America's New War?
Or War On Americans?


"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

From: Jim Condit Jr.

October 24, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire

More 911 Questions, Anthrax Scare, Who's the Coward?

   I apologize for the length of this e-wire - but it will save you the 25 hours or more of research it took me to pull it together, and it covers a lot of the things investigative minds need to be thinking about. There is NO HOPE of any investigation coming from the kept servants who work for the controlled Big Press. It's up to you, it's up to us . . .

     Before an analysis of what the Anthrax scare is all about, here is a --RECAP, for those who didn't see our first Network America e-wire on 911:

    On October 9, 2001 I sent out an e-wire entitled, "Who We Need Fear . . . and What is Global Hawk?" - it was a hurried compilation of facts and observations that had emerged since the 9-11 kamikaze attack, and which needed as wide a circulation as possible.

     My own urgency came because of my reading of Big Media clues - which indicated a gushing forth of mind manipulation from the Big Media against the American public - mind manipulation which simultaneously was building a hopeless tension and siege mentality in the collective American mind - and conditioning Americans for an "inevitable" coming germ / bio warfare attack on a major US population center.

    That October 9th e-wire contained 35 items - and this e-wire will begin with item #36 - after --


    The real agenda involves getting United States troops permanently into the Middle East permanently to

a) put in puppet Moslem governments and

b) defend the mini-state of Israel.

    At this hour, I vote for the position that the 911 attacks were orchestrated by the Ruling Elite of Shadow Government (Permanent Revolution) using Global Hawk or Home Run technology. Regardless, if it was done that way or was actually pulled off by desperate Moslem Kamikaze pilots all by themselves --- immediately the Ruling Elite and its Big 5 TV networks initiated two longed for goals: the low-grade World War III scenario, and the scrap the U.S. Constitution scenario.

    While many Moslem governments are backward and retrograde in many ways - and have horribly stunted the growth of their peoples - that is not what concerns "our" Ruling Elite - which has helped keep in power incredibly corrupt Moslem Regimes as long as the chosen Arab Playboys played ball with oil and non-opposition to Israel.

  The reason why the Bush/Clinton gang, and those behind it, are telling us that we are going to have to jump from Moslem country to Moslem country waging war against 'terrorism' is because the Moslem world needs to  be brought to heel to accept the Permanent Revolution's Free Trade program - which will progressively turn all countries into a province in the New World Order - and to succumb to the world wide usururious, vultures who run bankstering systems such as the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank here in the USA.

  At the same time, this open ended 'war against terror' can be used to vanquish all of potential nearby enemies of the state of Israel. (On a note of supreme yet sick irony, the current Prime Minister of Israel, terrorist Ariel Sharon, killed 17,000 civilians in Lebonan in 1982 with wanton terror bombing; even the state of Israel reproached him - publicly anyway.  Lawyers in Belgium are now trying to bring terrorist Ariel Sharon to justice before an international court.)

  The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that the 9-11 attack was just a deadly made for TV Movie. Immediately following the 9-11 plane attacks on the NYC Twin Towers -- within 10 minutes on CNN -- the Big Media had determined that the man hiding in the cave, bin Laden, had done it  and that we now needed an endless war to rout out terror.

    Within an hour, Henry Kissinger associate Lawrence Eagleburger was on TV stating that Americans would have to give up freedoms for more security.

    In the big picture --- the Kamikaze Global Hawk attack at the Trade Towers and Pentagon provided the excuse to rush American troops over to Afghanistan - the first country target of choice.

     And again, remember that clangorous voices from all sides are warning that this is the first of MANY Moslem countries in the Mideast that the US will have to attack to "stamp out" terrorism.  Voices such as Congressman Steve Buyer of Indiana, Henry Kissinger, Michael Weiner Savage of talk radio - among others -  are raising their voices for 'tactical' (?) nuclear attacks on Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries.   Now - how are Americans going to be jump started into supporting THAT? Which brings us to. . .

     The well-managed "anthrax scare" - which took center stage right after the troops got over to Pakistan.  

     Now that the troops were there en masse, the Ruling Elite had to keep the propaganda coming through the 5 Big TV Networks and Big Newspapers so that Americans would be kept off balance and at a fever pitch of emotion --- very susceptible to accept uncritically the next moves the Ruling Elite will say they have to make.

     First of all, recall that what caused me to rush out that first e-wire of 10-9-01 - was that the Big Media began to tell us, based on the words of Bush administration officials - that there was a 100% chance of an anthrax or other bio / germ warfare attack on the American people. 100%!

    And sure enough, the attacks have begun!

    While the surprisingly restrained attacks - just a few letters - have been aimed at the two segments which most need the sympathy of the white middle class (that is, major TV networks, major newspapers, and the offices of Democratic Senators) we still have the syndrome of the 'little guys, gals, and goy' dying - not the big whigs. Just like in the Trade Towers and Pentagon crash, where apparently not one really important businessman, politician, government official or media person or other high level poobah perished.  I have been waiting for the media tributes to this or that 'beloved' mover and shaker who perished in the 9-11 attacks.

    Nothing so far. Yet thousands of the little guys and gals and goys were caught in the crush, rush and flames of 9-11. Hmmm . . . .

    Either this anthrax push is a shadow government operation, or the people doing it are the very worst strategists in the history of warfare.  Imagine making an anthrax attack on the US and mailing about 10 envelopes total.  Why weren't tens of thousands mailed to all parts of the country, if this was really coming from a determined enemy?  Because this is a well managed shadow government operation.

    Its purpose?  It's purpose is to begin building pressure on the minds of the American people.

     Do you want to live in fear of germ warfare for the rest of your lives - or do you want to nuke some low-down Moslem countries and put an end to the threat?

    The instructions put out to the American people about anthrax and other bio warfare threats are, by my reading, designed to induce a feeling of hopelessness, vulnerability, and, as they say, cognitive dissonance.

     HEW Tommy Thompson says, "We're ready".  At the same, we are told that there is no vaccine against anthrax for the public, only for the military - and that there is no available supply of vaccine for smallpox for now.

    Anthrax is easily managed with antibiotics but three people have dropped dead - we are told  - with anthrax, with little warning.  What are Americans told to do?   New Gestapo Chief... er, excuse me, I mean new minister of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge tells the American public to stay calm, become more aware of your surroundings, and report any suspicious activity (snitch on your neighbor?).

    This is a program for defense against bio / germ warfare ??   The subconscious mind of a normal person will tell them that we are virtually defenseless if a real serious and effective bio / germ warfare attack is unleashed.

     "How do we get out of this?" wonders the average person.  How do we return to life before 9-11?  And a voice whispers through the Big Media: "Maybe nuclear weapons will solve the problem."

    We had to send the troops to Afghanistan, because - we were told immediately - bin Laden was responsible for 911.   But now, the Big Media tells us the anthrax attack was NOT caused by Bin laden.  

     Have Dan Rather and Peter Jennings joined the Psychic Friends Network???   How do all five networks come to these simultaneous conclusions on the basis of no extant evidence?

    Now that the suggestion of the perpetual threat of germ warfare has been lodged in the collective mind - the Big Media is already moving from anthrax to smallpox - with suggestions of mustard nerve gas threats, and even mentions of ebola - the mysterious germ (or whatever it is) that causes one's insides to melt within a few days.  

     The smallpox scare was raised in the Atlantic Constitution and other establishment organs - on September 12, 2001 - one day after the 911 attacks. That Atlantic Constitution article suggested that 100,000 to 3 million Americans could be dead with a few months if a significant smallpox attack were to happen.

    Based on the subtle Big Media psycho-warfare clues -- I fear that our own shadow government plans a limited but severe germ / bio attack on a major US population, a stadium sporting event, or a college campus - within a month to four months - possibly early next year.

    This attack, if they get away with it, will kill 3,000 to 50,000 people in some major US population center. The attack and resultant death toll, they hope, will be made to congeal the American people behind the use of nuclear weapons against Moslem countries.

    Why is the Ruling Elite itching to use nuclear weapons against Afghanistan and perhaps other Moslem countries?  Because the Ruling Elite experts - especially those focusing on Israel's growing problems - know that it's only a matter of time before the radical elements of the Moslem countries -- severely aggrieved by our mid east policy -- get their hands on nuclear weapons which they can use en masse, and on the means to inflict massive bio-germ warfare damage on the west.   So a peremptory strike is needed now, in the minds of the Ruling Elite.

    And this brings up another problem we now face.   Once a Jihad is declared, a great number of Moslems have no inhibition about killing the infidel.  One well informed reader sent me a long list of documentation that almost all those massive, shockingly brutal slaughters we vaguely hear about in Sudan, Rwanda, etc., are invariably perpetrated by Moslem aggressors.  So . . .  the nuking of Moslem countries in the Mideast might unleash a significant portion of the large Moslem population in Europe and the U.S. to retaliatory atrocities against the native populations.

    These large number of Moslems have been absurdly allowed to immigrate to all the predominantly white, European countries over the last 3 decades by immigration 'services' almost exclusively under the control of Ruling Elite Zionist Jews, who always seek to weaken the populations they are trying to exploit and use, while maintaining their own strength and solidarity.

    Bringing large amounts of Moslems into the Christian countries makes it harder for the native populations to pull themselves together against the New World Order agenda.  So we here in the USA - and the peoples of Europe - are set up for massive retaliation after the current Bush WW III scenario CREATES Moslem terrorists because of our clodhopper bullying of civilian populations in the mideast.

   It should interest everyone to know that top Freemason / Illuminati operative Albert Pike of the USA and Guisseppe Mazzini of Italy exchanged letters circa 1870 --- projecting three world wars in the 20th century for the purpose of overcoming nationalism and gaining acceptance for world government.  

The first was to topple the Czar of Russia to give the Permanent Revolution Ruling Elite its first operating base.

The second world war was to gain predominance over Europe, which was done via Communism in the eastern territories, and via American Freemasonry in the western part of Europe.

Somewhere along the way, Israel was to be established in the Mideast, which would provide the spark for the third world war - to arise out of a conflict of Moslems and Jews in the mideast.

    Pike and Mazzini projected that this third world war would so exhaust mankind that those remaining would welcome the Illuminati / Luciferian world government as the solution to world wars.  

    If this projected plan wasn't hot from hell, I don't know what would be.  A search on for "Pike Mazzini World War" -- or something to that effect -- will locate the web pages with the exact passages from the relevant 1870 letters, which for a long time were on display at the Library of the Imperial British Museum in London, England according to the late intelligence agent Wm Guy Carr in his 1955 booklet "The Conspiracy to destroy all existing Governments and Religions", and according to William Still in his 1990 book, "New World Order."


     I hope I am wrong about this whole scenario - but that's the orchestrated Media clues (read psycho-warfare) I'm picking up.

    I am not part of the Psychic Friends Network either.  I base my predictions clues sent out in tandem by all five Big TV networks.   Based on this method for reading overall Big Media clues as to the Ruling Elite's real agenda, our Network America e-wire was the only entity in the world which accurately predicted in writing BEFORE election eve 2000 that through the magic of computer 'counted'' elections --- the American public would not know who won the Presidency when we woke up on the Wednesday morning after the election.  This prediction was sent out on the morning of the election - and is time stamped on to prove it.

    On August 2, 2000 we made the prediction on this e-wire that Bush/Cheney had been selected to win the Presidency, and based on continuous Big media clues, we held steadfastly to this all through the 45 days following the election until it was 'resolved' on December 12, 2001.

     Further, when we saw the Bush cabinet coming together, especially with the appointment of Donald Rumsfeld, we predicted in December 2000 that the US would be at war in the mid east by 2002, and maybe by 2001.  This prediction has also come true.

    We'll return to the current events scenario as developments warrant.  One of the best ways to forestall or avert what I believe is a planned and coming Ruling Elite germ / bio warfare attack on a major population center - is to forward this email as far and wide as possible - or to cut and paste the above relevant paragraphs about "the germ / bio warfare on America" and "the nuclear attacks on the mideast connection" - and spread it as wide as possible to opinion makers.

    And now, a continuation of our last e-wire with:


    This was a piece of evidence I should have put in Part I because it's so important. Michael Hoffman has had this up on his website since the day of the 9-11 attack.  Here is what Hoffman wrote in his revised classic book referenced at the end of the quote:

"One of the largest acts of domestic terrorism in U.S. history was the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York.  

As it turned out, the FBI was fully aware of the bomb plot before the attack took place.  

The Muslim group involved had been infiltrated by Emad Salem, a former Egyptian intelligence agent who was hired by the FBI and ultimately paid $1 million.  

The FBI even provided the Egyptian with a timer for the bomb, prompting the Chicago Tribune to publish a report headlined, 'FBI Tipster Said He Built NY Bomb' (Tribune, Dec. 15, 1993)."

Source: Michael A. Hoffman II, "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare 2001".   You can read the whole article at

    I talked to the publisher of Criminal Politics magazine, Lawrence T. Patterson - and he told me he covered this story in 1993 based on articles in the New York Times.  He said he couldn't figure out why they had revealed this very damning piece of evidence proving FBI complicity in such a crime.


    It means it is reasonable to entertain the real possibility that the dark side of the N.W.O.'s intelligence agencies have been monitoring and covertly HELPING disgruntled Moslem Fundamentalists through bought-off Arab intermediaries in this country for a long time.  I would say we should assume that these Dark Intel agencies were probably working in the shadows -  through bought off Arab intermediaries - behind 10 or 12 cells of disgruntled Moslem Fundamentalists just hoping one or more of them would provide the opportunity for a 9-11 attack.

    Once the sincere but patsy Moslem hi-jackers were on board and doing the hi-jack - the New World Order experts took over with Global Hawk type technology - unbeknownst to air traffic controllers, pilots, hijackers, or anybody else.


Let's look at this commentary on Carol Valentine's Global Hawk research which is also an excellent summary of this thesis - given to us by Richard Sauder PHd

"[Carol Valentine] raises the question as to possible remote control of the airliners that were involved in the terroristic attacks of 11 September.  As I understand her scenario, there would potentially be an extra level of deception in the attacks of 11 September.  

That is to say, yes, there really were hijackers.  But they, along with the doomed crews and passengers of the airplanes involved, were equally taken hostage in their turn, by a yet more insidious level of the plot that unfurled only after the hijacking: to wit, the remote-control hijacking of the airliners by parties unknown and their subsequent remote-controlled plunge at high speed into the targeted structures.

So the hijackers would represent plausible deniability for the actual perpetrators of the attacks, who would hide their hand behind real hijackings. But the hijackings may themselves have been hijacked!

High-tech remote controlled hijackings superseding low-tech radical Islamist hijackings.  I am willing to give Carol Valentine's idea a careful hearing.

These are very strange and violent times and we need more information, more ideas, not less.  Perhaps Carol Valentine is onto something important.
I know of only one agency in the world that presently has the demonstrated capability to remotely and precisely control the flight of an airplane: the Pentagon.

In that regard, there was an article in the news this week, in the Washington Post' of 17 October, that explicitly says the United States military is using remotely controlled airplanes over Afghanistan that are piloted by controllers sitting at consoles literally on the other side of the world.   Read the story at the following link:

So, as to Carol's central premise -- is it possible to remotely pilot an airplane, even to fly it right into a tall building by remote control?  

The answer is: YES. The United States military is remotely piloting airplanes in Afghanistan -- and doing it from the United States on a daily basis as you read these words.  The evidence is in the daily newspaper.  

I have heard it said: "Let those who have eyes to see, see.   And those who have ears to hear, hear."   Can you see?   Can you hear?  Can you think?

On a more prosaic, but still extremely violent level it strikes me that AMERICA'S NEW WAR also has a certain 'turf war' quality about it.  It is a kind of personalized geo-political struggle -- somewhat in the same manner that Mafia Dons in New York or New Jersey engage in bloody battles and murderous reprisals to corner the drug market or the numbers racket or take control of union pension funds.  

 Suppose a Mafia Don wants to take down a rival, and his rival is having supper with his friends in a very crowded restaurant.   Does that stop the first Don from sending in his thugs to perform the "hit" with automatic weapons blazing?  NO! They go in and take down their target and if the other diners happen to get in the way.  Hey!  So what?  Collateral damage, baby.  One more day in the life and times of the "mob".

Well, we are dealing with a global 'mob' here.  The NEW WORLD ORDER.  So what does a skyscraper full of people in their little 'Dilbert' cubicles mean to the NEW WORLD ORDER?   Or two skyscrapers full of people in their little 'Dilbert' cubicles?

Answer: nothing.  Nothing at all.  Just a little collateral damage."

End of quote from Mr. Sauder. For my money, this looks like the probable explanation PROBABLE I say, because


    Persistent researcher Dr. Gary North has issued an article called, 'The Perplexing Puzzle Of The Published Passenger Lists.'  (Webmaster's note: This will be posted soon to the CDR/Sweet Liberty web site.)

    In this article Gary North asks for help on solving the puzzle of why all the passenger lists of all 4 kamikaze planes involved in the 9-11 attacks - come up short by 5 or six passengers - AND -- have none of the FBI identified hi-jackers on them - indeed - don't even have any Arabic names on the passenger lists !!!

    Let's look at a sample paragraph from Gary North, he says:

"I began with American Airlines, Flight 11. This was the plane that crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.  I began with the list of passengers. This was not difficult.  The passenger lists for all four planes are posted on CNN's Website.

Click on the link. This is a long link for the formatting of my newsletter.  If it is broken on your screen, you will have to paste it into your Web browser's address box. This will take two steps.

The CNN page says that there were 92 people on board.  I suggest that you print out the list.  Part of my exercise was to count the names of the passengers. Besides, you never know when a Web page will disappear.  

Do you have the print-out in front of you?  Count the names. I get 86 names, including the crew.  But the CNN page says 92 people were on board.

None of the 86 names is an Arab name. This is very, very strange. First, how did the CNN list-compiler know that there were 92 people on board?"

     End of quote from the Gary North article.  He goes on to make the point that we are going to war on the basis of ONE solution to the 9-11 hi-jacking problem - but he wants us all to help him explore other possible solutions to this puzzle.

    Remember, as we reported last time, the FBI was on the scene at Boston airport to confiscate and bottle up the passenger lists, the air traffic controller tapes - everything they could bottle up - within minutes of the crashes.

    But there's more - (before moving on, take note of a tremendous resource Gary North referred to in his complete article: -- a current events newspaper / magazine article search engine.)  As I said, there's more


   Maybe that's why they keep saying alleged hi-jackers!  In the article referred to above, Gary North says the Atlantic Constitution was still referring the 'the alleged hi-jackers' on Sept 27, 2001.  But now comes the American Free Press (successor to the Spotlight which was shut down by court order) with this information in its October 22, 2001 edition:

Exclusive to American Free Press . . . By Christopher J. Petherick ---- Begin quote:

"... passenger jets with box cutters on Sept. 11 and crashed them into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon are 'alive and well', report Mideast officials.

'Information Times', an on-line publication, reported that Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told the Arabic Press after meeting with President George W. Bush on Sept. 20:  "It was proved that five of the names included in the FBI list had nothing to do with what happened. "

According to The 'Orlando Sentinel', the Saudi Arabian embassy confirmed that four of the five mentioned by Al-Faisal - Saeed Alghamdi, Mohand Alshehri, Abdul aziz Alo mari and Salem Alhazmi - are not dead and had nothing to do with the heinous terror attacks in New York and Washington.

Saudi officials at the embassy were unable to verify the whereabouts of the fifth accused hijacker, Khalid Al-Mihdhar.  However, Arab newspapers say Al-Mihdhar is still alive.

NUMBER SIX -- A sixth person on the FBI's list, Saudi national Waleed Alshehri, is living in Casablanca, according to an official with the Royal Air Moroc, the Moroccan commercial airline.  According to the unnamed official, Alshehri lived in Daytona Beach, Fla., where he took flight training at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Now he works for a Moroccan airline.

On Sept. 22, Associated Press reported that Alshehri had spoken to the U.S. embassy in Morocco.

The FBI acknowledges that the identities of some of the purported hijackers are still in question because some of the suspects' names on flight rosters had been reported stolen months before the attacks took place. Why the FBI still lists these men as suspected hijackers who were killed during the terrorist assault remains a mystery."

End of quote from Petherick - entire article at


    An article which originally appeared on by Joe Vialls, entitled 'Home Run' tells about Home Run technology which is similar to Global Hawk Technology. Vialls claims that most planes in the US have been fitted with this technology since the 1970s to PREVENT successful hijackings by taking over the plane once a hi-jacking is in progress so that it can be successfully landed in the US against he wishes of the hi-jackers.

    How 'Home Run' and 'Global Hawk' technology relate - I don't know, but perhaps some investigators can follow up.


    Egyptian Flight 990 mysteriously crashed into the sea after leaving New York. The black box revealed that the Egyptian Pilot, Battouti, was uttering a prayer in Arabic which meant, "May God help and guide me" - a prayer Egyptian Muslim leaders said is often uttered when a Muslim is going to make a critical decision in time of danger.

    It so happens that about 30 top level Egyptian military men were on board and died in the crash, including a few who had learned intricate nuclear technologies in the U.S.

   The Israelis protested the training these experts had received.

    Now the reason that I bring this up is that immediately after this October 31, 1999 crash -- I noticed that numerous top level Ruling Elite and usually Jewish columnists and news sources started aggressively pushing the line that the fact the Muslim pilot was praying as the plane went down - meant he was committing suicide.

   These columnists and news sources PROTESTED WAY TO MUCH. Why such a contorted explanation, I wondered?   Now I have a clue.  Could it have been that this plane was brought down by Global Hawk Technology - as a test-run to make sure the Pilot could not do anything about it once the plane was electronically hi-jacked?


     And this leads us back to the all important cell phone calls.  Since there are no Arab names listed on any passenger list that can be found ;  since the FBI and Attorney General Ashcroft are identifying as dead, hi-jackers who are alive - it must be recalled that even the alleged transcripts of the cell phone calls do NOT talk about ARAB hi-jackers, -- just hi-jackers.

    There have been no recordings of cell phone calls released, and maybe there are none.   We are trying to reason backwards as to what we know for sure. . .  And the statement by Attorney General Ashcroft circa late September / early October that all of the Arab hi-jackers may have used fake identities - raises more questions, not less.

     As Gary North queries - how was there such a total breakdown in airline security? And what a beautiful situation for our postulated Global Hawk masterminds --- with all passengers incinerated in the plane crashes - and the alleged Arab hijackers using fake identities - we become TOTALLY dependent on those cell phone calls allegedly made from the doomed planes - and on the truly INCREDIBLE finds of letters written in Arabic purportedly belonging to the hi-jackers -- which the FBI says its agents found at multiple locations.


    So. . .  Ladies and Gentlemen - does everyone see why this alleged evidence MUST be scrutinized?  The stakes are World War III -- and the imposing of the New World Order on the USA.

    We must look at this evidence with the eye of an investigator - not the eye of someone being entertained at a movie.   We will deal with the letters written in Arabic next.  

    But now, the cell phone calls.  So. . . what is the state of voice simulation technology?  I'm told that when you hear my voice on the other end of the phone - and vice versa - you are not hearing my voice, but a reconstitution of the electrical impulses which make my voice - or something like that.  

    Could someone's voice be recorded, dissected into the 52 or so phonetic sounds, and then reconstituted?  

    Does a device exist which can use such technology to turn an intelligence operative's voice into a doomed passenger's voice -- such as Mark Bingham's, who died on flight 93?  

    I have it on impeccable authority from a good friend that there was such a device in the script of one of the shows of the TV program "The X-files."  The 3 techno-geeks who published their investigative newspaper 'The Lone Gunman' in one episode used a computer-related device which transformed one of their voices into the voice of another character, FBI agent Fox Mulder, in order to fool Mulder's partner, agent Dana Scully, into going to a place that they wanted her to go.

   Now just because it is on a TV show obviously doesn't mean it's real - but - the question is: does anybody know what the state of voice simulation / reproduction is? Why do I ask?


     On an MSNBC program entitled "The Heroes of Flight 93" which aired on Saturday October 13, 2001 - in an interview with the mother of now deceased passenger Mark Bingham - Mom Bingham related what her son said to her on the last phone call she got from him, "Mom, this is Mark Bingham, in case I don't see you again, I just wanted to tell you I love you."  The mother then said with a  faint, wistful smile, "I don't know why he identified himself that way . . . ."

     Now, it's possible a person under stress who was used to saying "This is Mark Bingham" 100 times a week in his daily life - may have said his full name to his mother in his last conversation to her - but that struck me as possibly very odd.  

    More from that MSNBC program: a woman identified as doomed passenger Jeremy Glick's wife said that she held a twenty minute conversation with her husband and that she was surprised how calm it appeared to be in the background, dead silence, no screaming. (Maybe the phones are built to screen out background noise, but again, this testimony struck me as odd.)

    A woman identified as Dina Burnett says he husband called her and told her to 'call authorities.'

     And then there was the famous call from doomed passenger Tom Beamer to a Lisa Jefferson, a black woman who is a GTE supervisor.  It was Beamer who allegedly stayed on the phone until GTE operator Jefferson heard him say that some of them were going to do something, ending with the words, presumably to his compatriots on flight 93 as they were about to make their move: "O.K. Let's roll."

    Seems odd to me that he stayed on the phone right up till the second they began to rush the hijackers.  Maybe not.  But it makes good movie copy in any case.

     Hey, doesn't GTE record calls to their service center?

    And then a very credible Lorne Lyles told how his wife, C.C., called him from the doomed plane to say good-by.  

     Am I saying any of these reports on MSNBC prove anything to debunk the alleged cell phone calls from the doomed planes?  No.  But I'm throwing this evidence out there in hopes that somebody will start thinking more about these all but all important cell phone calls.

    If flight 93 was SHOT DOWN (remember, luggage found 8 miles away from the crash site)   then the question arises whether the Global Hawk technology failed on flight 93, whether the pilots had re-gained control of the plane, and whether the dark side of Fedgov could not allow them to land and tell their story.

    There is no question that President G.W. Bush gave the order authorizing fighter jets to shoot down flight 93 if circumstances warranted.


     On the MSNBC special a thirty something looking fellow named Lee Burbaugh, who lived near the crash site of flight 93, told the MSNBC camera that he saw "the plane come overhead and it probably crashed nose down."  This gives the impression that Burbaugh was an eye witness to the crash of flight 93 - but what plane did he see? Others tell of fighter planes in the vicinity at the time of the crash.?  

     He is obviously not an eye witness or an ear witness to the crash - even though he obviously believed his testimony was valuable. If he could testify to more, presumably MSNBC would have carried that testimony.


     Christopher Bollyn has already qualified himself as one of the foremost investigative reporters in the world.   He has been quoted numerous times over the last year in our Network America e-wires on votefraud for his original investigative finds - and he was featured on one of our votefraud radio ads exposing Voter News Service and the 5 Big TV Networks for their decades old fake election night competition to call winners and loses.

     (Those radio ads were brought to the public through the Ken Lowndes for Congress campaign - who, being a federal candidate on the ballot had the right to put on his political message without being censored or blocked by the radio stations.)

     Now comes Christopher Bollyn in the October 22, 2001 edition of the American Free Press concerning the dubious nature of the letters in Arabic which the FBI and Attorney General Ashcroft says "proves a conspiracy" among the hijackers on the four kamikaze planes.

     Here is a quote from Christopher Bollyn's article, also found in full at Begin quote from Bollyn:

"One copy was found in [alleged kamikaze hijacker] Mohammed Atta's suitcase, which 'mysteriously' was left behind at the airport in Portland, Maine.  Another copy was found in the wreckage in Pennsylvania and a third was found in the car of one of the suspects.

[NA intrusion: Ashcroft said a FOURTH letter in Arabic was found in the Pentagon wreckage!  How convenient for our postulated Global Hawk masterminds!  More on that later.]

Muslim scholars and specialists question the authenticity of the letter saying the phraseology and style are "un-Islamic."

"This is not the way Muslims speak or think, there is a mysterious element here, and the FBI knows it for sure," Mohammed Hurub, a Muslim scholar from Bethlehem said. There are serious questions and problems with a number of foreign and peculiar phrases and ideas contained in the text of the letter.

If the letter, which is described as 'part theological, part mission statement' is genuine, "then the men who murdered more than 7,000 innocent people believed in a very exclusive version of Islam - or were surprisingly unfamiliar with their religion," Middle East expert and journalist Robert Fisk says.

The problems first arise in the opening lines of the letter, "In the name of God, the most merciful, the most compassionate . . . in the name of God, of myself, and of my family."  No Muslim would include his family in such a prayer, Fisk says, but would mention the Prophet Mohammed immediately after he mentioned God.  

Furthermore, the letter lacks any mention whatsoever of the specific political reasons for the planned actions that could tie the suspects to the agenda advocated by Osama bin Laden.  Why is there no mention of the political reasons that would compel these men to take such drastic action?

Although the original letter has not been found, the copied text reads "remind yourself that in this night you will face many challenges.  But you have to face them and understand it 100 percent . . ."

American scholars raise doubts about the use of '100 percent' noting that it is "hardly a theological term to be found in a religious exhortation," according to Fisk.

The letter urges the reader to recite the morning prayer and then goes on to quote from it.  A devout Muslim would hardly need to be told of his duty to say his prayers and would certainly not need to be reminded of the text of those prayers.  It is as if a Christian would have to be reminded of The Lord's Prayer.

In some respects similar to the suspicious 'diaries' of Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan, there are many other problems with this letter which is now being used as 'evidence' to tie the suspects together in a religiously-motivated conspiracy."

End of quote from Christopher Bollyn.

     This is the evidence we're going to go to World War III against Afghanistan on - a war in which millions of people may eventually die?  Sorry, I'm skeptical.


     As we covered in Part I of this e-wire - the idea that the black boxes were all destroyed and the papers on which the letters in Arabic were written survived at two crash sites, while one of the hijacker's passports survived at the NYC crash site - is more than absurd.  

     Sometimes a little humor is in order for such absurdity, so, from an internet scribe named Lawrence Stephen Maxwell:

"Four planes that were supposed to go to particular destinations did not go to those destinations. Three of the planes hit buildings. One of them crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. No ones knows what happened because EIGHT (8) indestructible black boxes (2 on each flight) were destroyed or reportedly damaged beyond possible restoration.  Guess that is why they are referred to as indestructible.

The crash in Pennsylvania did not even cause an explosion. Even if it had, the boxes are designed to withstand twice the maximum heat that can be generated by a jet fuel fire.  Why didn't they show us the destroyed boxes?

Do you think the guys who actually found them would talk to anyone?   Or are they still alive to discuss what THEY saw with their own eyes?

Paper passports of two (2) of the alleged hijackers survived just fine and were supposedly found in the burning ruble of the Pentagon crash, and another three blocks from the WTC . . .

[NA intrusion: Ashcroft said 8 blocks away - also, another humorist said, with regard to the surviving paper passports and paper Arabic letters, -- the FBI should drop everything it's doing and just invest in that paper!!  Back to Maxwell]

And if you were going to do this deed, wouldn't you have a driver's license in your own name, get your pilot's license in your own name, and leave your calling card everywhere you went, being rude and obnoxious so everyone would notice you?

Explain to me how all of the defense systems were disabled?  How did four planes, that were not on their computerized flight paths, fly around for more than an hour and a half without alarms going off all over the place?  

When their altitudes and positions CEASED TO BE VISIBLE ON RADAR, why weren't people (air traffic controllers) alarmed?

As close as Boston and Dulles are to D.C., why would disappearing planes NOT be a cause for alarm?  Why was it more than an hour AFTER the WTC crashes that fighters were scrambled?  Was the Air Force sleeping at 7:45 AM on a Tuesday morning when the planes were supposedly hijacked, and deviated from their designated flight paths?

Are we supposed to believe that when a transponder is turned OFF that no one is alerted that the plane is no longer being tracked by altitude; and that such a thing could occur to four planes almost simultaneously in the same geographical region, dangerously close to the seat of government, and NO ONE was alerting the media, the defense department, or anyone?

Am I supposed to believe that no one even had a clue for an hour and a half from the time the first plane left its flight plan until smoke started coming out of a WTC tower?

And when the first plane hit the tower, no one knew that three other planes were missing, and thought it prudent to call the media or government officials and tell them that three other planes were missing and that other locations might not be safe?

I have talked to three pilots who have told me in their own words and understandings that what we are being told happened, could NOT possibly have happened.

What I DO KNOW is that we are not hearing much TRUTH."


     Carol Valentine's newest offering is a forward from a guy called J. McMichael who asked tons and tons of relevant questions about the building collapse of both Twin Towers.  

    One of his strongest contentions is that a plane full of jet fuel can not burn long enough and hot enough to reach temperatures that would cause the massive steel centers that were in the Twin Towers buildings to collapse.  Is this true?  It's not a hard question, it would seem.  Surely there are engineers which can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on that one point.

The article by J. McMichael, I presume, will be at soon.

Along these lines, let's continue with internet commentator Lawrence Stephen Maxwell, who is getting at the exact same points of contention that J. McMichael was honing in on:

"And 110 story buildings do NOT collapse because a plane hits them. The second plane nearly missed the building, only going through the corner.  Most of the fuel burned in an outside explosion.  It collapsed first, long before the tower that the plane completely entered.

The refined Kerosene (a/k/a jet fuel) burned up fairly quickly. The stuff burning from that point on was desks, paper, plastics, carpet, etc.

That fuel did not generate 2000-degree heat that would compromise 6 tubular steel columns in the center of the building designed SPECIFICALLY to keep the building from collapsing if hit by a Boeing 707 that, because it was older and less efficient, carried MORE fuel than the 757 and 767 that hit the towers.

The structural engineer who designed the WTC Towers explained how the towers were designed to withstand a hit by a commercial jet -- and he did explain this to an international coalition on Terrorism in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday before the event.  And 53 minutes after Tower 2 was hit the tower just imploded because it was on fire?  Yeah right!

I discussed this with a structural engineer who investigated a HOTEL in Los Angeles that he said was 30 stories and it burned from the ground floor up.  It burned for nearly a week. The fire totally destroyed everything on all 30 floors. The estimated temperatures were 2200 degrees because of the natural gas and other fuel that was the catalyst for the fire. The concrete and infrastructure did not budge.  It cost more than a million dollars to TEAR IT DOWN.

The 30 floors above the first floor did NOT cave in on the first floor when the support structure got hot.  And he reviewed the architecture on the WTC and said the type of steel and the type of construction for the WTC was double the strength of the LA hotel.

Just like in OKC, people reported hearing multiple EXPLOSIONS before the WTC collapsed.  I have video of people who were interviewed after the collapses and they said they heard a series of explosions (not floors collapsing) and then the buildings came down. The media dismissed it as exploding main gas lines.  Gas mains on the 104th floor?  Yeah right!

We know that there would NOT be any safety mechanism in place that would have shut off gas flow throughout the buildings in the case of fire - 53 minutes after a plane hit the building.  Guess it was a big gas valve and it could not be vented to the outside air after it was shut off.  If that is true, I have better safety measures in my own house than the WTC had.

And why would they need safety mechanisms in place?  It isn't like anyone has ever tried to blow up those same two towers before.  The strength of the WTC towers was in the 6 Tubular Steel Columns in the CENTER of the buildings, not the steel structure on the outside like most construction.

The buildings were literally, according to the builder, designed NOT to pancake in the event of a Boeing 707 crashing into them.  But they collapsed.  It took 53 minutes for Tower 2 and 88 minutes for Tower 1 -- to simply COLLAPSE.

Excerpts of his speech in Germany were posted to the internet five days before the planes hit the towers."

End of quote from Mr. Maxwell.

I carried this Maxwell tirade - which I like immensely -- because it raises a lot of good challenging questions.  But his article - or at least the part of it I saw - is deficient in documentation because:

he does not name the name of the architect who designed the WTC buildings; or

where his words are on the internet about the construction of the WTC buildings; or

at what conference he was speaking in Frankfurt, Germany when he explained why a plane crash into one of the Twin Tower buildings would not fell it;

he also fails to name the building that burned for a week in L.A. but did not fall; and

he fails to name the expert who is testifying to that event and its consequences.

(I mention this as constructive criticism because the internet is the only place we are going to get such observations, and they need to be documented as well as possible.)


"[The 911 attacks constitute] a criminal act.  NATO, the CIA and Mossad teamed up to produce this spectacular real-life movie of the destruction of the Twin Towers.  The purpose was to jump-start the American couch potato to approve of World War III to save collapsing international banks, oil company profits, and to destroy Israel's enemies . . ." H. Ayre.

Let's continue.


    In the late 1970's, Usama's older brother, Salem, was a key investor in Arbusto Energy, George W. Bush's first oil company.  Salem Bin Laden later died in a mysterious small airplane crash near San Antonio, Texas.  

     This was reported in the American Free Press and in the Michael Hoffman Revisionist History report, #20, just out for Autumn 2001.  Hoffman reveals enough other interlocking Bin Laden / Bush / Wall Street business connections to make your head spin. (Hoffman's #20 is available for $10 from

     Now let's think about this: Lee Harvey Oswald was interlocked at numerous points with the CIA, and was eventually set up to be the patsy in the JFK assassination. And -

     Usama Bin Laden and his family was interlocked in numerous ways with the Bush Family and Wall Street - and now Usama Bin Laden has been lionized into the Super Patsy for the 9-11 attacks - even though in credible interviews, he denies any involvement.


     Carol Valentine enters the scene again to present strong evidence that the movie of Osama Bin Laden threatening America before a cave on the first day the American attacks on Afghanistan began - is a fake.  Go to for the two full articles, "Taliban Home Video" and "Bin Laden, Authentic Interview."

    Indeed, the one minute Taliban home video played by the Big Networks does not ring true with certainly authentic Bin Laden interviews before or since.  He gave interviews in the 1980s and in 1999 to American media, one with Peter Arnett of CNN. Another was being shown on PBS right after the 9-11 attacks.

    And another has just surfaced published in a Karachi-based Pakistani daily newspaper, Ummat, on September 28, 2001.  This paper is pro-Muslim, pro-Osama -- and of no circulation in the west, and indeed it has been suppressed by the Big Media in the west.  

Carol Valentine:

"In this interview, bin Laden says of the September 11 attacks in the US: 'I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie.  I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act.  Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people.  Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of a battle'."

and more from Valentine:

"News of this Ummat interview was suppressed in the US.  Between the time of its publication and October 7, the US apparently spent its time creating a fake 'bin Laden' interview, using either a stand-in or morphing."

     The articles mentioned above compare the unquestionably authentic interviews with Bin Laden with the one minute Taliban home video which seemed to have bin Laden saying just what the N.W.O. warmongers would want him to say to inflame the American people to support the Ruling Elite's war-mongering effort.

     For one thing, the Taliban Home Video featuring the character Carol Valentine calls 'Bin Fake-it' - was released by the 'Moslem' TV station of el-Jazeera in the puppet state of Qatar.  Investigators are beginning to widely suspect that el-Jazeera TV, which is only 5 years old, is a N.W.O. prop job to spread a mixture of truth and disinformation in the upcoming WW III.

     CNN and the other criminal 5 Big TV networks in the USA are even calling el-Jazeera TV the CNN of the Mideast (FOX is calling it the FOX of the Mideast.) How   c o n V E N i e n t to have a Moslem CNN in the Mideast right now!

     I am convinced that again Carol Valentine's take is correct on this: the one minute Home Video shown to us in America by the criminal 5 Big TV networks is a doctored fake - the other interviews from years ago and from the recent Ummat paper - are consistent and real.  

     But have you noticed? - The Big Media is already moving on from Bin Laden. The 9-11 attacks and lee-harvey-oswald focus on Bin Laden were a N.W.O. production to get us over into Afghanistan.  

     Now the Big Media has moved on to germ / bio warfare, which they say someone else is behind - all of which the Ruling Elite hopes to use to get Americans to support nuclear weapons and a real HOT WW III, jumping Rambo-like from Moslem country to Moslem country.


     That fat terrorist, who Belgium lawyers are right now trying to bring to trial before international tribunals for war crimes and terrorism, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon -- was supposed to be in Manhattan on 9-11 to be the key speaker at some big Israeli festival / event.  A few days before, Sharon cancelled his trip, without explanation.


Look at this article, which is carrying similar information to many other sources:

"Mystery of terror 'insider dealers'. - By Chris Blackhurst, 14 October 2001

Share speculators have failed to collect $2.5m (£1.7m) in profits made from the fall in the share price of United Airlines after the 11 September World Trade Center attacks.

The fact that the money is unclaimed more than a month later has re-awakened investigators' interest in a story dismissed as coincidence.  It may be that investors who were able to predict the share price crash so skillfully are reluctant to be seen profiting from tragedy.  But investigators now wonder whether there is a more sinister explanation.

The authorities are examining the possibility that if they knew what was coming, traders were intent on taking their profits immediately, before regulators had woken up to any possible scam.  But investors failed to foresee that the first response of the US stock markets to the disaster was to suspend all trading for four days, thereby denying them the chance of cashing in their profits.

Further details of the futures trades that netted such huge gains in the wake of the hijackings have been disclosed.  To the embarrassment of investigators, it has also emerged that the firm used to buy many of the "put" options - where a trader, in effect, bets on a share price fall - on United Airlines stock was headed until 1998 by "Buzzy" Krongard, now executive director of the CIA.

Until 1997, Mr Krongard was chairman of Alex Brown Inc, America's oldest investment banking firm.  Alex Brown was acquired by Bankers Trust, which in turn was bought by Deutsche Bank.  His last post before resigning to take his senior role in the CIA was to head Bankers Trust - Alex Brown's private client business, dealing with the accounts and investments of wealthy customers around the world.

Between 6 and 7 September, the Chicago Board Options Exchange saw purchases of 4,744 "put" option contracts in UAL versus 396 call options - where a speculator bets on a price rising.  Holders of the put options would have netted a profit of $5m (£3.3m) once the carrier's share price dived after 11 September.

On 10 September, more trading in Chicago saw the purchase of 4,516 put options in American Airlines, the other airline involved in the hijackings. This compares with a mere 748 call options in American purchased that day.

Investigators cannot help but notice that no other airlines saw such trading in their put options.

It was not just airlines that were targeted by remarkably canny investors.

One of the biggest occupants of the World Trade Center was Morgan Stanley, the investment bank.  In the first week of September, an average of 27 put option contracts was bought each day in its shares. The total for the three days before the attacks was 2,157.

Merrill Lynch, another WTC tenant, saw 12,215 put options bought in the four days before the attacks, when the previous days had seen averages of 252 contracts a day."

Wwwwellllllllllll !!! What do we make of THAT?  2.5 million dollars unclaimed?

     Somebody apparently had guilty knowledge.  Somebody doesn't want to be seen collecting the money now.  Big News media outlets have floated the idea that is was the omnipresent bin Laden's agents who foresaw the tragedy and tried to profit.

     Would Bin Laden risk tipping his hand to make a few million? - he who is already worth $300 million according to the same Big Media sources.  Or does it seem more credible that the finger should point to some small, unscrupulous faction of that INSIDER crowd which is so familiar with Wall Street and the stock market - and whose member had foreknowledge but just couldn't control their greed?


     A few weeks ago, a Reuters poll was published in Israel but not given wide publication here in the USA.  It revealed that most Americans understood the connection between US support of Israel and Moslem hostility towards us - and were willing to reevaluate our 'special relationship' with the mini-state.  

     Immediately Israeli propagandists resolved to send to the fix-it teams to the US to give speeches and radio interviews. The "line" is that US support of Israel and the general US policy has nothing to do with Moslem hostility to the US.

(The Zundelsite says: "Ever try to push back an ocean tide with a broom?")

     The "line" is that Moslems hate us, not because of our mideast policy - but because they are jealous. I notice today that CNN's 'Talk Back Live' devoted the show to - "do you believe the Media with regard to the war effort?"

     Since there is near unanimity on the Big Media in support of the warmongering effort - and even the few talk show callers who dare to take on the hosts get shouted down or cut off - this type of opinion temperature taking reveals that the Ruling Elite senses a potential problem in the American public.


     Let's switch gears to a sticky point. Don't misunderstand - I'm not hoping or advocating that anybody get sick or die.  But the 9-11 crashes and the Anthrax scare both have one thing in common as of this writing:  no big wigs have died.

     Why didn't more big wigs die in the World Trade Center?

     Michael Hoffman, as one of hundreds of gems in his #20 Revisionist History newsletter, entitled "Towering Inferno", which I'm urging you to send for via his website at - says he can find only two establishment figures who perished: Barbara Olsen, the CNN commentator and wife of Solicitor General Ted Olsen (who was clearly not a malevolent insider), and a Mr. O'Neill who was head of Security at the World Trade Towers (who isn't that high of a personage either).

     I too have been waiting for the tributes to great business leaders and high Rollers who perished in the World Trade Center collapse.  Are there any?  And if there aren't, does that not raise a red flag?  And in the Anthrax scare, likewise, only the normal and lowly are dying as of this writing.  

    Both facts, if they prove to be true, do not allay my fears of Shadow government manipulation.


     New York papers on September 12, 2001 carried stories of 5 Israelis arrested atop of New York building.  The Israelis were non-citizens and in the country illegally, working for a questionable 'moving company' also owned by an Israeli.  They were reported to the police by a woman in a nearby building for suspicious activity, namely videotaping the burning World Trade Towers, while appearing to laugh heartily, jeer, and make fun of America.

     This much was reported in the American Free Press and on many internet sites as well.  Michael Hoffman adds now that the five have been deported back to Israel, he doubts if it will every be possible to find out the names of these five celebrators, or to interview them.


     No story has been ridiculed by the Big Media as much as the suggestion that 4,000 Israeli nationals in the vicinity of the World Trade Towers somehow knew not to be in harm's way the morning of 9-11.

     Nightline of ABC 'took on' this internet rumor in one of its sanctimonious "Fact Checks" and responded to it by relating that the State Department told Nightline such rumors were "beneath comment."

     "Wow," I thought, "THAT's convincing."  In fact, the shoddy Nightline response re-ignited my interest in the subject.  I mean, had they said that only 300 Israeli nationals even worked in the World Trade Center, or something like that, at least it would have been a serious treatment of the issue.  

     But it turns out that this 'rumor' was started by TV stations in Jerusalem expressing concern for the 4,000 Israeli nationals around the NYC Trade Towers on September 12th according to some sources, and the 4000 Israeli nationals were certainly mentioned in the Jerusalem Post on September 16th. 2001.

     So what has become of them?  Was the initial number exaggerated in an attempt to get sympathy?  Or what?  We are not wishing that anyone turn up dead, of course, -- but this figure was raised first in the Israeli press, NOT in Arab countries as has been implied by the Ruling Elite's Big Media ever since.


     Homeland Security encroachments are upon us.  Another prediction we made at Network America in December / January of 2001 - was that the Bush administration would be used to make incursions against the 2nd Amendment.

     Senate Bill 1438 passed 99-0 and authorizes Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to demand the destruction of millions of old rifles and pistols, many of which are from the Civil War, WW I, and WW II - and which have often been in the possession of American Families for generations.

     The House can and must block this anti-American provision. The NRA and the American Free Press, among others, are sounding the alarm on this.  For our part, we recommend that any and all incursions against the 2nd Amendment be resisted with arms if necessary, as attempts to take the guns of the American people under any guise, is a sure sign that we must resist the tyrants.

      When you realize that for the last 25 years 98% of all computerized elections have been UNVERIFIABLE in our country - you realize that the current US government could not prove that it is a legitimate government anyway.  IF the computer-installed usurpers come after our guns, that's the signal to resist.

     Get the movie "The Patriot" for good strategies on HOW to resist under those circumstances, and one might also get the movie, An American Story, available for $19.95 from or 1-800-HALLMARK, and covered in our May 3, 2000 e-wire "Movie of the Year" at

     The real life story this movie is based on is told in our March 31, 2000 E-wire "Battle of Athens, Fight for America" at - which brings us to:


     Which brings us to "Who's the Coward?"

     I say that the cowards are those who understand that the Ruling Elite is maneuvering the world into a needless World War III - and will not speak out against the top Zionist Jews and Anglo-Freemasons who are powering the evil effort.  

     The unthinking, the arrogantly stupid, and the factions mentioned above and their brainwash-ees will call those of us who refuse to go along with the warmongering World War III effort and the dismantling of the U.S. Constitution --- cowards.  

     But don't fall for it.  Speak out and tell it like it is.  

     Ruling Elite mouthpiece Senator John McCain is in the New York Times on 10-21 saying that we will probably be involved in a nuclear exchange within four weeks. Really?  As we said at the beginning, suddenly this 'nuclear' talk is everywhere.

     And we are warning that a Ruling Elite Shadow Government bio / germ warfare attack is about to be aimed at a major population center in order to launch the unsuspecting American middle class into supporting the use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East against Moslem countries.

     The dissemination of this e-wire -- or at least the beginning and end of it, to opinion molders, Big Media people (let them see we know what they are up to), public officials and pastors -- could forestall or prevent the carrying out of such a dastardly plan.

End of this Network America e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr., Director,

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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