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From Major Jordan's Diaries


The Greatest Mail-Order Catalogue in History

     A complete, itemized list of Lend-Lease shipments is unobtainable from any agency or group of agencies of our Government. However, the Russians kept their own lists which I, as a liaison officer, was allowed to consult and copies of which I finally acquired.

     They list the dollar value of every item, though not always the exact quantity, with annual totals as follows:

1942 - $1,422,853,332;

1943 - $2,955,811,271;

1944 - $3,459,274,155;

1945 - $1,838,281,501.

     The grand total for four years is some $9.6 billions, which compares with the President’s figure of $9.5 (for shipments only) in the Twenty-First Report. But the complete Russian record is much more revealing than any partial or “protocol requirement” list the public has been allowed to see.

     I would have preferred to give the Russian figures for each of the four years, because there are many interesting comparisons, such as the thorium shipments which stopped after 1943. Space limitations prevented this. Faced with the choice of listing some items with all the breakdowns, or cumulative totals for all the items, I chose the latter. If any readers would like to have the yearly breakdowns on specific items, I will be glad to provide them from my worksheets.

     At the start I have grouped all the materials – chemicals, metals, minerals – suitable for use in an atomic pile. I have not listed here the ‘millions of dollars’ worth of mining, ore-crushing, and construction equipment which we sent to Russia. Informed readers may also find materials suitable for use in the hydrogen bomb elsewhere in the lists.

Item Quantity Cost in Dollars


Beryllium Metals 9,681 lbs.  --  $ 10,874.

Cadmium alloys 72,535 lbs.  --  $70,029.

Cadmium metals 834,989 lbs. - $71,466.

Cobalt ore & concentrate 33,600 lbs. --  $49,782.

Cobalt metal & cobalt-bearing scrap 806,941 lbs. --  $1,190,774.

Uranium metal 2.2 lbs. -

Aluminum Tubes 13,766,472 lbs.  --  $13,041,152.

Graphite, natural, flake, lump or chip 7,384,282 lbs. --  $812,437.

Beryllium salts & compounds 228 lbs.   --  $775.

Cadmium oxide 2,100 lbs. --  $3,080.

Cadmium salts & compounds, n.e.s. * 2 lbs.  --  $19.

Cadmium sulfate 2,170 lbs.  --  $1,374.

Cadmium sulfide 16,823 lbs.  --  $17,380.

Cobalt nitrate 51 lbs.  --  $48.

Cobalt oxide 17,800 lbs.  --  $34,832.

Cobalt salts & compounds n.e.s. 11,475 lbs.  -- $7,112.

Cobaltic & cobaltous sulfate 22 lbs.  --  $25.

Deuterium oxide (heavy water)  --  $1,100 grs. -

* “n.e.s.” stands for “not especially specified,” throughout.

These lists continue on page 83. (Pages 77 through 110 are copies of written orders, etc. along with many pages of details itemizing goods sent through Lend-Lease to Soviet Russia. These pages will be scanned in here, as soon as our webmaster receives them via mail. - Jackie) 

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