Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

The Man Behind H. Ross Perot

The key to understanding Ross Perot's agenda is his advisor Lloyd Cutler, Jimmy Carter's white house council and co-chairman of the Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS), which is made up of well known Washington figures including Nancy Kassebaum, Nicholas Brady, William Fulbright and dozens of others.

On July 16, '92 Ross Perot announced on the big 3 TV networks that he was withdrawing from the presidential race. He said the economy is the problem in this country and that it would take 12 years to fix it, but the trouble was that senators are elected for 6 years, presidents for 4 years, and representatives for 2 years. He also said that he would have proposed that all three offices carry 6 year terms. The 1985 book 'Reforming American Government'* a collection of papers by members of Lloyd Cutler's Committee on the Constitutional System and edited by Donald L. Robinson calls for "single 6 year terms for presidents" on pg. 167.

Perot then said that all 6 year terms should be served concurrently. Discussing a proposed Constitutional amendment on pg. 176 of 'Reforming American Government' "By establishing concurrent 4 year terms for representatives and the president the amendment would link...". The CCS appears to be as confused between 4 year and 6 year terms as does Ross Perot on whether he is in or out of the presidential race.

Next, Perot observed that this would not be enough to solve the problem, because if the president was republican and the congress democratic, then they would not work together.

This leads to his next proposal that the president and all the members of congress be of the same party. Discussing the offices of president, senator, and representative 'Reforming American Government' says on pg. 177, "No candidate for any such office may consent to run on more than one party slate. Each voter may cast a ballot for one such slate as an entirety, and votes cast separately for individual candidates shall not be counted."

There go our voting rights as we know them.

He summed up his proposals by saying that such a system already exists, "The British Parliamentary System", which brings us to pg. 191 of 'Reforming American Government'. The first page of chapter 24, entitled "An American Parliament", is where they advocate scrapping our Constitutional Republic for the parliamentary system, which our founding fathers fought a war from which to free us. Thus we see that Ross Perot is not the independent outsider that the media has led us to believe he is, but is attempting to implement the agenda of the very insiders who created the problems...problems such as the federal deficit, some of which went into the government contracts which built Ross Perot's fortune. You don't have to be an economic genius to accept government contracts, but you do have to support their agenda if you want to keep those contracts. Nicholas Brady, mentioned above as a member of the Committee on the Constitutional System, is George Bush's Secretary of the Treasury. Ross Perot criticizes Bush's economic policy, but as a tool of the CCS can he be any different?

BOTTOM LINE: 'Reforming American Government' states on page 29 that they plan a "significant shift in our constitution" which would require "a crisis that would be very grave indeed" such as a depression. The only way the CCS can get its package of amendments into the Constitution is if the state legislatures can be panicked into calling for a U.S. Constitutional Convention which Alexander Hamilton warned us against in Federalist paper Number 85, as it puts our government at risk of overthrow. So, if Ross Perot goes on TV and asks all Americans to call some state legislature and demand that they pass a Constitutional Convention Resolution to balance the federal budget, DON'T DO IT! It's only Lloyd Cutler's way of getting his nose into the tent. It will not balance the budget. It will destroy our voting rights and many other rights along with it.


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*(ISBN 0-8133-7114-7, Westview Press, Boulder CO.)

Note: The above article was written in '93. Today, [July '94], Lloyd Cutler is President Clinton's Chief Counsel.

P.S. In May '94 the Harvard chapter of UWSA presented a "mock limited Constitutional Convention for the purpose of adding a balanced budget amendment". Ross Perot addressed a group of students from the Kennedy School of Government at which time he stated that since the U.S. Congress wouldn't pass a resolution proposing the amendment it is up to the states to do it by way of a resolution calling for the Con-Con. He further stated that already 29 states have called for it; that people have "fought, bled and died for those 29 states..." (whatever that means); and assured them that if the people want a Con-Con no-one can stop it.

He urged the group to take up the challenge. It appears Perot is laying his cards face up on the table.....a blatant message to those of his many supporters who know the dangers of a con-con and who have urgently petitioned Perot to stop promoting it. The message might be interpreted as..."your opinions are of no importance to me. I'm Ross, and I'm the boss."

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