America's New War?
Or War On Americans?

The people in Rockaway "know" it wasn't an accident. They saw the explosion. Again, the pity is that they will probably believe it is the work of some terrorist group... probably an Iraqi since they seem to be pointing in that direction at the time. Well, it doesn't matter who actually did the dirty work... the orchestrators are the same down throughout history and the perpetrators are puppets on their strings. The ancient plan for World Dominion must be done according to their 'windows of opportunity' based on astrological/ astronomical/ time-lines.

As far as I can see, their tentacles reach into every secret society... which is what causes our confusion. Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Jesuits, Talmudists... all cells of the same cancer, perfectly reflected in the Global Spy System of today. CIAs, Mossad, KGB, every Intelligence Agency in every nation all cells of the same cancer. Obviously it was intended to be confusing.

In "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry" Manley P. Hall said a mouthful: "Masonry does not represent the path to truth, it is a path of finding darkness ever deeper than before." That could be said of any of them because they're all one and the same. The outer circle is intentionally duped into believing they know, while the inner circle does its dirty deeds behind a cloak of respectability.

A recent newspaper article announced that...

"Pennsylvania State Sen. Roger Madigan was among a group of 122 selected to receive the Thirty-Third Degree, the highest honor of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The ceremony took place recently in Indianapolis during the annual meeting of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council. The degree is awarded for outstanding service to Freemasonry or for significant contributions to humanity that reflect credit upon the fraternity. The recipients were chosen from 15 northeastern and midwestern states that comprise the 300,000 member Northern Jurisdiction of the U.S."

"Reflect credit upon..." Makes them look good. 300,000 and they're probably ALL elected officials at some level; judges; influential lawyers; appointed bureaucrats who all do the bidding of their master(s). Doug Reed in his book Controversy of Zion did a marvelous job of unraveling much of it. If you ever read his book, you'll never see things the same again. A chapter titled Protocols is quite revealing. See what they say about the "elected officials". I'm pasting it here for any who might be interested. I don't mean to preach. I just think we'd better wake up to the horror in store for all of us if we don't do more than complain and pass information around. —Jackie


'I Know What I Saw...That Was No Mechanical Problem...No Way!'


By Peter Gelzinis
Boston Herald
November 13, 2001


 ROCKAWAY BEACH, NY — "I will never believe it was an accident. They'll never convince me of that."

Eugene Sanfilippo kept looking past the microphones and notebooks, down 131st Street toward Jamaica Bay and a vision that the rest of us could not see.

It was past three in the afternoon, the sky above this sliver of Queens was clear, but all this lanky, 45-year-old bus mechanic could see was a huge orange ball of flame; he could still feel the unbearable heat; he could hear people screaming; he could taste the acrid black smoke.

And he was still afraid.

"When I heard the explosion, I thought we were under attack," Sanfilippo said.

"My first impression was that they'd hit us with a nuclear bomb. I figured it was just like the World Trade Center. And I watched that burn from the (Jamaica) bay."

Miles away from where Eugene Sanfilippo stood, at the edge of a new Ground Zero, a mayor, a president's spokesman and a slew of FAA officials were urging us to think "accident."

But they were not standing in Rockaway Beach.

They did not lose neighbors and friends across the bay in Manhattan on Sept. 11. Black crepe still hangs here, along with the memories of funerals for roughly 80 cops, firefighters and stockbrokers.

To look into Eugene Sanfilippo's eyes was to see there were no coincidences.

"Every day," he said, "I fear more and more for the safety of my family. Why should we be made to suffer this way?"

Tommy Rayder, who works at JFK Airport, kept looking past the fire barricades, toward a place where the autumn leaves had been burnt off the trees.

The homes that were gone belonged to neighbors Tommy knew, "because in this part of the city, we all know everybody."

"I want to believe it was mechanical. I'm hoping it was an accident. These days," Tommy Rayder sighed, "an accident is what you pray for.

"That's a weird thing to say isn't it? Here, a jet plane comes down in the middle of a neighborhood, and you pray it's an accident because you can't bear to think they'd do it again to us.

"Not here, not in Rockaway. You figure it couldn't happen again cause we already suffered enough."

Standing a few feet away, James Gill tried as best he could to comfort his wife who appeared to be deep in the throes of this new suffering.

"We are up on the Cross Bay Bridge," James Gill said, "driving over from Richmond Hill to look at a house.

"My wife saw the whole thing. What she saw was an explosion, way forward on the engines, sort of just behind the cockpit.

"I had to pull over, just there on the bridge. Amanda was hysterical. She dialed 911 on the cell phone, and just started to scream, `Help me! Help me!' "

After being rocked by the sound of an initial explosion, James Gill said he looked up to see American Flight 587 in flames and attempting to bank, only to wind up in a flat death spiral.

"I was in munitions in both the Army and also the Navy. I know what I heard and what I saw. That was no mechanical problem. No way!"

Howard Greenberg rushed home from his law office in Manhattan to find his wife shell-shocked.

After seeing the plane fall, and believing it was going to kill both her and her children, Howard Greenberg said his wife spent the next few horrific hours running over body parts in the direction of her neighbors' burning homes. She was carrying blankets and water.

"I'm afraid," Howard Greenberg said, "that my wife believes this is another incident. She'd probably tell you that herself if she was able to talk. I'm afraid that's impossible.

"Personally I might like to believe that it was something else, but when you've been told that this whole area is being considered as a crime scene, and that FBI agents are looking in your yard and on your roof for evidence, for pieces of jet wreckage or human beings, then it becomes hard to make a case for coincidence.

"Now that all may change, but right now this is simply too much to fathom."

After being told to vacate her home, Lilly Reynolds looked into the faces of the strangers swarmed around her.

"You know, after so many of our neighbors and friends died in September we were just getting back to some idea of normal, then this happens.

"My God, you say, they've done it again. What else are we supposed to think?"

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