kosovo was another testing-of-the-waters ploy to determine whether or not the masses of the world have retained any active gray matter.

     In view of the present circumstances under which NATO would seem to be functioning -- no holds barred, we suggest that Americans considering joining the U.S. military - any branch - thoughtfully ponder their motives and the consequences involved.  It could be American pilots who are ordered to drop NATO bombs on a sovereign state or states within a crumbling Union we once proudly called the United States of America.  Additional note: Michael Farris, head of Home School Legal Defense Association, CNP member, is - or has been - on the Michael New defense team.  More to come on Farris in our Wolves in Sheep Clothing section.


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