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Michael Walsh




"We allies are not monsters." said Winston Churchill to the Germans in 1945.

"This at least, I can say on behalf of the United Nations, to Germany. . . peace, though based on unconditional surrender, will bring to Germany and Japan immense and immediate alleviation of suffering and agony." - Time Magazine, January, 29th, 1945


"What followed was quite the opposite. More Christian women were raped than has ever before been recorded in world history.

"The German population was put on a 1300-calorie starvation diet, 15,000,000 German civilians were forcibly deprived of their homes and property; the allies have kept or taken one-fourth of their farmland and their farm implements, and told them to live by farming.

"And finally they raped and debauched hundreds of thousands of German, Austrian and Hungarian girls and women from eight to eighty. In one year of 'peace', they brought to their death five times as many German civilians as died during five years of war." - Dr. A.J. App, American authority on the Second World War

There can be no apportioning of blame based on nationalism for these 'peace crimes' occurred with the approval, acquiescence and indeed the collaboration of all the victor powers. All had a vested interest in dismembering Germany, de-populating large sections of German territory by expulsion, and reducing the German population through a combination of expulsion, starvation and murder.

Indeed, in parts of Central Europe as in Austria, the British occupiers worked closely together with the NKVD - forerunners to the K.G.B. - openly collaborating in the deportation and mass murder of thousands of non-combatants; men, women and children too. This collaboration extended back to Britain where Stalin's Police worked openly with the British authorities, rounding up and transporting to their deaths, tens of thousands of displaced persons.




"What kind of war do civilians suppose we fought anyway?

"We shot prisoners in cold blood, wiped out hospitals, lifeboats, killed or mistreated enemy civilians, finished off enemy wounded, tossed the dying into a hole with the dead, and in the Pacific boiled the flesh of enemy skulls to make table ornaments for sweethearts, or carved their bones into letter openers.

"We topped off our saturation bombing and burning of enemy civilians by dropping atomic bombs on two nearly defenseless cities, thereby setting an all time record for instantaneous mass slaughter.

"As victors we are privileged to try our defeated opponents for their crimes against humanity; but we should be realistic enough to appreciate that if we were on trial for breaking international laws, we should be found guilty on a dozen counts. We fought a dishonorable war, because morality has a low priority in battle. . .

". . . I have asked fighting men for instance, why they - or actual we - regulated flame-throwers in such a way that enemy soldiers were set afire, to die slowly and painfully, rather than be killed outright by a full blast of burning oil. Was it because they hated the enemy so thoroughly? The answer was invariably,

'No, we don't hate those poor bastards particularly; we just hate the whole goddam mess and have to take it out on somebody.'

"Possibly for the same reason we mutilated the bodies of the enemy dead, cutting off their ears and kicking out their gold teeth for souvenirs, and buried them with their testicles in their mouths, but such flagrant violations of all moral codes reach into still unexplored realms of battle psychology." Edgar L. Jones, U.S. Second World War veteran. Atlantic Monthly, February 1946

"Bands of irresponsible bandits in Russian or American uniforms pillage and rob the trains. Women and girls are violated in sight of everyone. They are stripped of their clothes." - Sylvester C. Michelfelder, Lutheran Pastor, The Christian Century


"A long line of such incidents parades before my mind:

"the story of our Marines firing on unarmed Japanese survivors who swam ashore on the beach at Midway;

"the accounts of our machine-gunning prisoners on a Hollandia airstrip;

"of the Australians pushing captured Japanese soldiers out of transport planes which were taking them south over the New Guinea mountains (the Aussies reported them as committing hara-kiri or 'resisting');

"of the shinbones cut, for letter-openers and pen trays, from newly killed Japanese bodies on Noemfoor;

"of the young pilot who was "going to cream that Jap hospital one of these days";

"of American soldiers poking through the mouths of Japanese corpses for gold-filled teeth ("the infantry's favorite occupation");

"of Jap heads buried in anthills "to get them clean for souvenirs");

"of bodies bulldozed to the roadside and dumped by the hundreds into shallow, unmarked graves;

"of pictures of Mussolini and his mistress hung by their feet in an Italian city, to the approval of thousands of Americans who claim to stand for high, civilized ideals." The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh. p.997. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, N.Y. 1970

"You have said it all when you say that Europe is now a place where woman has lost her perennial fight for decency because the indecent alone live." - Catholic Digest, December 1945, p.82

John dos Passos (Life Magazine, January,7th, 1946. p.23) quotes a 'red-faced major' as saying:

"Lust, liquor and loot are the soldiers' pay."

A serviceman writes;

"Many a sane American family would recoil in horror if they knew how our boys conduct themselves, with such complete callousness in human relations over here." - Time Magazine, October 2nd 1945


"That young girl riding by on her bicycle - she must know that on the day the Russians come she will probably be raped by a dozen soldiers. When do they come? In days? In weeks?

"That, we have not told the Germans. She has a good face - nicely dressed in old but clean and brightly colored garments - like the daughter of a middle-class American family.

"I realize that we Americans are holding her at Dessau. She cannot flee to safety. We will not let her pass our sentries on the roads. We are turning her and thousands of others like her over to Soviet soldiers for their sport.

"I feel ashamed. What responsibility has this child for Hitler and the Nazis? What right have we to call Germans and Japs barbarians when we treat women thus?" - The Diaries of Charles A. Lindbergh, p.986. - Harcourt Brace Javanovich, N.Y. 1970

In France,

"Some Frenchmen began carrying truncheons at night to protect their wives and sisters from G.I. insults. Such was the reign of terror, the casual street selection for gratuitous sex by a wide diversity of races serving in the allied armies that visiting U.S. Army wives would have to wear uniform. The G.I.s did not want their wives mistaken for frauleins by other occupation troops." - INS, January 31st 1946

"It is a tale of horror, old men starving on the roads, young girls raped in boxcars." - Time Magazine, October 2nd 1945

"American occupation troops are, being issued with 50,000,000 prophylactics a month." - Time Magazine, September 3rd 1945

"At home our papers carry articles about how we 'liberate' oppressed countries and peoples. Here, our soldiers use the term 'liberate' to describe the method of obtaining loot. Anything taken from an enemy home or person is 'liberated' in the language of the G.I. Leica cameras are 'liberated' (probably the most desired item); guns, food, art. Anything taken without being paid for is 'liberated'. A soldier who rapes a German woman has 'liberated' her." - The Diaries of Charles A. Lindbergh, p.953. - Harcourt Brace Javanovich, N.Y. 1970

From this one concludes that the U.S. Army of Occupation in Germany, a nation of less than 20 million females of mature age, was provided with 50 million condoms a month to 'teach the Germans Christianity.'

It is interesting to note that whilst the bulk of the mature male population were being deported as slaves to Russia, and held as slave labor in the rest of Europe including Britain, the U.S. Government was literally a conniving partner to the wholesale rape of a nation's womanhood.

"Frankly, the worst problem comes from our colored troops going with German girls. This stirs bitter hatred among German men. Many of our own soldiers feel almost as strongly about it." -  Lee Hills, Frankfurt; Chicago Daily News Foreign Service, August 8th 1946


These terrible, tragic events, that for sheer horror find their equal only in the worst excesses of Ghenghis Khan, explains the necessity to supply 50 million condoms to G.I.s in a vain attempt to check rampant venereal disease in a defeated nation in which such afflictions were previously virtually unknown. No less than 20% of G.I.s were carrying venereal disease.

"In the case of Negro G.I.s the venereal disease rate was 70% infected." - Hal Foust, Berlin, July 22nd 1946

According to testimony given to the U.S. Senate on July, 17th, 1945, when the French colonial (Negro) troops under his (General Eisenhower) command entered the German city of Stuttgart, "they herded German women into the subways and raped some 2,000 of them." Even a PM reporter, 'reluctantly confirmed the story in its major details.' Peace Action, July 1945

It is interesting to note that a Japanese General was hanged because in the last days of the war, though the Americans had severed all communications with troops in the field, his troops raped twenty-five Manila 'beauties'.

"Rights! You have no rights. You're conquered, ya hear?" - Allied Military Government Head. New Republic, July 16th 1945

One American serviceman writes that he shivers

"at the apparent absence of basic human decency displayed by many G.I.s." - Time Magazine, November 12th 1945

"That's the way it is," said the captain. "Americans look on German women as loot, just like cameras and Lugers." - N.Y World Telegram, January 21st 1945

"The only German mothers who can keep their children alive are those who themselves or whose sisters become mistresses of the occupying troops. By our official admission we have brought Germany down to a daily food level of 700 to 1500 calories, which is less than an American breakfast, and which leads to gradual death." - Catholic Digest, December 1945, p.82

"If there be such a thing as civilized warfare, the Allies were, in my opinion, guilty in some instances of betraying civilization." - Major General Frederick Gilbreath, U.S.A.


"His Holiness, Pope Pius XII in a letter to Cardinal Michael Von Faulhaber.... 'lamented the base injuries and misadventures which German women and girls have to suffer'." N.C Vatican City, See Dubeque Witness

"The American Provost Marshall, Lieutenant Colonel Gerald F. Beane, said that rape presents no problem to the Military Police because, 'a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap makes rape unnecessary.' Think that over if you want to understand the situation in Germany 'Except for those who can establish contact with members of the Armed Forces, Germany can get nothing, from soap to shoes." - (Op.Cit. p.83) The Christian Century, December 5th 1945

"Young girls, unattached, wander about and freely offer themselves for food or bed... very simply they have one thing left to sell, and they sell it.... as a way of dying it may be worse than starvation, but it will put off dying for months, maybe years." - L. J. Filewood, Weekly Review, London, October 25th 1945

"Nowhere in recorded history has such a grim chapter of brutality ever been written." - Senator William Langer, April 5th 1949


"Berlin, as the Reds approached in 1945, had become virtually a city without men. Out of the civilian population of about 2,700,000, roughly 2,000,000 were women. Small wonder that the fear of sexual attack raced through the city like a plague. Doctors were besieged by patients seeking information about the quickest way to commit suicide, and poison was in great demand."

Cornelius Ryan, The Last Battle

"The later waves of Soviet soldiers went wild. Rape, plunder and suicide became commonplace. Soldiers entered the Haus Dahlem, an orphanage, maternity hospital and foundling home, and repeatedly raped pregnant women, and those who had recently given birth. All told, the number of rape victims in Berlin - ranging from women of 70 years to little girls of 10 - will never be known, although Ryan reports estimates from doctors that run from 20,000 to 100,000." - Time Magazine

"Our fellow re-educators of Germany, our Russian allies, entered Danzig, March 24 1945. A 50-year old Danzig teacher reports that the following day her niece, 15, was raped seven times. Her other niece, 22, fifteen times.

"A Russian officer told the women to seek safety in the Cathedral. After they were securely in, our brothers-in-arms entered and, playing the organ and ringing the bells, kept up a foul orgy through the night, raping all the women, some more than thirty times. Surely, that's a wonderful time - for the fellows helping us try the Germans at Nuremberg." - Dr. A.J App, Professor, LaSalle College

"Dr 'O', a Catholic pastor at Danzig, declares;

"They violated even eight-year old girls and shot boys who tried to shield their mothers."

"In unending succession were girls, woman and nuns violated... not merely in secret, in hidden corners, but in the sight of everybody, even in churches, and in the streets and in public places were nuns, women and even eight-year old girls attacked again and again. Mothers were violated before the eyes of their children; girls in the presence of their brothers; nuns in the sight of their pupils, were outrages again and again to their very death and even as corpses." - Breslau, Germany, September 3rd 1945

A Lutheran pastor, in a letter of August 7th 1945 to the Bishop of Chichester, England, describes how a fellow pastor's, 'two daughters and grandchild (ten years of age) suffer from gonorrhea, result of rape.' And how, 'his mother, eighty-three years of age, died of the consequences of rape,' and how 'Mrs. No was killed when she resisted an attempt to rape her while her daughter was raped, and deported allegedly to Omsk, Siberia for indoctrination." - See Tablet, October 27th 1945

In Neisee, Silesia, 182 Catholic nuns were raped: 'In the diocese of Kattowitz sixty-two pregnant nuns were counted.' In one convent when the Mother Superior and her assistant tried to protect the younger nuns with outstretched arms, they were shot down. The priest who reported this said that he knows 'several villages where all the women, even the aged and girls as young as twelve were violated daily for weeks by the Russians." - Nord-Amerika, November 1st 1945

".... charged that 'in the Russian occupied zone of Eastern Germany cries for help were going up from girls and women who were being brutally raped and whose bodily and spiritual health is completely shaken'." - Time Magazine, November 5th 1945

"In Silesia, 'Many girls and women were violated.... and a greater number of them lost their lives in the struggle to defend themselves against attacks. Among those killed were nuns and a number of priests who sought to shield women and their religion. The names of 42 priests who were massacred are known." - M.C Paris, December 10th 1945

"The fact that one of the Nuremberg (Trial) judges was a Russian, i.e. an official representing a government guilty of an infinite number of crimes far worse than any of those attributed to the accused Germans, deprived the court of any vestige of legality or equity." - Hon. Luigi Villari, Grand Officer of the Crown of Italy


"In Vienna alone they raped 10,000 women, not once but many times, including girls not yet in their teens, and aged women." - Archbishop and Most Reverend Bernard Griffin

"The Viennese tell you of the savagery of the Russian Armies. They came like the ancient Mongol hordes out of the Steppes, with the flimsiest supply. The people in the working class districts had felt that when the Russians came they at least would be spared. But not at all. In the working class districts the troops were allowed to rape and murder and loot at will. When the victims complained, the Russians answered. 'You are too well off to be workers. You are bourgeoisie'." - op.cit. p.24

Recently in Rome, Cardinal Mindszenty explained that, 'Bishop William Apor of Gyoer, and 53 priests were killed by Russians. The Bishop was killed when he tried to protect a group of women and children who had taken refuge in his palace." - Tablet, March 2nd 1946


"Besides looting, it is especially the raping of women which has caused the most suffering to the Hungarian population. These violations were so general (from the age of ten up to seventy years) that there are practically few women who could escape this fate. Acts of incredible brutality have been registered and many women prefer to commit suicide in order to escape monstrosities. Even now, when order is more or less established, Russian soldiers will watch houses where women live and they will return there at night to take them away." - The Swiss Legation, KAP News Services, Tablet, July 28th 1945


"The Czech and Jewish doctors refused all medical aid to German women raped by the Russians. Hundreds of thousands died by these means or sought salvation in suicide, as for instance in Brno (Brun) where on a single day 275 women committed suicide."


As with the Serbs today, racial-bastardisation as a deliberate policy was commonplace and encouraged.

Is it not the most appalling tragedy when it is remembered that when the Mohammedans at the gates of Vienna, threatened such a fate upon the women of Europe, Christian Europe arose united to prevent such a mass atrocity. Yet, nearly three hundred years later, the 'Christian' west not only contrived with the Asiatic hordes to bring about such a disaster but joined in the pillage and the rape. Little wonder that the noted British jurist described it as, an advance to barbarism.

"Hundreds of nuns have been violated by the Russian barbarians." - Listening In, March 15th 1946


"Our own Army and the British Army along with ours have done their share of looting and raping... this offensive attitude among our troops is not at all general, but the percentage is large enough to have given our Army a pretty black name, and we too are considered an army of rapists." - Time Magazine, September 17th 1945


"World War II led to even greater humiliation of the Allies than the had suffered in World War I. It is only necessary to mention the titanic rout of the British and French Armies which culminated in the flight of the former from Dunkirk, in order to make this clear.

"Consequently, as a matter of chivalry, justice and fair-play, the English record is even blacker than it was after World War I and the savagery and inhumanity that was displayed was far less restrained. . .

"From the looting and sadistic ill-treatment of the defenseless population by the Allied troops and control of officials - Englishmen, Frenchmen, Russians and Americans - to the despicable display of troglodyte beastliness in the Nuremberg Trials, where Englishmen, Frenchmen and Americans sank to the level of Russian prosecutors in a 'Great Purge' trial, and committed the extra infamy of pretending that the proceedings were 'legal' and 'just' . . .

"In the behavior of the allied occupation troops and the fulfillment of the Armistice terms by the Allied officials in Germany, every sign of the spirit of revenge and bitter resentment reached its fullest expression - so much so that the American, Herbert Hoover, who was a prominent and exceptionally humane witness of all that happened, was compelled to declare,

'The Allies are sowing hatred for the future, they are piling up agony, not for the Germans but for themselves... In after years, the mine the allies have planted will blow up in the faces of these world peace-makers'." - Anthony M. Ludovici



"In January 1950, the German magazine Das Neue Weltbild published a list of alleged war crimes committed by the British, part of a file prepared by the Germans during the war for trials to be held when they won. The magazine's 150,000 print-run sold out in Germany within minutes. The chief allegations were;

1. That on May 29th, British troops at Dixmude, Belgium, killed 150 Belgian troops who wanted to surrender to the Germans after hearing about the capitulation of King Leopold.

2. On June 16th 1940, British troops in the French village of Veurne massacred civilians who refused to leave their homes.

3. In June, 1940, British troops at Ardres plundered and manacled captured Germans." - William Patterson, Edinburgh. Daily Mail, 14th April 1945

See also: Chapter 19


"Police records at Stuttgart show that during the French occupation, 1,198 women were raped and eight men violated by French troops, mostly Moroccans.

"D. Karl Hartenstein, Prelate of the Evangelical Church in the city estimated the number at 5,000. Frau Schumacher, Secretary of the Police Women's' Section in submitting a documented report on numerous rapings, said that on the night the French evacuated the city, a child of nine was raped and killed, her mother was also raped and shot, and her father killed by Moroccans.

"In the town of Vailhingen, with a population of 12,000, for example, 500 cases of rape were reported.

"So it went on in areas occupied by the French." - David Darrah, Stuttgart, Chicago Tribune Press Service, July 24th 1945


"We passed some of the French Senegalese (West African) troops on the way into Stuttgart. They were paid little or nothing by the French, but they were permitted to loot and rape at will; that is part of the agreement.

"The days before, I had been told that in French-occupied territory it was required that a list of the occupants of every building, together with their ages, be posted outside, on the door, and that both the Senegalese and the French soldiers, drunk at night, would go from door to door until they found girls' names listed of any age they wished to rape.

"As we drove through Stuttgart we saw that each main door of the habitable buildings contained such a list - white sheets of paper tacked onto the panel - a column of names, a column of birth dates. And most of the women of Stuttgart show in their faces that they have gone through hell." - The Diaries of Charles A. Lindbergh, p.p.967. Harcourt Brace Javanovich, N.Y. 1970

"But the French with the Senegalese: There were over 3,000 cases of rape in the hospital. Not in the hospital for abortion, but because of injury. And minor injuries aren't accepted in hospitals in Germany these days." - The Diaries of Charles A. Lindbergh, p.960.


"The method of imposing the will of one man on another may in turn be replaced by pure psychological warfare wherein weapons are not even used or battlefields sought or loss of life aimed at. But in its place the corruption of human reason, the dimming of the human intellect and disintegration of the moral and spiritual life of one nation by the will of another is accomplished." - Major-General J.F.C Fuller, Tanks in the Great War, 1920


RAPE, PUNISHABLE BY DEATH: It is a well known fact that rape was virtually unheard of in the German Armed Forces and was in fact punishable by death.


"In their behavior toward the women of conquered territories, the German troops seem actually to have been the most correct and decent in the whole history of warfare." - Dr. A.J. App. Ph.D.


William Shirer (hardly a Nazi sympathizer) in his Berlin Diary, reported how on June, 17th, 1940, in the first flush of German occupation women had fled Paris in fear of the Germans. He wrote: "It seems the Parisians actually believed the Germans would rape the women and do worse to the men. . . the ones who stayed are all the more amazed at the very correct behavior of the troops - so far."


Frederick C. Crawford, President of Thompson Products, on January, 4th, 1945, in 'A Report From the War Front' resulting from an inspection tour taken along with others and organized by the War Department, said:

"After four years of German occupation. . . The Germans tried to be careful in their dealings with the people. We were told that if a citizen attended strictly to business and took no political or underground action against the occupying army, he was treated with correctness. (p.5)

"In short, wherever Americans have been able to investigate for themselves, they have found that however ruthless the Germans were with resisters and saboteurs, they were uncommonly Christian and decent towards the women of the conquered."

"The German behavior was correct; that they were quite amiably received by most people; there was no real sabotage and no real resistance movement. That as long as there was food, the civilians had their fair share and the conditions for the islanders were a good deal better than it was for the Wehrmacht in May, 1945." - Charles Cruickshank, Oxford University Press

"As far as I am aware, there is not a single incident in which the so-called anti-Christian Nazis, murdered a priest." - Dr. A.J App. Ph.D


"It must be brought home to the American people that much of what they have been led to believe was born of propaganda.

"That the Germany Army, for example, actually behaved itself very correctly toward the people of occupied territories whose governments were signatories to the Hague and Geneva Conventions.

"The facts are now well known, and are beyond dispute, despite the opposite picture painted in the Press as part of the horrendous business of war." - Ralph Franklin Keeling, Institute of American Economics, Chicago, 1970


"The Germans were angels compared to the Communists. Persecuted Christians came out of hiding. My father who had been arrested was released by the Germans. He came home with his hands raw. The Communists had tortured him by plunging his hands into boiling water until his skin came off like gloves." - Zite Kaulius, The Advocate, Newark, April 1964

"Very few German officers committed actions by their own free will during World War II of such a nature that they, because of such actions, could be regarded as war criminals." Major General H. Bratt, Royal Swedish Army

"The American admirals were courageous. They defended their German counterparts and saved their lives. Why didn't the generals of the ground armies do as much? They behaved contemptibly, because I don't think that the German ground armies committed any crimes." - General of the Army, Lionel-Max Chassin. Assistant Chief of Staff, French Army

"During my period of Command in the Middle East and Mediterranean Theatres, there were no breaches of International Maritime Law by the Axis Powers reported to me. My own feelings on that matter were that those who had committed War Crimes should have been dealt with by Military Courts after the Armistice and that the Nuremberg Trials were staged as a political stunt." - - Field Marshall Lord Henry Maitland Wilson of Libya. Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, 1943. Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theatre, 1944

".... for I have never heard of any illegal or barbarous act committed under his (Admiral Karl Doenitz) orders. I feel strongly that sailors, soldiers and airmen whose only 'crime' is the effective professional direction of the forces under their command, should not be liable to such trials." - Major General Sir William L.O Twiss, K.C.I.E., C.B., C.B.E., M.C., F.R.G.S. General Officer Commanding, British Army in Burma


"My service during World War II was in command of an armored division throughout the European campaign, from Normandy to Saxony. . .

"My division lost quite a number of officers and men captured between July 1944 and April 1945. In no instance did I hear of personnel from our division receiving treatment other than proper under the 'Rules of Land Warfare'.

"As far as the 6th Armored Division was concerned in its 280 days of front line contact, there was no 'atrocity problem'. . .

"Frankly, I was aghast, as were many of my contemporaries, when we learned of the proposed 'war crimes' trials and the fact that military commanders were among the accused. . . I know of no general officer who approved of them." - Major General Robert W. Grow, U.S.A. Commander 6th Armored Division in Europe. World War 11


"All of the ex-prisoners-of-war seemed to me to be surprisingly well fed - both those going into and coming out of the Russian area. Faces showed the signs of years of captivity; there was no doubt about that. But I did not see the signs of starvation that I expected after reading the accounts of the way these people have been treated." - The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh. p.989. Harcourt Brace Javalovich, N.Y. 1970


"The Germans have been claimed to be cruel in their submarine warfare. Beyond what was deemed necessary for the country's good, the Germans were not as cruel as has been claimed. I recognize in Grand Admiral Doenitz the master technician that he was. I also recommend his system to the use of Americans in any sea warfare that might develop. . . " - Admiral William V. Pratt, U.S.N. Commander-in-Chief, U.S Fleet

"The code of German officers does not differ from our own in any important way as far as I can see." - Major General Churchill Mann, C.B.E., D.S.O., C.D. Royal Canadian Army

"I can vouch that during the five years of fighting of our Fleet, mostly attached to the British Fleet, I never heard any complaint of atrocities in submarine warfare." - Vice Admiral Epaminondas P. Cawadias, Royal Hellenic Navy


"The most amazing thing about the atrocities in this war is that there have been so few of them. I have come up against few instances where the Germans have not treated prisoners according to the rules, and respected the Red Cross." - Cf. The Progressive, February, 4th 1945. London Express, Allan Wood, War Correspondent

"The Germans even in their greatest moments of despair obeyed the Convention in most respects. True it is that there were front line atrocities - passions run high up there - but they were incidents, not practices, and maladministration of their American prison camps was very uncommon." - Lieutenant Newton L. Marguiles. U.S. Assistant Judge Advocate, Jefferson Barracks, April 27th 1945


"It is true that the Reich exacted forced labour from foreign workers, but it is also true that, they were for the most part paid and fed well." - Ralph F. Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, American Institute of Economics

"I think some of the persons found themselves better off than at any time in their lives before." - Dr.James K.Pollack, AMG


"What did the Germans do to get efficient production from forced labor that we were not able to do with Germans working down the mines? They fed their help and fed them well." - Max H. Forester, Chief of AMG's Coal and Mining Division, July 1945


"When the Second World War broke out in 1939, he joined the Army, attaining the rank of lance-sergeant before being captured at Dunkirk in 1940. He spent the next five years in prisoner-of-war camps in Poland, East Prussia and Bavaria, using the time to pass examinations in a number of subjects, including economics and banking." - The Times, March 16th 1995 obituary on Lord Mulley, former Cabinet Minister


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