Strategic air power: Tel Nof is home to Israel's "Black Squadrons," the F-4 and F-16 units assigned to the nuclear strike mission. A large airbase off Route 4, it is located only a few miles from both Tirosh, where nuclear weapons for its missions are reportedly stored and Hirbat Zekharyah, a missile base.
Location: Like the two other nuclear facilities, Tel Nof is located in Israel's heartland, just south of Tel Aviv. Several aircraft are believed to be on 24-hour alert at the base. In 1973, eight F-4's were on alert and could have been ordered to drop nuclear bombs on Egyptian and Syrian targets. It is possible that today some of the 24 F-15E "Strike Eagles" bought from the U.S. are stationed there. The "Strike Eagles" were originally developed by the U.S. as a tactical nuclear bomber and it is the only Israeli aircraft capable of flying a round-trip to Iran without refueling.