America's New War?
Or War On Americans?

State Laws Will Be the REAL Danger


Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
"Emergency health threats, including those caused by bioterrorism and epidemics, require the exercise of extraordinary government functions…"

States Devising Plan for National Identification Cards
State motor vehicle authorities are working on a plan to create a national identification system for individuals that would link all driver databases and employ high-tech cards with a fingerprint, computer chip or other unique identifier.

Driver's Licenses Could Serve as National IDs
While lawmakers debate the wisdom of requiring Americans to carry national identification documents, some states are already taking steps to use the driver's license for that very purpose. Critics point out that sophisticated terrorists will just forge their documents.

State Officials See Chance for Increased Secrecy
In the worn-out name of battling terrorism, state lawmakers and government officials across the country want to give themselves the power to do some of their governmental work without the public knowing about it. This marks a reversal in the trend of the past three decades.

Panel to Call for National ID Cards
A volunteer panel of current and former law enforcement officials in New York offered 50 ideas for improving security and fighting "terrorism." Among these, the panel recommended the requirement for national identification cards, which would contain a computer chip with digital fingerprints, photographs and retinal scans. Panel members acknowledged that the cost of implementing the long list of suggestions would be "enormous," and some of the ideas would be controversial.

New York City Now A Police State
With security precautions and civil liberty restrictions at an all-time high, even one New York City law-enforcement official admitted, "this is a police state now."


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