America's New War?
Or War On Americans?


Who Knew?

According to an interview on 9-20-01 by Brian Goedde >< with MC Boots Riley, of the group that calls itself COUP, this album cover was a design for a soon-to-be-released album titled "Party Music". Riley claimed that he "came up with the idea with the photographer"; they took the pictures in May and were done with it by the beginning of June. "Any similarities are totally coincidental", Riley said. "It was originally supposed to be more of a metaphor for destroying capitalism - where the music is making capitalist towers blow up." You can read the entire interview on website. (see further info below the picture) -- Jackie --

Coup Album Cover

This explanation might be believable except... it appears that the smoke is billowing out of the towers at two different levels... one higher than the other, in the same positions where the planes struck the towers five months later. The question is: Who KNEW? Surely Osama bin Laden the alleged planner of the incident — which would have to include the planning and placing of internal bombs for the ensuing (obvious) implosions — didn't plant the idea.

Coincidentally, I was told by a worker at FYP Music in Elmira, N.Y., that another group called "DREAM THEATER" had an album which was due to be released the day of the bombing. Their album was titled "Live Scenes from New York," and also featured the twin towers billowing smoke. WHO KNEW?

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