As we observe the tangled web of the strategy behind the planned persecution of the Jews along with the underlying motive for their persecution, we gain some insight into the overall political program for World Dominion which by all indications was laid well before recorded history (or at the least, history which has been kept secret) by a handful of unseen and unknown creatures. The insight offered here is limited by our still limited view. The Protocols refer to a time line at least twice, this first from Protocol No.1 is a repeat:

"Before us is a plan in which is laid down strategically the line from which we cannot deviate without running the risk of seeing the labour of many centuries brought to naught."

Protocol No.5 again mentions the time frame:

"For a time perhaps we might be successfully dealt with by a coalition of the goyim of all the world: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up.

We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the goyim, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries."

The seeds of discord have taken root and can never be plucked up. That would depend solely upon the individual - each individual - to decide.  That would mean you, and that would mean me.

'Personal and national reckonings, religious and race hatreds which we have fostered. . . '.  Having noticed this process before having read the Protocols; then, having read the Protocols and seeing the whole scheme laid out was the sole purpose of this paper; that every reader may be aware of the manipulation in order that you may choose, if you will, to begin to reason and express accordingly, from a new place in mind, from a spiritual level, rather than from the purposely induced strife out of which we mostly function.

Whoever or whatever group or force devised this scheme, they are not Jews. They call themselves Jews so their lesser brethren can take the brunt of the results of their deeds. And their lesser brethren play into the scheme perfectly, because they truly believe they have been 'chosen' as a special people by 'their' God, which has imbued in them a sense of superiority over all the 'dumb goyim'. The only way out of the web is to divest ourselves of their religious lies -- all of us, including Judeo-Christians. Simply stop buying and playing into their mind games.

The term 'creatures' was used in reference to the unseen, unknown group or force behind this nasty program, in view of the inhumanity to man we're experiencing as a result of 'the Law' being implemented and enforced throughout America and all nations of the world today. The pity of it all is that it is man who passes, implements, judges and enforces the laws upon and against his follow man. We only know the source of this Law against mankind to be from the Babylonian Talmud, the Holy book of the so-called Jews.

Before 'the Law' was written, from whence its source (the Ancient Priesthood) came remains a mystery... at least for me, for now. The Jewish masses - those born into the religion of Talmudism and referred to as 'the lesser brethren' by Zionist leaders - are a front and a scapegoat for the authors of the Law. It is a deadly law, which intends to fully enslave all people in the world... body, mind and soul. We should be mindful of Jesus' warning to:

"... fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell Matt. 10:28

In the late Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent, Issue of April 30, 1921, Ford transcribed a letter from a Jew, Oscar Levy addressed from the Royal Societies Club, dated July, 1920. In his letter to Mr. George Pitt-Rivers, Oscar Levy said of his race:

"We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, we have finally succeeded in leading you into a new Hell..."

It could be said that the Jews are the carriers of the Law, and of its deadly virus of perversion, hatred, war, famine... utter destruction as mandated by Jehovah through Moses, not because they were 'chosen', but because a small tribe - some 3,000 years ago, and the descendants of a large tribe (Khazars) that adopted Talmudism nearly 1,300 years ago - failed to resist the lure of earthly treasure - riches, land, dominion over all people. Few resist the lure today. The plan appeals to the basest instincts in man separate and apart from our spiritual goodness and wholeness as a child of Creator.

That is not to insinuate that the Jews are the sole cause of the woes that have befallen this world and its people. It is true that the Jews have been ruled and controlled by their Rabbis throughout the ages. So have Christians, especially Roman Catholics, been controlled by their religious leaders; and as we shall see, most denominations of the so-called Christian churches today preach the religion of the Jews... Jehovah's Kingdom on Earth.

The primary catalyst which most surely and steadily powers the plan is the intense religious belief by hundreds of millions of people that it is the plan of a loving God. Therefore, both Jews and Christians have eagerly embraced the evil spreading in epidemic proportions over this planet believing it is the sign of their messiah's 'coming'. They are unaware of the fact that they are speaking the apocalyptic devastation into existence. Jesus told us of the power of our words (and thoughts) in Matt. 12:36,37 when he said:

"But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

As well as the belief in and urgent prayers going out for the fulfillment of this unholy plan, being opposite of all that is Holy, and good and loving, it cannot succeed without the necessary negative energy to drive it forward: that is the energy lent by its minions - regardless of color race or creed - who succumb to the 'rewards' offered (to whom ever is willing to barter his soul in exchange for favors, whatever those favors might be).

The energy that propels this plan is also fed and strengthened and thrives on that which we seemingly so willingly give, unaware of the ramifications to ourselves and its impact on the ultimate outcome of the struggle between good and evil.

"Not me" you say? Yes, you. And me. Every one of us, if we are honest, will admit that it is so. Consider this:

Each time we make a choice to disregard the true LAW of Creator - which is Love - we become witting dupes in the game. That is not to say we consciously invite evil into our lives, although there are many who obviously believe that material possessions, power and influence are worthy of the exchange of their souls.

However, those of us who mistakenly believe that our isolated acts of pettiness, thoughtlessness, carelessness, meanness, lying, cheating, stealing, and so forth, go without effect must consider the power of, and accept the responsibility for our contribution to the powers of darkness. Those isolated and subtle acts - small acts of evil - open the door for larger ones.

The system itself is designed to dehumanize all who partake in it. The first step in the dehumanization process is a loss of compassion.

Many people who work for governments, government agencies, or hold seats of office - whether they be elected or appointed - consistently commit unconscionable acts against their fellow man in the 'name of the law' or 'just doing their job'. It is a given that most of the jobs cannot be done with compassion, and an individual who is compassionate cannot do the jobs... at least not as they're ordered to do.

The law-makers themselves close their eyes to the evil they do every time they pass another law or ordinance without having read and sincerely considered the impact on people's lives, irregardless of the sanctity of life. Their Godless laws have made criminals of people who have neither infringed upon nor injured another party. 'Crimes against the State', often times bear heavy penalties from imprisonment and fines to property forfeiture.

Civil servants are servants of government, not the people. Law Enforcers - once called peace officers - enforce the Godless laws dehumanized law-makers make with brute force, stun guns, handcuffs and high-powered rifles. Just doing their job.

Administrators of Godless laws which destroy people's lives, routinely steal homes and property for taxes or other 'legal' reasons. They kidnap children under some pretext of child abuse, i.e. parents' refusal to vaccinate, administer psychotropic drugs, or who are simply 'accused' of any other of a myriad of legal trespasses, including spanking. The administrators are usually always accompanied by armed law enforcers. Just doing their job.

Aside from the unbearable anguish of the parents, can you imagine the paralyzing fear of children who are snatched up bodily by a stranger? or two or three strangers if a child resists? and carried off to become a ward of the state, placed in a home with total strangers? One mother had her infant stolen immediately after birth, literally pulled away from its mother's breast. It was recently reported that a five year old in Florida is 'missing somewhere in the system'. It took them months to realize they have no knowledge of the child's whereabouts.

Remember what Jesus said about those who would harm children? In Matt.18:6 he said:

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea." 

Teachers - most of whom are victims of mind control themselves as a result of intensive indoctrination in schools and colleges - perpetuate the indoctrination by methods they are taught to use on innocent children.

Parents who have been made aware of the dangers, who have an alternative and willingly hand their children into the hands of the government 'educators' are in dereliction of their duty as parents to protect their children. Failure to protect our children carries the same weight as an act of violence committed on them.  

Most people who knowingly commit and continue to commit acts which violate the true LAW claim they 'have no choice' because they have to keep a job, or follow orders of a superior, or any number of excuses. They go along to get along.

We always have a choice, and that choice needn't always be finding another job. How, then, could we or others do our job without violating God's LAW? Jesus told us how in Matt. 7:12

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that man should do to you, do you even so to them."

If enough individuals followed that maxim, the nature of the job itself would be transformed into a good and beneficial and worthwhile purpose. That applies to every situation for all of us, all mankind of all colors and all faiths. We have come to recognize that statement as The Golden Rule: 'Do unto others as you would have others do unto you'. That's what's missing and it is for each and every one of us to ponder what choices we will continue to make, and whether we will continue breaking God's LAW with justification.

However we justify trespass, we will not avoid the resulting effects. That is inescapable, for energy is a cycle that returns to the sender, whether that be our thoughts, words, or deeds; it is a certainty that 'what goes around, comes around'.

So we find that our moments of confrontation - the choices between right and wrong, good and evil - come in the home, in the office, in the street, in all of our relationships where decisions are made on practical human grounds.

Evil is insidious and skillful in its disguise; it doesn't play fair; and it is empowered by a collective lifetime thousands of years old. Evil is everywhere: in self-interest, ambition, greed and perceived need alike, and is almost always cloaked in some less recognizable disguise... even that of simple omission. As Edmond Burke said,

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing." 

Conversely our thoughts, words and acts of kindness and true compassion -- in other words LOVE -- can literally shine away the darkness, for it is true that darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. It goes without saying of course, that without the light, darkness would be all-encompassing. Of that, Jesus said:

"Ye are the light of the world... Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matt. 5:14-16

The emphasis on 'perceived needs' was intentional to draw your attention to the fact that in fact our 'needs' are always met if we will remove the blocks to our awareness of that condition. We are created fully, wholly and completely, and abundance in all things is supplied. Our concerns for the future, belief in need and want, fear of lack, creates a perception of lack. Our perception seems real, because it is ours; we made it. When the blocks are removed, there is no want nor 'need'.

Suffice it to say that both Jews and Christians alike, including all sects and devotees of all religions, have been used to bring the plan for World Dominion to its present state of fruition. As we are experiencing just its preliminary effects today we should, at this point, be well aware that it is not a nice plan. It IS a political program for World Dominion cloaked in religion, with promises of peace, love, joy, prosperity right here on earth... for a thousand years anyway. Wasn't it Marx who said that religion is the opiate of the masses?  

In the Oscar Levy letter to Mr. Pitt-Rivers - previously mentioned - Mr. Levy also said:

"Are not they [Jews] the inventors of the Chosen People Myth

And is not this obsession part and parcel of the political credo of every modern nation, however small and insignificant it may be?

And then think of the history of nationalism. It started in our time as a reaction against Napoleon;

... Napoleon was the antagonist of the French Revolution;

the French Revolution was the consequence of the German Reformation;

the German Reformation was based upon a crude Christianity;

This kind of Christianity was invented, preached and propagated by the Jews THEREFORE the Jews have made this war!"  [speaking of WWI] 

No, it wasn't 'the Jews' that made that war. It was the Zionist Money Masters - the minions of the priesthood - that made that war. That statement, though, is a perfect example of how hatred has been generated against the Jews. And who made the statement? A self-proclaimed Jew. Knowing human nature as they do, the Ruling Sect flaunt their evil acts in the faces of the goyim (all non-Jews), inciting and goading them to retaliate against the 'lesser brethren'... those who were born into Talmudism.

The Jews are in a unique situation, however, as Steven Jacobson so eloquently pointed out in his introduction to this essay. The only way they can escape their dilemma is to throw off the bondage of the Torah and the Talmud -- combined as their 'Holy Book(s)'. Raised in a Jewish family, Steven 'knew' as a child that he did not belong to that creed. He refused to attend Hebrew school, did experience the cruelty of children who reflect their parents' prejudices, and has moved beyond the mind game, in a quest of spiritual truth and understanding.

As he suggested, there undoubtedly will be some readers who see this this as an 'anti-Semitic' assault on the Jews. Those of us caught in the religious lies are all persecuted, by our own belief systems. The same 'Christian' who chastised me for quoting the Protocols, calling it 'an anti-Semitic piece of fraudulent trash', also accused Steve Jacobson as being "New Age" when he suggested on a Sweet Liberty broadcast that in order to find truth, we must take time to become quiet and turn our attention inward to that place within where truth abides. He suggested that we meditate.

Her 'Christian' view of meditation is 'new age', never mind that the word can be found in the Christian Bible nineteen times; and never mind that Jesus is quoted as saying that, "the Kingdom of God is within you". If that is so, it would follow that the truth will be found there, also.

The Orthodox Jews today who so vociferously protest Zionism, who claim that Zionism does not represent Jewry, and yet who cling to the tenets of the Torah and the Talmud will continue to drive the plan of World Dominion forward, because the plan is contained within the Torah itself. For Judeo-Christians, it can be read in the first five books of the Old Testament. Therefore, unless they divest themselves of the destructive shackles of their 'religion', Jews will continue to be used by the Zionist leaders as the victims of persecution. And they will be guilty as charged by the goyim.

Once again, it is a matter of choice; although to the Jew born into Talmudism along with the belief that he or she is special, 'the chosen' of their god Jehovah - it would most probably not appear as a choice. How many, I wonder, will be willing to give up the lies that bind them to a religion of racism, death and destruction for a false promise of 'dominion over the world'?

In the book from which we've quoted the Protocols - the first half of which is a history of how they came about - the following excerpt and assertions should be seriously contemplated by every Jew and Christian alike. Addressing the power struggle between the Sadducees and Pharisees, on page 88 we read:

The Pharisees, who, although they professed as one of their chief tenets, the utmost contempt of the 'am haretz' or simple people, did not overlook the fact that they needed their mass support for the attainment of their own aim, and they enlisted it by opposing the Sadducean strictness of the Law in many instances. . .

The power of the Sadducees fell with the destruction of the Temple by Titus and thenceforth the Pharisaic element held supremacy among the Jews. Quoting an acknowledged authority on Judaism, Mr. Flavien Brenier, Lt. Gen. Netchvolodow further describes the policy of the sect as follows:

"Before appearing proudly as the expression of Jewish aspirations, The Tradition of the Pharisees had serious difficulties to surmount, the chief of which was the revival of the orthodox faith stimulated in the Jewish people by the Captivity.

To the exiles, bemoaning the fall of the Temple of Jerusalem and begging Jehovah to end the misfortunes of their homeland, the revelation that Jehovah was only a phantom, entailed not only certain defeat, but also their own exposure to perils the last of which would have been the loss of all authority over Israel.

This religion of Man divinised, which they had absorbed at Babylon they conceived solely as applying to the profit of the Jew, the superior and predestined being. The promises of universal dominion. . . that of a material domination to be imposed on the universe by the Jews.

The awaited Messiah was. . . a temporal king, bloody with battle, who would make Israel master of the world and 'drag all peoples under the wheels of his chariot'.

One cannot better define its action in the midst of Jewish society before Jesus Christ, than in comparing it with that of the Freemasons in modern society. A carefully restricted membership tightly bound, imposing on their members the religion of 'the secret', the Pharisees pursued relentlessly their double aim which was:

1. The seizure of political power, by the possession of the great political offices (the influence of which was tremendous in the reconstituted Jewish nation) and the conquest of the Sanhedrin (Jewish parliament.)

2. To modify gradually the conceptions of the people in the direction of their secret doctrine." 

There are two statements here to which I wish to re-draw your attention:

The danger to the Pharisees was the possibility that the people would discover the fact that "Jehovah was only a phantom". That would have destroyed their control/authority over the masses who had embraced their 'phantom god'. Think about that!

Secondly, the Pharisees had struggled for control with the Sadducees and apparently won, to the point of usurping power in the Sanhedrin -- the "Jewish Parliament". In my mind they (both sects) have always been lumped together, although come to think of it, in the Gospels, Jesus raged against the Pharisees, not the Sadducees.

It was the 'scribes' (lawyers) and Pharisees (alien priesthood) that he was exposing, and it was they who orchestrated his death, even to the point of most likely paying to have renegades planted in the crowd calling for Barrabas' release, condemning Jesus to death. Is it possible that the Sadducees could have been teaching Spiritual truth to their flocks (or at least closer to the truth) before the Pharisees gained control?

Needless to say, what passes for the 'Holy Bible' today (Old Testament) was written by them, and they surely had control over the writing of the New Testament, since they gained control twenty-five or thirty centuries ago.

That could -- as Doug Reed stated in Controversy of Zion -- be the answer to the gross contradictions in the Old Testament, i.e., on the one hand telling them to be good neighbors, then on the other commanding that they go into town after town and utterly destroy all that breaths, including the babies and children; telling them to not eat an animal that dies of itself (either of old-age or sickness), but it's okay to sell it to a stranger. Mr. Reed suggested they had to leave some of the original teachings mingled with the lies, or the people would never have accepted it.

So. . . has anything changed from that time to today that you could notice?

Toynbee referred to the source from whence the plan came as the 'creative minority'. He was not referring to those whose names are familiar to many of us: Rothschild, Warburg, Kuehn, Loeb, Schiff, Frankfurter, Brandeis, Untermeyer, Baruch, Rockefeller and others who have appeared to be in control of the world's social, judicial, educational and economic systems, along with the governments of the nations.

The creative minority to which Toynbee referred are an unknown few who control that group. An interesting comment on that - whether true or not - in a small book titled Handbook For The New Paradigm, it states that:

"Those who think they are in control and planning this scenario are just as controlled as their plan for you."

For at least 3,000 years the Jews - and over the past 2,000 years the Christians - have been programmed by religious leaders to believe that the Jews are God's chosen people.

Christians believe it because it says so in the Old Testament, which was tacked onto the front of the New Testament centuries ago by the 'holy fathers' of the Roman Catholic church - the foundation of the Christian church as we know it today. At that time the Old Testament was given precedence over the New along with equal divine status as the 'word of God'.

The belief was injected into our Christian minds as babes that 'In the end times Jesus will return to reign on earth for a thousand years of PEACE, after which, Satan will once again be released'. For what? To start it all over again? We ingested that belief with our mother's milk and it appears to have become part of our cellular structure.

We were all born into a great lie. Possibly that is what is meant by the Elders in the Protocols: that its root is so firmly implanted it can never be plucked out. If you believe that lie, then you are doomed to live therein. There is no power on this third dimensional plane, nor anywhere in Creation, greater than the power of Creator -- which is within you. There you will find the Will and the Way to impugn the lie.

To realize that the Christian belief -- of God's Kingdom on earth -- follows a perfectly parallel path with the Talmudic political program for World Dominion which has been given to Jews as their religion... to realize that the story is one and the same is startling to say the least. However, according to Moses Mendelssohn, a learned Jew:

"Judaism is not a religion, but a Law religionized."

That 'parallel path' is not intended to clash, conflict, or cross at some junction, but to so slowly and subtly merge that we will all simply open our eyes one day to the awareness that we are on the same path... have always been on the same path, always having had two separate destinations in mind.

2,300 years ago, Plato called it 'The Third Way'... a merging of what has been presented as diametrically opposed concepts. Today, we have Judeo-Christianity.

Jews have been awaiting their messiah for 3,000 years; while Christians have been awaiting the return of their Messiah for 2,000. And the same small group made up the same story for all of us. In his time, Jesus identified that group as the Pharisees, including with the Pharisees as perpetrators of the lie... the Scribes.

Today, the Scribes are known as lawyers, and their function is the same today as it was then. They write the laws, interpret the laws, and have imprisoned millions of innocent people under those laws which have their basis in the Talmud. Once again, the Protocols spelled it out perfectly, as in Protocol No. 9:

"Above the existing laws without substantially altering them, and by merely twisting them into contradictions of interpretations, we have erected something grandiose in the way of results.

These results found expression first in the fact that the interpretations masked the laws: afterwards they entirely hid them from the eyes of the governments owing to the impossibility of making anything out of the tangled web of legislation"

Please! Take note of this! The glaring contradiction in the Laws of the 'would-be- gods' on earth is the fact that man-made laws are changeable, open to interpretation, written so as to create confusion; the LAW of Creator is immutable, changeless, and simple: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, for as you sow, that you shall also reap".

Jews should consider this seriously. The mandates of their 'phantom deity' - Jehovah - as taught by the Pharisaic Rabbis, is wide open to interpretation, as evidenced in the sixty-three volumes of their ruminatings -- chewing over the question of whether or not it is permissible to kill a flea or a gnat on the sabbath. The Jews' religion has deprived them of the right to even seek the truth. Jesus taught that we must seek, and yet many Christians believe it is a 'sin' to question anything they're taught by their church leaders.

Brian Kennedy writes in his Freemasonic Destruction of Western Civilization:

"The U.S. legal system enshrined the Talmudic practice of building up 'case law' on fine distinctions, and hairsplitting nuances. Black can be made white or vice-versa, under such a system. It is a made-to-order recipe for tyranny and manipulation by unseen authority...

Of course, this was the intention from the very beginning. Jews have been controlled by their rabbis for two thousand years under the pernicious system."

Thus, hundreds of millions of mind-manipulated Jews and Christians passionately cry:

'Bring it on! Bring on the chaos, perversion, death and destruction! Bring on the vaccines that are killing our children! Bring on the chem-trails leaving their trails of disease and death! Bring on the New World Order. It's in the book! It's God's plan! Bring on the Terminator Seed, Bovine Growth Hormone, irradiated food, genetically engineered non-food! Our messiah is coming!'

And millions march off to WAR killing and dying for the World Order, exuberantly singing, 'Onward Christian Soldiers'. How awful. How pathetic. How sick. And all in the name of 'God'.  

In truth, it is all a whopper of a deadly lie, and if we don't wake up to it - Jew and Christian alike - we'll all end up slaves in a world that, I believe, will be more evil than we could bear to consider. The planned Messiah will be neither that one expectantly awaited by the Jews nor the Judeo-Christians. The Protocols give us a clue as to what to they have 'prepared for the world':

"When the hour strikes for our Sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned it is these same hands [the mob] which will sweep away everything that might be a hindrance thereto."  Protocol No. 3.

"Ever since that time [French Revolution] we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favour of that King Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world." Protocol No. 3.

"However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion." Protocol No.4.

Another relevant excerpt which appears to be happening as this is being written relates to the current expose of sexual indulgences by many Catholic priests - sodomizing young boys - who are bringing shame and defamation to the doorsteps of the church. The church, of course, has condoned this by simply sending the sexual criminals to a new place, where their malpractice is unknown, and creating the opportunity for other innocents to be molested and abused. From Protocol No. 17:

When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nation towards this court. When, however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place.

The King of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe, the patriarch of an international Church.

And all people in all nations across the globe will be living in hell, right here on earth, in a 'kinder, gentler' world, as the Elder Bush claimed. Some insiders tell it like it really is intended to be. Jacques Attali, special advisor to French President Francois Mitterand for a decade, wrote a chilling book which we shall excerpt in more detail later, in which he describes the planned World Order like this:

"Future shock is yesterday. Change is the only constant in a world in upheaval... a new order is being born. In the next millennium, humanity's fate will be shaped by a new set of winners and losers...

Wealthy wanderers will everywhere be confronted by roving masses of poor nomads - boat people on a planetary scale seeking to escape from the destitute periphery, where most of the earth's population will continue to live.

These impoverished migrants will ply the planet, searching for sustenance and shelter...  they will live the life of the walking dead."

If the plan -- now well underway -- succeeds, the only escape from slavery will be extermination in the scheduled planet-depopulation agenda, which is also well underway via vaccines, chemtrails (aerial spraying), poisoned water, genetically modified food, and irradiation of those foods not genetically modified. The Jews of the world will succumb along with all other people of all religions.

Hundreds of millions - perhaps billions - will succumb in this final conflict being promulgated today. . .

UNLESS our minds and hearts are freed of the religious lies we've embraced, believing that this pervasive evil is the Divine Plan of our Loving Father/Creator/ God;

UNLESS we earnestly pray for Divine Guidance from within, where the Kingdom of God abides;

UNLESS enough good men and women do something as a result of that Divine Guidance; and the hating stops; and the Love is renewed.


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