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Michael Walsh



Of thousands of German military personnel captured and executed as a consequence of the misnamed and highly illegal Nuremberg Trials and Military Tribunals, the highest ranking German leaders were publicly humiliated, denied basic human rights and in an orgy of revenge liquidated and decimated.

Minister President Herman Goering Death

Rudolf Hess, Deputy German Leader Life imprisonment

Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Foreign Minister Death

Wehrmacht Commander-in-Chief W. Keitel Death

Ernst Kaltenbrunner Death

Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg Death

Hans Frank, Head of German Law Death

Dr. Wilhelm Frick, Minister of the Interior Death

Walter Funk, Minister of Industries Life Imprisonment

Julius Streicher, farmer. (No government position) Death

Karl Doenitz, Grand Admiral 10 Years

Admiral Erich Raeder Life Imprisonment

Baldur Von Schirach. Head of Hitler Youth 20 Years

Ernst Sauckel, German Labour Program Death

Alfred Jodl, Colonel-General Death

Martin Bormann (in absentia) Death

Constantin Von Neurath, Reichsprotector 15 Years

Most of the executions took place in secrecy on the 15th October 1946 - which 'coincidentally' happened to be the Jewish Feast Day Hoshana Raba. [PURIM]

The hangman, John C. Woods, a sergeant in the United States Army was Jewish. The executions were deliberately bungled, the prisoners given a short drop so that their necks would not be instantaneously broken and ensuring their slow strangulation amidst the utmost pain.

The official timing between the springing of the trap and death in the ten victims (Goering had cheated the hangman by committing suicide) in minutes were 18, 24, 13, 10, 10, 12, 14, 14, 16 and 11-minutes.

Several of those executed also suffered face and head injuries, as the struck the edge of the trapdoor frame, on their way down. Julius Streicher who had been a farmer throughout the war, and held no political post, was the only victim to have fought physically with his tormentors. When he was finally subdued he gave a Hitler salute before dying.

The official United States undertaker, who was present at the executions, stated that:

"The Jewish-American boy in charge of the execution (of Streicher) let him strangle, horribly for a long, long minute."

"The war crimes trials were a reversion to the ancient practice of the savage extermination of a defeated enemy and particularly its leaders." - Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, U.S.N. Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet, 1941


"Hitler was the greatest statesman Europe has ever known. History will prove that when whipped up emotions have died down. He was more matter of fact, generally more unfolded than Napoleon.

"Napoleon was more of a vanquishing, empire-founding Frenchman than a true European. Hitler, in his being a man of his time, dreamed of an enduring, just, honest Europe, unified by the initiative of the victor. A Europe however in which each ethnic group could develop according to their merits and accomplishments.

"The proof of this is that he offered Petain his hand. Just as Bismarck knew how to outgrow Prussia and become a German, so Hitler son changed from being a German to being a European.

"At an early stage he disconnected himself from imperialistic ambition. Without any difficulty he began to think of himself as a European and initiated the creation of a Europe in which Germany - like Prussia in Bismarck's time, was to be the foundation stone.

"Some comrades of the Fuhrer might still have been short-sighted Pan-Germanists. But Hitler had the genius, the right scale, the absence of bias and the necessary vision to accomplish the terrific task.

"He had an authority, not to be found a second time in the history of the continent. His success would have established wealth and civilization of Europe for centuries, probably forever.

"Hitler's plans for Europe would have meant a blessing for us all."


"The politics of power are inevitable and there is nothing very new to learn about this war or the end it was fought for. England had destroyed, as in each preceding century, a trade rival; a mighty chapter had been closed in the secular struggle between the glories of Germany and France.

"Prudence requires some measure of lip service to the 'ideals' of foolish Americans and hypocritical Englishmen, but it would be stupid to believe that there is much room in the world, as it really is, for such affairs as the League of Nations or any sense in the principle of self-determination, except as an ingenious formula for re-arranging the balance of power in one's interest." = The Economic Consequences of Peace


"All great events have been distorted, most of the important causes concealed, some of the principle characters never appear, and all who figure are so misunderstood and misrepresented that the result is a clear mystification.

"If the history of England is ever written by one who has the knowledge and the courage, the world would be astonished."


"National Socialism is essentially a religious movement and faith. The Germanic or Aryan world of ideas, both political and religious will go out as a sacred Gospel to heal mankind."

- Adolf Hitler, Last Will and Testament

"I nourish the conviction that the hour will come when millions of men who now curse us will take a stand behind us to welcome the new Europe, our common creation born of a painful and laborious struggle and an arduous triumph - a Europe which is the symbol of greatness, honour, strength, honesty and justice." - Adolf Hitler


"It is not true that I wished for war in 1939, neither I nor anyone else in Germany. Exclusively those international statesmen who were of Jewish race or who worked in the interests of international Jewry. . . provoked war.

"After six years of war which, in spite of all the reverses, will one day pass into history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of the struggle of a people and race for its existence, I cannot abandon the city which is the capital of this State . . ."

". . . By the sacrifice of our soldiers, by my comradeship with them right to the end, has been sown the seed which will spring forth in the history of Germany and of Europe in the resurrection of National Socialism together with a nation truly united."

Adolf Hitler, Last Will and Testament. April 29 1945

"The day will come when we shall make an agreement with the men of other Aryan nations. Then there will come a union between all of the one, good, ruling race throughout the world." - Adolf Hitler

A Michael Walsh


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