Safety... At What Cost?

The following is posted with necessary endorsement of the source.

Thank You, Franklin Delano Bush


By Karen De Coster


I took the liberty (what few of those I have left) of putting President Bush's November 8 speech ­ at the Georgia World Congress Center ­ into the "truth translator". This fun, little tool examines and interprets the rhetoric of government spokespersons, and translates such twaddle into the statist prose that it actually represents. What emerges from the translator in this instance is an incriminating verbal assault on the sovereignty of all Americans.


GWB: "I said in my speech to a joint session of Congress that we are a nation awakened to danger. We're also a nation awakened to service and citizenship and compassion."

Your government has kicked around enough beehives and anthills so that it has brought upon us a disturbing new realism: terrorism upon U.S. innocents to pay for the sins of their government. We are a people that must realize it is time to give up our individual liberties and move toward an emotional and unconditional nationalist unity in support of the omnipotent State.

GWB: "None of us would ever wish the evil that has been done to our country, yet we have learned that out of evil can come great good."

As horrible as this act of terrorism was, it has created an opportunity for your government to use a time of crisis in order to scale back your liberties, disrupt your private lives, further regulate and control the free market, and offer you all some added security at the hands of government while convincing you that this supercedes any freedom issues. Without this act of terrorism, your government would not have this glorious opportunity for establishing totalitarian means toward collective ends.

GWB: "We have gained new heroes, those who ran into burning buildings to save others: our police and our firefighters."

Only the firefighters and police can be heroes; never can we apply the same hero status to the glorious capitalist warriors of the financial markets that died in the World Trade Center while driving the capitalist economy forward, because that would be politically incorrect to do so.

GWB: "We are a different country than we were on September the 10th, sadder and less innocent, stronger and more united. And in the face of ongoing threats, determined and courageous."

We are now a more willing sheeple, ready to sacrifice our freedoms for the collective soul of a unified nation, though we have yet to define exactly what this national unity is beyond its flag-waving, God bless America-singing façade.

GWB: "This new enemy seeks to destroy our freedom and impose its views. We value life; the terrorists ruthlessly destroy it."

Of course, we have imposed our views on others around the world for a century, and we are allowed to pick and choose those lives that are valued by the U.S. government. That is all to be ignored, however.

GWB: "We wage a war to save civilization itself."

War is the health of the State. We must strengthen the State at the expense of all else.

GWB: "The government has a responsibility to protect our citizens, and that starts with homeland security. The first attack against America came by plane, and we are now making our airports and airplanes safer. We have posted the National Guard in America's airports and placed undercover air marshals on many flights. I call on Congress to quickly send me legislation that makes cockpits more secure, baggage screening more thorough, and puts the federal government in charge of all airport screening and security."

You need more government in your lives. The fact that government has failed in all of the various industries in which it regulates is merely an aberration. We have not had the necessary allowances or resources to properly protect our citizens. Now we can use this crisis to usurp all powers that we were previously prevented from taking. Government can provide the only answer to solving the problems of security for its citizens.

GWB: "To coordinate our efforts, we have created the new Office of Homeland Security. Its director, my good friend and former Governor Tom Ridge, reports directly to me and works with all of our federal agencies, state and local governments and the private sector on a national strategy to strengthen our homeland protections."

Due to past political support, Mr. Ridge has received his payback. Franklin Roosevelt would be damn proud of such a clever creation as OHS.

GWB: "We've passed a new anti-terrorism law, which gives our law enforcement officers the necessary tools to track terrorists before they harm Americans."

We have finally had cause for bringing forth a kind of unconstitutional, New Deal-type legislation for which we otherwise could not have gained enough favor from the public.

GWB: "We will always value freedom, yet we will not allow those who plot against our country to abuse our freedoms and our protections."

Only your own government can legitimately abuse your freedoms under the guise of "Homeland Security."

GWB: "After September the 11th, our government assumed a new responsibility to strengthen security at home and track down our enemies abroad."

As I said, crisis allows for the growth of government and its military as the people clamor for protection from their newly enabled politicians. We will act on this, and we will take full advantage of the opportunity presented to us.

GWB: "I recently received a letter from a fourth grade girl that seemed to say it all. "I don't know how to feel," she said. "Sad, mad, angry. It has been different lately. I know the people in New York are scaredbecause of the World Trade Center and all, but if we're scared, we are giving the terrorists all the power."

I hope this piece of schmaltzy pap induces the expected emotions from those of you that hear it. Even our children have been brainwashed into thinking they need their government to protect them. Thank goodness that they and their parents have been products of government schools.

GWB: "Flags are flying everywhere: on houses, in store windows, on cars, in lapels. Financial donations to the victims' families have reached more than $1 billion."

The nationalistic fever — that we in power of your government are promoting ­ is catching on like wildfire. People are buying it, thank goodness. This can only help to further the cause of total tyranny over all of your lives.

GWB: "Since September the 11th, many Americans, especially young Americans, are rethinking their career choices. They are being drawn to careers of service as police or firemen, emergency health workers, teachers, counselors or in the military. And this is good for America."

So once again, the glory of government service will come to be recognized. Like in FDR's day, we will once again restore the idyllic notion of committing a lifetime of service to one's government. This is good for the health of the State.

GWB: "I made some proposals to stimulate economic growth, which will create new jobs and make America less dependent on foreign oil. And I ask Congress...(APPLAUSE) And I ask Congress to work hard and put a stimulus plan into law to help the American people.

Once again, as with FDR's central plannning, a move toward a planned economy is of great importance. I can't stress enough that government must be the basis for all economic expansion, and the center of all planning and production. God bless John Maynard Keynes.

GWB: "We will not give in to exaggerated fears or passing rumors. We will rely on good judgment and good old common sense."

We must listen to and believe what our government says at all times. Nothing else is legitimate.

GWB: "Ours is the cause of freedom. We've defeated freedom's enemies before, and we will defeat them again."

The costs of maintaining an empire are great. However, empire is a worthy and noble thing and so we shall continue it on its course.

GWB: "My fellow Americans, let's roll."

Support your government's war at all costs. A'bombing we shall go.


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