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by Jackie Patru

Friday, October 1, 1999

More on Waco for Our Files

Branch Davidian church burns"You keep playing where you shouldn't be playing.
You keep saying that you'll never get burned, ha!
I've just found me a brand-new box of matches -- yeah.
And what he knows, you ain't had time to learn.
These shoes are made for walkin'.
And that is what they'll do.
And one of these days these shoes are gonna walk all over you."

-- Nancy Sinatra song, played repeatedly over loudspeaker by the feds during the standoff at Waco

Books have been written about Clinton's crimes -- to name just a few -- The Death of V. Foster; Year of the Rat, Boy Clinton, etc. which contain enough information to send the rat to prison for ten life-times. YET... nothing happens.

Videos have been circulated about the drug running in Mena and the dozens - probably hundreds by now - of bodies (all dead) surrounding Clinton and his entourage. Facts have surfaced about Hillary's involvement in criminal activities and stock fraud. YET... nothing happens.

Children in our schools kill children and their parents. It is said there is proof that all of the shooters were on psychotropic drugs; and the actions of many certainly show symptoms of MK Ultra-like mind control. Never mind the news reports of outside help from mysterious individuals who are mentioned once (whoops, slipped) and are never heard of again. Cover-ups by the controlled media abound in all these situations which have all occurred on Clinton's watch. YET... nothing happens.

Do we really believe SOMETHING is going to come of the new facts being revealed about Waco? Is Bob Barr, former CIA analyst going to do something? or is Ron Paul - who twice has voted for MFN status for Communist China - going to do something? Anyone in the U.S. Congress going to do anything? Any of Clinton's appointees and henchmen going to do anything?

Chalk it up to cynicism, paranoia, or just a heightened sense of awareness... whatever. Intuition is saying "it's just another diversionary tactic".

And NOW the Branch Davidians' church is being rebuilt. Who will be the new leader now that its leader is gone? Who will live there? The majority of the people who lived there and apparently wanted to be there are gone... shot up and burned up by the feds. A memorial is fitting and proper and . . .

. . . meanwhile, in our very own back yards ..... our communities, townships, counties, states... the beat goes on. Remember the UN slogan "Think Globally, ACT locally." It is a brilliant ACT. Slight of hand tricks. Keep your eye on the right hand - never mind the left. Our attention is being diverted while federal and state governments implement the UN's Land Use Control plan, buying up property faster than we can count; implementing Regional Governance via the "Watershed Approach". Don't say you weren't warned.


Note: The following article is taken from Chris Ruddy's Newsmax (

Tuesday September 14, 8:15 PM

'Saturday Night Massacre' Hits Waco Probe

Has Bill Clinton pulled a "Saturday Night Massacre" with the Waco investigation? That's the ominous question raised by Tuesday afternoon's Associated Press report, deceptively headlined: "Justice Did Disclose Use of Pyrotechnic Tear Gas in '95, Democrat Says."

The first half of the AP story is devoted to the bombshell decision, sealed since Friday, of U.S. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who has "abruptly removed" assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston and his boss, U.S. Attorney James Blagg, from the investigation.

It was Johnston who first raised questions about a possible Justice Department cover-up in Waco, when he persuaded government lawyers to allow independent filmaker Michael McNulty to review evidence collected by the Texas Rangers from the site of the April 1993 massacre.

The evidence uncovered by McNulty compelled the FBI to admit that incendiary tear gas canisters were used the day of the government's final assault on Mt. Carmel, reversing six years of Justice Department denials.

Johnston's surprise firing, which came with no public explanation from Holder, looks extraordinarily bad. Only two weeks ago the assistant U.S. Attorney had written Attorney General Janet Reno to warn, "Facts may have been kept from you -- and quite possibly are being kept from you now -- by components of the department."

Were those Justice Department "components" worried that under Johnston's control, smoking gun evidence might emerge?

On Monday the FBI admitted that Lon Horiuchi, the bureau's crack sniper who picked off Ruby Ridge victim Vicki Weaver as she held her baby in her arms, was involved in the final Waco siege. Expended shell casings were discovered at the scene but the FBI claims they didn't come from Horiuchi's rifle. Instead, says the government, the casings were left over from the initial February 28 BATF assault on Mt. Carmel.

A ballistic examination of those casings, something that was not done as part of previous Waco investigations, could determine if the casings came from bullets fired by Horiuchi.

Other ballistics tests, which at least one Texas law enforcement official claims were withheld from investigators, could prove whether some of the 23 Davidians who died from gunshot wounds were killed in a shootout with FBI agents or members of an elite military squad whose presence was only recently disclosed.

David Pareya, one of four McClennan County officials who ordered autopsies for the dead Davidians, complained about the sealed ballistics evidence to the Waco Tribune-Herald on Friday, "The thing that always stayed in my mind was if [FBI officials] were afraid some ordnance or ballistics could be matched up with their weaponry."

For six years the Clinton administration has vehemently denied that federal forces fired shots into the compound during the final siege, claiming instead that Davidians had "murdered themselves" -- the phrase used by Clinton himself to explain their deaths the next day.

Has the Clinton Justice Department now cashiered the one federal prosecutor interested in getting to the bottom of this sorry episode just as the truth was about to emerge?

Stay tuned.

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