Test range: Palmikhim is the Vandenberg Air Force Base of Israel, where missiles and rockets are assembled and tested. It is the main Israeli Defense Force research and development facility. The US believes that Israel has a capability to develop and launch ICBM's, although it has never tested one.
Layout: Satellite photos of the area show an airfield with one runway and seven large hangars-suitable for cargo-liners - inside the security zone. In addition, there are other manufacturing facilities inside the zone. The missile assembly building is at the south end of the security zone, as is the launch site. Some sources indicate that Palmikhim may also be home to Israel's version of the U.S. Doomsday plane, airborne command post to be used in wartime. Other sources suggest it is located in a hangar at Lod Airport.
The Jericho-class ballistic missiles are known to the CIA as Yavne, named for the nearby town.