“What many Americans don't realize is that in the off-line world,
they have already lost most of their privacy.”
—Sen. John Kerry to the Massachusetts Software & Internet Council Inc.


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LifeLog: Because Big Brother Cares What You're Thinking
Not content with controlling people's minds through endless media propaganda, and educational conditioning, the spooks at the Pentagon now want to be able to read minds. Imagine a computer network database, which contained every web page you've ever surfed, every word you have ever spoken, and even every thought you've ever had cross your mind. It's "Homeland Security" at its finest!

Nonlethal Psychotronic Warefare
Report by Dr. Nick Begich.
"According to Solntsev at least one computer virus has been created which will affect a person's psyche — Russian Virus 666. This virus appears in every 25th frame of a computers visual display where a mix of color, pulse and patterns are reported to put computer operators into trance. The subconscious perception of the display can be used to induce a heart attack or to subtly manage or change a computer operators perceptions."

Big Brother Wants Your Medical Records
How ironic that the same proposed rules which would purportedly "protect" our private medical records, will also grant federal, state and local officials "broad, unrestricted access" to them!

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