Note: I had transcribed this speech nearly two years ago, and just discovered it in my files. Its perfect place now is in this section that didn't exist at the time - How Wars Are Made - Behind the Scenes.

     As I re-read my prefatory comments and FDR's speech, the statements of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. ring through my mind in response to FDR's statement regarding U.S. entanglement in WWI, and "why Americans fought, and must continue to fight". Here's the REAL reason:

"In defense of World Order, U.S. Soldiers [will] have to kill and die. . .

"We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money".  

A NEW WORLD ORDER! THAT is the one and only reason U.S. Soldiers have fought in every single war created by the subterranean Creatures. . . and there has never been a war that wasn't orchestrated by them, for that very reason. Not to defend our country; not to preserve liberty and freedom. . . only to achieve a NEW WORLD ORDER!  

-- Jackie -- January 27th, 2004


     Transcribed from Voices of History - Great Speeches and Papers of the Year 1941 - Franklin Watts, Inc; New York.  Introduction by Charles A. Beard - Edited by Franklin Watts.

    At the present time, as far as we know, the only source of this book from which many relevant speeches of that crucial time period are recorded is from your public library. Had it not been for my dear friend and history mentor, Effie Burnthorn, I would never have known about it.

    Because books of this nature are so quickly disappearing from the 'public' libraries, we've spoken with (and urged) Phil Serpico at Omni Christian Book Club to seriously consider the possibility of their reprinting this most important work, and have promised - if they will do so - to enthusiastically promote the book.

    Reading the speeches, beginning in January, 1941 through December which marked the 'official' entry of the U.S. into WWII, a story is laid out to the reader.  The 'official' entry was not the start of U.S. forces being used militaristically in WWII, for as we've discovered Roosevelt gave the orders to U.S. Naval forces to "shoot on sight" any German ship or U-Boat, anywhere on the high seas in September, 1941.

   The book itself exposes many of the lies told the American and British people in every aspect of the war (although the lies will not be as obvious to readers who haven't the true facts); and most significantly we see/hear the signature of those who have been the sole beneficiaries of wars throughout the ages: the International Masters of Finance. . . they call themselves Jews.

    In our recent past, billions of dollars have been made from every war fought, and each war has been a giant step toward the evil entanglements in which we find ourselves today... the neverendingwar on Terror. This war was NOT planned by George W. Bush. He is merely a 'puppet' installed by the puppet masters and faithfully carrying out their orders. We are experiencing today the culmination of a plan laid thousands of years ago in the insidious political program for World Dominion.

    The 'signature' of which we speak are the flowery words about a "lasting and just world peace"; "making the world safe for democracy"; and the under-handed but overt references to "world trade" which agreements -- the GATT/WTO and the NAFTA -- have destroyed the job base, the economy and the entire culture of this nation... along with the planned "browning of America".

    Most recently I've found myself in a reading 'frenzy'... for facts discovered in one book create more questions to which answers must be and have been found in others. Combined, they've helped to put together more and more pieces of this thousand-piece-puzzle.

    Pieces are still missing - for me - and yet I am compelled to begin sharing this information from the place where I am at this very moment.  I just finished reading the speech transcribed below -- FDR telling Americans why they fought in the first Great War, and why we must fight eternally, if necessary. This was November 11th, 1941 - less than four weeks before the orchestrated Pearl Harbor attack.

    You will notice in the speech FDR spoke of the 'danger to liberty' which necessitated Americans' fighting and dying in WWI, although he never identifies what that danger was.  

    Having learned much about the covert machinations which have dragged Americans into war - at this point, more from the WWII era than the first Great War, as it was originally dubbed - and hearing the outrageous gibberish from the Zionist controlled Franklin Delano Roosevelt... I sat down immediately to transcribe it for you.

    I sadly acknowledge that only the few who have not fallen into a somnambulistic, comatose state as a result of the propaganda from 'Christian' churches, Jewish Synagogues, and the Zionist-controlled media will appreciate this speech.    

So. . . this is for you. With Love -- Jackie --  February 15, 2002

[All emphasis is ours]



Arlington Cemetery, November 11, 1941 - White House news release

    Among the great days of national remembrance, none is more deeply moving to Americans of our generation than the Eleventh of November, the Anniversary of the Armistice of 1918, the day sacred to the memory of those who gave their lives in the war which that day ended.

    Our observance of this Anniversary has a particular significance in the year 1941.

    For we are able today as we were not always able in the past to measure our indebtedness to those who died.

    A few years ago, even a few months, we questioned, some of us, the sacrifice they had made.  Standing near to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Sergeant York of Tennessee, on a recent day spoke to such questions.

    "There are those in this country today", said Sergeant York, "who ask me and other veterans of World War Number One, 'What did it get you?' "

    Today we know the answer -- all of us.  All who search their hearts in honesty and candor know it.

    We know that these men died to save their country from a terrible danger of that day. We know, because we face that danger once again on this day.

    "What did it get you?"

    People who asked that question of Sergeant York, and his comrades forgot the one essential fact which every man who looks can see today.

    They forgot that the danger which threatened this country in 1917 was real -- and that the sacrifice of those who died averted that danger.

    Because the danger was overcome they were unable to remember that the danger had been present.

    Because our freedom was secure they took the security of our freedom for granted and asked why those who died to save it should have died at all.

"What did it get you?"

"What was there in it for you?"

    If our armies of 1917 and 1918 had lost there would not have been a man or woman in America who would have wondered why the war was fought. The reasons would have faced us everywhere. We would have known why liberty is worth defending as those alone whose liberty is lost can know it. We would have known why tyranny is worth defeating as only those whom tyrants rule can know.

    But because the war had been won we forgot, some of us, that the war might have been lost.

    Whatever we knew or thought we knew a few years or months ago, we know now that the danger of brutality and tyranny and slavery to freedom-loving peoples can be real and terrible.

    We know why these men fought to keep our freedom -- and why the wars that save a people's liberties are wars worth fighting and worth winning -- and at any price.

"What did it get you?"

    The men of France, prisoners in their cities, victims of searches and of seizures without law, hostages for the safety of their masters' lives, robbed of their harvests, murdered in their prisons -- the men of France would know the answer to that questions. They know now what a former victory of freedom against tyranny was worth.

    The Czechs too know the answer.  The Poles. The Danes. The Dutch. The Serbs. The Belgians. The Norwegians. The Greeks.

    We know it now.

    We know that it was, in literal truth, to make the world safe for democracy that we took up arms in 1917. It was, in simple truth and in literal fact, to make the world habitable for decent and self-respecting men that those whom we now remember gave their lives.  They died to prevent then the very thing that now, a quarter century later, has happened from one end of Europe to the other.

    Now that it has happened we know in full the reason why they died.

    We know also what obligation and duty their sacrifice imposes upon us. They did not die to make the world safe for decency and self-respect for five years or ten or maybe twenty. They died to make if safe.  And if, by some fault of ours who lived beyond the war, its safety has again been threatened, then the obligation and the duty are ours.

    It is in our charge now, as it was America's charge after the Civil War, to see to it "that these dead shall not have died in vain". Sergeant York spoke thus of the cynics and doubters: "The thing they forget is that liberty and freedom and democracy are so very precious that you do not fight to win them once and stop. Liberty and freedom and democracy are prizes awarded only to those peoples who fight to win them and then keep fighting eternally to hold them."

    The people of America agree with that. They believe that liberty is worth fighting for. And if they are obliged to fight they will fight eternally to hold it.

    This duty we owe, not to ourselves alone, but to the many dead who died to gain our freedom for us -- to make the world a place where freedom can live and grow into the ages. [End of FDR speech]