Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

The specific issue was some kind of legislative debacle in Pennsylvania in 1998 that led to a press release accusing conservative legislators of screwing over the grassroots, yet again. The following blast targeting the CNP crowd of hypocrites was included, apparently. This man's organization has a website http://www.protectingmarriage.org.


Why the Council for National Policy?


By Charles H. Kendall Jr., Ph.D., advisor to
Protecting Marriage, Inc.
Sept. 1998


Since the first Ronald Reagan administration, many conservatives and libertarians have wondered why true reforms in many issues areas have not occurred, especially in divorce law. Many of the blockages can be assigned to this secretive 501 (c)(3) so-called educational foundation. Members who are leaders of well-known pro-family and conservative or libertarian "think tanks" have blocked nearly every conservative, religious or political reform issue of record.

Among the Council for National Policy's 500 members are leaders of the Heritage Foundation, Free Congress Foundation, the Federalist Society (of conservative and libertarian lawyers), Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, "Pat" Robertson's empire, Jerry Falwell, National Association of Evangelicals, Christian Coalition, Eagle Forum, Concerned Women of America, and scores of supposedly conservative lawyers and politicians, all Republicans. Tim LaHaye was the principal founder of the CNP.

Using Pennsylvania as an example, see it this fits anything going on in your state, then please let Protecting Marriage know the details. Supposedly Christian, conservative state Republican representatives Tom Armstrong, Dennis Leh, and Sam Rohrer travel Pennsylvania telling their constituents how good they are and how they share the crucial concerns of their listeners, the implication being that they serve to address those concerns in the legislature. Yet nothing meaningful in social policy is either introduced or advanced.

But too frequently these three reps seem to take their very limited directions from the Pennsylvania Family Institute, one of the 32 such state institutes tied, despite denials to the contrary, to Dr. James Dobson and Gary Bauer, the leaders, respectively, of Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.

FOCUS, for example, for the last 3 years has held, in Colorado Springs, weekend "retreats" for lawyers (and their wives) and on a full legal-topic agenda each time, Divorce was never listed. With the documented daily stress upon society due explicitly to Divorce, it is an unacceptable omission.

Dobson and Bauer, in turn, check with others in the CNP regarding their agendas, and we suspect that there is a working arrangement between CNP leaders, the Republican National Committee, and state Republican leaders to toy with the masses of religious and political conservatives, while keeping their votes.

Representatives Armstrong, Leh, and Rohrer have promised us strong efforts at true reform, especially in family and educational issues, all the while they are voting for rights-stripping state constitutional amendments and quite fraudulent tax "reform" bills.

With secret, unpublicized meetings, and no stated mission or agenda for public benefit, the CNP strikes us as a domestic variant of the Bilderbergers, another extremely powerful and secret group of world leaders, recently described in TIME magazine. And if the CNP meets in secret and performs no public educational or charitable works, how can it maintain 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status? Those of you contributing to CNP members and their religious or political groups should ask the CNP what it is really up to, and if necessary, expose it as dangerous to traditional marriage, the nuclear family, and private property rights.

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